Live blogging taped delay. Woo

BOO Giants, Yay bruins, I LOVE MARCH MADNESS. The Peyton Manning ego maniac tout continues and now we have gymnastics.

Significant competitions LMAO.


Katelyn Ohashi did a good job on her vault.

What do you mean American great Shannon Miller Tim? Shannon was world great. I am surprised they mentioned her at all.

Emily Little falls off beam. She is now shaky on everything else.

Lexie Preissman on vault. Short landing. Not like her usual vaults. Both feet out of bounds.

LETS GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Expect this every once in awhile. They are on the other channel. Or I can watch the Celtics lose by 25 to Sacramento HAHAHAHAHA:)

What all the other teams mess up. Gotta love NBC. Christine Lee did a good job on bars but she swings the bars so slowly. She has that wobbly Canadian vibe on beam but she is staying on.
There you Victoria. Your floor on

Scary announcers. Someone throw popcorn at Al Trautwig.

That is called not keeping focus Gabby. Sorry but that was an over score. Still not buying the injury excuse. Maybe it was a precaution but it is highly suspect. NBC did not commentate this live. Tim was so phony on the whole Gabby vault thing. He knew it was coming and I suspect we will see the Australian injury on floor tonight.

As Missy pointed out in the comments. Gabby got credit for the Amanar on vault when she clearly did a DTY. Take another 7 tenths off that score to make it fair. Good catch Missy.


COMMERCIAL, What kind of father sits there and smiles while his kid jumps on furniture.

GO Kyla!!!!! The wild card, the sleeper. HA THE CONTENDER! Good girl Kyla:)

HOLY POWER Kyla. WOW, Huge power from such a tiny kid. She has to be training that triple yurchenko.

Jordyn hit. Hop and over score but still pretty good.

Lauren Mitchell on beam. Pretty good until the landing.

Tan Sixin on floor. I would not call her the A team. B plus maybe.


Amelia on bars. They should have shown her vault. WOW, She killed those handstands. Great job. Her score was too low IMO. I am sure the nit picky deductions got her but that was a lot better then a 14.000

Dear China, STOP smiling when you mess up.

Katelyn on bars, (1.38 was our first Nastia mention) Nice job Katelyn.

They BETTER NOT Skip Kyla on bars. Oh NBC. Way to pull your usual ****

Where is my damn baseball? I finally am awake before 3 and there is no baseball? What a rip off.

Some credit for Jordyn. Bout time. She is tired so he is closing the doors. Good job John.

Jordyn on bars. Nice routine. Probably a little over scored but she hit and it looked pretty good for her.

Georgia Simpson ambulance ride. At least they did not show the actual injury.

Kyla had the form issue on the van Lewin but what do you mean no difficulty Tim? She has a 6.2 only 3 behind Gabby and 1 behind Jordyn. NBC SUCKS!

THERE WAS NO LIMP while Gabby was walking to bars.

Love how NBC does not give scores after making stupid comments about difficulty.

Gabby was not perfect on bars. She pulled a Chinese bar routine stalling in the middle pulling up but we don’t point out the facts when the media loves someone.



That little girl in the gymnastics commercial did a great job on bars. That pull over she did on bars was great


Lauren on floor. Love how she leaps out of bounds but gets back in during her leap for no

That was a pretty good routine for Lauren. What I saw because it is hard to type while watching a routine. Leap out of every pass.

NBC is now making this a Gabby and Jordyn production. The camera is on them and the camera man just moved over from Lexie (who was sitting next to Jordyn on the left) to focus on Gabby sitting on Jordyn’s right. I hate NBC.



especially YOU Andy Petitte. R-E-T-I-R-E a-g-a-i-n


Chinese on bars. Tan messed up and she fell. I think we have seen this before……

The little girls from New Zealand are cute as buttons and NBC Acknowledged they exist. Wow. Little Milly (sp) just went sky high on that double tuck.


During Katelyn’s beam we are going to go into full OHASHI is too young for the Olympic mode. Let me sleep during that. It happens every 4 years NBC. Get a clue.


Amelia on beam, She is staying on but having a few bobbles. Being the lead off is huge in Marta’s head so her staying on is great for her even if she bobbles. Great dismount. Someone needs to give this kid mad props. She was pretty much named to this team mostly because she trains with Lexie.

