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IG Magazine does their write up and totally ignores the fact Rebecca Bross fell off both the events she did. Instead choosing to post she had knee surgery LAST August. I guess it pays to be a member of Woga. It’s a shame that this is the only Magazine we have to follow for this sport. Their biased coverage makes me ill.

9.3 execution score. Ticket to London

A Parekette I might actually like? naaaaaaaaaah 🙂

Maroney on floor. Love how she beats Aly in the US but never out.

This is an improvement for her but still a mess.

You are injured and off your feet for 8 months and you don’t even attempt to fix your form? Her legs are as bad as Aly in this video. In fact I think she had more leg separations.

Messy and missed connections. I love how she nearly lands on her ass on her dismount but lands on her feet.


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47 Responses to “Jeselo Results”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I was kind of surprises that Aly didn’t score higher on her floor but I haven’t seen the video yet so perhaps she had some big mistakes or something

  2. brainy Says:

    Good to see that Kyla is proving herself to be a 3-event contributor potentially in Olympic TF!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I do not get the decision her team is making to not upgrade floor now. The double tuck at the end needs to end. She is capable of more then a 5,5

      • JAS4 Says:

        If she beat Jordyn at camp then I think she must training upgrades I just think they may not be showing them til closer to trials

  3. E Says:

    Bross fell off of bars and had a low landing on her arabian dismount off beam…that’s one fall. For someone coming back to international competition from a shattered ankle (horrible recovery) and dislocated knee, who hasn’t competed in about 15 months, she did well. The fall on bars seems to be based on one flight element, her shaposh 1/2-she also fell on it at the WOGA classic.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Everyone else is reporting it as a fall on her dismount. One or two falls makes no difference they were huge mistakes and she has competed twice and has yet to hit a routine. It does not bode well.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I agree I feel sorry for Bross with all the injuries and I know she hasn’t competed much but I think she will have to get some consistency to have a shot but on another note about Bross I saw this on twitter

        Rebecca Bross: 2010 National champion, 2009, 2010 world Medallist. A Scary vault caused an injury at 2011 national. Rebecca was a strong contender for London 2012 and 2011 worlds team. Made a comeback in WOGA classic on two events. Falling on both. Currently competing in The City Of Jeslo Trophy where she is still not competing in the all around. Rumoured to be training an amanar

        I seriously doubt she is training and Amanar but if she is then WOGA has seriously gone crazy!!!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If she is training an Amanar, Valeri is trying to take her out so Nastia can make this

      • JAS4 Says:

        Lol it’s sad but it wouldn’t surprise me if that were true lol then he just has to hope Marta gives Nastia a spot which also wouldn’t be surprising but Bross should just worry about a DTY definitely not an Amanar if she needs a higher AA d score then upgrade everything else but I seriously doubt it’s true since at camp a few weeks ago she was only doing a FTY unless Valeri really has gone crazy

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Can’t you totally see Valeri bringing Rebecca into a corner and saying, Lets try an Amanar. You can do it with an evil grin on his

      • JAS4 Says:

        Lol yeah and then Bross would be like: but I can just do a FTY shouldnt I try a 1 and 1/2 or a DTY first
        Valeri: no you will be fine you need it if you want to go to the Olympics you don’t have time to work up to it
        Bross: (starts working on Amanar)
        Valeri: (calls Nastia an tells her the plan is working) both throw heads back and laugh like villains
        Mr.Bross: (over hears Valeri-Nastia phone conversation) go ballistic and crazy irrate on Valeri

  4. Yo Momma Says:

    Aly has to stop getting beat in the all around by more than Jordyn. She should consistently be the 2nd place US all-arounder if she wants to be considered a “lock” for this team. She’s too solid a competitor to not go to the Olympics for a newbie who will crack under the pressure.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think what usually gets her the most in the AA is bars her D score right now is a 5.9 and even though that’s her weakest event if she could upgrade it a couple of tenths that would help her as far as the AA and she could probably even add a few more tenths on beam and floor

    • surfergurl Says:

      Yo Momma, Who is this newbie who will crack under the pressure be?

