College gym board drama

Usually I would stay out of this but I was linked so I had to respond.

GGMB making friends all over the internet.

I am going to highlight a few comments because the last time GGMB was called out on that board they deleted the whole thread and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Gym Drama.

Balabanov came to defend GGMB that time too but all I remember was him complaining when someone posted something about how idiot gymnasts like Nastia supported a board full of racists.

Now I always respected this guy because he knew his stuff but he recently defended Mustafina’s bad form because he likes her as a gymnast and I lost all respect for him. It just proved he is as biased as the next guy.

Who knew reporting violations, small as they are, would be so dangerous? But I have a reputation for pointing out violations, so why stop? No more hiding behind a screen name for me! Now that I’ve been exposed on GGMB, I don’t know whether to be excited that I’m such a well known person over there or afraid from all of their threats. It’s surprising to me that the Florida people would be so willing to pass all of my information over to Abomb after I wrote to them asking about it, but as we all know, Abomb has all the connections and he can single handily ruin someone’s life. Heaven knows I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last. I’m obviously high on his list! So if you never hear from me again, you know what happened smiley: smokin I might as well say hi to Abomb since I know you’re here pretty often reading the college board. By the way, Suzanne did get banned from your site, by her own school. You read into things too much. And Val was pretty upset when you threatened her and the program during the big fiasco involving the Dantzcher twins prior to their attending UCLA. Wait, you threatened someone?? Strange how I am not allowed to respond to all of this on your own site because you won’t allow it.
All my best.
Scott Sorenson

I know several people here are part of his minion group over there, so forgive me if this upsets you that I would laugh at reading these comments below, but you have to admit, they are pretty much on. Although in person, he’s a pretty nice guy, so I’m not sure why he feels the need to be like he is online. It’s too bad he’s developed this reputation:

Abomb is a douche and always has been. He doesn’t know half as much as he pretends. I haven’t posted over there in probably…. six years or more, because his crap was all too obvious not to mention childish.

by eliteathlete10 (Biggest hypocrite ever considering his suicide post on IG a month ago)


Okay, although this seems freakishly obvious, I’ll spell it out for you – it’s weird that you are actually calling college sports depts. to point out recruiting “violations” (real, or more probably imagined), because a) gymnastics is actually a very small town, and these girls and coaches and coaching staffs have all known each other and trained with each other since they were tweens, so the errant small violation is bound to happen, and totally understandable, and then usually self-reported once it’s realized that some stupidass minor rule made so that some idiot football player isn’t given a Maserati under the table (which he is going to get ANYWAY) has been violated, so it’s not a big deal and in no way really ever influences where a top level gymnast is going to go anyway, and more importantly b) IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, outside of your irrational hatred of certain programs, and bizarre focus on “fairness”, as you see it.
And since many posters here don’t have the honor of reading at GGMB, you’ve been repeatedly corrected concerning the two instances you mention above involving Val and Suzanne – you are wrong.

More Bala and another person he quoted

Wahoo wrote:Is actually not so weird, because it is common for the athletic department to self-report minor violations. Shows they are on top of things and complying, etc.

It is when you are a paranoid stalker with an unhealthy obsession with the programs of UCLA and UF, and call compliance depts. complaining about supposed “death threats” which do not exist, outside of your delusions.

Gymwatcher below

Yeah…The threats don’t exist. That’s because the entire portion of the thread was deleted. So of course they don’t exist. Now.

And the irony of somebody from GGMB calling me a paranoid stalker is just funny. My stalking consists of reading articles online, what is posted here, and from the timeline on Facebook that showed me that Adrian Burde liked a photo. What I am obsessed with is rules. I don’t like it when people don’t follow the rules. I’m an openly obsessive snitch when it comes to people breaking the rules. No doubt about that. And I am openly very critical of UCLA. I won’t even try to deny that. So get as upset as you want about me bringing violations to an athletic department’s attention. I don’t plan on stopping, and if it really is nothing, they have nothing to worry about, and neither do any of you.

