Komova upgrade on bars

Nice to see the Russians do something besides look pissed.

Amazing height but her giants are trash.



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  1. JAS4 Says:

    I think the Russians ate probably hoping they can make up for lack of Amanars on bars I think Mustafina already has a 7.0 d score on bars

  2. nero Says:

    Any news on Jordyn’s Ray off bars? I thought she got rid of it becuase she’s too tall but in the espn video it looks like she’s training it

  3. Sandy Says:

    I just saw a dismount on that video…I guess that’s the Ray? Sorry for my ignorance. It was cool to see her mom…she seems normal and “cool.” Her coach is very likable too. I’ll bet he’ll be heartbroken when she finally retires…seems like you work so hard for years, then get one or two years of actually competing on a senior stage, and then the Olympics hit and BAM – everyone’s gone. Crazy sport.

  4. annonymous Says:

    Why am I the only person on this planet that fails to see what the big freaking fuss is about Komova?

    • Sandy Says:

      Komova was pretty awesome when she was 14/15…she had a “floating” sense about her. I could definitely see then what the fuss was about. I think she’s grown a lot since though (she grew something like three inches in a year) and has been through a lot of injuries so she’s not at her best (or wasn’t – we haven’t seen her at her best at senior meets thus far). I guess we’ll see at the Olympics, but Komova at her best could probably beat Mustafina at hers. Let’s face it, she would have beat Weiber even without the amanar at the ’11 worlds if she hadn’t bobbled on floor and beam.

      I’m hoping in London we can see Weiber, Komova, Mustafina, and Ross battle it out without any taints of injuries. I have a feeling that if there’s no injury the Olympic AA gold will go to a Russian.

      I’m also hoping Beth Tweddle wins the UB finals.

    • nero Says:

      I think because she’s a mix, she is lithe but does some pretty big tricks. A standing arabian, patterson, amanar. But I’m SO OVER this ‘Russians are grace and beauty and can do no wrong’ and ‘The Americans are muscle-robots who can’t dance’

      I mutch prefer Jordyn’s floor to anyone else, I love the music and it suits her. There is a place in Komova’s floor where she literally does nothing. I think Komova is a great gymnast and probably a nice girl but I’ll cheer for Wieber.

    • Sandy Says:

      I tried to comment before but it seemed to have gone lost. In her “youth” (like age 14/15) Komova was pretty amazing. She made the big tricks look easy and it seemed like she was floating. Her beam was awesome to watch. She grew at least three inches though since and has suffered a bunch of injuries so we haven’t seen her at her best in the senior meets. However, at her best (again, when she was 14/15) she probably could have easily beat Mustafina. She was that good. Now I’m not so sure – but I guess we’ll see at this Olympics. Remember she was competing not at her best against Weiber and almost won, even without the amanar. If she hadn’t fallen out of her turn on floor, she would have been world champion in 2011.

      I agree Weiber’s floor is my favorite. I much prefer it over anyone else’s, including ALL of the Russian floor routines. I still feel like Asfenia or whatever was gifted that gold medal on floor. I will actually admit I really am not a fan of Raisman’s floor routine though besides the tumbling. The rest sucks and the it looks like she’s a muscle-robot. She has that look on beam as well. It’s reflected in her scores too because her beam scores aren’t that great and the international judges definitely see it as lack of artistry. Vega almost got the same score on her beam set and she had wobbles and less difficulty.

      I think there is some merit though to the thinking that the Russians are more graceful. They train ballet and dance in addition to gymnastics, and you can see it. Some of the Americans have a natural grace to them (Finnegan, Ross) but for the most part they look “stiff” compared to the Russians because they lack that basic dance training.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I think it would be beneficial if maybe at some of these camps the USA girls did some
        Ballet work but and Aly is a great tumbler but I think maybe some different floor music and choreography would really help not everyone is naturally gifted at dance but I think with a few adjustments they could hide the fact that it’s not Aly’s strong point a little better

      • annonymous Says:

        Thank you for civil responses that make sense 🙂

        I just cant jump on the Komova bandwagon. I will agree that it is impressive to see such a tiny girl pull out the big tricks, but I guess in the senior meets that I have seen footage of her in I felt as though she is lacking something. I love Jordyn’s floor and I will be cheering for her – not because she is American – but because I think she is the total package.

        I feel as though lately Komova is missing some sort of allure that makes her interesting…I dont know if she was tired this past season or what, but it was difficult for me to watch an entire routine of hers. Injuries, I suppose. With Mustafina back in the picture I sort of see the hype going away when it comes to Komova. I would much rather see a Mustafina/Wieber showdown than another Komova/Wieber one, but who knows what type of shape Mustafina will be in come London.

