GGMB goes KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc Martin has been banned from her own board.

To make a long story short one co-owner got mad that Abomb keeps harassing people for believing in God (which he does by the way ALL THE TIME) and when Abomb showed up at the board today he had been banned. Doc was banned too. Also someone named Heff.

When I first read that Doc was banned from her own board I was like Crazy Abomb but lets just say that Kerri Fairy is correct here. Abomb does harass and belittle anyone that believes in God and just because Doc doesn’t want to acknowledge it doesn’t make it less of a fact. Good for Kerri Fairy.

“God” and I are luke warm but if anyone wants to believe in him I don’t think I have the right to treat them like crap. Abomb is just a wanna be God. Isn’t it ironic he hates what he wishes he was?

Apparently a new board will be up soon. I think I will stay away.

GGMB is pretty dead unless a meet is happening anyway. It is more about College gymnastics.

It will be very interesting to see if Abomb can get the same money to keep the place alive that he got on GGMB. I can see that board dying a slow death.

The myth of GGMB is bigger than the board itself.

Hopefully this means the end of GGMB and the harassment and insanity of Abomb will be dead. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to the new board.


Here is what Kerri Fairy just wrote on GGMB

…must come to an end, or so it is said.


My Dearest Darlings,

This morning, open board war was declared. I know you gossipmongers are just DYING to hear what happened, and more, and so you shall have your wish.

At the outset, I want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all of you who have sent me PMs of support today, and in the past. I also want to publicly apologize to anyone and everyone who has been hurt by anything I have ever done in connection with this site or GGMB’s past incarnations, and specifically for allowing anyone to be bullied or subjected to abuse of powers for what has been about nine years now.

Reasonable people don’t disagree that everybody is entitled to believe whatever they want in religious terms. Those principles have long been enshrined in documents like the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the latter by many nations of the world and all the way back in the 1940s, mind you. GGMB was never supposed to be a site which promoted any religion or even irreligion. We all came here to discuss gymnastics, and not really much more, except for getting to know, appreciate and love one another, and to be catty and funny.

I met Doc Marten and ABomb at the 2003 World Gymnastics Championships, on the very night Svetlana took home her third absolute all around crown. And shortly afterward, I found myself moderating. It’s not something I sought or asked for or lobbied for, it was something I was asked to do out of the blue. “Why not?” is one of my favorite questions, and so I came aboard.

Most of you know the drama surrounding the firing of past moderators already, so I’ll skip straight to the part where ABomb gets us kicked off Excoboard. We were really in a bind, because we wanted a place where THE MAN couldn’t tell us what we could and couldn’t say. So I offered to host GGMB and to ask personal favors of my friend, Lang, in order to get us up and running. From then until now, GGMB has been at, which is my URL. And I took a lot of risks through the years hosting GGMB, because I personally received legal threats from the Gymw.orld asshole and from Sue over stupid bullshit ABomb either said or instigated.

In later years, ABomb started treating me like I was his younger brother, and it was something that made me feel uncomfortable, especially coming from a colleague. I am the oldest brother, and as all oldest children know, sometimes we have to step in when the kids are getting into mischief and put an end to it. Here is an example:

And, so, when I turn her down, she gets cuntier and CUNTLIER. Toward the end of last year, upon learning that I have the audacity to believe in God, he told me it was the “ULTIMATE BETRAYAL”. Yes, really.

For the sake of EVERYBODY’s enjoyment of the board, I proposed a resolution through Doc Marten in December that ABomb tone down the bullying and abuses of power, especially when it came to religion. And he agreed to do so until after this Olympics. Then, not too long afterward, and the threads remain on the site, he chews somebody out for even mentioning prayers and well wishes to an injured Gabby, and shuts down another user in the SAC thread, blaming SAC’s faith on brainwashing by her boyfriend.

