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What can you say. Can I stand her no but she stayed on. There is no way she gets credit for the connections and I don’t think she did (she got a 6.0 for a start value) and yes she was overscored with a certain jump not getting credit but unlike Chellsie, she stayed on.

Maroney’s vault is beautiful but that was messy for her. Only 4 tenths off.

Gabby hit bars, had a dead hang and Tim made sure to mention that this is the same score Komova is getting. She isn’t getting that with that routine outside the US.

Rebecca Bross fell on her didmount but the scores says more then the routine did. She got a 13.2 with a fall. Rebecca used to get in the 14’s with a fall. I think Valeri forcing her to two events was a hidden agenda to get Nastia in.

Jordyn is almost in tears. Way to kill everyone Marta.

Aly had her normal floor and got a 15.350

Now that was hilarious. They kept the mic on and Tim asked about Alicia having the most medals and Shannon goes, world not Olympics.

Gabby fell on beam and still got a 14.400? It is getting easier and easier to see Marta’s favorites in the scoring.

Listening to Tim and Amanda makes me want to scream. They are knocking down Kyla like crazy and talking up queenie, Aly and Sarah. Gabby too but that floor is gross.

Anna Li might as well stay home. She is useless. What the hell is she smiling about?

According to Tim Sarah Finnegan has upped her chance with this competition but Kyla has not yet Kyla is currently a tenth and a half ahead of Sarah.

I want to thank Jordyn for nailing beam and saving us from, Nastia won beam at Classics.

Now Tim is lying. Gabby was doing AA. She said it but now she isn’t? and USA-G won’t let her do it? This crapola.

I just clapped for Becca hitting bars and I am not drinking.

How did Jordyn only get a 15.00 for that beam routine?

Aly got the same score and I thought Jordyn was better but I am glad both of them hit and if Kyla had done her job Nastia would be 4th.

Kyla is always better on day two and she just nailed bars. The leg separation on the Van lewen (sp) but the rest was perfect.

15.450 for Kyla on bars according to the score sheet.

They will talk to Nastia next. Oh happy days. Did you see her just talking to the girl in the crowd smile but the second she walked away she had this look on her face that said, thank God that is It was funny.

Aly just scored over 60 in an AA Um not with that bars but she hit so she can’t complain.

Nastia just used her name in the third

Nastia looked short on her dismount and she missed the connections including the sheep jump but like I said, she stayed on.


Women’s All-Around
1. Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass., 60.350
2. Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 59.800
3. Kennedy Baker, Flower Mound, Texas, 56.800
4. Sabrina Vega, Carmel, N.Y., 56.400
5. Elizabeth Price, Coopersburg, Pa., 55.450
6. Brandie Jay, Ft Collins, Colo., 55.000
7. Brianna Brown, West Chester, Ohio, 54.050
8. Anna Li, Aurora, Ill., 53.500
9. Mackenzie Brannan, Austin, Texas, 53.300
10. Amanda Jetter, Milford, Ohio, 53.100
11. Grace McLaughlin, Allen, Texas, 52.650
12. Abigail Milliet, Denton, Texas, 51.650
13. Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, Va., 44.950
14. Sarah Finnegan, St. Louis, Mo., 44.200
15. Casey Jo Magee, Kalamazoo, Mich., 40.000
16. McKenzie Wofford, McKinney, Texas, 39.800
17. McKayla Maroney, Long Beach, Calif., 29.900
18. Jordyn Wieber, DeWitt, Mich., 29.250
19. Rebecca Bross, Plano, Texas, 28.500
20. Nastia Liukin, Parker, Texas, 14.900
21. Chellsie Memmel, West Allis, Wis., 11.950

Women’s Vault
1. McKayla Maroney, Long Beach, Calif., 15.850

Women’s Bars
1. Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, Va., 15.700
2. Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 15.450
3. Rebecca Bross, Plano, Texas, 15.300
4. Elizabeth Price, Coopersburg, Pa., 14.800
5. Kennedy Baker, Flower Mound, Texas, 14.600
6. Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass., 14.350
6. Brandie Jay, Ft Collins, Colo., 14.350
8. Jordyn Wieber, DeWitt, Mich., 14.250
9. Anna Li, Aurora, Ill., 14.150
10. Sarah Finnegan, St. Louis, Mo., 14.100
11. Sabrina Vega, Carmel, N.Y., 14.000
11. Mackenzie Brannan, Austin, Texas, 14.000
13. Amanda Jetter, Milford, Ohio, 13.850
14. Brianna Brown, West Chester, Ohio, 13.750
15. Grace McLaughlin, Allen, Texas, 13.500
16. Casey Jo Magee, Kalamazoo, Mich., 13.200
17. McKenzie Wofford, McKinney, Texas, 11.950
18. Abigail Milliet, Denton, Texas, 11.750