    • Sandy Says:

      Unless she’s injured I believe Aly is a lock at this point…how could she not be? Marta can trust her and she’s far more reliable (for competition) over say – Finnegan (who I haven’t seen much of until recently). At this point the true locks are Weiber and Raisman. Douglas fits in well as an UB specialist and has proven she can be consistent on at least that one apparatus. If we need at least one more solid AA’er that’s definitely Ross, who’s nearly a lock herself. In fact I would even say Ross is as much of a lock as Raisman. Basically what we are seeing here is the fact that Bross, Finnegan, Johnson, Maroney, etc. are all basically going to be competing for one spot and hoping that someone’s injured (not themselves of course). I still have a hard time buying the fact Nastia is even in it.

  5. JAS4 Says:
    This Amanar from Aly was a little out of control although I think she is probably capable of a decent Amanar I almost wonder if she wouldn’t do better with the front handspring rudi vault like ASac its d score is a 6.3 only two tenths less than the Amanar and if she could do it cleanly the e score would make up for that

  6. nero Says:

    Someone please tell me for all that is good and right in the world that Gymnova is going to have a different color scheme come the Olympics. I can’t stand that melted vanilla ice cream color on top of the red house paint they call their floor and mats.

    The 2009 worlds and test event arena was ugly. To think that possibly one of the most epic TFs and AA is going to play out on that is giving me nightmares.

    Athens and Beijing were really beautiful, the bright blue floor and mats were really nice and clean. Someone give me keys to the O2 to make sure this happens.

  7. Aerial Says:

    Sarah Finnegan delivered! She could be the “unknown” that makes it onto this 5-person team… especially if god forbid some girls go down. I’ve thought she was a beauty for awhile and hoped she’d come on strong next quad… but I’m starting to think she could come closer than we may have considered.

    Come on Maroney, I so desperately want you to be a contender on other events. I still think bringing her just for vault can happen – she hits and wins all the time. But I really wanted her scores to go up on the other events. She’s beautiful and hits them it seems… but I guess difficulty-wise, scores as low as girls who are falling. A la Dare Maxwell – who BTW left Texas Dreams??

    I really digress. Glad to see Aly getting docked finally for some of her issues, but cannot see her being left of this team when she’s consistent on all events and always places. Hmmn.

    Great job Bailie Key in first international competition, especially for being six!!

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think Maroney could be on the team if she can really upgrade floor but I think the only way she will be a lock is if she gets a decent TTY because I think the d score for that is like a 7.2 so even if she was weaker on floor her vault would make up for it

      • Sandy Says:

        I read that she’s not training a TTY – she’s going for a stuck amanar. I am with you though if she can’t at least hand in two solid events for the team she might be pushed over for someone else that can do bars…Hollie Vise comes to mind for this scenario (only vice versa…Hollie was pushed aside for someone who could do vault).

      • JAS4 Says:

        I think if Jordyn,Aly,Klya, and Gabby are the front runners for the team Marta will probably be looking for a bars/floor person but someone who is also capable of decent beam and vault as well in case of injury that is where Finnegan, Bross, Shawn,etc…. Could fit in depending on who has the best floor/bars

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      “Great job Bailie Key in her first international competition, especially for being six!!”

      LOL! Love her to death!

      • Nay Says:

        ME TOO!! How cute is she! I was really impressed with her poise and she was just so fun to watch! And I totally gushed over her bars dismount because, well she’s just so damn cute!

  8. Aerial Says:

    PS. Oh yeah, Becca. Fuck I don’t know what to say about the poor kid. She used to be so good and apparently hit training but falls as soon as it’s competition. I feel extra bad for her, because when she came back from the awful injury, she was even MORE ripped and leaner than before. I can’t imagine being that age, out of the sport, and maintaining/improving that physique with cardio. She truly came back quicker and in better shape than I expected, but mentally, she is definitely an impaired athlete. She was never my favourite but I didn’t think she’d be counted out before the injury, and when I saw pics of how great she looked as her comeback progressed. It makes it seem all the sadder that the toughest trainer Valeri has ever seen, is falling apart like this in meets after her incredible hard work. Fuck.