        As for Raisman’s floor that someone mentioned above…I agree. Her tumbling is wonderful but I just cant stand the rest of the routine. Girl needs some good music and a real choreographer to come in and work some magic. Right now it’s like…amazing tumble, clunk clunk, awesome tumble, clunk smack bang around until the next pass…

      • Sandy Says:

        Yeah Komova looked very tired at worlds and just hasn’t had the same “spark” she did as a junior. YouTube her in 2010 or even 2009…I remember watching her and being like, “wow, Russia will have TWO amazing gymnasts in the Olympics that can be up for gold…they’ll be like the US in 2008.” I still feel that Komova will be up there with Mustafina and Weiber, but we’ll see. I’m actually a bit saddened that both the Russians have injuries because it would be a great showdown to see everyone compete “healthy.” I think a lot will come down to vault as well; Komova and Mustafina have knee/ankle injuries and are struggling to get their amanars back. They know they have to though to be able to drown out the US. They will not want a repeat of 2011.

        Weiber is great but she’ll never be the “it” girl Johnson is. I guess it’s got to do with personality…but I say the girl is talented beyond belief. What Raisman has going for her is consistency and difficulty. I laugh at your “awesome tumble..clunk smack bank” because I want to add “single turn, flop down to floor and reach hand out in hopes of making it seem like a good dance move.” Anyone also with me that when Raisman plunks down on beam and does the same move (reaches hand out, like she’s rubbing the beam), it’s just awkward? I mean, can’t they give her some different choreo if she needs to go low on the beam and floor? Geez.

        OK and for another subject, anyone see the updates on Cheng Fe? I read somewhere she had all her skills back, but look on that Couch Gymnast site and see where she’s at. Her DTY is really high and great, but she’s admitting to fearing the vault and another injury. Girl kind of looks a bit out of shape too compared to 2008. Call me an ass, I do love Cheng Fe (because she seems like a truly nice person and I felt really bad for her when she cried after 2008 floor finals), but I’m wondering if she will even make it to London.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I think if Ross upgrade some especially on floor we could see a Weiber/Ross/Mustafina/Komova battle for AA medals in London if all are healthy and in shape if there are some serious mess ups then maybe Aly could be in that mix but unless she seriously does some wonders with bars I think her best chance to medal is floor if she cleans up that choreography if gymnast stay healthy this summer the Olynpics should be very interesting

      • annonymous Says:

        I saw that same Cheng Fe piece. I didnt think she looked like someone that China is going to take to the Olympics this time around…not with fear issues and the fact that she doesnt quite look healthy. Add those things to the fact that they have an entire assembly line of gymnasts ready to board the plane…yesterday – I would say it is safe to assume she probably is not going? I would really love to see her in London but I just didnt get that feeling when I saw that piece.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah if Cheng Fei got her old vaulting skills back then she might be of use to them on the Olympic team because I haven’t heard much about vaulters from China do any of them have anything better than a DTY?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You are not the only one. She like Katelyn Ohashi has lost a lot of the spark they had as a junior. What I do like about Komova is her form is pretty clean minus the Russian giants and she can dance for a gymnast these days.

      • Sandy Says:

        Ross really needs to do something about her floor. It kind of sucks. What’s with that double tuck. She’s so clean on bars and beam she doesn’t really need the upgrades there unless she wants to medal in a bars event finals (same with beam; it couldn’t hurt if she upgraded her beam dismount). If she wants a chance at that AA gold she’ll really need those upgrades too. Right now she’s great for the team spot because she can really help win that team gold but on an individual basis she really needs some more “umph” and difficulty to be considered a factor on the individual events. Her vault is clean but she won’t do finals because she has no second vault. I think at this point too many other people are good at bars for her to have a chance (Tweddle, the entire Chinese team, Komova, Mustafina)…beam is where she could seal the deal if she ups her difficulty because Sui Lou will take her. Her floor is where she really needs to figure things out.

      • annonymous Says:

        Oh geeze, I know. That double tuck needs to go. She also needs to beef up that floor with some more choreo. You cant use Phantom and just stand there. Her beam is beautiful.

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    If Wieber was dark blonde like Shawn instead of deep brunette she’d be more of an it girl…. American marketers love blondes plus Shawn has this look of angst like she’s always worried whereas Nastia was the consummate alpha bitch. Shawn is like the good sweet girl that tries really hard and is way more relatable.

    • Sandy Says:

      I think Jordyn would look weird blonde. Plus, not sure that blonde thing always applies. Look at Mary Lou. Not blonde. Nadia. Not blonde. Shannon Miller (blonde) was one of the best gymnasts of her time and she was never an “it” girl…it’s all about personality. Shawn’s got a bubbly personality and she’s very well media-trained.