Women’s Beam
1. Jordyn Wieber, DeWitt, Mich., 15.000
1. Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass., 15.000
3. Nastia Liukin, Parker, Texas, 14.900
3. Sarah Finnegan, St. Louis, Mo., 14.900
5. Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 14.700
6. McKenzie Wofford, McKinney, Texas, 14.500
7. Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, Va., 14.400
8. Kennedy Baker, Flower Mound, Texas, 14.350
9. Anna Li, Aurora, Ill., 13.900
10. McKayla Maroney, Long Beach, Calif., 13.800
11. Abigail Milliet, Denton, Texas, 13.500
12. Casey Jo Magee, Kalamazoo, Mich., 13.450
12. Sabrina Vega, Carmel, N.Y., 13.450
14. Grace McLaughlin, Allen, Texas, 13.350
15. Brianna Brown, West Chester, Ohio, 13.250
16. Rebecca Bross, Plano, Texas, 13.200
17. Mackenzie Brannan, Austin, Texas, 13.150
18. Amanda Jetter, Milford, Ohio, 12.950
19. Brandie Jay, Ft Collins, Colo., 12.450
20. Elizabeth Price, Coopersburg, Pa., 12.250
21. Chellsie Memmel, West Allis, Wis., 11.950

Women’s Floor
1. Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass., 15.350
2. Sarah Finnegan, St. Louis, Mo., 15.200
3. Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, Va., 14.850
3. Sabrina Vega, Carmel, N.Y., 14.850
5. Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 14.350
6. Kennedy Baker, Flower Mound, Texas, 13.950
7. Brandie Jay, Ft Collins, Colo., 13.650
8. Amanda Jetter, Milford, Ohio, 13.500
9. Brianna Brown, West Chester, Ohio, 13.400
10. Grace McLaughlin, Allen, Texas, 12.950
11. Elizabeth Price, Coopersburg, Pa., 12.750
12. Mackenzie Brannan, Austin, Texas, 12.700
13. Abigail Milliet, Denton, Texas, 12.600
14. Anna Li, Aurora, Ill., 11.850



Women’s All-Around
1. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas, 58.150
2. Madison Desch, Lenexa, Kan., 57.350
3. Amelia Hundley, Hamilton, Ohio, 57.250
4. Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 57.050
5. Bailie Key, Coppell, Texas, 56.600
6. Peyton Ernst, Coppell, Texas, 55.000
7. Ariana Guerra, League City, Texas, 54.050
8. Veronica Hults, Allen, Texas, 53.300
9. Polina Shchennikova, Arvada, Colo., 53.050
10. Megan Skaggs, Marietta, Ga., 52.550
11. Lauren Hernandez, Old Bridge, N.J., 52.500
12. Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn., 52.400
13. Ashley Foss, Towaco, N.J., 52.250
14. Lacy Dagen, Pleasaton, Calif., 51.850
14. Ashton Kim, Westlake, Texas, 51.850
16. Amanda Huang, Roswell, Ga., 51.250
17. Taylor Lawson, Macungie, Pa., 50.900
18. Alexis Beucler, Findlay, Ohio, 50.700
19. Shannon McNatt, Houston, Texas, 50.650
20. Nicole Lehrmann, Cedar Park, Texas, 50.550
21. Taylor Krippner, Houston, Texas, 49.100
22. Katelyn Ohashi, Plano, Texas, 28.900
23. Jessica Wang, Chino Hills, Calif., 25.450
24. Meredith Sylvia, Macungie, Pa., 12.750

