Doesn’t Gabby Douglas know Soap Opera’s are being cancelled left and right?

I guess they wrote this article before the Pac Rims because quoting Elfi Schlegel as your “expert” for gymnastics would be like asking Kevin Mchale for NBA trade advice. (for those who don’t understand this is a bad thing. A very bad thing)

Here is an article on Gabby Douglas It reads like a soap opera with bitter exes and ungrateful spoiled children bad mouthing their step parents. Drama, drama, drama.

The story starts with Gabby bad mouthing her ex coaches to time Magazine.

“I wanted to make my Olympic dreams a reality, so I told my Mom, ‘I need a better coach, and I need a better coach now,’ ” Douglas recently told Time magazine

And it continues with disgruntled ex coaches feeling cheated. Can you blame them? It must suck to train a child, see them finally start to reap the rewards of your success only to have them sell you out for the next big thing. You really start to understand where they are coming from when you find out Gabby’s mother borrowed money from them to keep Gabby training. Have you ever heard of a coach paying to coach a gymnast? That is crazy.

This article has a lot of mud slinging from both sides and I am sure the Gabby Apologists are going to start whining about Dena Walker being bitter but the bad words started out of Gabby’s mouth, to time magazine. Anyone being badmouthed would feel the need to fight back.

In the end Gabby really only has herself to answer to if things do not end up how she wants them too. If she wanted to train somewhere else she has every right to do that but if you are going to sling mud then you have to deal with the consequences when it all goes public.


Other quotes and my opinion,

Hawkins said she first tried to move her entire family in with an uncle in Texas, where Gabby would train with an acclaimed coach. But the coach, out of loyalty to Walker and Moure, would not accept Douglas. The next stop was Chow, who, after calling to tell the Excalibur coaches that Douglas was at his door, took her in.

Woga? Texas Dreams? Which coach actually has some integrity?

What is she to do, she wonders, when her gifted child reports that her coaches openly bicker so much that she’s lost confidence in their shared approach? When her daughter is falling behind rivals because national staffers say she’s being taught skills incorrectly? And when the gym refuses her direct request to alter the coaching arrangement?

“I wasn’t looking to move my child all the way to Iowa,” Hawkins said. “They didn’t leave me a choice but to leave. I won’t tell you all about the dysfunction that was going on in the gym.”

Gabby is 16 so any real fall out from this story is squarely blamed on the parent. The parent who also felt the need to ‘sling mud” I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Not only that but Gabby’s mother blaming Gabby being a head case on her ex coaches (Falling behind) lost all merit when Gabby tanked at Pac Rims UNDER Chow.

As for those coaches’ claims that she’s ignoring a debt of $20,000, Hawkins laughs at the figure. Anyway, she said, she has it in writing that Douglas was on full scholarship – with payback necessary only if Excalibur’s coaches got Douglas to the Olympics.

You know what this reminds me of? An episode of People’s court. The boyfriend borrows money from the girlfriend before they break up, then claims he was given the money as a gift. There is no way in hell that the Excaliber coaches lent money to Gabby’s mother and did not expect to be paid back.

Damage to reputation goes both ways, Hawkins said, and if there’s a money issue, “they have my number.”

Someone sounds bitter. Someone needs to shut up before Marta realizes her daughters talent isn’t worth the bad publicity. The 2012 Olympic team isn’t going to sell out fan friendly tours if articles like this exist. Not very likable.



55 Responses to “Doesn’t Gabby Douglas know Soap Opera’s are being cancelled left and right?”

  1. Kathie Says:

    i still wonder why people go for soap operas. what is in it. all weeping ladies.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I didn’t know Gabby tried to go to Texas first? But I think Chows was the best choice because I’m not sure how things would have turned out if she went to WOGA or Texas Dreams especially if she went to WOGA she would really be fighting Bross and for a bars spot even more than she will be in the next few months

    • JAS4 Says:

      Bross and Nastia*

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am pretty sure it was Woga.They did not want her which means the whole, I want Shawn’s coach is complete BS

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah they said they didn’t want her out of respect to excaliburs coaches but if it was WOGA I have a feeling it was probably because they didn’t want another bar specialist competing against Nastia and Bross in their own gym that close to the Olympics because Valerie I’m sure didn’t want to help more competition for Nastia and If what I here about Rebecca’s Dad is true he probably would have threw a fit

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Des Moines’ KCCI Channel 8 talked to Gabby and Chow last year (something The Virginian-Pilot columnist did not do) and they have a more credible explanation.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Gabby and her mom probably did go to Carly Patterson’s gym. But Valeri is a businessman, not a humanitarian. After a revenue stream is guaranteed, then parents and athletes can discuss gymnastics at WOGA under his tutelage.