But, can’t it get any dishier than that? Because that’s exactly what ABomb accused me of last December and this morning: that I have been brainwashed by a twink cultmember. I don’t know how spun you have to be to cook shit up like that, but it’s way more than a nickel bag. So, please don’t believe the bullshit and LYEZ, or believe it if you want. It hardly matters any more.

I knew in December that it was all over when ABomb declared, “This is not a dictatorship.” My heart skipped a beat, because that is the perennial cry of every dictator spanning history. And I realized that GGMB really had run its course, or at least the show we had been putting on, well the ship had sailed, bitches. They’re playing all these re-runs of Little House of the Prairie on TV all the time, and it reminded me that we didn’t need a 9th season. The show had been over for a while when Shannen Doherty came along. Many of the Star Trek series decided to just end it after seven seasons, because things were good and it was time to quit. As many of you know, because I spoke with some of you about this, I told Doc and Abomb I was quitting after my 7th year, because it was time. But, they wouldn’t let me leave because, and I quote, “that would mean Sue wins”. In other words, everybody would know Sue was right about ABomb driving people away.

ABomb is short for ABOMBination, like an abominable meltdown or some shit, if you have really been paying attention. I don’t know what happened in the past to so disaffect him with the concepts of God and religion and the sort, and maybe it doesn’t matter. But what does matter on a site supposedly dedicated to the sport and art form of gymnastics, and the gossip, is that people be free from an agenda forced on its users by staff, bullying, abusing powers, and a literal obsession with making sure people agree with his irreligion. Several of you have bravely come to me in complaint. Whereas in years past I may have ignored you or even reported to you ABomb for complaining about him, I then realized that when these complaints became persistent, people were really upset.

I made several propositions to Doc in the past few months, including that the entire old moderator staff step down and new moderators be elected by the users, and offered as recently as this morning to allow Doc to continue hosting GGMB on this site, so long as ABomb was no part of it. Those of you who are the closest to ABomb know you would be liars if you said you never heard him say the most rotten, despicable and disparaging things about Doc. He hates her, and treats her with scorn, ridicule and contempt behind her back. And he has told me he only keeps her around because she was like the one in the boardroom who had the one good idea decades ago to create the company, and the board just let’s them stick around. ABomb made it CLEAR when I first started as a mod that he was in charge of GGMB, and that I did not need to listen to what Doc had to say.

Doc is a grown woman, and she has a mind of her own. The more I got to know her, and visit with her, the more I liked her, and the less I liked ABomb. Because he was nasty and a hater without respite. This morning, Doc informed me she will be taking GGMB to the new ABomb board. She gave me a lot of excuses about how ABomb gets drunk, and we should all allow for his tirades. Whatever! I have zero qualms with any of you wanting to go there. If you would like a notification from Doc about the new GGMB, or to speak with her, her public e-mail address is:

The show is over with GGMB on this site. ABomb has clutched on to power for over a decade now, and it is at an end, at least here. He can’t hurt you any more. The bullying and abuse are at an end. I gave ABomb a GOOD DOSE OF HER OWN MEDICINE this morning, and she choked on it. The entire staff has been fired, and even though I will admit that neither Betty nor RankerMatt ever did anything to deserve it, we have to move on. Anyone who has been unable to come to terms with this state of affairs has been banned, which has really only been a handful of members and former mods.

This site has been paid for through I think about November. The show is over for me, too. We will have FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS for a new moderator staff, to include four new moderators, when nominations are complete. If you would like to nominate yourself, or somebody else, to lead the future or the end of this site, please let us know in this thread. I will assist the new staff until after I host my third coverage of the Olympic Games with you, and I will retire. If the new staff wants to keep this place going and raise some money, that’s their choice. If they want to party like it’s 2099 until November and let this place die, that’s their choice, too.

Nominations for new moderators will be accepted for the next three or four days. After that, the elections will be set up by POLE. Nobody who has served in the past as a moderator may apply. Anyone who would be totally fucking banned from this place but for ABomb’s personal protection is likewise ineligible, although after aevera, that leaves only the one of you. I will moderate this board in the interregnum between now and the election.