Women’s Vault
1. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas, 16.050
2. Madison Desch, Lenexa, Kan., 14.700
3. Amelia Hundley, Hamilton, Ohio, 14.450
4. Bailie Key, Coppell, Texas, 14.400
5. Peyton Ernst, Coppell, Texas, 14.250
6. Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 14.150
7. Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn., 13.950
8. Lacy Dagen, Pleasaton, Calif., 13.850
9. Alexis Beucler, Findlay, Ohio, 13.450
10. Lauren Hernandez, Old Bridge, N.J., 13.400
10. Ariana Guerra, League City, Texas, 13.400
12. Megan Skaggs, Marietta, Ga., 13.300
12. Nicole Lehrmann, Cedar Park, Texas, 13.300
12. Polina Shchennikova, Arvada, Colo., 13.300
15. Ashton Kim, Westlake, Texas, 13.150
16. Taylor Krippner, Houston, Texas, 13.100
17. Ashley Foss, Towaco, N.J., 13.050
18. Veronica Hults, Allen, Texas, 13.000
19. Shannon McNatt, Houston, Texas, 12.900
20. Amanda Huang, Roswell, Ga., 12.750
21. Taylor Lawson, Macungie, Pa., 12.700

Women’s Bars
1. Katelyn Ohashi, Plano, Texas, 14.950
2. Polina Shchennikova, Arvada, Colo., 14.400
3. Ariana Guerra, League City, Texas, 14.100
3. Amelia Hundley, Hamilton, Ohio, 14.100
5. Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 13.950
6. Bailie Key, Coppell, Texas, 13.900
7. Peyton Ernst, Coppell, Texas, 13.700
8. Veronica Hults, Allen, Texas, 13.600
9. Madison Desch, Lenexa, Kan., 13.550
10. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas, 13.500
11. Ashton Kim, Westlake, Texas, 13.400
12. Amanda Huang, Roswell, Ga., 13.050
13. Lacy Dagen, Pleasaton, Calif., 12.850
13. Jessica Wang, Chino Hills, Calif., 12.850
15. Nicole Lehrmann, Cedar Park, Texas, 12.650
16. Megan Skaggs, Marietta, Ga., 12.600
17. Alexis Beucler, Findlay, Ohio, 12.500
18. Taylor Lawson, Macungie, Pa., 12.400
19. Taylor Krippner, Houston, Texas, 12.300
20. Ashley Foss, Towaco, N.J., 12.000
21. Shannon McNatt, Houston, Texas, 11.650
22. Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn., 11.600
23. Lauren Hernandez, Old Bridge, N.J., 11.200

Women’s Beam
1. Madison Desch, Lenexa, Kan., 14.550
2. Amelia Hundley, Hamilton, Ohio, 14.450
3. Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 14.300
3. Veronica Hults, Allen, Texas, 14.300
5. Bailie Key, Coppell, Texas, 14.150
6. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas, 14.050
7. Lauren Hernandez, Old Bridge, N.J., 14.000
8. Katelyn Ohashi, Plano, Texas, 13.950
9. Ashley Foss, Towaco, N.J., 13.800
10. Peyton Ernst, Coppell, Texas, 13.750
11. Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn., 13.550
12. Megan Skaggs, Marietta, Ga., 13.250
13. Ashton Kim, Westlake, Texas, 13.200
14. Shannon McNatt, Houston, Texas, 13.000
15. Ariana Guerra, League City, Texas, 12.950
15. Amanda Huang, Roswell, Ga., 12.950
17. Taylor Lawson, Macungie, Pa., 12.900
18. Meredith Sylvia, Macungie, Pa., 12.750
19. Jessica Wang, Chino Hills, Calif., 12.600
20. Polina Shchennikova, Arvada, Colo., 12.450
21. Nicole Lehrmann, Cedar Park, Texas, 12.050
22. Lacy Dagen, Pleasaton, Calif., 11.800
23. Taylor Krippner, Houston, Texas, 11.750
24. Alexis Beucler, Findlay, Ohio, 11.350

Women’s Floor
1. Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 14.650
2. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas, 14.550
2. Madison Desch, Lenexa, Kan., 14.550
4. Amelia Hundley, Hamilton, Ohio, 14.250
5. Bailie Key, Coppell, Texas, 14.150
6. Lauren Hernandez, Old Bridge, N.J., 13.900
7. Ariana Guerra, League City, Texas, 13.600
8. Megan Skaggs, Marietta, Ga., 13.400
8. Alexis Beucler, Findlay, Ohio, 13.400
8. Ashley Foss, Towaco, N.J., 13.400
11. Lacy Dagen, Pleasaton, Calif., 13.350
12. Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn., 13.300
12. Peyton Ernst, Coppell, Texas, 13.300
14. Shannon McNatt, Houston, Texas, 13.100
15. Polina Shchennikova, Arvada, Colo., 12.900
15. Taylor Lawson, Macungie, Pa., 12.900
17. Nicole Lehrmann, Cedar Park, Texas, 12.550
18. Amanda Huang, Roswell, Ga., 12.500
19. Veronica Hults, Allen, Texas, 12.400
20. Ashton Kim, Westlake, Texas, 12.100
21. Taylor Krippner, Houston, Texas, 11.950


81 Responses to “Us Classic live”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Aly- 15.6 on vault Maroney-16.1 Aly landed hers best I’ve seen her do but form in the air all over the place but still scored over a 15

  2. Biyatch Says:

    On the live stream, Tim Dagget talking shit about how Alicia holds the most world medals now and Nastia makes sure that its noted that its only world, not Olympic. Dude… make sure your microphone is off. You sound like an ass.