        So long as it means more WOGAettes occupying more spots on the U.S. Olympic team, I doubt Valeri will mind if his gyms are bleeding bar experts.

      • Zhao Jiayi Says:

        There’s another article that said Gabby’s mum wanted Gabby to go train at WOGA cos they had family in Texas, but Gabby wanted to go to Chow’s gym all along.however Gabby had to follow her mum to WOGA first since after all it’s her mum

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I heard on GGMB that Woga didn’t want her

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She wanted her at Woga for the attention it would have brought her and the extra tenth you get being coached by a Russian. The family in Texas was BS.

      • JAS4 Says:

        She was probably hoping for Gabby to be the next Nastia lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Overrated and overscored and a Pet of Marta’s??? She’s almost there.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah she is now all she needs is to be handed the AA title and a GOLD medal on bars and she’d have Nastia beat lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’d bet based on “status” WOGA was the first choice but now that they went with Chow (likely due to WOGA not wanting Gabby) they have to keep silent.

        I wonder if Valerie wished he hadn’t turned her down. Probably not, now that he has his daughter to focus on. Gabby actually made a very wise choice here.

        Wonder if John Geddert would have taken her, hah!

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I still wonder where Bross would be right now if she didn’t leave Geddert for WOGA but I agree Chow’s ended up being a good choice for Gabby

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Bross left Geddert for WOGA?! Really?! I had no idea! Too bad. I think Geddert actually cares for the health of his athletes, whereas Valerie could give a f*ck if it’s not his daughter.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I think it was a long time ago like early 2000s but I think Geddert would have paced her better so she didn’t peak so early

  3. K Says:

    Wow. You really do not like Gabby. At all. Ha.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t hate Gabby. I hate her fans that think she can do no wrong and is perfect. If everyone is going to beat around the bush I am going to point out the facts. Gabby is 16, so she is still a kid so all of this even her big mouth is her mother’s fault. Her mother got as many digs in as the coaches did yet she is getting a free pass for her part in this.

      Gabby can train where she wants to train. She doesn’t owe her old coaches anything.She does need to think before she speaks though because if she doesn’t people have the right to call her out.

  4. JAS4 Says:
    Apparently Florida hasn’t been just using Caquatto for bars to save her for attempts to make the Olympic team, she has been still having problems from when she injured her ankles before Worlds

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Everyone competes hurt. The Caquatto sister have grown on me in the last year (there mother is a whole other opinion) but they have no shot at this team unless everyone else breaks.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah I agree I could see them as possibly alternates if there are injuries between now and trials

  5. Jen Says:

    I had a feeling those, “I need a better coach” comments were going to come back and bite her in the butt.

    It’s a situation that sucks all around, but I can’t feel too sorry for the Excalibur coaches. I coach (not gymnastics and for free, it’s not my livelihood) and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve laid out money for kids who can’t afford to participate or held fundraisers to lower the costs for all the families, regardless of economic background.

    This was a win/win situation for Gabby and for Excalibur. They made a financial investment in her because they saw her potential to be great. They chose to pay her fees/hotels whatever instead of looking for a grant. In return, Gabby’s success at the National/International level would be their success. They are the adults here. If Gabby wasn’t happy or if she felt like they weren’t living up to their end of the bargain as far as coaching was concerned then that’s their fault, not hers.