Several users who posted messages in support of me this morning were banned by the former staff. If you know who any of these people were, and they want back in, please let me know by PM.

Oh, and the current world champions are the good old team USA, Jordy, McKayla, Komova, that one pixie, and Afan.

For those who are wondering why the colors on the screen capture above are different, it is because it was taken from G6, which is the SEKRET site on GGMB. To protect the innocent, I will not name names, but G6 was the site created after ABomb insisted there were too many “leakers” on GGMB2, known as G2, and it is a pretty small crowd anymore. I have closed G6 as of today. We’ll be having no more secret sites and favored treatment.

I can’t believe that Donna Summer’s faith in God is what sent ABomb over the edge this morning, but it is further proof of his obsession with keeping anyone he can from believing in whatever they want. But Donna was like Tammy Faye Bakker with the fags. We could give a fuck what they believed. They were fabulous and the queens loved them for THEM. The winner of the RuPaul Show this year had a huge tattoo of Tammy Faye on her arm, okay? It doesn’t get much gayer than that. Anyone who knows their gay history knows of METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH. You don’t have to be an atheist to be gay, and nobody deserves to have that ideology pushed on them, especially under threats or coercion.

It’s over. ABomb can’t hurt you any more. You can say “God” again on this site. Nobody’s pushing religion, and nobody will push irreligion. It’s over, girls.

When I have said in the past that I LOVE YOU ALL, it is because I mean it. You fans are the BEST fans of our sport, and having met so many of you, please know my love for you is true and from the bottom of my heart. I also love Doc, who was a great friend for a lot of years, and I also continue to love ABomb, even after all that has happened, because he needs to be loved the most! I will caution you, however, if he loved me as much as he did, and tossed me out of his life, as with so many others, it can and probably will happen to you, too.

Give me some names. This place needs moderators!

And I know where all the skeletons of GGMB are buried, so if you have any questions, ask away. If you just want to bitch and moan about how wonderful and great ABomb is, why don’t you go tell him and Doc that at their new site? Saying it to me will get you told to fuck yourself, and buy you a one-way ticket out the door. Just a fair warning.

I am that bitch.



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46 Responses to “GGMB goes KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. aerial Says:

    Wtf?? Where can I read more about this? I can still log in and see nothing unusual, though I did notice AB and KF being snitty with each other a couple wks ago now.
    Or did u mean a new separate board aside of GGMB would be created?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is a new GGMB now but it won’t be around long. It’s one of those free boards I believe and GGMB was banned from having their board for breaking rules several times and that is why they decided to get a private board.

      GGMB is very quiet. Who knew Kerri Fairy had so much

      I can’t say where I heard about this but as of now there is no place to read about it.

      I guess this all started in the RIP Donna Summer thread and that thread is no longer on GGMB.

      Abomb is a bully and I always had the utmost respect for Doc until now. Defending him makes her as guilty as he is.

      • Aerial Says:

        Thanks for the info. This is crazy.
        I’ve been a member of GGMB since its inception… every board its been moved to. I’ve seen a lot of these people move in over the years and also a lot of nasty stuff. Does anyone remember that I called an internal chat or board there on this blog awhile back now? I just knew that something was going on in the Final Camp thread when no “reputable” or frequent posters were posting at all… especially when Shawn and Nastia didn’t show up. I KNOW they’d be all over that and yet they posted nothing the entire weekend, except to make fun of people who would ask, “Where’s Nastia?”, etc. I remember other times there were “internal projects” going on where people were selected based on – sorry – their sexuality, their access to information or being an athlete/parent – everyone else was excluded and laughed at. So it was obvious to me that they were discussing things elsewhere and taking joy in making fun of the majority of people making up their community.
        It will be interesting to see how things play out… and so soon to the Olympics. A few people have dared post in the past few hours now, but like with any clique, boss, etc., that has been “powerful” in a community many want to belong to, I get the feeling most would still rather find the other board and stay silent, than post right now supporting KF or what that board will become.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not going to the new board. I thought about it but think now is the time to stay away.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I wonder how long the new site will last though especially if Abomb is still harassing people

      • Aerial Says:

        PS. Who is Melody23?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It’s Doc but apparently she wants to post as her sister. I guess people do not realize that IP numbers get recorded on this site and if I click on the IP number it bring up who and what you have posted in the past.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    Wow talk about drama! Maybe KF needs to
    head over to USA gymnastics and clean house with Marta and her puppets as well!