    • Biyatch Says:

      Oh wait, it was actually Shannon Miller not Nastia. But still… tact.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It was Shannon not Nastia. I changed it but even before then I was going to change the factly because it didn’t sound as bad as I thought at first.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    Yeah they keep forgetting they’ve done it several times tonight already lol

    • JAS4 Says:

      With everyone botching beam I’m sure that will further Marta forgetting about floor and saying they need beam specialist now lol

  4. Lauren Says:

    Gabby Douglas in the same sentence as Komova on bars????? I’m barfing EVERYWHERE!!! I mean, I’m no Komova freak, but that’s laughable.

    Also, why was Jordyn in tears? I”m not watching it, but I noticed she did not do vault? Does she have some kind of minor injury, or did they just not want to overwork her at this comp??

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She was messy on bars and almost in tears. I agree with you about Gabby

    • Gymbee Says:

      John Geddert tweeted: Before people start readin into the situation… Jordyn is only doing 2 events. It’s the plan

      • Lauren Says:

        Thanks! I didn’t think so, but I was just wondering.

      • Lauren Says:

        And for the record, I was REALLY hoping that what you were about to say was “John Geddert tweeted: Before people start readin into the situation… Gabby would NEVER get that score at a worlds or an Olympics.” hahahah But then I realized which part of my comment you were responding to. xD

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Have we ever clarified the fall on beam rule? Is it a point or less? I have heard ten different answers

      • Lauren Says:

        I’m almost positive it is a full point. The last quad, it was .8

      • Gymbee Says:

        Haha Lauren, a girl can dream! πŸ™‚

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I thought I heard the announcers a couple of times tonight say it was a full point.

    • Dee Says:

      Yea, I’m still mopping up from where I puked from that comment.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Geddert’s disparaging glare spoke volumes: “Damn it Jordyn! Sales are gonna tank on my new DVD series, ‘Train ’em like they’re Chinese on the Uneven Bars!'”

      Seriously, he shouldn’t be mad at her and she should not be upset with herself.

      There’s a world of difference between the new equipment at Twistars and whatever that crap was at US Classic. GYMNOVA is like a BMW; AAI is like a pre-owned Chevrolet. There’s nothing either of them can do at this point. They are too close to London to train on anything less than Olympic standard.

      • Dee Says:

        Ive never been on gymnova, but I love AAI bars and loathe spieth. Jf stuff is a little squishy…I wouldn’t blame any of what we saw tonight on equipment, though?

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        When she moved from AAI to GYMNOVA, Casey Jo Magee said that elementary skills on bars became super challenging. The way it dampened (and dissipated) energy changed everything! But having made the body position and timing adjustments, I doubt she was able to become re-acclimated to AAI within a couple of days without teething issues. Jordyn Wieber, of course, was a worst-case scenario, her more deeply rooted habits would be even harder to break.

        Incidentally, I think this is the reason why the WOGAetts seemed out of sorts on bars (and Nastia avoided them altogether), for they too have made the switch. But at VISAs the UB will be GYMNOVA…

        P.S. Casey’s interview, “Casey Jo Magee Visits Gedderts Twistars” is at Gymnastike. It’s one of the 2012 Secret Classic fluff videos.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I have no f*cking clue what you guys are talking about. They changed the equipment up or something? Please clarify for someone who’s not a gymnast. πŸ™‚ Spieth? Jf? AAI? Gymnova? What the heck?

