Gabby goes pro

I now get all my information from Jas and today is much of the same. Work always gets busy this time of year and while I welcome the distraction from my baseball woes I actually resent missing out on my hockey playoffs for this shit (damn you boss that makes me work more hours then I should be)

Team Gabby goes pro

Proud to announce that after much discussion & prayer,my daughter @gabrielledoug has decided to go pro. Read more:

So Gabby has gone pro. Do I care? Not really. Gabby can do what Gabby wants but you blogger people were talking about it so I am giving you a place to discuss.

1- Is this a good idea?

2- Is this about the money?

3- Was this really Gabby’s decision or is her mother all about the pay check?

My answers,

1: It depends. If she doesn’t choke and makes the Olympics doing well. It’s a win. If she Vanessa Atler’s under the pressure we now have a girl without any money to get a College education.

Say she goes to the Nationals and the Olympics and she tanks big time say screwing up a vault and balking on beam even if she hits bars does Marta trust her with a place on this team? Not if she has a brain. I can totally see Gabby messing up every event but bars, getting named to the Olympic team and then tanking the uneven bars when the US needs it the most. It’s my recurring dream.

2: Of course it is and I can’t blame Gabby. It’s obvious her parents have little money for extra’s after paying all that money to train gymnastics.

3: You can tell her mother has stars in her eyes. This isn’t any different then Mattie Larsen’s mother running around getting attention at Nationals. Making this about her instead of it being about her daughter. I just hope that Gabby’s mother hasn’t put herself above her daughters well being.

What do you think?



27 Responses to “Gabby goes pro”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Team Gabby hahahaha….so I want to know the scoop on Mattie Larson’s mom now. I didn’t know that. That’s kind of hilarious seeing as to how Mattie had a World spot in ’10 and after she cost USA team gold she’s now just an NCAA collegiate gymnast. Kind of sad though because I liked Mattie…her best even was floor and then at worlds she really screwed that up. Twice.

    Hoping Gabby doesn’t do that at the Olympics…that would be a disaster. I would feel sorry for everyone else since if Gabby’s making the team most likely she’ll only do bars. Unless there’s an injury.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think I wrote about it when it happened. Maddie gave her all the medals to hold and she kind of gave her a teenage attitude when she did and Mattie’s mother announced to the world, literally screaming in the middle of the crowd, “Teenagers” or something to that effect. She also was very vocal to the crowd at the Olympic trials last time but I did not witness that first hand.

      • Sylmarie Says:

        Gabby’s dad is an Army veteran. So she is automatically ellegible for V.A. benefits. She can go to college for free thanks to her father’s military service. I’m pretty sure that had a lot to do with her decision to go pro.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I was an army brat and I did not get a free College education. What a rip off. Thanks for the info.

      • Sandy Says:

        Maddie gave Gabby all the medals to hold? I vaguely do remember you saying something about a mom yelling “teenagers”…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Did I say Gabby. No Mattie gave her mother the medals to

    • Shawn Fan! Says:

      Either way, if you have the grades, brains, and work ethic, college is not off limits to you. I didn’t have a dime out of high school and I’ve been putting myself through college by grants, working my ass off, and a bit of loan.
      Why not strike while the iron is hot, says Gabby’s mom!

  2. Sylmarie Says:

    My step kids were able to go to the state university of their choice for free thank to my hubby’ s V.A. benefits!

    • brainy Says:

      Before we go too far off course on this subject — More info on VA benefits at this link:

      To be eligible, you must be a spouse, son, or daughter (including stepchild or adopted child), of (1) a Veteran who is permanently and totally disabled as the result of, or dies of, a service-connected disability. The disability must arise out of or be aggravated by active duty; (2) Veteran with a permanent and total service-connected disability who dies from any cause; (3) Service member who is missing in action or is captured in line of duty and is currently being held by a hostile force; or (4) Service member who is currently being forcibly detained or interned in line of duty by a foreign government or power.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    1. If you are money grubbing and looking to pay da rent , pop bottles and make it rain for some ( who is that moron with the clocks?) oh yeah flav-a-flav bling then yes it’s a great idea. Perhaps her taco will pop more than Shawn Johnson’s did…. Though I doubt we will even see gabby eating a reces like Vanessa alter did to get fat and go on ( was it celebutard fit club?) the starting over house where she performed mediocre level 5 gymnastics. gabby is going the route of Darling Hill and will at this point be lucky to get a good job with Cirque de Soleil. Who won bars at Pan Am’s in 2004 or 2008? Did they make the olympic team? I think it was Jana Bieger ( who is in HUMONGOUS demand as a pro gymnast) and Katy Heenan who was amazing at Georgia got an education and didn’t go to the Olympics or turn pro….. ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AND IT WILL ALL HAPPEN AGAIN ( Battlestar Galactica or Peter Pan…pick your poison)

    2. This is about an over zealous agent that filled Gabbys mom’s weave with huge Wendy Williams cracklin slim Jim dreams on fire ( or crack again pick your poison) a 16 yr old unless declared emancipated can’t make legal decisions… This is all about money that will never materialize. GABBBY has not gotten emancipation ala Dominique Moceanu and we all know what awesome decision makers her parents were.