      Other “it” sports girls that were not blonde: Janet Evans, Picabo Street, Mia Hamm, Michelle Kwan (hello?!!!! BEST female IT girl, evah!!!), Bonnie Blair, Lisa Leslie, Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Shaun White (hehehehe)…Kristi Yamaguchi, Venus Williams, Natalie Coughlin (well I guess sometimes she’s blonde), …and it seems like when ASac went from blonde to brunette, the media loved her more.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think another reason Jordyn hasn’t been noticed as much by the general public is because even people who only watch gymnastics every four years knew about the Nastia/Shawn rivalry and until recently there hasnt really been anyone in the USA that could seriously rival Jordyn

  6. MacStabby Says:

    Her giants look just like your fave gymnast EVAR- Nastia. Heh. I love her toe point though. AND I love that she’s finally clipping back her bangs so we can actually see her face. She’s ok as a dancer, she’s definitely got the “Russian grace” thing going, but I was never impressed by her floor routine last year. It’s not super impressive to walk on releve (sorry, can’t do the accents) and pose, even though she did it elegantly. It just never seemed to fit her as well as, say, Jordyn’s routine fits her.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They are the second ugliest giants I have ever seen next to …her.

      • JAS4 Says:

        With Nastia’s giants she would fit in perfect with the Russians lol

        Dear Russia,
        Please accept Nastia to your Olympic team we are offering her as a gift of “Friendship” we will certainly miss her here and it will certainly leave a huge hole in out team if she competes for you but we know that you could really use her and we would think of it as a great honor if you would accept her on your team after all she is “the reigning Olympic AA champ and totally should have won bars” we know you will enjoy her on your team
        (* laughs villainously *)

  7. JAS4 Says:

    Is this gianormous poster really outside of WOGA?…. All I can say is wow

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Like she isn’t scary enough pint sized.lol

      • JAS4 Says:

        If I were training or working at WOGA I would feel creeped out like she was always watching every time I walked by it waving the gold medal at me lol

    • Sandy Says:

      Where’s the poster with Carly Patterson and HER medal? Geez.

      • annonymous Says:

        On the other side of the building, LOL. I just saw pictures on a site the other day and I think Nastia’s poster is on the front entrance and Carly’s is off to the side now.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I was wondering the same when I saw that 🙂 But then I guess I saw the same pictures as annonymous saw, and I was relieved haha.

      • Sandy Says:

        So that makes me almost want Ohashi to win the next round…that way Nastia’s poster can be moved to the back of the building! Or even Bross. Yet I hate her gymnastics. And I honestly don’t know about her making the team to start with.

  8. nero Says:

    What about this leo Raisman is wearing?

    I *kinda* like it, I like the idea of it but I think it’s too much. If the blue was solid, not made of rhinestones, and they got rid of the swirls I think it would look really nice.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I saw this. I kind of liked it at first. Now I am not so sure.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I kinda of like it I think i agree it would be better will a little less rhinestones and swirls though

    • MacStabby Says:

      I agree- solid without rhinestones would really improve this look. It’s a great concept, but kind of….Ice-Capades-y?

  9. JAS4 Says:

    Check out these two tweets from Sam Peszek lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      someone sent me those. I laughed. Bitch is lucky she even made the team.lol

      • TCO Says:

        yep. Jana had to fall twice. and Sam was not going to get used in either finals or semifinals.

      • Sandy Says:

        I’m glad Sam made it over Jana. Jana was …bleh. I hated her gymnastics, sorry. At least Sam had a solid beam (hey, it’s a typical US beam routine) and clean floor and vault. I think she made it well-deserved. Sam was going to be used in floor in semifinals I know for sure because that’s how she hurt herself…warming up for it. Then they only had ASac, Johnson, and Nastia do floor even though it was four up three count for semis (so basically they could have used Sloan, but she wasn’t warmed up/ready for it so they chose not to…and I guess at this point Chellsie had already broken her ankle but she didn’t want anyone to know about it). ASac stepped out of bounds on her semi floor routine (and didn’t qualify for floor finals) and she later said it was because she was so shaken up about Sam’s injury. That comment should have been a huge red flag to Marta and was a big forewarning of things to come for ASac in team finals. ASac was freaked it was the Olympics and shit was hitting the fan already.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      She may know something… Her mom Lou is way high up in USAG… That gives Nastia gold in bars as well… They’re probably not including He Xexin in the 2012 mix, wouldn’t surprise me at all to see some 2008 medals overturned FIG may just be waiting and being diplomatic. But seriously in 1999 bai-shun ye was only 3’8″ tall.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Plus it looks like that tweet is now gone. She’s on my twitter stream and I didn’t see it. Just offer he Xexin and her parents amnesty a few million and a movie deal. Watch the US get their gold. After the AA disaster in Sydney you should always compete every event as if the equipment is set incorrectly and everyone else is age ineligible because you just never know…..