    Honestly, I figured it was something like this, since word around town is that Excalibur is a particularly dysfunctional gym, but I don’t think it does those coaches or their gym any good to publicly air the dirty laundry like this. At the end of the day Gabby will likely be on the Olympic team (whether as an AAer or a UB specialist, we’ll see) and she’s be an adorable, smiling 16 year old on National TV with Chow smiling in the background and the story of her military dad and her struggling single mom and they’ll just be the bitter coaches who weren’t good enough to get her there.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      We will never know if they were good enough to get her there. She took their money and ran.

      The coaches were stupid to invest in a family like Gabby and her crazy mother. That is for sure but if they lent her money they can sue to get it back.

      • Jen Says:

        Which they haven’t done. So it’s likely that this was more of an unspoken agreement and/or a scholarship situation than an actual “lending” of money.

        Is Gabby’s mom crazy? I have no idea. Never met the woman and probably never will.

        Was it stupid of Gabby to say, “I need better coaches” to Time? Yes, but she’s a 16 year old kid and shit like that is going to happen and hell, from the progress she made under Chow (skills wise, not necessarily with the mental game) it was probably true.

        I’m just not ready to make these coaches victims here because they clearly are not. Who goes to the media and airs dirty laundry that is only going to make their gym look, at best run by people with bad business sense and at worse, totally dysfunctional and not a place you’d want your kids to train.

  6. Yo Momma Says:

    I feel like this article is really petty… Athletes change gyms ALL the time, half the girls on the national team have had major gym changes throughout their career (Just one example: Mckayla Maroney switched from Kyla Ross’s gym to Mattie Larson’s gym because SHE -the Athlete- needed something else, and both Maroney and Ross have a legitimate shot at London. If Excalibur was so great, they’d have had another Olympic contender, maybe not in this quad but in years before, but they never have). You may be in the most “professional” environment, but if you and your coaches aren’t clicking, then you may need a fresh set of eyes to get you to perform a higher level.

    I understand bitter feelings when you feel like you’re developing an Olympic caliber gymnast and they move but, “charge it to the game” and move on. You can feel hurt, but you don’t have to bad mouth a child and her mother in the media to cope. I love the bit with Sandy Stageberg too lol. Randy Stageberg is/was a talented gymnast but she had no shot at the 2008 Olympic squad. Gabby doesn’t want to just “make it to trials” she wants to be one of only five girls to be selected to go to London. And there are a lot of politics in USAG so if Martha told her “You need to leave Excalibur if you want a shot in 2012” I’m sure she chose to do just that.

    There is way more at stake here than just a few hurt feelings, a gymnast realistically has one chance to make an Olympic team with the new rules in place and I’m sorry but if I was Gabby, sparing feelings is not going to make me derail a goal I’ve had for my entire life. It’s really unfortunate that her old coaches chose to take a shot at her family’s financial woes and personal conflicts to make it seem like they were the only stable thing the child had in life when she decided to leave. You don’t have to like Gabby as a gymnast, but this article is in very poor taste.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Explain to me why it isn’t okay for Gabby’s old coaches to make comments but it is okay for Gabby and her Mother to sling the mud? The Time article started all the slinging and those comments came from Gabby.

      • Yo Momma Says:

        Oh I totally agree with you on that, It’s not okay but I wouldn’t necessarily call Gabby’s comment mudslinging. No, she shouldn’t have said “I need better coaches” but Gabby is also a Child and they Will media train her as this year progresses so she doesn’t say simple statements that will later bite her in the ass. Her coaches feign “professionalism” but this was the most unprofessional thing they could’ve done, divulging problems her family was experiencing to make themselves look like victims. It just makes them look bad. The saying “Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see” rings true here IMHO. It’s a bunch of he-said/she-said that we will probably never know the full truth of because there are always Three sides to a story: in this case Gabby’s family, her Excalibur coaches, and then the Truth.

        I also made other points in my post regarding the fact that this is not a rarity and many MANY gymnasts switch gyms for a variety of reasons. We usually don’t hear from the ex-coaches because they have other athletes to train, they aren’t using one child as their hope and claim to fame. No, we won’t know if her ex-coaches could have gotten her to the Olympics but they said it themselves, if you can make one, you can make another. And if they can’t make another then I’d say they may just be good at developing collegiate-level athletes but not at polishing them for the Olympic level which is why Gabby left. Coaches who try to take media credit for an athlete’s success is always sketchy to me anyway. I know they play an integral role but using your athlete for attention is sad and you shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on a kid.