  9. newbie Says:

    remember that time martha chose Ania Hatch over Hollie Vise…

  10. doughnut sundae Says:

    Jeselo is… over? WHAT?!

    One weekend of March Madness (KU) and I’m totally out of the loop? *sigh*

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      KU? Oh no you didn’t. KENTUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        I think the NCAA Championship game will be melodramatic, like Jesolo Trophy. And KU, in typical Team USA fashion, will…

        OMG?!?! Gymtruthteller, don’t watch that massacre! Spare yourself years of haunting trauma and (retail) therapy!

  11. meow Says:


  12. JAS4 Says:
    Saw this on twitter team by the numbers

  13. Aerial Says:

    These GAGE girls are the future. Brenna Dowell’s tumbling/stick ability is out of this world! I’m big on dance and she hasn’t heard of it yet, so give her a year to add that into her floor and she should be a top contender for the next quad.
    Finnegan… I’ve been saying this for awhile…. could just sneak onto this team. If not, Finnegan for future world champ!
    Wondering, wondering, wondering about Johnson… would love to see her kill it at Classics…. but feel she needs to get the jitters out in competition before it’s crucial… that time is over now, I guess.
    Curious about Sloan… she has been selected before for her bars but I feel the most clueless about where she’s at. Can’t count anyone out until the last minute, even if currently a longshot, and especially if the athlete has international history of not imploding.

  14. annonymous Says:

    Oh how sad that Maroney placed somewhat low. If all she has going for her right now is a beautiful vault, then someone like Finnegan might just bump her. I didnt want to believe it but this past weekend’s results sort of solidified that it is possible.

    Sigh. Bross. I am afraid that it is close to being over for her.

    Go Kyla!!!!

  15. newbie Says:

    any enlightening Martha interviews from Jesolo??

    • JAS4 Says:
      Haven’t seen any Marta interviews but this is one from the Russian coach Alexandrov the part near the end where they are talking about weight all I can say is wow! Really? Way to make yourself look bad

  16. MacStabby Says:

    I’ve watched that vid several times and I don’t see Rebecca’s ass hitting the floor. I haven’t read it counted as a fall anywhere either. Links?

    • JAS4 Says:

      I haven’t seen any videos of that unless she fell in warm ups or something Or unless everyone just thought she fell before the video was posted because I think she had kind of a low score

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      “nearly hitting the floor”

      • MacStabby Says:

        Must’ve misread the first time, but it’s definitely not a fall. Whoever reported that was way off. It’s actually substantially better than she normally does.
        I really like her, but I think she’s tanking her chances.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      IG and GGMB both reported it as a fall before the videos showed up

      • JAS4 Says:

        I was glad to see she landed her dismount but I still wouldn’t consider it consistent enough for the Olympic unless something changes majorly between now and nationals if I were her coach I’d change it to something she can land consistently

  17. Janae Says:

    God damn they arent perfect…..stop being so critical of them and rebecca is knock knee sp uer form on bars is good to prevent her from tearing her ACL,AND OR ER MCL

  18. E Says:

    It has become clear to me from reading this blog you are a shallow despot……you obviously know nothing about the struggles these girls face on a daily basis or what happens in the recovery process, and neither do you care. You’re just out for attention through this blog since it boosts your ego making comments like the above. As someone who has gone through depression and suicidal tendencies, that is not funny in the slightest. You *might* have a high I.Q., but you’re an ignoramus. I’d rather read, Gym Examiner, or the Couch Gymnast than wade through your pointless articles.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Life sucks. Learn to deal with it and grow up. If you don’t like this blog DON’T READ IT. I never asked you to come here.
      I don’t even advertise this blog. If I was what you insist I am I would be ass kissing the gymnasts and telling them how great they are on facebook and twitter.

      I love the suicide note people. ” I hate you, you suck WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and yet you come back.

      I have no patience for stupidity and you take the cake. I am sorry you have issues dealing with reality but that isn’t my fucking problem.

      Good bye.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LMAO You are from Plano Texas. Go take your hidden agenda and shove it up your ass. Better yet find a bridge for your issues and jump. Bye

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