Doha World Cup prelims


Easily my favorite Romanian. Even if she is a head case most of the time.

Steingruber – 13,600
Becket (RSA) – 13,575
Jarosch – 13,450
Belak – 13,400
Antipenko (Kaz) – 13,200
Mutlu (Tur) – 12,850
Manassova (Kaz) – 12,800
Frandofert (Pol) – 12,700

Tweddle – 15,800
Jiang – 14,900
Hill – 14,550
Bulimar – 14,500
Iordache – 14,400
Pihan – 14,150
Jarosch – 13,500
Steingruber – 13,450

Ponor- 15,250
Monckton – 14,350
Whelan – 14,050
López – 13,900
Pihan – 13,700
Steingruber – 13,650
Malaussena – 13,550
Hill – 13,400

Bulimar – 14,950
Ponor – 14.450
Jiang – 14,050
Pihan – 13.800
Sabatou (Fra) – 13,550
Sajn – 13,250
Brennan – 13,050
Hill – 12,850


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11 Responses to “Doha World Cup prelims”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Lol am I sensing some Ponor/porno hate lol I didn’t really follow her much in 04 but at Worlds last year I thought she was ok but really didn’t see what all the hype was about

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nah, I copied the list from GGMB (They took it from ig)and they have some kind of thing that changes words into other words automatically.

      Not a big fan but that is a general thing concerning Romanians for me.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    How long ago did she start her comeback anyways?

  3. doughnut sundae Says:

    Even for well-heeled elites, I doubt there is anything more exotic and extravagant than a Middle Eastern assignment to Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. Other parts of the world may feign wealth, but here opulence is par for the course. I wonder how Muslims have managed to work out the whole gymnastics attire thing with Muhammad…

    Anyhow, Ana Porgras was the only reason I even had a remote interest in Romania. I’m actually surprised she is not a Bruin, Gator or a Gym Dog by now. I am also surprised Marta has not given her Nastia’s free pass. 😉

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