More Gym Drama

I need a universal picture for gym drama these days but we have a new one. Men’s gymnastics this time.

Tyler Mizoguchi has been dismissed from Illinois’s gymnastics team.

I know Tyler is not a 16 year old child but what is the difference between Justin Spring announcing to the world the issues with Tyler and Gabby’s old coach doing the same thing?

Justin Spring has no problem running his mouth about a member of his team unless he is caught in a lie. He obviously lied to Tyler.

Tyler admits to being depressed and it doesn’t seem like that is a concern of Justin Springs.

Tyler makes some obnoxious comments in this article but most people that think they have been wronged are going to go on the defensive. I am totally the opposite of that in real life. Piss me off and I just ignore you. Tyler should take my advice and just shut up. No matter what he says he is going to be the villian in this.



28 Responses to “More Gym Drama”

  1. Aerial Says:

    I’ve heard elsewhere it’s Tyler that’s the ahole, not Spring. But I don’t really know anything about either and don’t follow mens’ gymnastics, so take that with a microscopic grain of salt.

    I imagine with Spring being so young he had counsel about this, especially if Tyler athletically had been quite successful. It seems pretty major to let someone go with a month left unless it was a severe situation, with Spring not wanting to air out the dirty details in public.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      If he was depressed which he seems to hint at in that article he needs to get some help.

      Spring aired more then enough dirty laundry in that article that he should have kept in house.

      Maybe the men need a little Olympic

  2. Aerial Says:

    They sure do. And yeah, he disclosed the depression, but I’m wondering what else was going on affecting the team, his commitments, the program… which was what I had heard, and is I’m sure all inter-connected. Hopefully he does seek help and was/is supported to do so.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    I am going to find some gymnastics drama photos and post them perhaps you can make a gymnastics drama poster from them lol

  4. JAS4 Says:

    Gymnastics drama lol

  5. annonymous Says:

    It had to have been much worse than just depression for Spring to let him go weeks before NCAA’s. I think the way Spring said it in the article was ok, he mentioned the depression and the attitude for the overall team and if there was anything else he kept it quiet. Who knows what was really going on.

  6. JAS4 Says:
    I really like that dismount its something different

  7. JAS4 Says:
    Shawn’s new blog about camp

  8. doughnut sundae Says:

    “I know Tyler is not a 16 year old child but what is the difference between Justin Spring announcing to the world the issues with Tyler and Gabby’s old coach doing the same thing?”

    The difference is obvious – maturity!

    Though Justin and Tyler do not see eye to eye in a professional capacity, each understands and respects the other’s position. They have agreed to disagree, and their relationship has not become unraveled by it. Sure. Tyler no longer has a scholarship anymore (or a place on the team) but Justin is still his coach, confidant, and friend.

    In Gabby’s case, Excalibur coaches were not at odds with their athlete but her mom – they did not get along professionally or otherwise. That they are still fighting, now publicly, about things that should have been settled privately in court (years ago), is proof that they are too busy savoring salvos to worry about collateral damage. Amidst all the mudslinging they have undoubtedly buried a child, now a teenager, in humiliation and sorrow.

    Personally, I think a better comparison to the Justin-Tyler thing would be Miss Val and a growing list of Bruins who thought they could undermine her authority, and found out otherwise.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      My questio0n was what was the difference between Justin telling the world vs Gabby and her mother telling the world. BOTH things should have been kept in house.

      It doesn’t seem like Justin cared at all that Tyler was depressed.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Justin told the press his star athlete did not seem to be motivated anymore, so rather than let apathy spread to the rest of the team (two members of which are Olympic hopefuls) he decided it was best to let him go. As head coach he could not allow the actions of an athlete to negatively impact what the other team members have been working towards, both athletically and academically.

        What he said to the press was not malicious (unlike Excalibur’s head coach) but tactful and matter-of-fact. This, I think, is the best way for a coach to account for his actions.

        Justin said what should have been said. But the hurtful comments that Dena made were better left unspoken.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Oh and I didn’t mean that to sound rude. I get lost in translation sometimes

  9. JAS4 Says:

    Pena actually landed her crazy cannonball (handspring double front) vault

  10. JAS4 Says:
    New vault scoring explained

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      So no one watches this sport because the scoring system is too tough so they are going to make it make less sense?

      • JAS4 Says:

        Apparently so lol I don’t think the current scoring system would be as bad if the e scores were properly give like for example someone having a sloppy Amanar in the air with an out of control landing should not score higher than some one with a clean DTY

  11. Exgymgurl Says:

    ***GAG*** inside gymnastics reports after interviewing Nastia today that she’ll be on the competition floor at Classics BARF

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Two broken arms. Pray for two broken arms. I have decided karnma does not exist and that evil wins so I will be praying to evil from now on. BREAK BOTH of NASTIA’S ARMS, Devil. DO IT

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Im hoping They mean interviewing people on the competition floor. Shawn Johnson has a new blog where she talks about rooming at camp with Alicia…

    • annonymous Says:

      There is no way she is still serious about this. I mean, let’s get real. If you are not ready to show SOMETHING by Classics, then WTF are you doing?

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Nastia will be there – you can believe her this time. She’ll be on the competition floor coaching Rebecca. lol

      • JAS4 Says:

        I saw something on twitter about Ohashi possibly having her Amanar by Nationals I just don’t understand why that’s nessesary at this point if she were eligible for the Olympics this summer then definitely but she is eligible til 2012 I mean she pretty much easily beats all the USA juniors now without it realistically she doesn’t really need it til closer to 2013 Worlds at the earliest but I’m afraid she is risking injury that’s not nessesary for her to win the junior national title this year

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Not even Nastia was immune. Injuries sacked her behind the line of scrimmage too. She survived. But her coach, greedily eyeing another Super Bowl, has made a rookie WOGA’s next medal-hauling quarterback. And he expects her to be a hall of famer in every play of every game (pre-season or not) over the next four years…

        You don’t have to be Leonid Arkaev to see that a hapless child is being tied to the railroad tracks. And you don’t have to be a psychic to foretell her fate.

  12. Exgymgurl Says:

    No one even knows what the next COP will be unless since Nastia is on that FIG committee also…. In Shawn’s latest blog on ESPN W she talks about rooming with Alicia… Guess she and Gabby the train wreck are awesome friends LOL

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think she said the older girls like to room together because basically they like to sleep instead of staying up chit chatting and all which I could see being true but who knows lol

  13. doughnut sundae Says:

    We old folks – Alicia, Bridget and I – spend our time watching entire DVDs at the nursing home rather than inhaling life with those youngsters. (Paraphrase)

    I hope that 20-year-old blogger realizes how lighthearted this was for readers.

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