  3. tulip Says:

    JAS4- I like the way you think.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Couldn’t you see it now the Karolyi’s would come home one day to find theirselves locked out of the ranch along with their puppets lol

  4. terrigymfan Says:

    I am new to gymnastics message boards and blogs and am finding out it’s a pretty crazy world. Does anybody know what’s up with the IG message board? I tried to sign up and it asked me for a “reference” or, if I didn’t have one, why I wanted to sign up. I just said I was a fan of gymnastics. I received a very curt reply about at hour later saying I didn’t qualify and my application was rejected. It seems like they are screening out anybody who they are not absolutely sure is only going to say positive things about gymnastics. It’s funny because I have signed up for other magazine or newspaper message boards in the past (not about gymnastics) and have never been screened out like that.

    • nero Says:

      I was signed up for IG message board for about a year and never commented, I just wanted to get the low down on what was happening. Then one day BOOM banned

      From what I understand they were having problems with trolls and decided to start this invite only thing. That’s when I came here

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I can’t believe they are pulling this bull shit but I am not surprised. How can you not qualify to post at a gymnastics board as a gymnastics fan?

      • Gymbee Says:

        Same happened to me. I was pretty surprised, cause I thought IG was run by the actual magazine? But I figured if they want to have their little high school clique and only let their friends in, fine by me.
        That’s why your blog is so great GTT! 🙂 gives me my gymnastics fix without all the politics.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I wish I still had the reply they sent. It was unbelievably rude. Made it sound like I had an infectious disease or something.

        I think I would have quit even if they had let me in. I wouldn’t want to be in a club that would have me as a member. (Okay, I stole that line from Groucho Marx).

  5. Melody Says:

    I don’t give a damn about gymnastics or message boards. I’m just the older sister of Doc Marten. I wish you knew what it had been like on Doc’s side of things. What you’ve seen on the board is a flicker of what my sister has gone through with this crap. The drama that was forced on her, even in the week when we learned our older sister had died, has been second to none. And from where I stand, I’ve heard little of it coming from the so-called “Abomb.”

    Anyone holding forth ought to consider what they haven’t seen, not just what they have. I had to drop everything in the midst of my husband’s month of retiring to very quickly set-up a new message board on my server. I’m hosting it for free because the one who holds the money from the board locked out everyone, including the one who started the board. Sorry, I don’t blame this on Abomb.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am sorry to hear that Doc has had a tough life. I know about her house burning down which is horrible but I am a member of GGMB and I have been for a long time. I don’t want to be rude but Abomb has turned the board into a mean spirited place to bully anyone that doesn’t agree with him. This current situation might not literally be his fault but he is the reason GGMB had fallen to pieces.

      • Aerial Says:

        Doc has always been lovely to me and seems soft-hearted in how she responds to things and issues she feels strongly about.
        What bothers me are the secret boards-within-boards only accessible to some. I would especially hate to think that people who have paid to help keep the board running or donated to the board initiatives would be excluded from the boards where the real conversations are occurring.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Doc used to be the one person at that board I felt sorry for but I don’t anymore. She had the opportunity to change things and instead decided it was more important for Abomb to have his way.

        Do you remember how GGMB was at the start? Once they went you have to be someone special to post and started banning anyone who didn’t agree with them the place lost any support I might have had for it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        and you should know that http://www.wwgym also has a private board. Someone from it just linked this blog to it’s private board and it showed up in my feed.