      • Gymbee Says:

        Hehe Sandy, it’s all different brands of Gymnastics equipment πŸ™‚ Like Adidas or Nike. They are all slightly different.
        Like for floor, different branded floors can be slightly less or more bouncy, bars can feel different, etc.
        At my old gym we went from German ‘Mitufa’ to Gymnova, and WOW. The Gymnova floor was so soft and bouncy in comparison.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    I was glad to see Bross hit bars cause I always feel sorry for her

  6. Johnsonlover Says:


  7. Lauren Says:

    I have not seen the routine yet, but I have to say that I’m glad Bross hit. I will go on record that I have always been critical of her style and her gymnastics, but I do feel bad for her, and for all of her injuries. Her inconsistancy has always been a problem, and it seems her days as “it” girl are most def over. The truely sad thing is, I doubt Valeri even cares, you know, with miss perfect now involved.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am not even close to being a fan but I was happy she hit bars. She needs to keep hitting that event.

  8. Lauren Says:

    and by hit, I mean bars, I know she fell on beam.

  9. JAS4 Says:

    3 bar routines 15+ and none of them from

  10. Biyatch Says:

    Kinda love that Aly beat Nastia on beam.

  11. Gymbee Says:

    So thrilled for Rebecca’s bars. I feel so bad for the girl, it must be so tough in the gym with the Liukins everyday.

    Lord Anna Li! I was surprised to see her smiling after that floor disaster.

  12. JAS4 Says:

    Got to love that Aly just one but the first interview they do is Nastia lol

    • Gymbee Says:

      Hahaha I see that happening in London as well. If she doesn’t make the team, she will still be the first one to get interviewed, ahead of the highest scoring US gymnast.

      • Dee Says:

        In which she will say, Oh well, blah blah blah “what if what if”…stop with the “what if” story…you wanted the media attention again and that’s all this comeback was about!

  13. Dee Says:

    Here is what I saw:
    1. Gabby is gross. I’m sorry & I know she is just a kid but can we stop with this already? USAG said not to do vault since she said earlier in the week she wasn’t doing it, and it was probably a good thing since she apparently was sitting down all the Amanars in podium training anyway…

    2. Ok…Nastia officially scared the pants off of me. She was wayyy better than I expected. If she does a bar routine like her beam routine…I think Marta will use that as excuse enough to take her…but she did get beat! I think Nastia might spell the end of Douglas if she pulls a 16.something bar routine out of her pink-leo clad rear. (Why was there so much PINK on everyone’s leos? When did that become the replacement for Red, White & Blue?)

    3. They originally scored Maroney as a 16.1 on vault, but towards the end I saw a 15.8 on the board by her name. Did they lower it? Also, on the board I saw Wofford get a 11.9 on bars…WTF happened?

    4. Memmel…is she finally done? Please? I mean…I was impressed by what I saw of her in podium training but I am sincerely sick of her.

    5. Thank god Bross hit bars although I think she is still not going to London…it was just nice to see something go her way. Note to Bross: Please get rid of that Patterson dismount before you kill your self.

    6. Vega – looks good. Finnegan – OMG. You go, girl! Ross – please hit at Visas. Raisman – still a professional starfish but was pretty solid (I dont need to say it about her bars).

    7. My god someone send Weiber on a weekend spa trip or something…I hope so much that she doesnt get sick or run down or injured these upcoming weeks. Out of everyone she really has not had a break. I was relieved she only did two events.

    Ok. I know I missed some stuff that I wanted to mention but oh well. They dont have to be in tip top form right now but I think things got a little more interesting after today.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I’m guessing all the pink was in honor of Nastia’s #hotpink nation lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree with most everything you said. Even Nastia but I feel MUCH better knowing the judges gave Aly a 15 on beam over the score Nastia got. It at least means they weren’t willing to bust out a 15.3 beam routine based on her name.

      The better the scores Aly gets on beam the less Nastia two event gymnast makes sense in the eyes of the judges.

      Kyla is way more capable on beam then what she showed and she was underscored compared to Nastia who didn’t bobble but didn’t hit either. It was solid but she did not get her connection bonus and the sl is not getting credit in the real world

  14. Kel Says:

    I hate to even utter the words, but Nastia looked solid on beam. She didn’t have the most difficulty, but she didn’t wobble like so many of the other girls and she stayed on. IF and this is a big IF, if she can pull out a great bars routine, then I can really see her making this team. Right now, I would say that that Aly and Jordan are going to make this team unless they get injured. I see Gabby making the team just for bars. I think Kyla and Sarah are definite maybe’s, as is Makayla. She is great at vault, but where else can she contribute? Rebecca might be chosen for her bars, but I hate the ways her legs look…she has that giant space between her legs. So…right now I would say the fight for the remaining spots are between Nastia, Gabby, Kyla, Sarah, Rebeca, and Makayla. Unfortunately, I don’t see spaces for Chellsie, Alicia, Bridget, or Shawn. Maybe Shawn will shock us all, but she seems more focused on her book and publicity for the Olympics than actually training. And…where was she tonight? She said she would be there to cheer Gabby on. She has been noticeably absent from the media and twitter over the past couple of weeks. Wonder what that means? I wish she would make a statement about her training and intentions. If she is going to compete at Nationals, great. If not…tell people and stop worrying about selling copies of your book.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      If they take Gabby just for bars then they cannot take Nastia for bars/beam.

