Media “gag” summit

Before we start here is an article on how the team will be picked at Trials. Read.laugh.laugh louder.

“They’re not just taking the top five in the all-around,” Liukin said. “It really is a puzzle, and hopefully they’ll pick the best team to win a gold medal. With my two strongest events, bars and beam, I hope I can play a role to help the team, but besides my gymnastics, I have a few things going for me — but I can’t rely on them. That is no way to make an Olympic team. Living in Dallas, everywhere I go, people are like, ‘You won the gold medal. You have to make this team.’ But that’s not how it works. Your past accomplishments don’t matter. All that matters is how you perform today.”

Rolling eyes. Past accomplishments don’t matter unless they get me a free pass to avoid all camps at will because I am the damn queen, yawn.

Media “gag” summit

Pictures at Getty-images I take it back Nastia is still a little fuller through the middle.

Would it kill her to do something with that hair? She looks liek she woke up and just went.


Nastia has taken a day out of her busy training schedule to grace us with her presence at yet another not training related gym event.

I wonder if Alicia knows Nastia is trying to steal her only asset to this team besides vault, team leader.

If I was Sarah this is where I would put a picture of a half naked drunk women gagging over a toilet. I would put a link to Sarah’s blog but I think she is still trying to keep the crazies away. MAYBE , SOMEday, she will come back here and post but whatever.

I seriously cannot add a picture to this blog of Nastia or I will be the one at the toilet so here is a link.

Team Leader Nastia. Kind of ironic that these girls that seem to love the phony so much are so clueless to the fact that if she has this super bar routine one of them will be staying home. I didn’t realize hooker shoe’s were back in again but Nastia thinks so. I will admit that even though the angle of this picture is flattering Nastia looks to be in gymnast shape. Than again it could be the hooker shoe illusion.

Shawn picture. She doesn’t look to me that she is even training anymore. She looks kind of stumpy in this picture. It could just be the angle and for a human she looks amazing. As a gymnast she looks, College.

Rebecca curly sue

Gabby, Skinny girl. Eat a damn cookie little girl.

This is why I CANNOT STAND Dominique Dawes.
She only comes out in Olympic years to get attention and idiots like Jonathon Horton oblige. Maybe growing up out of a gym gives me a better sense of street life but when someone only pays attention to you when they can gain attention. This means they are only here to live off your fame.

US Olympic Committee ‏ @USOlympic

.@J_Horton11 told @dominiquedawes “The reason I want that team gold medal is because you got one.” #MediaSummit

Mckayla on a computer screen.

Jordyn with a black screen.

According to someone in the comment section Alicia chose to stay home. If that is the case, GOOD FOR HER. At least this proves she is serious.

Michelle Obama, the first lady (hopefully for only a few more months) giving a speech. I guess the president couldn’t make it. Too busy wasting our tax money on souping up air force one for campaigning on MY dime maybe? That’s another blog. (Jordyn and John O are in the picture too) Apparently Mrs President mentioned John in her speech.

and last but certainly not least,

If you want to laugh here is a hysterical quote by Nastia. It made me laugh and you get another view of her hooker shoes.

Olympic champion @NastiaLiukin “I never want to leave the gym feeling like I could have done more.”


NO WAIT! This was the funny quote. This is the one that made me Laugh Out Loud. Really , this one is funny. Watch out Alicia.

US Olympic Committee ‏ @USOlympic

.@NastiaLiukin has told @USAGym hopefuls about her Olympic experience. “I want to be helpful to them.” #TeamUSA #MediaSummit #AskTeamUSA


31 Responses to “Media “gag” summit”

  1. terri3975 Says:

    So you lean Republican! I knew there was something I liked about you! (Well actually there us a lot I like about you.)

    BTW, what’s up with Sarah? Her blog seems to have gone silent.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You won’t like me that much Terri. I am 100% independent. I hate bleeding heart Democrats. I Cannot stand this current President and his flipping ways but Bush didn’t exactly work out either. I have personal issues with Mitt Romney (another flopper) but I think overall and I am going to have the hardest time picking a person to vote for in this election. I KNOW I am not voting for Obama but I am not sure I can bring myself to vote for Romney either.

      I will keep myself quiet on other issues since this is a gymnastics blog. 🙂

      Sarah is either really in rehab or she got a

      • terri3975 Says:

        What I like more than anything is an independent thinker. I don’t like the right wingers but the bleeding hearts drive me batty. Agree hard to get excited about Romney but anything is better than 4 more years of Obama.

        Okay – no more political talk from me on this blog. I promise!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree with you 100%. I have this hate for Romney because he forced healthcare on my state and now I have to pay for something I don’t use but another 4 years of Obama will kill this Country.