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Never mind it’s still there…blinded by a migraine today

      • Exgymgurl Says:


        That’s my favorite article on the age thing an IOC person actually admitted concern. FIG really needs to take responsibility and clean this up. If you break the rules you don’t medal.. Ask Andrea Raducan who everyone knew would have won without Sudafed….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I thought they figured this out already and said everything was fine.

        Who the hell is Nastia screwing that the US is willing to whine for life so she gets more medals?

        They did NO defending of Shannon Miller in 92 when she was robbed or 91 when she was cheated but for Nastia USA-Gymnastics pulls out all the stops.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah it kind of seems like they pick and choose when they want to make sure the age limit is enforced if they were really that concerned with enforcing it China would have been banned from an Olympics or something if they are gonna investigate and reaward medals then they need to go back and investigate all the accusations even back in 91 and all if medals were changed for UB at least on the bright side Beth Tweedle would get a medal lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That article is dated 2008 so it is not new.

        He looks no younger then Miller and Dawes did in 92

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Miler and Dawes were both not 16 in 1992….They didn’t need to be Moceanu was not 16 in 1996.. No article is not new but it makes the point that the Chinese lied with three gymnasts and that the IOC was concerned.The Chinese lied what 16 yr old is missing baby teeth? eventually there will be a blood test that can determine human age and it will prove they lied in 2008 they had to for Gold. The athletes they put forth at the 2007 worlds did not even come close. I remember Marta saying it would depend who the Chinese brought in 2008, her talking about some of their bar workers that weren’t there, reading the results at their nationals ( this was in 2007 and I read Chinese because I lived in Taiwan for a year and a half) reading it and thinking yes but these 3 girls won’t be age eligible….. Because of how their birthdates were listed. Then that all changed when they showed up in Beijing. Whats odd is the admissions of age for 2000 were out there before the 08 Olympics and no action was taken. They should be banned from the 2012 games just like NKorea…. It’s really not fair

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Dawes was born in 76. She was 16 in 92 or turning 16 that year. I don’t know what month she was born.

        I agree it is not fair for two sets of rules but that goes the same with picking which team or gymnast gets a medal. Miller and Gutsu deserve their medals from 91. The IOC and FIG only seem to be concerned when it sui9ts them.

        Cheating has been going on for years and the IOC and FIG have ignored it. They need to fix all the cheating not just age and do it for everyone or not do it at all.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I agree there needs to be the same standard all around if someone can lose their medal for taking sudafed then they should certainly busted for lying about their age or
        Anything else and as for China if North Korea
        Is suspended for using under aged gymnast then China should be as well they need to have the same standard for consequences as well so
        Why is one suspended and the other a slap on the wrist

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Exacty my point. People always mention statue of limitations but everyone knew Galyieva wasn’t injured in 1992 and they could have fixed that debacle that night by saying to the substitution but they didn’t. They knew about Kim Gwang Suk and chose not to switch medals. We have known Silivas was under age for years and they never did anything about Romania.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah it’s ridiculous they play favorites worse than Marta it’s ok for some countries to cheat but not others like Marta with her camps it’s ok
        For some people To skip camps but anyone else will be beheaded

  10. JAS4 Says:

    Even if the Chinese were too young (which I’m not agreeing with breaking the rules or whatever if they were) but either way you look at it they still got beat why would they want a medal they didn’t win because they were the best lol

    • nero Says:

      But they were only the best because they were too young. If they had to use age eligible gymnasts like every other country they might not have won. That’s like knowing Usain Bolt took steroids but being ok that you got second because he’s still better than you.

      The age rule is stupid but it’s still a rule. Look at Cheng Fei, the only one we know for sure was over 16, she falls on beam in TF and falls on vault and floor in EF. China uses underage girls because they can

      People don’t feel bad for the US girls because A) they counted 2 falls and had other mistakes and B) American gymnastics has had a lot of success over the past years

      But look at Ukraine who got their world medals from 1999, they were cheated out of having their moment on the podium

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah that’s true I see your point was there ever an official investigation into the age accusations against China in 08 or was is just basically left alone and swept under the rug so to speak because they were the host country? I don’t know if it’s true or not about 08 but given they had used underfed gymnast in the past I would say its a good possibility especially since they were hosting

      • nero Says:

        I think some journalists found government websites that stated He Kexin’s age was 14 and then it was magically changed to 16 and then those websites disappeared.