Kyla has three small tiny bobbles and Elfi is acting like she made huge mistakes. I hate NBC. I knew they would nit pick her because that is what Marta wants.

How convenient that the Gabby is awesome fluff comes next. They are already getting the sap story fans involved.

Gabby was nailing that routine but the fall on beam made her fall apart. Then she limps again. NBC makes the excuses we heard last night. She did not limp until she fell which means the excuses everyone makes for Gabby are also in her head.

Still no scores. Really NBC? Why no scores????


Katelyn is kind of a stumpy little gymnast but very talented. She had a bobble after the sheep and a slight one on the turn. (Nastia mention number 2 at 2.29) but great job.

Jordyn on beam. I forget. She did a good job.

Katelyn was overscored on floor. She had bobbles after every pass and while I personally do not think you need expression on your face when you compete many people always complain when anyone else looks like Katelyn did during a floor routine. I will never understand how Nastia code whored her way to Olympic gold but Katelyn and Rebecca have real skills with real difficulty. How does a coach have such different plans for his gymnasts paths?

Tan fell. I missed most of it.

Lexis on floor: Double double, OOB but very high. She sells her routine but I just don’t find it watchable dance wise.

That song will not sound great in Rio Al because 4 years from now Lexie will have a new routine!!!! lol

Oh Kyla. I don’t love the floor routine and I want some upgrades (A double tuck? A double twist?) but for your first meet as a senior you did a good job. You need to improve if you want tat second AA spot.

China falls again. They have like a little assembly line of gymnasts.

More Kyla bashing by NBC.

Jordyn on floor. Will they show Amelia on her best event? Doubt it.

Jordyn nailed her first pass. Step on her double pike but she proves again why she is the WORLD CHAMPION!


I hate NBC and I hate the way they pick and chose their little princesses. I can’t take more years with this network.

Katelyn had the meet of her life. 4 great routines and yet Kyla was only 8 tenths behind her with more then a point worth of deductions on her vault. Do the math. Kyla would have been ahead of her in the AA and yes I know, would DOES NOT MATTER but to make such broad statements that Kyla has a lot of work to do and then praise Ohashi in the next breath when a Kyla mistake was the only difference in her being ahead of her is bad reporting. So far no mention of Kyla being second in the AA.

EXCUSES from Gabby. Better safe then sorry yes but EXCUSES!!!!!!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I don’t care how cute the gymnasts from New Zealand are. SHOW US GYMNASTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and just for Jen…. (WINK)




53 Responses to “Live blogging taped delay. Woo”

  1. MacStabby Says:

    As far as Gabby…HA! I KNEW IT. Exhibition is NOT the same as the real deal.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She still has time. I am not ready to write her off but she is not this perfect gymnast people acted like after the American Cup. Her floor and beam there were a mess.

  2. MacStabby Says:

    I agree, she does have time, and she’s got great bars. I just had a little mental redemption for not jumping on the Gabby train straight after Scam. She’s alright, but there are definitely people I’d rather see on the team. Get her head out of that case it’s in, and maybe I’ll change my mind.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am not a fan and I hate the way someone becomes a media darling and all of a sudden they are perfect and can do no wrong. I would prefer she be a bars specialist if she is on this team. She would actually make a great bar specialist because she could fill in if there was a disaster after the team could not be changed but counting on her? Not if Marta has a brain. I might actually be concerned if she hits bars all the way through to the Olympics because she will be due to fall on her head and it will be when it really matters.

  3. missy Says:

    they gave her credit for an Amanar on vault geez judges pay attention!!

  4. K Says:

    Gabby is clearly hurt after beam.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Give me a break. She did not limp until she fell. She walked after bars fine. She walked to beam fine, she then fell and then she limped.

      • K Says:

        I know you’re not a fan of Gabby and I can see that you love to point out anything you can to put her down (which is fine with me, I’m not complaining) but to me, it looks like she really hurt her ankle. I think doing beam made it worse. I don’t think it’s a fake injury. Just my opinion though.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I didn’t say it was fake. It might be injured a little but it is an excuse. Every time she makes a mistake people make excuses for her.

        She did not walk with a limp after she hit bars or on her way to beam. It wasn’t until she fell twice that she limped. Did you see a limp on her way to beam before she fell? How about after bars?