Do you want obsessed stalking? How about you and GGMB’s obsession with me? It’s quite entertaining to read the vulgar names I get called. And you, Bala, simply can’t keep yourself from being obsessed with anything I talk about, whether it’s critiqueing Val and UCLA, or sharing my thoughts about changes to the sport in post-season. I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with having to attack the posts of one person. Yet you do it not by having intelligent conversations, but by dropping personal attacks and claiming I’m dangerous. And then when you can’t get me to shut up, you go over there to get some people to agree with you.

If you want obsessed stalking stories, man do I have some good ones about GGMB people that stalk the gymnasts before, during and after the meets. Talk about inappropriate. Or what they’ve posted regarding what is said on Facebook. The things they’ve done to stalk gymnasts is way over the top, going well beyond just saying things on the internet. Do you really want me to start with some of them?? How about with how people were stalking the Dantzcher twins while they were only about 16 years old and because of something they posted that was offensive, they threatened the twins, Val and UCLA that they would do all kinds of things to the program, even going so far as setting a deadline for an apology? Or the way they’ve stalked Worley over the years, especially the way she broke the rules by taking money? Whether you agree with what she did or not, they are still obsessed with that to this day and are ruthless when talking about her. They’ve openly bragged about getting into altercations in the stands with her family and teammates over that one. Obsessive stalking. Try following athletes on Facebook and Twitter and if they happen to mention God or support a group they don’t like, taking it to a whole new level in attacking said gymnasts and contacting the university demanding that something be done about a religious girl on the team? You get mad that I would have the nerve to contact a compliance department about something I don’t agree with, yet you have every right to contact organizations demanding people step down from their job because they are involved in something that many feel is wrong. And you call me obsessive about certain teams? Shall I continue? Because the list goes on and on.

My stalking consists of reading public posts and articles and being overly concerned about secondary violations that ultimately amount to nothing and questioning the training of teams. To add to the irony though, how’s this for stalking and being obsessed? GGMB posted my name, info on my email, and locations that I’ve posted from. Threats followed. If those things were no big deal, why would they then graciously have second thoughts and take them all down? Who knows what else they know about me? Thankfully I have nothing to hide. And then they have the Florida coaches or athletes passing everything I talked to the compliance department about almost immediately after I sent it. Classy way of dealing with a secondary violation. It’s a secondary violation for a coach to “like” something on Facebook. It was brought to your attention and you at Florida feel the need to run to GGMB to tell them that somebody told on them? Relax and don’t do it again….Or tell your buddies at GGMB. That works too. smiley: eyes

gymguy3 Wow! #30 [url] [-]

I am very knowledgeable about gymnastics, one myself. I’m new to this whole message board stuff and GGMB sounds worse than a North Korean prison! Yikes


It is fascinating to find that you actually know what a meddling snitch/freak you are, and how you are obsessed with ‘following the rules’ (paging Dr. Freud), and yet you have no desire to get help for your problems. They say that understanding your sickness is the first step toward healing; I suggest you take the second step and call a good therapist – he could help with your paranoid delusions of “threats”, and unhealthy obsession with Val and the UCLA program. As I’ve told you before, and will tell you again, you need serious emotional/psychological help.

Bala aga

Since you and Bala just proved yet again that the only way you know how to respond to a post here is by insulting the poster, my guess is newbe joined all the many other insightful posters that stopped posting here and left because they were tired of your childish way of responding. Too bad though, because now the board is stuck with just whiny people like me who are too stupid to keep posting despite the insults. Very representative of how they react on GGMB though other than you’d get banned if you don’t agree with what they say, so thanks for the example for those that aren’t “privileged” enough to read there.

That is it so far. Fun gym drama



6 Responses to “College gym board drama”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    That is a LOT of DRAMA!

  2. Dee Says:

    I didnt know those boards were so f’d up. Stalking? Seriously?
    So there is a college board that is separate from GGMB? I have always wished for access to GGMB for just one day. LOL.

  3. K Says:

    I just read over at IG that there is a rumor going around GGMB that Ashley Priess is going for elite and trying to petition to US Classics.

  4. TCO Says:

    Too long. Did not read.

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