    3. See how thoroughly and completely I answered question 2….. Mattie Larson aka grand daughter of Glen Larson ( buck Rogers, Battlestar, knight rider super wealthy exec producer of all cool 80s and 70s tv) has a failed actress mom who despite marrying glen Lawson’s son only graced our TVs in one episode of Boy Meets World tried to spin Mattie’s gymnastics as a sacrifice of her amazing contribution to the Larson entertainment legacy and her commitment to live through Mattie…..

    4. Bonus Question in honor of SARAH!
    What do Vanessa Atler, Gabby Douglas, Matie Larson, and Shayla Worley have in common? Parents That live through their kids… All parents attention get your own life’s goals and dreams… Go to work every day and don’t sponge off your kids $10000 reces commercial. Pay your own rent and support your children, don’t make it your plan in life for your kids to support you. Oh and none of these chicks are Olympians… In the end there can be only 5

    • Sandy Says:

      Gabby went pro for the same reason Aly went pro…the window of opportunity is so small, and really this is it, now. Wait until after the Olympics or when she’s 18 – could be a totally different story. There is a higher potential of money to be made via endorsements over a college scholarship. Plus, it’s not like Gabby couldn’t get into a university of her choice as she’s an exemplary athlete, obviously dedicated to her sport (you’d have to be as an elite), and with the Olympics on your resume she’d really stand out from most applicants. She’s two years from worrying about college anyways. I kind of hope that Gabby sticks around after the Olympics (assuming she makes the team) and keeps working on it…she’s got some potential, and hey – the media could make her and Ohashi the new “rivals’ or whatever.

      So anyways, I wouldn’t discredit too much her decision (or her mom’s)…any source of income I’m sure is welcome at this point. It seems like everyone who has a chance of making the All Around is taking the step to go pro.

  4. doughnut sundae Says:

    It seems odd that Gabby and her coach were not given the opportunity to make this announcement to the press. And it’s eerie that no one – athlete, coach, national team coordinator, USA Gymnastics – has responded to Natalie’s boundless enthusiasm.

    Why do I have this sinking feeling that Gabby’s mom has done something horribly wrong?!

    I hope Natalie realizes that Chow, while kindhearted and endearing and willing to give just about everybody a chance, is not above showing a transplanted Elite the door because of her mom.

    • annonymous Says:

      Wasn’t it Gabby’s mom that announced it on Twitter, instead of the press? That’s when I started thinking that she did it for her own good, not Gabby’s. I hate all the stories about her mother.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        It would not surprise me if Gabby was as shocked by this bit of tabloid as we were. Let’s face it. Given the temperament of mom and daughter, it is unlikely that this was even discussed.

        My guess is that Natalie is going to wind up in Iowa, and Gabby is going to wind up without a coach.

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    I so need to figure out how to get you and me to trials and pay for it so we can blog…. And take great pictures and video when decisions are announced 🙂 and parental reaction

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think it could be a mistake I think it would have been better to wait and see if she shows more consistency after classics and Nationals if she does then great go pro but if she doesn’t then she still has the NCAA

      • annonymous Says:

        I think it would have been smart, in Gabby’s case, to wait, as well.

        One good exhibition at Scam Cup does doesnt mean $$$$.

        Think of the other girls that have recently gone pro – they either have won multiple medals at the world level or they have a World title to their name. I know it’s a huge deal to win team gold..but it is TEAM GOLD. I would think being an individual champion would hold more weight as far as “going pro” in gymnastics goes…

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Comcast/NBC is paying for human drama, not athletic competition. And to that end they have unearthed something even more horrifying than three-a-day weigh-ins: Olympic team announcements made live on national TV. So some poor girl who should have gone to London by merit will be left behind, heartbroken.

        I do not wish this experience on anyone.