        There was more than enough evidence but IIRC the FIG only
        requires passports as a document and, I mean, how easy would that be for the coaches to ring up some government officials and explain they need fake passports? There was more than enough that made it seem a little fishy

        Like I said the rule is dumb and the fact that North Korea is banned but China isn’t for doing the exact same thing is beyond stupid

        It’s not the girls fault and how crappy it has to be to lie about you age for the rest of your life in fear of reprisal from your governemnt. I’m sure all of the ’08 girls have been coached very well to make sure to avoid the situation

    • Sandy Says:

      I have to say I hate the age rule. If you are truly the “best” at something you do it shouldn’t matter what age you are, you should be able to have the chance to represent your team at the Olympic games. Shit changes as you age, and it’s really not fair especially in the sport of gymnastics to hold someone back and not allow them to compete because of their age. They say it’s to protect the girls, but that’s bullshit. The juniors throw off just as much difficulty (sometimes even more) as the seniors. Plus in the sport of gymnastics you have to make sure all of the skills are learned before puberty otherwise they’ll never be able to learn them (or as easily). Up until puberty it’s all about learning the skills, and then after that it’s all about keeping the skills you have learned. I’ve been told this by someone who was a gymnast and had coached for years (she even worked at Kyla’s gym when Kyla was younger). So anyway – that being said, the age rule sucks. We wouldn’t have witnessed a Miller vs. Gutsu showdown (Shannon wouldn’t have been able to compete in ’92 games) and Moceanu would not have been able to beat Miller at nationals in ’98 (or ’99?) nor would she have even made the ’96 Olympic team in the first place. That’s just two examples.

      Now on to the Chinese. Yes, they cheat. They will do whatever it takes to win. We all know there was at least one girl on the ’08 team that wasn’t of age (very suspicious when they found those stories on He Kexin and her age of 14, then all of a sudden those sites disappeared). They were very pressured to win the Olympics as they were the host city, so they did what they could. If they cheated in ’99 and then again in ’00, what makes you think they didn’t cheat in ’08, when they were HOSTING the games? I have a feeling that behind closed doors they said “well, here – we DID cheat twice in the past. We’ll give you those medals back if you just turn your heads the other way on these games.” Tit for tat. And that way it will make the FIG or whatever look good for “catching” them during those two times, and make it seem like they did a similar investigation for ’08 and came up with nothing. I guess they didn’t want to look bad crying foul on a nation that went above and beyond hosting these games. So there’s politics for you. It screws the people over that really put in all of the hard work (the gymnasts, the athletes).

      I’ll bet you in 20 years we’ll see He Kexin or Deng Lin Lin (sp?) admit that they had to lie about their ages for this sport. It’ll come out eventually.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if they did either (then Nastia would be happy she’d have her UB gold lol) but I do see the point in an age requirement to some extent but I think 14 would be a good age requirement because it allows gymnast to have the chance to compete in an Olympics before they turn 18 which because there are some gymnast like Ohashi for example who would be 19 before she is eligible to go to the Olympics which I know if paced correctly girls can make it to the Olympics when they are Older but then there are ones like Bross who get injured or burnt out before they get a chance

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Watching the event on TV, it seemed a thinly veiled reality: the Chinese women (I guess I should put that in single quotes with all the talk about age!) would annihilate their competitors, like the men. Whether with senior citizens or toddlers, The Land of Sleeping Giant was going to strike gold again – the judges would see to that. Naturally the plan was to sweep the all-around and event finals next but, damn it, those Americans used WWII tactics and drop a couple of atom bombs in Beijing, the world’s best all-arounders.

        P.S. I think it would be a good idea to tiptoe around a potentially contentious subject, Viktoria Komova, until the ink has dried on her birth certificate.

  11. JAS4 Says:

    *under aged not underfed (autocorrect gone wrong lol)

  12. annonymous Says:

    I wouldnt care if it was 20 years later…I wouldnt want a gold medal, or any medal, if I didnt win. I thought those tweets were obnoxious.

    • Sandy Says:

      What pisses me off is that whole “what if”…if China didn’t cheat, would they still have won? And if not, that really sucks for the country that didn’t get to stand on the podium with their flag in the air. It’s really disgusting how it’s just like a slap on the hands, “ok, you have to give your medals back now.” I mean did they have those gymnasts from ’99 and ’00 go in their basements, wipe the dust off of their old medals, and send them back? They probably just made “new” medals to give to the team that “won.” The whole thing sucks. They should have banned China from a Worlds or Olympics…then they would REALLY feel the pain from cheating. If they did that to another country they should do the same to China. Teach them not to cheat.

    • nero Says:

      But that’s the whole point Anon is the winners ‘won’ because they cheated.

      I agree 100% Sandy, I’m sick of the athletes being punished and nobody else. Dong Fangxiao and her teammates have to give back a medal and other gymnasts miss out on their one opportunity to stand on the podium.

      I think that’s why they continue to cheat because, yeah it looks bad that you cheated, but in the end it’s Dong Fangxiao’s name attached and dragged through the mud and not any of the coaches and government who knowingly and willingly break the rules to win.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nothing has been proven yet so the word you are looking for is allegedly cheated.

        The age limit needs to exist because I don’t want to see ten year olds competing but 14 was a fine age with me.