  7. MacStabby Says:

    I’m with Yo Momma- it’s pretty common for athletes to change gyms. I’m sure the author was just trying to sensationalize the story a bit “Oh, this is so rare, blah blah,” but if that’s the case, why is it always such a story to hear that someone like Amy Chow was with her coach from her first time to the gym?
    Someone needs to get Gabbles into media training though- shit comments like that about the people who gave her the skills will not be appreciated, nor endear her to the public.

  8. Nay Says:

    Wow, this is super Petty! I truly blame the adults on this one. At the end of the day Gabby is a 16 year old child and Im more than confident she is not the one “running her show” but will be the one getting the blame for anything done wrong? Thats awesome, I wish that could have happened to me at 16 (insert sarcasm here) as if it wasnt enough for this young lady to have an unstable home life why not make her gym life unstable to by being petty and public with this drama. Im actually a HUGE fan of Kyla Ross andSarah F. and i’ve need to see Gabby compete more to determine how I feel about her gymnastics, but I will say I guess I be a head case to with her life. Or I can be like Aly Raismen doing interviews where I’m having a shopping spree with my designer back and go back home to my two happy supportive non-headcase parents, or perhaps I can be like Weiber taking on the beach with my family while I lock my headcase competition in the bathroom as a prank b/c duh! I know she’s a headcase! I guess my mental strength would be stellar too if I had at home support such as those two did…. or if my last role model that I could realistically call one is Dom Dawes (just saying).. At the end of the day one thing is FOR SURE, id want Gabby over Nastia on that team ANY day, so if that means me joining team Gabby and giving this kid support I know she’s not getting barely anywhere else while her competition lives the “privleged life” I’ll do it! It it helps boost her confidence and she improves great! If not, well.. we tried. 🙂

    • JAS4 Says:

      I’m neither for or against Gabby I think she is pretty good and all and I understand her old coaches being upset but trashing a 16 year old girl and airing all her dirty laundry is not nessesary and they certainly didn’t do themselves any favors and if any gymnast at excalibur wants to make an Olympic team then they might as well switch gyms now because Gabby is one of Marta’s favorites and they just tried to publicly trash her so the coaches at Excalibur probably just put themselves on Marta’s bad list

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabby’s team is starting to remind me of Nastia’s team. The fanatical fans. The parent being a cocky ass.

      People survive and succeed in crazy homes all the time.

  9. exgymgurl Says:

    Im neither for nor against Gabby… but can you say Vanessa Atler?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      God I hope so. If we have no Gabby, No Nastia and no Bross then I will like this team even if it has Anna Li on it.

      I actually feel a little bad not wanting Bross on this team. She kind of deserves to make it.

      • Yo Momma Says:

        Bross totes ‘deserves’ to make it but… I just find her gymnastics really ugly lol. So I feel sort of bad too, but I don’t really want her on the team either. Ah well.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not a Bross fan AT ALL but I always feel bad for a gymnast like her and Aly that compete all quad only to be left home in the end.I am all for a woga free Olympics but I guess I have a heart

      • JAS4 Says:

        I do feel bad for Bross but I think she needs more consistency on at least Bars and one other event and to be capable of AA in case of injury Like being able to score at least mid 14s+ on the events she wouldn’t normally be used on

      • Sandy Says:

        I have to chime in here, sorry. I am totally with you on the “feeling bad for Bross” because she seems like a good kid and a very hard worker, but if I step back and try not to assess the crap and mud slinging and all that, Gabby is a better gymnast than Bross, especially on UB. Bross is a headcase too, so they can be “equal” in that standpoint. In terms of this Olympic team though it’s looking to shape up to where Gabby would best fit in as an UB specialist that could also fill in for vault and beam – maybe even floor if she can learn to control herself and stay in bounds. This also makes room for Bross as one of the 3 AA’ers but honestly Bross has a lot to prove. She has yet to turn in a “clean” competition and is still insisting on pulling skills she can’t be consistent on (i.e., Patterson dismount). I’ve seen Bross make huge mistakes when it counts on ALL apparatuses. I actually have rarely seen Gabby make major misakes on UB, and Gabby is a better UB worker, for sure. So if it came down to Gabby vs. Bross, I’m going with Gabby.