        “They finally came out and I was thinking, ‘Whatever they say right now is about to change my life. Either everything I worked for is about to pay off or everything I’ve done has been a waste of time.’ …. I just sat there. I was like, ‘Go focus on the Olympic team,’ and my coaches are trying to hide me by hugging me, but the cameraperson is [shooting] around them. And, seriously? That’s evil.

        You know, it would have been absolutely terrible, no matter what, but to have it live on TV definitely made it worse. The whole world was watching and I was trying so hard not to cry. And I cried and the whole world saw me. It was really emotional.” – Hollie Vise (Inside Gymnastics)

  6. Aerial Says:

    I actually think this decision was a good call. It’s likely she’s gonna make the team. And it’s likely this team could be the stars of the games. Even team-oriented endorsements could bring in a great deal of money. Also, leading up to the Games now, she can be raking in the money regardless of future results like the other girls. Jordyn Weiber’s mom said she could already pay for her entire college education anywhere, and I’m sure that what Gabby can now make on the tour would significantly fund college, if she wants to go.

    I know we all freak when good gymnasts forgo the NCAA experience but it’s true that 1) some gymnasts don’t want to train and battle the sport for another quad, and just go to college, 2) not everyone even wants to go to college or for awhile anyhow, and 3) those who struggle financially (it seems clear this is Gabby’s story) face a different decision-making process than most.

    Also, Gabby should still have years ahead of her in the sport. She is a little pin of a thing and young. She can continue to pull in money. Like let’s be honest, if Aly Raisman can model for Ralph Lauren, etc., Gabby should have no problems. Aly is bugly and aesthetically very unappealing.

    She had to strike while the iron is hot. I hope a glorious senior career and getting rich will overcome the NCAA competition experience. She can go to college if she chooses AND drive an Escalade to class each day in this case, and cover her dorm’s drinking tab every trip to the bar!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabby is gross. The only reason she is the new it girl is because she is black. If she was just another white gymnast no one would even care about her.

      I think Aly is very pretty I think Gabby is gross looking. Her mouth is huge.

      • Sandy Says:

        She sells a good story. This is all about media love. Her dad’s fighting overseas, her mom’s struggling financially, and here we have this young talented black athlete who has Olympic dreams and is on the verge of making those dreams come true. Can’t you already see the fluff pieces coming together? Oh, and she has the potential to throw Ms. “white-rich-suburb, calm, collected” Jordyn Weiber out for a loop. She’s an underdog and you KNOW the media is hoping, PRAYING, the underdog wins. They’d go NUTS selling that story. They’re just building it all up now and Gabby’s mom is eating every fame-filled second of it.

        If Gabby won trials, holy hell and high water.

        Not sure what to make of making fun of appearances. My all time favorite Shannon Miller was no beauty queen (hence she went and got plastic surgery), but I loved her for her will and talent. I don’t know, I’m not a fan of judging by the way they look because they can’t really help that. I think both Aly and Gabby are pretty in their own ways. Sometimes I wish both of them would do something different with their hair though.

  7. Aerial Says:

    Gymtruthteller, I’ve never disagreed with anything you’ve ever said until now, LOL. Aly is very pretty?? I find nothing attractive about her – appearance, effort into her appearance, gymnastics.

    I did find Gabby weird looking at first and I do think she may need jaw surgery for massive overbite or braces. But in the horrible, tacky series of NBC photos, I finally thought Gabby was looking better, whereas many of the other girls looked horrendous. I don’t think she needs to be gorgeous to bring in money – she’ll make enough based on her gymnastics, like the rest of the team that’s pro.

    She impressed me at the American Cup, and I thinks she’s solid and has good difficulty, so will probably make the team. By no means is she my favourite. I love the ballerinas! Which almost no one but Maroney and Finnegan are.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Aly’s parents should sue this girl for stealing their daughter’s identity!

      GK photo shoot!

      A post shared by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Aerial, It had to happen sooner or We can’t always agree.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I will agree Aly has no artistry in any of her gymnastics but at least she tried to fix floor. She worked on it for awhile. I actually enjoy her floor for the most part but you know, there is not a lot of artistry left in the sport. I don’t like Finnegan’s new routine but I liked her old one.

      What kills me about Aly if she makes NO attempt at all to clean up her form. For that I blame her coach. It makes no sense that he has Alicia who is at least nice to watch form wise and then he has Aly.

      WHY can not one see her form is a mess? Why doesn’t anyone care about her form? I ask the same question of the Nastia Giants. Then why fix it when no one scores it correctly.

  8. Aerial Says:

    Word. We’re back to agreeing again, LOL.

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