      • Sandy Says:

        When there wasn’t an age limit I don’t remember there being 10-year-olds competing…unless this is China we’re talking about 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        When wasn’t there an age limit? I always thought 14 was the age limit.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I didn’t see anything about there not being an age limit unless I missed something I was just kind of skimming through but the youngest age limit was 14 which I wouldn’t be opposed to because it gives gymnast the chance to go to the Olympics before they’re 18 which helps the gymnast who peak younger like Ohashi and Bross get their chance at an Olympics

      • nero Says:

        Yeah I think 14 is fine. Anyone know the youngest person ever to compete at Worlds/Olympics?I’m conflicted on the age rule, I can see both sides. I’m sure there are probably some 11 year olds out there that could throw an amanar but should they be aloud to? But if there is no age rule then everyone is for sure on a level playing field.

        IDK I’m glad I’m not in charge and I don’t have to worry about these things, I think I would go insane!!

  13. Sandy Says:

    Interesting. I guess this explains why ASac and Shawn are now all of a sudden “besties.” (from Shawn’s new blog on ESPN):

    These days, I often room with Alicia. We’re older than many of the campers, and we share some of the same struggles and feelings. We both know that for us, it’s different this time around. Our bodies can no longer do the same number of repetitions they once could. We see these young girls running around, and they’re throwing 10 routines a day and doing 20 of each skill. But when we go up, we do five. It’s just about being smarter; we don’t have the same energy level, so we compensate by making sure that what we do really counts. We spend more time conditioning than throwing routines and take more care to make sure our bodies can handle what we’re doing.

  14. hurms Says:

    I think Sam Peszek’s tweets were out line. She’s just being a sore loser, no one aside from the Chinese gym fed even knows for sure if those girls were underage.

    • Sandy Says:

      I think Sam is just being immature. Do you really think she gives a shit, especially when she barely did a thing to earn that team silver? I mean, she sat most of the competition out with an ankle injury and did bars during semis. Probably one of the easiest Olympic silver medals in gymnastics ever earned. I doubt she cares that much since she knows she didn’t really contribute. If I were in her place that medal wouldn’t mean as much.

      However, I’m sure while they were there in China they were internally talking about how the Chinese looked young. The Karolyis were pretty vocal about it too (esp Bela) so I’m sure there was a lot of trash talk that us outsiders know nothing about.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah didn’t Bela say something about the Chinese gymnast looking like they still have their baby teeth or something like that?

      • MacStabby Says:

        It might be hard to say- maybe she feels she really deserved that medal- after all, GTT showed that link where Anna Li is showing off the gold medal she didn’t even have to COMPETE to win. How much one performed in competition apparently doesn’t correlate to how well-deserved you feel the medal is.
        Sam always struck me as a bratty little twunt anyways.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        One of the Chinese girls was missing a tooth, NBS and Eurosport showed the clip repeatedly. They cheated…. They probably cheated in 2004 as well, like I said if I had 300 million after Xexin doesn’t make the 2012 team I’d be over there offering her and her family a ton of $$ and visas just to tell the truth. nastias Russian mafia agents and body guards should make this happen for her…

      • hurms Says:

        Missing a tooth isnt really valid evidence. Especially in a sport where even worse injuries are common.

  15. JAS4 Says:

    I think it was exgymgurl that said in an earlier comment one of their gymnast was only 3’8″ tall that’s like the average height for a first grader which I know gymnast are short and I know some gymnast are like 4’6″ or something but that is definitely reason for suspicion in my book

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      That was at the 1999 worlds google bai shun ye or watch it on Eurosport…She’s not even one of the gymnasts that has been proven underage. Their commentators over and o er keep saying how she’s not of age….. The suspicions were blown off by FIG in 1999 until 2012 when they give a medal to the Ukraine.

  16. nero Says:

    Sorry if I seemed a little chippy earlier talking about the age rule, I get like that when I haven’t eaten. Plus I’m still peeved homegirl Chellsie Memmel isn’t an Olympic Champion. Can we make her an honorary gold medalist?

    I just read through Shawn’s transcript at gymnastics examiner and was a little shocked that she’s planning on skipping classics and aiming for Nat’s. Didn’t Marta say all comeback kids had to be ready for classics, or was that just for camp? Did I mix things up? Am I making all of this up in my mind???

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You sounded fine. Your opinion is your opinion.

      Marta said she wanted everyone at Classics but she also said she wanted everyone at the last camp. Nastia, free pass again

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think Shawn needs to compete at least one or two events at classics after all free passes are only for Marta favorites lol shouldn’t the next camp be coming up soon?