      Kyla doesn’t score well on floor and Mckayla is not solid enough on floor to take as the third floor worker.

      Floor is going to be the US’s downfall again and Marta doesn’t care.

      • Kel Says:

        What about Sarah on floor? Could be Sarah, Jordan, Aly on Floor and Beam. Kyla, Aly, and Jordan on Vault and Jordan, Kyla, and Gabby on Bars. I know this leaves Makayla out on Vault, but seems like they can get pretty good scores on Vault without her. I know Jordan isn’t the best on Bars, but I think with only a 5 member team you are going to have a weak routine on at least one event.

        Who do you see making the team?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Marta said she can’t take a one-event gymnast (she was talking about Bross but it’s basically a note to Makayla).

      Nastia was impressive. I think she’s been at it a lot longer than six months. I only watched her routine; will have to come back and comment after I watched everything else.

  15. AKF009 (@AKF009) Says:

    FYI Chellsie Memmel will not advance to Nationals

  16. K Says:

    Haven’t read the comments here so sorry if this has been said already.

    I just read Memmel is officially out, her bid to US Champs has been denied.

  17. Aerial Says:

    Maybe the 15.8 was for Maroney’s second vault? I was hoping we’d see more of her today.

    Nasta… holy shyte. Sounds awful but I was hoping her score wouldn’t be the top! She deserves a lot of praise for doing that compared to how everyone else competed that hasn’t retired for years. But then I got sick of the Nastiafest and wished they could have showed more routines.

    Wofford… WTF happened? She was so psyched! And apparently has a sick release sequence. Bummed for her.

    Anna Li must be all talk and everyone always believes it. She shows up to elite meets capable of far less than she is confident about. I felt bad for her today but WTF was going on?

    (How many times can I say WTF in one post?)

    And I can’t stand Shannon Miller’s face, hair or voice. I do like Amanda Borden. Tim Daggett makes every meet seem like the first for him in terms of commentating. People always carry him along, lol!

    Aly’s form and feet were god awful. Her bars are an abomination. Competing and winning AA was for sure a strategy on their part. She just never waivers. It’s so sad.

    I’m in a fight with Shawn Johnson. She’s been tweeting this weekend but couldn’t even acknowledge this meet or wish anyone luck? She better not be paid another cent to show up for potential Olympian crap (different than Coke endorsements, etc.) This is shitty. If Memmel could have showed up, she had no excuse. She needs to say or do something, yesterday. I’m disgusted. I have not cancelled the book order though.

    Gymtruthteller, I just heard Chellsie’s petition to Nationals was denied. I tuned into the streaming right after her routine but heard she fell twice. I am here to offer my condolences to you.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Are you kidding me?

      • Aerial Says:

        No as I thought yesterday you wrote about a deep love for Chellsie after all her injuries and that’s what sent me to spamland. I may have missed some sarcasm though.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think it’s kind of messed up that they denied Chellsies petition yes I know she bombed beam but didn’t Marta tell her not to compete the AA and only do beam so basically she screwed her to get revenge for not attending camp and to make way for Nastia on bars I would have like to see how Chellsie did on other events if she had bombed them then fine deny her petition but when Marta tells her not to compete other events that is crap

      • Aerial Says:

        Moceanu will prob go apeshit over this. (Her twitter tonight has been kinda controversial with the topics… the ones we all discuss, lol.) Hopefully Marta has a camera in her face like all the girls right now… will be interesting to hear her musings following the meet.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Amanda annoyed me today. I like Shannon better as a commentator

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Amanda is pretty tall for a former gymnast isn’t she? She looked to be two or three inches taller than Nastia when she was interviewing her, and Nastia is 5’3″ or 5’4″ thought.

