Kyla Ross Upgrades

The Patterson dismount has been out there for awhile and this article explains where it came from.

Kyla is a great gymnast but if she wants to win the AA title she needs to get rid of that ugly double tuck on floor. She also needs an upgraded dismount off beam. Yes she has great execution but as we saw in 2011 the judges don’t care about form.



28 Responses to “Kyla Ross Upgrades”

  1. justafan Says:

    Apparently Bross landed her Patterson well at camp (with a small step) and won bars. Things are getting interesting.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Someone on IG said Anna Li won bars and it was confirmed on that other message board.

      NO ONE seems to know anything.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Maybe it’s part of Marta’s plan spread so many different rumors so know one will really know what’s going on lol I am glad Kyla has upgrades on all the events

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That I would not put past

    • Shawn Fan! Says:

      Maybe everyone is trying out higher difficulty routines, perhaps this is where all the falls being reported left, right, and center are from.
      Rusty ol’Bross is probably still trying to nail that same watered down routine she failed at jesolo.

  2. justafan Says:

    well, someone on the other message board posted and it was reposted on IG. It wasn’t confirmed it was just a random poster that said it heard from Li’s gym. Bross’ seem to be confirmed by GGMB and other sources. Oh well, guess we’ll know in a few weeks!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      GGMB didn’t confirm it a poster on GGMB confirmed it. That poster was not abomb. ALL the other info comes from him usually. Random people at GGMB confirming things means nothing. This person that said Bross won could be right but the name is not someone that usually confirms things.

    • Dee Says:

      who is this abomb person? are they someone that is actually at the camps and stuff? i hear so much about them, which is why i am asking.

  3. Alex Says:

    On IG I saw that Becca Bross won bars….which I really, really, REALLY hope is true. I like that kid a lot.

  4. Dee Says:

    As long as the double tuck is outta there….

    I had never heard about her training a Patterson. Would be awesome to see her add that.

  5. Jen Says:

    Where are Classics? Three weeks. TOO LONG! *wants now*

  6. Dee Says:

    USAG has posted Finnegan’s beam (part of) from the verification on their facebook page. They said they will be posting more over the next few days. They also said they will post results when they come out.

    I would link to it but I am at work and saw the video on my phone. Eerily silent in the gym as she competes. Cant imagine that pressure.

  7. Sandy Says:

    I’ll bet Kyla leaves the dismount on her beam alone just because how much more is a Patterson worth than a double tuck? If she falls/stumbles on the Patterson, it’ll probably be worth the same or even less than a clean double tuck on beam, which we already know she’s capable of. I think at this point she should mainly focus on upgrading bars (so she can be one of the 3 up 3 count, if she can consistently score in the 15-range) and definitely upgrading floor (if she wants to have a chance at that AA). Her form on beam is such that she can get away with a not-so-tough dismount. She scored pretty well there in Jesolo (international judges), so I would assume she would score just as well in London.

    Judges seem to be all over the place when it comes to form though. It’s like, they’ll downgrade certain gymnasts on it but not all. Mustafina (love her, but I have to be honest) has one of the worst forms in her twisting elements (amanar = ugly) but didn’t get downgraded on that in 2010. We’ve all seen Bross’ form on certain things, and even Aly’s form (although improving) would typically prove that she’s only good for the vault and floor events. Her beam is just…clunky. I don’t know another better word for it. Sabrina Vega scored almost the same as she did at worlds in 2011 so that’s the only thing that keeps me wondering if Aly will be used on beam in London. I guess maybe as a table setter to “calm the other girls down.”

    I don’t understand the “hush hush” thing about this last camp. Since most things go Marta’s way though I can only help but think one thing: someone is going to get screwed. Badly.

    • Dee Says:

      I could see something soooo ridic like Gabby or Anna being replaced for Nastia, if she shows up with some great bar routine. I think someone will get royally screwed….actually, I dont think it, I know it! That’s how this always goes.

      • Sandy Says:

        I don’t think Anna has a chance. Gabby can do the other three apparatus’ pretty well (if she gets her amanar in check, I can even see hers being used over Raisman’s). Anna can really only do bars, and therefore will most likely be ran over by Nastia.

  8. goldmarcela Says:

    USAgym replied that they have an ‘AWESOME’ routine from Rebecca to show us. So, I’m assuming the rumors were true.

    But thanks for clarifying the source!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No problem. Info from GGMB is not real just because it comes from GGMB. The source matters, Abomb has been only wrong twice that I remember.

      I might have confused you when I said the info came from GGMB so it is right because when I say that I mean Abomb.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      USA-Gym also told us Nastia was at two camps that she was not at so you can’t always believe them.

      IMO Nothing Bross does is awesome but that’s just me.

      • Sandy Says:

        I just don’t see Bross really helping Team USA beat the Russians. If she makes the team I’m going to be cringing every time she mounts an apparatus, anticipating her to fall.

        Can I just say that if Team USA doesn’t win Olympic gold in London, Marta should be forced to retire?

    • nero Says:

      Oh I hope USAG isn’t just blowing smoke when it comes to Bross. I’m starting to stan more and more for her and really want her to make the Olympics

      *prayer circle for Bross*

  9. Sandy Says:

    I don’t know where to post this…so I’ll post it here:

    Here’s the quote that is most noteworthy:

    “Marta Karolyi, Steve Rybacki and, if she is not competing, Nastia Liukin will need to have their wish list solidified before the athletes hit the podium at Trials. They will have overnight to consider their final decision for the men’s Olympic team, but only 20 minutes to choose the five-member team plus three alternates for the women.”

    I have two comments:


    2. Twenty MINUTES to decide. Marta will totally know who is going to the Olympics even BEFORE trials. Trials will likely only be used to determine who won’t be bowing out due to injury.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This thing is fixed. Marta will chose what she wants

    • Shawn Fan! Says:

      The thing is bothers me more and more from these camp reports is how cramped and dark that Karolyi concentration camp looks. The videos from Russia, China, and even USA men’s gymnastics training “headquarters” are bright, airy, and spacious. The karolyi dump gives off a moldy vibe and makes one want to get vaccinated upon visit!

      • Gymbee Says:

        I’m always thinking the same thing. It just doesn’t look like it’s been refurbished much since the 80’s. Just very shabby and not modern. How depressing it must be having to train there!

  10. dd Says:

    Marta better not freeze out Ross for Finnegan.

  11. gymnastblog Says:

    Kyla is an amazing gymnast! I hope she gets the Patterson and maybe even a Dos Santos on floor! She has amazing form, and I hope Marta doesn’t screw her off for someone else.

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