Doha World Cup Finals


1. Beth Tweddle 6.9 8.275 15.175

2. Jiang Yuyuan 6.6 8.275 14.875

3. Lisa Katharina Hill 6.1 8.475 14.575

4. Larisa Iordache 6.2 8.325 14.525

5. Marta Pihan-kulesza 5.7 8.575 14.275

5. Diana Bulimar 5.6 8.675 14.275

7. Giulia Steingruber 5.7 8.075 13.775
8. Nadine Jarosch 5.4 8.325 13.725


3 Responses to “Doha World Cup Finals”

  1. doughnut sundae Says:

    I know. I’m weird. For me the most interesting part about gymnastics competitions is what happens before and after the event – the nervous walk up to the podium, the agonizing wait for a judge’s nod, and the emotional trek back to coaches, teammates and gym bag. These are moments that give athletes character. So I was hoping a certain FIG judge would update his YouTube account with the next best thing: podium training from this year’s Doha Cup.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I heard Ponor won beam and floor finals

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      I am surprised she is being rewarded for her perfect 10 gymnastics. (The code-whores are going to kill her!)

      Cat makes Aly seem totally Bolshoi. My favorite gymnast is hardly a ballerina, but damn, if she doesn’t look like a prima next to her.

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