        Has Shannon ever been a commentator? It would be interesting to see her give it a try. BTW GTT, Shannon didn’t seem to be to overly gushy tonight, wouldn’t you agree? She seem like she doled out a respectable amount of criticism of the gymnasts. Of course, it would be impossible not to do so given some of tonight’s performances.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree and yes she had her own show on CN8 and was very good. I felt Amanda sounded too much like Tim because he was sitting right next to her.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        One thing Amanda did say that was interesting concerned one of the gymnasts tonight who competed in college. She said there is a lot of pressure in college gymnastics because you are competing every week for a team. I always thought college gymnastics was a sort of a laid back senior tour for former elite gymnasts.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Shawn is more tactful. I doubt she wanted to do to Nastia what Nastia did to Jordyn last year at Worlds – steal her thunder. When they do meet, it will make the humiliation all the more savory. One girl will be practically running into cameras and interviews while the other will be tripping over her scores.

      • JAS4 Says:

        That is true but what about Chow saying she might not be ready for Nationals I would love say they are just hiding something but with her seemingly everywhere but the gym I’m beginning to think he was telling the truth

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        When it comes to his ‘daughter’, Chow is coy and non-committal with the Media. He was saying the same thing last year while he and Shawn prepared to reenter the competitive scene.

        This is not the rhetoric ‘dad’ has been giving The Swoosh and Coca-Cola, with the latter making Olympics commercials onsite.

    • Dee Says:

      Yea I kept my book order, too…

      I agree on Wofford and am dying to know what happened there. I saw tidbits of her beam and it was wobble-city. The 10 secon camp video that was released of her from usag was awesome…she did two releases in a row, I believe. Maybe it had something to do with all the old gym politics in the arena…must be hard to compete for another gym with WOGA putting their noses up at you.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Yeah, Shawn tweeted this: My ladies…. Night 2

      and here I thought she was tied down in bed with laryngitis and chest cold, as per her press rep.

  18. nero Says:

    So happy for Bross on bars!!

    What on God’s green and holy earth was up with Jordyn’s beam score?? How did she score 2 tenths less then worlds when her routine is much harder? She got like a 15.7 at Pac Rims

    Nastia looked good, but if her switch ring is going to continue to look like that she better 86 it immediately. I’m no good with the code and repeating elements, could she do a back handspring after her aerial?

    I thought for sure if Kyla made the team she would vault in TF instead of Aly, but if she can’t get that thing under control I don’t see that happening

    I thought it was a good meet, some falls/bobbles/slow connections but nothing to get overly dramatic about (which you know is going to happen)

  19. Terri Says:

    Nastia look very good on beam. I forgot how fluid she looks when she turns flips on the beam. It looks so effortless, like she is out for a walk in the park. Nobody else, even Wieber, looks so natural to me. I’m not saying Nastia should be on the team but you have to give her credit where credit is due. I bet though if she is good on UBs too she will be on the team and I am not sure it won’t be deserved.
    It looks to me like Wieber, Reisman, and Maroney are locks for the team. The other 2 spots are hard to predict. Right now I would go with Ross for my fourth. What about Sarah Finnegan? She looked awfully good. I haven’t heard much about her though. Gabby is too erratic for my tastes.

  20. K Says:

    Read this on facebook –

    β€Ž”Chellsie gave it her best attempt and sadly ran out of time. We wish the rest of the girls our best during this process.” – quote from Chellsie and Andy Memmel sent via text

    • nero Says:

      That’s the sound of my heart breaking. I agree with Aunt Joyce, Shawn fell twice and her petition was accepted last year. Chellsie probably would have showed up BAMFing it as usual

      It is truly a sad day. I knew she wouldn’t make the Olympic team but somebody like Chellsie should go out in a blaze of glory, not falling twice on beam.

      • JAS4 Says:

        What a coincidence that Marta told her to compete beam at classics the event she seemed to be having the most trouble with in podium training not saying she wouldn’t bomb the other events but they looked decent in podium training I would have at least liked to
        see her do one other event if she had done a solid bars or floor she might have gone to visas but make way for Nastia

      • terrigymfan Says:

        The reality is that most of these great gymnasts retire after a bad performance not a great one. It is that final bad performance when they realize they just can’t do it anymore and they give it up. It’s always sad but it happens to all of them and they move on to the next phase in their life. Fortunately we remember them for their great moments.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I could see Chellsie being a good coach unless she doesn’t want to do coaching

      • nero Says:

        Yeah looking at it now it’s probably best they put her out of her misery. I kind of feel like Chellsie is a gladiator, going out for our entertainment while her body slowly falls apart

        She is a world champion and Olympic silver medalist, there are a lot of gymnasts who will never have either of those things

        *Hunger Games salute to Chellsie Memmel*

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        To me the reasoning behind the decision is why I have the biggest problem with this whole thing. You know Marta was scared of what Chellsie could put together and she didn’t want to take the chance that she did.