  6. Dee Says:

    Annnnd this is why I am on here and decided to stay away from GGMB and IG. I am somewhat new to the internet messaging board world and I had no idea it was so dramatic.

  7. Kaja Says:

    So Abomb is a drunk. I figured he was. Someone that fucked up has to use drugs.

    Imagine being that miserable every day of your existence. ?

  8. PhoenixRising Says:

    This is one of the admins and one of the two founders of WWGym. I can assure you we do not have a private board. We have a mods/admin forum, which in all the years we have been up, has less threads in it than an average large meet gets. I would be very interested in seeing what feed you are getting because I did not authorize it. We are very open – have posted our expenditures and receipts. We’ve never solicited a penny from the members. Please send the link for the feed to – I’ll check it out and report back.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t have the link. It was yesterdays info and there were over 5000 views at this blog. If I was mistaken I apologize but it looked suspicious which is the only reason I noticed it.

    • TCO Says:

      WWgym is another “secret board”. That shit is just weird. I don’t see NFL sports teams doing crap like that. Well except for the Cowpukes. But then…go figure.

      Other than that, pretty decent board. Well, except for permabanning me.

  9. Doc Marten Says:

    Sorry to tell you this, whoever you are. GGMB is not dead. Go BAD word yourself.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Please go away. You have this idea that you are somehow more important then you are. Your drama is to be made fun of and the fact that Kerri Fairy has proven you are being made fun of behind your back and you still can’t see it is pathetic.

      Your post has been edited and the swear word taken out but feel free to take your own advice.

      I hate humorless people especially ones in freaking denial. Dead was an obvious joke at how you people always claim you have been dead before but rise above it blah, blah, blah.

  10. Travanx Says:

    So, it took Kerri Fairy NINE YEARS to figure out that Abomb’s a backstabbing bully, and Doc Marten’s his passive-aggressive enabler?! It took me one-third as long to learn that, and even then I was embarrassed by my delayed awareness of Joe and Mindy’s little game. Oh, well!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Unless someone is going to take out Abomb or he gets bored being a dictator he will find a way to stay around. His sources need to realize just how insane her is and stop providing information to him. I honestly don’t know how you can read his rants on that board and want him anywhere near you. Someone feeding him info is a fucktard and needs to seek therapy.

      • Travanx Says:

        A take-out is somewhat unlikely to happen as long as Doc Marten and Abomb are a team. The old-timers will tell you that Mindy has been successfully dodging complaints about Joe for the past decade by claiming she hasn’t been on GGMB “lately” and promising she’ll check out the situation “soon”. Ten years later, nothing’s changed.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Doc is an enabler. Unless the info dries up then the board and the hate will live on. The gymnasts that associate themselves with that board like Nastia and Dominqiue Moceanu are either really stupid or they have no clue how vile that place is.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        GTT: I finally got around to joining the new gymnasticsgossip message board just to see what this was all about. Just wondering, have you ever actually met this guy “Abomb”? He claims he has run into or met all sorts of gymnasts and former gymnasts at various gymnastics functions, and says this and that about them. He said one particular former gymnast was “rude” and a “c ..nt” when he approached her. From what I have read here on your blog about him I imagine, if he in fact did meet her and was told to “f’ck” off, he probably deserved it for beging obnoxious and intrusive when he approached her. I’m just trying to consider the source of this claim.

        BTW, there is a guy named “Heff” on the new board too. I suspect it is Abomb under a different name. He probably likes to say the same thing under different names to try to give validity to it.

        I’m guessing I won’t be on for long before I get kicked off.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have never met Abomb. I know he hangs out at the bars and talks to the coaches when they are drunk and I know his minions stalk the gymnasts and kiss their butts so they will be friendly with them. All gymnasts have ego’s so anyone that tells them how wonderful they are they buy it easy.

        Abomb is actually pretty nice from people I know that have met him but all he does is bad mouth them all behind their backs after kissing their butts to their faces.

