Jay Clark quits Georgia

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Not a big College fan. It’s the place Elite’s go to die but there has been a discussion on the blog so I thought I would give people a play to discuss it.

General consensus says Shayla Worley is to blame. If that is the case I say hire her to take out all the terrorists over seas. If Shayla can ruin Georgia’s Proud tradition in only a few years than the terrorists shouldn’t be a problem for her.

I remember reading a rumor that said Shayla was getting all the attention from Jay and the other girls were suffering. EXgymgurl says that was on a video. I never saw it. Maybe she can give us a link?

If you ask me any program that depends on Noel Couch to be it’s savior doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell of surviving. No offense to Noel but she has picked up the slack for Shayla sucking over the last few years. Well she tried to anyway.

Aunt Joyce has a take on this situation. It’s an interesting read. The comments section has some interesting comments about Jay not playing the game at “social events”.

After reading the comments I have come to the conclusion that Georgia gymdog fans are spoiled brats used to being coddled. All the people in the comments section seem to think they are owed a coach that will tell them how wonderful they are. Praising them for their time. WTF?


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6 Responses to “Jay Clark quits Georgia”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    I watched podium training of GA on beam i dont remember where from but he spent majority of his time getting her head in the game

    • Aerial Says:

      And everybody else was coachless and then fell off the beam. The pressure to hit was huge since Shayla always stayed in the line-up despite bombing most routines, but yet he still declared her as their leader. How screwed up is that? I think he will be successful in the future but needs to start somewhere where he’s not handed a legacy, and has nowhere to go but up. Drop the favourites, drop the praying that things will work out, learn to foster a connected team where everyone is an equal and earns their place. I think he can do it, but it’s a good idea to peace outta Georgia.

  2. Dee Says:

    Shayla was the most recognizable (or one of them – but I think a lot of casual gym fans recognized her more easily) name on that team so of course they kept her in lineups even when she stunk. Of course the coach spent more time with her. In order to save his own career, why not just stop putting her in lineups and stop using her?

    I bet they “forced” him out. That’s how these things always are. I saw on the other thread someone saying to “bring in Kupets”. I cant see that being a bad thing. However, this team is a hot mess.

    • Aerial Says:

      The team is a hot mess b/c of Jay’s coaching tactics. I’m surprised you think that someone who (years ago) had a name in the elite world should be kept in lineups despite almost always falling or having a major mistake. In college gym, it seems that just as often as elites are the stars of a team, they often are less successful than their L10 teammates. Worley, Tanella and Breazeal are all hot messes.
      Okay wait, I reread your first paragraph and now am unsure if you were siding with him or calling him out. LOL. So maybe disregard that. In regards to your second comment, I think he was fired with the option of resigning. I think they need to bring in a coach with experience, but not someone already “on top” with their own distinguished program. They don’t need a “Florida at Georgia” atmosphere… I think it’s time to cultivate a new Georgia that doesn’t rely on Suzanne or any of her trainees. I’m sure it’s disheartening for the incoming signees (or verbals) to have such a mystery situation and I wonder what other programs will face movement because of this major job opening.
      I want KJ to stay at OK, though!

  3. Caitlin Says:

    I think its ridiculous that the program edged him out, you wanna know the major reason they haven’t won a championship since 2009? THEY LOST COURTNEY FRICKIN KUPETS. Girl was a beast! and Katie Heenan too. Ding is awesome, Worley has disappointed, but seriously, they needed time to regroup and get used to Clark. Not making super six this year was a complete fluke. A new coach will not win them a championship, even though they have some good freshman talent coming next year.

  4. doughnut sundae Says:

    When it comes to NCAA gymnastics, I am totally illiterate. But looking at the numbers – 17 years as GymDog assistant coach, head coach for 3 – Clark appears to be a deft coach, but may not be so hot at doing the things that head coaches do, which is everything but coach. Maybe this is what doomed the program?

    Of course a voluntary demotion could get him back into the role he seemed so passionate about. But any new head coach with a brain would have him and the rest of the staff replaced – they have become too comfy with the old program to do anything more than impede the progress of a new one. Hence, he resigned. Might as well quit now than be demoted and fired later, right?

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