  17. JAS4 Says:

    Some kind of USA road to London event and Raisman is going for the USA women

  18. JAS4 Says:


    Komova vs Mustafina
    Who do you think will win?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      With this code, Mustafina. Komova is cleaner and Musty’s trash Amanar should be downgraded

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I would guess Mustafina too but have either of them competed the Amanar recently since their injuries? Although even if they haven’t I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or both of them attempt it

      • Sandy Says:

        Yeah this all depends on where they are at in coming back from injuries. I think Komova’s ankle injury was just a minor one, but it’s like what Nastia was going through in ’06 and ’07…just wouldn’t go away (hate to bring her up here but Nastia and Komova have similarities in their builds…or “had”)…anyways, I think Mustafina is still doing watered-down routines with the exception of bars and maybe beam; Komova probably vault is watered down. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any amanars from the Russians until the Olympic games. I agree though Musty’s amanar (as much as I love her) is just awful.

  19. Exgymgurl Says:

    Sorry couldn’t spell it’s Bai Chun Yue and she was reported as being between 3’8-4’1 depending on whos reporting this clip from the 1999 AA right at the beginning shows what the eurosport commentators thought at the time. Her age has not been proven or questioned officially. But in 1999 my guess would have been she was underaged. I still think she was underaged she was not used in Sydney.

  20. Exgymgurl Says:

    Keep in mind in 2004 the Chinese did not medal at all in WAG….A lot of pressure to medal in Beijing

  21. JAS4 Says:

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You are a good twitter stalker. Can you score goals or hit baseballs? Never mind.

      Shawn knows it will be tough. She should also know that having routines 3 months before the Olympics is a good idea.

      • Sandy Says:

        I think Shawn will have a shot only really if someone is injured…even though I hate to say this. I really don’t know where she’s at training-wise, and honestly I was surprised when Marta said she only showed skills and not full routines at the last camp. Either Shawn has something up her sleeve or she’s more injured than anyone can guess. At least she’s in good spirits though. I still have this inkling that if she even comes close to being the top 3 all arounders, i.e., if she beats Aly Raisman consistently (nationals and trials and maybe even at camp), she’ll have a decent shot. She will bring more viewership and popularity to the sport than any of the ’11 world squad members.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think Shawn really needs to impress on bars and floor and possibly beam as well and I agree if she can beat Aly consistantly it would help but if Nastia shows up and does anything the I have a feeling Marta will take her instead

    • annonymous Says:

      I guess it’s nice that she is being realistic. I feel out of all of the ’08 girls going for this team, Shawn has the best shot. I think they all will be left at home, though.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        I think the best thing for the gymnastics industry, particularly in America, is for Shawn to be in the Olympics. I know. It sounds sacrilegious. But she doesn’t have to do anything. It doesn’t matter if all of her scores are dropped in prelims, or that she misses the all-around competition and event finals. What matters is that the biggest brand is put on the brightest stage. Think about it. No other USAG celebrity is able to infect a mainstream audience… because no other gymnast is THAT connected to the corporate world.

        The ‘big picture’ is about growing an industry, and Olympic medals are just icing on the cake.

        So yeah Shawn’s going.

      • nero Says:

        I disagree, USAG is tired of being the bridesmaids. A team of nobodies who win gold will outshine a Shawn team that wins silver.

        Did people know who Kerri Strug was before the Olympics? No, the Olympics made her a name. People might not remember the name of every single gymnast from 1996 but they know what they did, they know the Magnificent Seven.

        If Shawn does go to the Olympics it will help the SJ brand a team that wins gold will help USAG. Now the two might coincide, but USAG is going for gold with or without ‘names’ on the team.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I am a fan of Shawn but if she is on the team I think it needs to be for the right reasons if she can contribute especially on Floor or Bars then she would definitely be a good choice and she does AA as well if I were Marta I personally would take 5 AAers even if they are used for only one or two events I think they need to be decent on all four events in case of injury because with only 5 people if two got injured at the last minute like at the 08 Olympics then the other 3 need to be capable on all events like for example Aly isn’t good at bars but at least she can do them if someone were injured where if you take ASac instead and need to put someone on bars then they’re screwed because she doesn’t event train bars or if two vaulters are injured and she takes Nastia then she is screwed because Nastia doesn’t do vault (not that it would stop Marta from taking her) then they’d be screwed as well but even if someone like Gabby or Shawn was only used for bars if anyone was injured they’d be ready to step up

      • swimming Says:

        I agree with both of you, but mostly I’m leaning towards doughnut. Only because the media so badly wants a “story,” and we’ve seen before many a case where a more-deserving gymnast will be left at home in favor of one who has the broad media appeal and a good story to back them up (Mohini is one obvious example). The Olympics is all about MONEY, and each sport needs to pull their own weight and get enough viewership/appeal to continue to be sponsored. We all saw what recently happened with women’s softball (and I think men’s baseball) being taken out of the Olympics – no shit it’s a valid sport, yet there just wasn’t enough interest because people are sick of seeing the same team win all the time (esp when that team is USA)…no interest = no fan appeal = no sponsorships = no media time = sport failing. Like figure skating. NOBODY watches that shit anymore unless you have a distant cousin or something like that involved. The interest peaked and then fizzled when certain athletes with very strong media appeal (Kwan and maybe even Cohen…etc.) retired and there was no one there to replace them. Every sport needs a face to represent, and right now Jordyn’s isn’t enough. She’s not interesting enough to the audience because she’s more of an introvert. Talented, yes. Interesting, no. The remainder of the squad isn’t even that interesting. Sorry. It’s true. Even Sacramone is more interesting. The sport needs “personalities.”

