The Crawfords

Jalynne Dantzscher is becoming quite the little baseball wife.

While Hubby is coming up big and getting pied in the face by his his teammate Janelle who is pregnant (yea, more “Dantzschers” technically Crawfords to talk about) Jalynne is doing face time with the local stations.

Diamond Girls must be the TV Show for baseball wives in San Fransisco.

Brandon is a hometown kid (state anyway) and super cute so he is getting a lot of attention in San Fran (Jacoby, this could have been you)

After you watch the video you can laugh with me how creepy it is that Brandon didn’t care which Twin he dated.LMAO

You suck Kevin Gregg. 🙂


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4 Responses to “The Crawfords”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I couldn’t watch the video from my phone but I’m sure his wife is thrilled to know he didn’t care which one he dated lol

  2. Aerial Says:

    Where do you find this stuff? It’s awesome.
    I just can’t believe those Dantzscher twinsies graduated awhile back. Until I heard her voice, I would mistake her for a high school kid and I thought they looked like 8th graders @ UCLA. She looks so young in her wedding pictures! They were a most recent-Georgia like recruit deal, weren’t they?
    Yeah, kinda weird that Crawford would be happy boinking either twin. But I hear twin fetishes are a legit thing for some.
    As as for Jalynne, honey, I can tell you what your hubby is doing for hours after the game. From my former life dating a hockey player and waiting 3 hours minimum for him to emerge in the blue line clubs after each game, I finally blew my gasket one night and went into the changeroom to see a pyramid of empty beer cases growing by the second and the team dancing around like neanderthals. He’s got a whole nother life in those black holes following the game sweetheart, difference is you wanted to put up with it LOL, though maybe I wouldn’t be in my overdraft right now had I decided otherwise… hmmmn… I digress.

  3. Okay Mr Dantzscher fans « Gymtruthteller's Blog Says:

    […] Jalynne and Brandon met in College. Need more details read about it in my blog titled, The Crawfords […]

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