Cheating doesn’t matter

This is what we are being told. They cheated. They were proven to be cheaters. They were found guilty and now they have been fired but we don’t get to know who they were and what they did?

I love gymnastics


12 Responses to “Cheating doesn’t matter”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I’m guessing the errors must have taken place with non medalist or some who wouldn’t have medaled anyways even without the error but they should still tell who the judges were
    And tell the gymnast that it involved just because they weren’t in positions to get medals doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know the truth

  2. terri3975 Says:

    I wonder who the judges were at the World Championships. There aren’t that many right? Shouldn’t be too hard for someone to figure this out.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    Gymnastics stuff I saw on twitter

  4. Shlak Says:

    Too bad Komova won’t get her well deserved medal even after they found out what really happened.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It said it did not effect the US so I don’t think Komova and the AA were involved. Don’t worry. If it was in ten years they will tell us about it and change nothing.

    • Sandy Says:

      Jordyn Weiber deserved that gold. She was best in three out of four events. Komova had wobbles on beam and two major mistakes on a watered-down floor routine. Things may change come London, but Weiber was the world champion that day, fair and square.

  5. Tulip Says:

    Article about Alicia and gymnastics fashion/appearance.

    • Sandy Says:

      Scrunchies should have ended when Shannon Miller retired.

    • Dee Says:

      hilarious! leotard companies STILL send a matching scrunchie with a leo when you buy one…I have no idea why, noone wears it!

  6. Dee Says:

    Wasn’t there a small blurb about this a few months ago, how there was an investigation going on but no details were given? I guess now they found out whatever it is was true.

    Why would the news even bother to report this stuff if they wont tell us WTF happened?

    • terri3975 Says:

      Dee, what I can’t believe is that the FIG can release a press release like this and all the major news organizations just pass it along without looking into the matter further or questioning things. I know it is early but I bet we will hear nothing more about it. Can you imagine the hoopla that would result if the NFL were to put out a press release saying a couple of the referees from last year’s Super Bowl were being banned from future Super Bowls for making unspecified professional errors and otherwise engaging in profession misconduct without saying who they were or what they had done? There would be a hundred reporters looking into it immediately to try to get at the real facts. It is amazing the superficial and unquestioning way the media views Olympic/elite level gymnastics.

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