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    This also reminds me of a blog in which you stated Kelli Hill was trying to steal Gabby away… maybe Kelli Hill started all of the drama

  11. missy Says:

    Wow you’re right it looks straight out of judge judy/people’s court or something like that

  12. Biyatch Says:

    Have you seen the Jesolo scores? Seems like Ross is cementing her place for a spot on the Olympic team. She was super solid on vault, bars and beam. Scoring was rather strange. Not sure how Raisman gets a 14.45 on bars but only a 14.55 and 14.65 on beam and floor respectively. She got the same E score on bars and floor. I guess we’ll have to wait for video to come out to know the full story.

    Seems like now the most secure spots now to this point would be Weiber, Raisman and Ross with the other two spots up for grabs. Bross does not seem like she can get it done. The big push is of course for the bars specialist but the US could probably also use a third solid floor routine. Ross’s score in Italy was under a 14 and won’t hack it. Perhaps this is where Maroney punches her ticket again on vault and lead off on floor, although she was under a 14 here too.

    I could very well see Martha going with the same lineup from last years Worlds but subbing out Vega for Ross.

    V: Aly/Kyla, Jordyn, McKayla
    UB: Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby
    BB: Aly, Jordyn, Kyla
    FX: McKayla, Jordyn, Aly

    • nero Says:

      Will Ross upgrade beam? I think Jordyn would go last on beam in TF. I think Bross still has a chance to make the team if she hits bars at camp, nats and trials. I don’t think Marta will want to count a bars score in the 14s which is what Jordyn would get.

    • brainy Says:

      Translated from:

      The winners are the world champions the United States of America

      The National Women’s Artistic Gymnastics close second in the V City of Jesolo Trophy with a total score of 224,250. At the head of the world champions the United States of America (236,950), dragged by Kyla Ross (59,850), a leader of the Individual competition, and Alexandra Raisman (silver with 59,050). Only third to Russia with a total of 217,800 and Anastasia Grishina that fails to go beyond the 5th position, despite having led for three quarters of the race. Bronze stars and stripes to another gymnast, Sarah Finnegan (58,650), for an en plein overseas. (ITALPRESS)

  13. Alex Says:

    This article was sickening. It was like something I would read in a trashy tabloid… was juvenile and petty. Ugh.
    And I’m sad to hear that Bross didn’t do so well in Jesolo. I think that kid deserves a spot more than anyone else. The amount of pressure she’s had to deal with for YEARS, the battling back from injuries, etc…..
    Ugh. What stress. I want so badly for her for it to have been worth it.

  14. JAS4 Says:
    Here are the results and scores for each event during team finals Finnegan did well and I think is definitely in the Olympic mix if she upgrades some. I think that Marta will be looking to have three people on each event capable of scoring 15+ on every event for example these are the people that can score 15+ on each event:
    V: Jordyn,Kyla,Aly,(Maroney or Gabby)
    BB: Jordyn,Kyla,Aly,(possibly Shawn or Finnegan )
    UB: Kyla, Gabby,(this is where Shawn or Finnegan with upgrades could fit in also as a table setter so that Jordyns Bars don’t have to be used in team final)
    FX: Jordyn,Aly,( possibly Shawn or Maroney if she seriously upgrades)
    At this point it would be basically who can help most on Bars and Floor

  15. doughnut sundae Says:

    “You try to help, the coaches say, out of your heart and out of your pocket, when the athlete needs a ride, a meal, a bed or a break from home.” – The Virginian-Pilot

    Dena Walker and Gustavo Moure are painted as doting foster parents, whose child was rue-fully kidnaped. Meanwhile the biological parents are vilified – poverty-stricken lowlifes locked in an abusive relationship.

    “What do you do when those issues are compounded by domestic strife that has led the mother to divorce the same man twice?”

    Yet despite their benevolence, we find Gandhi and Mother Teresa patting down children for loose change, shysters willing to garnish a child’s stipend in order to finance their own spending spree, a tab that had been seven years in the making.