        The end:)

      • terri3975 Says:

        I sure hope Sarah is okay. I can’t help but worry a little about her.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am sure she is fine. If she is a

      • Sandy Says:

        @gymtruthteller I couldn’t agree more. Like, seriously. Every word you said. About everything. And seriously I’m not saying it because I feel like kissing anyone’s behind (especially on the ‘net)…and please write the blog on our dear Mr. President; that would be a fun one to respond to. I have a feeling he’ll get re-elected though. Too many stupid people in this country that can’t see behind/beyond the media hype.

        P.S. I was having some hopes for R. Paul, but whatever. Looks like it’ll be the “Mit” or Obummer. And I’m not a fan of Mitty either. I call him that because that’s my nickname for my cat.

        ANYWAYS. Shawn best be training, and if Nastia makes this team I’ll literally hurl. OK, you know the ONLY good thing that will come of it? Beth Tweddle OR Komova/Musty kicking her ass on bars. And then her falling on beam. She’s such an obvious twat, always bragging how good she is, I can’t imagine that most of those girls in that picture aren’t snarky about her secretly. They’re probably off laughing behind her back. And those shoes were just plain stupid. What statement is she trying to make there? There was a Facebook comment on one of these pictures of her of someone asking if we were sending athlete reps to the games or hookers…and then asking if this person was an athlete, at all (which made me laugh).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have had discussion about Obama with people and a lot of white people think if you criticize Obama you will be labeled a racist. So a lot of people keep quiet. Sorry but I call a spade a spade. He is the worst President we have ever had. The only good thing he did was catch Osama Bin Ladin and that was because of the programs Bush put in.

        Ooops a discussion on politics 😉

        Nastia just makes me want to hurt. She is politicking for a spot on the team before she has even competed. If she does only beam at Classics her comebac k is over. Or at least it should be.

      • Sandy Says:

        I love how people seem to forget Obama is half-white. He’s not even fully black. How it’s racist to criticize him is beyond me. He could be pink for all I care. He still is an arrogant prick who tells us to “cut costs” meanwhile he’s flying around on Air Force One taking extravagant vacations under the guise of doing his job. He used his Presidency as a four-year hiatus to take multiple exotic trips around the world, while blowing away taxpayer dollars on secret service protection and what not. I can go on, but I won’t. I need to stop. It’s like I’m in a rage. Damn Nastia!

      • kate r Says:

        Your hatred of Obama and Nasty make me love you even more.

  2. terri3975 Says:

    Also, speaking of Dominique Dawes, have you seen her Wikipedia article? Talk about a diva!

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    Didn’t Shawn beat Nastia on beam in 08? So Nastia thinks she’s valuable to team USA in an event that at the peak of her career she wasn’t even best at? That’s insane..arrogant but insane throw down some bars GF or get off the competition floor!!!

    • nero Says:

      A two time world champ and Olympic silver medalist isn’t anything to sneeze at.

      I’m reserving complete judgement of these girls until they actually compete….this year. Not being able to show at last camp, only doing beam for Nastia at classics and Shawn not even competing is probably the writing on the wall though

      It will be an interesting next few weeks though wont it?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I do not understand why she isn’t doing bars? Is she even training them or is this all BS for some publicity. She talks like she has been training.

        I don’t understand why she isn’t competing this event. If she showed say a 6.5 start value and upped that to a 6.9 at trials it would at least look good on her part but she refuses to show anything.

        If all she has is a 6.5 routine then she should not make this team.

        The way she is acting makes it seem like she isn’t ready to show anything.

        I just don’t understand her logic.

      • nero Says:

        It’s weird bars was always the strongest event for Nastia and Chellsie but that seems to be the hardest for them to ‘get back’

        I’m sure Nastia and Shawn know they’re not making the team. Shawn said in that video interview a while ago that she’s focusing on clean easier routines. I think both are just looking to save face i.e. not fall on their asses

        Shawn has the whole knee thing to fall back on (even though Mustafina had the same injury and is out there throwing triples on floor) and Nastia has the “I only started a few months ago”

        Both have their excuses when they don’t make the team and both made more money in this one day then I’ll make my
        entire life

      • Catherine Says:

        Musty only tore her ACL . . . Shawn’s whole knee was busted (ACL, MCL and Meniscus) slightly worse.

        Also Nastia is starting to annoy me . . . Is she even serious about the comeback or was she just hopping on the bandwagon?! I think Sam should petition to Nationals and would probably do better than some people with only her NCAA routines.

        Also was she the only one who didnt wear white trousers/skirt at the media summit??