        They’re testing the waters now with the whole “Jordyn vs. Gabby” rivalry but honestly it’s apparent Jordyn could give a fuck and the “real” rivalry right now is just making the team – so it’s Jordyn vs. everyone, and vice versa. Which is kind of boring to the massive audiences because most of them don’t get it and are just anticipating the Olympics.

        If gymnastics doesn’t continue to have a strong media interest or a “face,” the sport risks getting financial support withdrawn from sponsors and media, which is highly depended upon by the national team and program in general. In this world, money talks. So that’s why I’m leaning towards doughnut, although it does make sense what nero says about the ’96 team having no standouts and not needing one. The difference though between the ’96 team and right now is that the ’96 team was NOT the reigning world champs. They were underdogs. Media LOVES an underdog that surprises everyone (hence, their current love for Gabby). So the US is already strong and are the current favorites for gold having won the last world championships. I’m sure there’s someone high up in the ranks thinking, “if Shawn can pull something enough to where she even ‘LOOKS’ like she belongs on that team, make her on that team.” I mean, the 2008 team really only had four members on it considering two of them were too injured to compete on anything other than bars.

      • Sandy Says:

        sorry I posted a long response to this and made my name “swimming”…don’t ask.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        “I disagree, USAG is tired of being the bridesmaids. A team of nobodies who win gold will outshine a Shawn team that wins silver.”

        As far as the United States Gymnastics Federation goes, ask its board members what their priorities are, which would they prefer: an Olympic medal today and unemployment tomorrow or the opposite? Like any business (that wants to stay in business) it helps to be profitable.

        Medals won’t make bank accounts obese. But fame can.

        Suppose we are hosting a youth basketball camp. Who is going to bring the most foot traffic – Unibrow and the rest of those phonies (err, ‘cronies’) at the University of Kentucky, or Lebron James? Who is going to get consumers consuming: a team of unknown amateurs or a well-known celebrity?

        Obviously, the WAG parallels are frightening.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        “I am a fan of Shawn but if she is on the team I think it needs to be for the right reasons…”

        Grow an industry. That sounds like a noble reason to me.

        When I said that Shawn does not have to do anything in the upcoming Games, I did not mean that she wouldn’t contribute! I meant that she is unlikely to be the ‘it’ girl that everyone expects to save the day.

        Though she is capable of being a clutch player, it does not seem to be the role that she wants.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        “We all saw what recently happened with women’s softball (and I think men’s baseball) being taken out of the Olympics…”

        Money talks and sex sells. It’s a callous cliche.

        What gave baseball the heave-ho was its insistence that true amateurs play the game (when the IOC demanded professionals). But the typical softball player physique undoubtedly got that sport canned.

  22. JAS4 Says:

    • Sandy Says:

      Kind of hope she wins the all around if SJ doesn’t get to go to London and compete for it. Sorry, Jordyn.

  23. JAS4 Says:

    Gabby goes pro

    • annonymous Says:

      Lady, your daughter didnt decide to go pro, you probably pushed her.

      So sick of G Doug and her mother.

    • Sandy Says:

      Ditto – just seems like they are doing whatever they can for some dinero. Makes me not like this lady, even though I do still like Gabby. I’ll chalk this up to her being an ignoramous 16-year-old (to allow her mom to be so chatty Cathy about her career like it’s hers and not her daughter’s). Gross. If Gabby continues to allow this at age 18 then I will write her off.

    • MacStabby Says:

      I feel like this is a big mistake. We already know she’s a headcase sometimes- if she lets herself get distracted, goodbye Olympic chances.

      Anon, I’m with you on this- not a big Gabby fan, and her mom seems a right bitch.

  24. JAS4 Says:

    This video is a must watch….Hilarious!

  25. nero Says:

    Is Jordyn working on a double layout on floor??

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Oh please. I get up at 6.30 AM and I don’t get to go play in a gym all day either.lol

      It looks like a double layout to me. at 54 in in case anyone doesn’t want to sit through the whole thing to see.

    • Sandy Says:

      Yeah, same. And Kellogg’s never even bothered to ship me boxes of cereal. Instead of a gym I get to sit in front of a desk all day. Damnit.

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