Bulls in a China Shop

That is what we are now calling the Chinese Nationals. I guess it is better to fall all over the place now instead of in July but a lot of these falls seem more in the head related than gymnastics related. Looks like some gymnasts do not have their heads in the game.

AA results:

Tan Sixin: 56.600
Shang Chunsong: 55.400
Deng Linlin: 55.300
Huang Qiushuang: 54.550

Jiang Yuyuan on bars

The rest of this mess you can sort through. Come on Yuyuan Jiang. I want you on this Olympic team. Get your head in the game.

Someone on that message board watched and put the info up. So this info is random.

UB Finalists:

1. Huang Huidan 14.700
2. Tan Sixin 14.450
3. Wu Liufang 14.400
4. He Kexin 14.400 (lower E-score than WLF)
5. Shang Chunsong 14.100
6. Jiang Yuyuan 13.850
7. Sui Lu 13.550
8. Luo Peiru 13.500

He on bars

Cut and Paste





Jiang on beam


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6 Responses to “Bulls in a China Shop”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Is Cheng Fei competing?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She did vault and floor. a 13 something on floor and I think I read she fell on her DTY

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think if she wants to make the Chinese Olympic team she is going to need to have her old vaulting skills back

      • Sandy Says:

        Haha no kidding! I don’t have a good feeling about the Chinese in London this time around. They’re no longer in home court, and unless they exercise major cheating practices (again?) I don’t see them placing in the top two for team finals – bronze at best. If they can’t even make a 15.0 score on bars, what the heck??? They may as well be the US team on that one. I didn’t know Sui Lu did bars; thought she only did beam and floor? I guess the only medals I can envision for China in London are individual event final medals. I don’t think Cheng will have her skills back in time to make the team – even though I am a fan of hers. And Yao Jinnan is also injured – not good.

  2. Julia Says:

    Given how solid Romania looked today in Euro quals and these shaky results from China, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect the podium in London will be USA, Russia, Romania, and not necessarily in that order.

  3. gymnastblog Says:

    Chinese Nationals would have been so much better with Yao Jinnan…

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