        Plus this whole telling her to compete beam the one event she messed up. The whole thing is very suspect.

    • K Says:

      I just feel so bad for her. I can’t imagine her waking up tomorrow and realizing that she doesn’t need to be in the gym anymore. It has to hurt when it comes as such an abrupt ending. Who knows, maybe they (The Memmels) were preparing for this possibility, realizing it it was likely to happen.

  21. Kel Says:

    Marta seemed to really praise Aly, Gabby, and Makayla in her post-Classic’s interview. She completely excused Gabby’s mistakes on beam. I feel so badly for Chellsie. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Nastia had fallen on beam…would Marta have put her through? Seems like Chellsie should have been given a second chance at Nationals. She is such a champion and true role model! I did find it interesting that Marta did not seem overly enthusiastic in her praise of Nastia.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Based on her comments it looks like 4 out of 5 spots are already decided – Wieber, Reisman, Maroney, and Gabby.

  22. Aerial Says:

    I’m sorry that I’m still bringing this up but Shawn just tweeted another social picture “girls night #2” or something. This is awful!! Her agent releases a statement that she’s sick and has laryngitis! And here she is flaunting her social life instead of showing integrity to that statement and, um, resting??
    Awful. I NEVER (like NEVER) thought I’d EVER hear myself utter such blasphemy but… Shawn, why don’t you Fedex Memmel your approved petition to Nationals? She deserves it and you’re awful!!!

    • JAS4 Says:

      Yeah I agree it’s getting ridiculous I think she just wants to be on DWTS again

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Hey hey…I have the same feeling, but let’s wait until Nationals. I’m not ready to give up my Shawn fan-dom yet. Maybe in two weeks…

    • K Says:

      I saw that pic a few days ago. It’s an “older” pic.

    • Elitefan Says:

      She also just tweeted that the plan is still to debut at visas, though. I suspect she wants to surprise everyone…just hope we’re pleasantly surprised!

      • K Says:

        Me too! I’m also not one to not get mad if she decides to bow out, though. Disappointed, yes, but not mad.

  23. Kelly Says:

    what aa score do you need to qualify for nationals? is it different for juniors and seniors?

  24. formergymgirl Says:

    I stumbled across this site a few months ago and have read with interest almost daily. I love following US gymnastics because it’s so much bigger over there than here in England and I love thd politics and drama! I watched the live stream last night on the internet and caught Nasty and Chellse’s beam. I was dissapointed in Chellse falling and Nasty for staying on! I first really only came across her in 2008 and took a bit of a dislike straight away because she looked a bit, as we say over here, “hard faced”. I was desperate for Shawn to win…..anyhow, the selection process in the US seems so tough and thd pressure just extremely immense. I don’t know thd ins and outs of it all but there seems to be too many comps and verifications that thd girls who do eventually make it on to the Olympic team will be broken both mentally and physically before they even get to London. Things are different in GB now the sports profile has raised due to our successes such as Beth, but i remember training at Lillishall (our national sports centre or “the ranch!”) in 96 and the Olympic trials were going on there on the Sunday. It was such an informal process, literally an hour long comp, the best 6 gymnasts in the country and the top 2 finishers went to the Olys. No podiums, handful of spectators and that was it. It is a lot different now but still pretty low key. In my opinion I think Marta is going to go for Jordy, Aly, Gabby, Kyla and poss Maroney. Just another completely random thing but, I don’t like gymnasts having that messy hairstyle like Nasty had last night and also the one Maroney has where they can’t seem to decide what to do with it. Is it just me it annoys? Have it in a neat pony tail for goodness sake. Over here in the 90’s we’d get deducted for messy hair! Seriously!

  25. K Says:

    Shawn just did a Q&A on Twitter. She said that going to Visa’s is still the plan.

  26. JAS4 Says:

    Link to watch Classics without fluff

  27. kittykat Says:

    Because I know how much everyone here lurveeesssss Nastia, I couldn’t help screencapping the frozen image that comes up when I clicked on this interview. I feel like making this face straight back at her.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      People on Facebook are claiming Nastia verified bars at camp. Are they idiots or did I miss something? She didn’t even go to camp!

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