        I have seen him at work and he literally disgusts me. Dominique Moceanu is a great example of how he is. He tells her she is right about everything and you can’t say anything bad about her as a person or a gymnast. It is crazy.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        She probably saw through his BS and told him to get lost so now she will forever be called a a “c..nt” by him on his board.

  11. kate Says:

    Is ” The All Around Forum” the only message board open to public now?

    • ex-GGMBer Says:

      Late to the board, but good riddance. But KerriFairy waited far too long to do anything about it. And it seems more like he only took action when Abomb did something to offend HIM. He certainly didn’t pay attention to the pleas of others when they complained to him about Abomb and the other but-kissing, mean-spirited mods.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree and disagree with you on this subject. Kerri Fairy obviously sat back and let this go on for a long time but I really do believe some of what he did was to help out the people who were attacked. Was it to late in the minds of some, yes but I think some of his intentions were based on selfless reasons.

        Abomb is even worse at the new board. He threatens to ban everyone and even has banned people for no reason already. Now he is in total charge but what I find sad is how stupid Doc is about this. She really believes he never said anything bad about her.

        I had a guy like Abomb in my life once. He was gay, tried to start trouble with everyone in our group and he screamed about everything and threatened everyone when he felt like it. That guy is not in my life anymore. He pretty much lost all of us as friends. Eventually Abomb will get his.

        Every 3 or 4 years GGMB has someone freak out. It was first Linda and Robin. Now it’s Kerry Fairy. I give it three years and Chalkybutt/Emanuelle (sp) will try and take over the board because she is the one that does most of the ass kissing of gymnasts. My God she even was roommates with Morgan White at one point (I am not sure if she still is) I call that a stalker but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. ex-GGMBer Says:

    Then I guess it’s been confirmed – Abomb is mentally ill. I will pray for him.

    • 1jakefan Says:

      NOT ME I hope he rots in hell and until then gets some good old slap in the face Karma returns!

      • ex-GGMBer Says:

        He’s getting just that from what I understand. Maybe now he can go into rehab and get the help that he needs. Hard to admin a board while addicted to crack.

  13. 1jakefan Says:

    Good!!! A Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all of us that had our own opinion and were banned. I´m sure those other idiots that are his butt lickers will probably find someway to sugarcoat the truth… usual

  14. gary Says:

    If anyone’s still following this thread, I had some questions about . The thread asking for money indicated that the site was consuming a lot of bandwidth and the hosting fees weren’t cheap. The thing of it is that it’s just a PHPBB board with moderate activity, and something like that shouldn’t be burning through much bandwidth at all.

    There are a few possible explanations that occur to me. First, Abomb could have set up secret boards again — he apparently pulled that stunt while he was on GGMB. Second, the board could just be configured poorly. Third, the site could be under attack (unlikely). Fourth, some of the money collected could have found its way into somebody’s pocket.

    Any ideas on what’s likely to be going on?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t know what is going on but if you are dumb enough to give those people money you deserve to be scammed.

      • gary Says:

        No, I didn’t give them money, but apparently some other people did. Got a little curious because Abomb seems to be a lot better at pissing people off than at running a site, and it wouldn’t be hard for someone who didn’t like them to waste their bandwidth.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        All I can tell you is that in the past other people have questioned where the money has gone. Someone posted something about it after the board blew up but I don’t remember details.

        Honestly it is not my business but if someone gave them money and has an issue they should check the internet for some type of lawyer that can find out where the money has gone. Its fraud if they are spending the money on anything but the board.

        I don’t get the impression Doc is a thief. She might be insane and naive but she doesn’t come across as someone who would steal the money.

        Anyone that gives abomb money is an idiot.

  15. gary Says:

    OK, thanks. Sometimes sites that piss people off get hit with Denial of Service attacks, which suck a lot of bandwidth and server resources. But in this case, I’d guess that they were just stupid about how they configured the site.

    Abomb does seem like a troubled person, and healthy people generally don’t want friends like him. So it’s not surprising that his friends and followers might have a hard time telling the difference between creepy and appropriate behavior.

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