  4. brainy Says:

    Who wants to bet that Nastia falls on beam at Classics?

  5. JAS4 Says:

    Anyone know if Classics will be televised if so what channel and time?

  6. Ray Says:

    Sarah is MISSING for almost ever and people are talking about sports and politics!

    OK, people have to do something while she’s gone, I guess, but I MISS HER!!!

    And what if she was hurt or lonely 😦 or needed someone to cajole her to eat up or to take away her Budweiser?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      LOL Well I am sure Srah has already taken over which ever organization had the intervention for her and she will be back eventually. I wonder if she knows about her cult following.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        I miss sarah like hell especially with romania kickinga$$ and bit(ch)ang passing out nuggets like ” dont get drunk on cold water”
        Pitic is so funny in all the pictures its like she cant be happy too much because she hasnt made the olympic squad

  7. Aerial Says:

    1) Okay, we’re talking about who is racist. I think it’s Dominique Dawes. I follow her and all the potential Olympian gymnasts on Twitter and Gabby Douglas is the ONLY person she sends daily encouragement, praise and “you’re my inspiration” messages publically to. Isn’t she a women in sports ambassador or something? What about the other girls?

    2) Excuse me for being Canadian and stymied by passion and offense that can be connected with American politics (as witnessed at dinner tables, BBQs and driving in the car with my relatives who live in both the northern and southern US)… but I just can’t imagine someone like Mitt Romney being voted in here. I know Ontario is overall more liberal and “progressive”… not the right word… but someone who is a bigot and does not want equal rights in the midst of a growing equal rights movement… I think it’s awful. Not saying there aren’t people here who aren’t bigoted… I’ve just never met one! The majority of my Facebook friends are Canadians of many different walks of life who often are leaving dismayed comments about those denied equal rights, suicides for any bullying reason, etc. I remember one of my trips to the southern states and being pretty shocked at the casual comments that home would get a kid suspended or be deemed harrassment. I know there’s a lot of people who don’t want gay people to marry but I’m honestly just shocked by how many. I’m not even American but from seeing Romney’s speech about how he doesn’t believe in equal marriage rights, I would be so disappointed for someone openly promoting that oppression to become president. I’m shocked!!! It’s 2012 for cripes sake.

    And you all probably think I’m f*cked but just stating my opinion.I don’t know much beyond Obama said “go for it” and Romney said “fuck you gay people”, I’m into our own election stuff going on up here, so I’m not commenting beyond that. I just think Romney looks like a rich Ivy League “School Ties” actor who is a total prick in real life and would have been a smarmy car salesman and treated people like crap were not all his moves scrutinized.

    • Aerial Says:

      Did not mean to imply I only have Facebook friends lol. Part of the next sentence disappeared but you’ve read enough from me.

    • Sandy Says:

      Romney is saying he’s anti-gay marriage to appeal to the die-hard Christian/Catholic voters. Believe it or not there’s a lot of them. Ditto with the bigots in the South – OK, not “everyone” in the South is bigot of course, but it’s a huge Bible belt area where this sentiment would be overall popular. Who knows what Romney’s “real” stance is. He’s just catering to the masses. Same with Obama, who doesn’t even know what he stands for since he changes his mind overnight. I believe he’s now pronouncing he is “for” gay marriage even though not too long ago he declared “marriage should be between a man and a woman.” Whatever. It’s all a plea to voters.

      And overall, the whole issue of gay marriage shouldn’t even be a priority right now. At least some states grant it, so if gays “really” wanted to marry each other they’d just have to go to those states and get married. The issue should be our economy, overall unemployment, the massive US debt levels, etc.

      • Aerial Says:

        Yes! Great post and stated succintly. Unlike me.
        I notice especially some Southern types (never want to make a blanket statement) really buy into that Romney type persona, looks and values. Eek. He makes me want to go take a shower, and not for a good reason.

      • Sandy Says:

        I’m not a fan of Romney either; the only portion that I would be “OK” with about him is that he’s not for big government like Obummer is. I am not for socialism (it never works, and even Margaret Thatcher said you eventually run out of other people’s money)…and I feel I have had enough hands in my pockets already. I work really hard for my living but can barely save a dime. And, almost 50 percent of the US population is on food stamps. Something is seriously wrong, folks!

        At the end of they day, they are all politicians. They are all greasy, smarmy, sleezeballs. I wish someone would run for President that wasn’t a career politician and wasn’t a political puppet – but that will never happen.

      • Rhanda Says:

        “And, almost 50 percent of the US population is on food stamps. Something is seriously wrong, folks!”

        Something is wrong with that percent: try about 15% of the US population on food stamps, not 50!

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