    “Walker and Moure say they fronted Hawkins, who was struggling financially, thousands of dollars in training, travel and incidental expenses on the understanding they’d be repaid once Douglas started drawing a $2,000 monthly national-team stipend.” *

    Who knows if a dubious contract without receipts can or should be fulfilled? But it seems obvious that Bonnie and Clyde were preparing to rob the family blind, keeping them indentured with a debt that was designed to outstrip their ability to repay until they had won the Olympic lottery.

    “As for those coaches’ claims that she’s ignoring a debt of $20,000, Hawkins laughs at the figure. Anyway, she said, she has it in writing that Douglas was on full scholarship – with payback necessary only if Excalibur’s coaches got Douglas to the Olympics.”

    The biological mom chose the best course of action, I think, when she removed her daughter from the situation and any and all liability. But nearly two years later, as Gabby teeters from Hopeful to Olympic shoe-in, her ‘foster’ parents suddenly want royalties and recognition, this after Chow has done the REAL coaching – regaining trust, restoring confidence, and cleaning up an emotional landfill they couldn’t be bothered with.

    “What is she to do, she wonders, when her gifted child reports that her coaches openly bicker so much that she’s lost confidence in their shared approach? When her daughter is falling behind rivals because national staffers say she’s being taught skills incorrectly? And when the gym refuses her direct request to alter the coaching arrangement?”

    Excalibur Gymnastics, from its coaching staff to Randy Stageberg’s mom, needs to shut the hell up.
    * Their eagerness to leak confidential information to the press has probably gotten them blackballed. I doubt these two will ever produce a U.S. Olympic champion in the sport of gymnastics.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Yeah I agree they are definitely probably on Martas bad side if they do produce anymore Olympic caliber gymnast I’m sure the gymnast will have to leave and train else where if they want a shot

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Marta? Nah. This is something a president and board of directors worries about. USA Gymnastics has certified and endorsed two coaches with questionable ethics and integrity to work with children.

  16. Rachel Says:

    Hold up. Can someone explain exactly who Chow’s previous gymnastS were? I don’t consider a coach to be proven unless he has more than one decent Elite under his belt, and I can only think of Shawn for Chow. Am I completely blanking here or do we now consider people who’ve coached one livewire go-getter to be “proven” coaches? I have no real comment on the story…just very confused about all the Chow love…

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Until a coach has Olympic experience, he or she is merely running a farm club for those who do. Hence the love affair with Valeri Liukin, Mary Lee Tracy, Mihai Brestyan, Al Fong, Liang Chow…

      Speaking of Chow, here’s a partial list of his competitive girls. Maybe there is a junior or senior elite on there? (

      • JAS4 Says:

        The only nam I recognized was Jessa Hansen she is a college gymnast for Iowa I think

  17. annonymous Says:

    Her mother seems like a system-sucking crackpot in more ways than one. For this reason alone it’s fine by me if her daughter doesnt make it…next thing you know we will have another Moceanu situation where the parent takes all the reward and spends it however she wants. This is not the first time I’ve read something about this family that leads me to believe that the mother is banking all of her future finances on Gabby and the Olympics.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      If Natalie was that overbearing, her daughter would be a professional athlete – and she would be her bodyguard. There’s no use in wishing for a windfall (that may never happen) when you can get paid today, right? Any moneygrubbing parent can do that kind of math! If Gabby had turned pro with the rest of her teammates after Worlds, a competent agent could have pushed her income into six figures by year-end and, prior to landing at Heathrow Airport for the Olympic Games, would probably have made her a millionaire.

      But Gabby is an amateur athlete on a stipend, wholly entrusted to Chow. And her mom is nearly half a continent away.

      P.S. If USAG penalized its gymnasts for the crazy adults in their lives, the country with the largest and deepest talent pool would not be able to field enough athletes for an Olympic team.

  18. Aerial Says:

    Not sure if anyone will see this but just saw Gabby acknowledge this article on her Twitter with some clear direction about her feelings:

    Word.RT @yoEv: I stand behind @gabrielledoug and her family’s choice for her to train in Iowa. Her old coaches need a layout step out to the head! #moveon

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