        You are right I am going to point out things about her because so many people refuse to say anything negative about her. This is reaching Nastiaia territory here where everything she does is perfect.

        You have a right to your opinion but I am so going to disagree with

    • Sandy Says:

      Haven’t watched any of this stuff yet (Pac Rims) but my opinion on Gabby is…while she’s got amazing potential (her amanar on vault will help if someone gets injured aka Chellsie Memmel and Sam Peszek during the last olympics)…she’d be best for this team (at this point) as a bars specialist. Not sure why she’s a Marta pet because Gabby would obviously fill the “need” for Nastia. No way Nastia would be able to step in for an injured person on vault or floor…but Gabby “could” (at this point). The obvious all arounders should be Jordyn and Kyla – maybe Raisman (but doubtful, her bars suck and no way would she medal unless other people seriously f*ck up) and my dream would be Johnson would go in there, blow everyone away, win gold AA at the London Olympics, and we’d see a shot of Nastia storming angrily away from her post with the NBC commentators.

      I think the media is focusing on Gabby as a “favorite” because she’s got a great story behind her – and the media LOVES a good story. Her dad’s in Afghanistan, she recently moved coaches (so she has a dad in Afghanistan and her mom/family aren’t living with her – she made a huge sacrifice and moved away…I can see the NBC fluff piece now), and since then is doing extremely well with Chou (given we didn’t even know of her two years ago) and she “beat” the World Champion’s score at SCAM as an exhibitionist. Yeah, all of us “insiders” know that a lot of her scores were higher than they should have been, but the average “American” hearing about this wouldn’t know that. I therefore wouldn’t hold Gabby accountable (at this point) for the media’s focus on her. It’s not her fault. If she ever gets an over-inflated ego from this and begins to be a “Nastia” type, then I can join in on the “not a fan of Gabby” parade…but at this point I am a fan. Of her bars. And her amanar, when she hits it. Her beam is shaky but she has good potential there too. And her floor is “ok” but really could use a new routine. Or just stop stepping out of bounds as you shuffle back and keep the audience waiting for your next tumbling run.

  5. Jen Says:

    πŸ˜› Andy PETTITTE, two t’s twice. And I find that the only people feel the need to say the Yankees suck is because they actually don’t. Can’t wait to watch him clinch ANOTHER post season series.

    Urg, when is Opening Day?

    Also, that vault, missing her entry by that much, was a mental mistake from Gabby. Hopefully she pulls this together before the big push to the Games.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t care how many T’s he has in his The Yankees suck is all relative dear. All relative:)

      I will give you mental state for Gabby and her mistakes but I want to know how many of those does she have to have before someone calls her out?

      • Jen Says:

        If I’m Martha, she doesn’t have ANY more. In fact, this competition makes her a bars specialist right now until she proves she can hit 4/4 in a real competition.

        My Olympic team today for TF:

        Wieber V, UB, BB, FX
        Ross V, UB, BB
        Dougas UB
        Raisman BB, FX
        Maroney V, FX

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I will take your team in a heart beat but will Marta leave Bross home?

      • Jen Says:

        Honestly, I don’t think Bross is going to be an option. She wants to be an AA gymnast (and honestly, I don’t blame her, being on the World AA podium twice, it can’t be an easy thing to give up). Sadly, I think she’s going to burn herself out. Consistency was never her thing and she needs to consistently outscore at least Kyla Ross on bars, Jordyn on floor and Raisman on beam to make the team. That’s probably a 15 on each event. In her whole career has she averaged 15s on those three events together at any time? I haven’t done the math, but I doubt it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She doesn’t really need consistency to get on this team. She needs Marta on her side. Marta will do what Marta wants to do. That is what scares me about this whole situation.

        NBC knocking down Kyla during this broadcast does not bode well for her. NBC says what Marta wants them to say.

        I know. CONSPIRACY theorist me but that is who I am:)

        I hope YOU are right.

      • Jen Says:

        Haha, laugh now, we’ll dance in October. πŸ˜‰

        Yes, I blatantly stole that from that New Era commercial.

        I know you’re a conspiracy theorist, that’s one of the things that makes this blog so much fun to read. However, I was comforted by how sane Martha sounded in her interviews yesterday. I think this year, of all years, she knows this is not the time to screw around. If the US is going to win team gold THIS is the year to do it. In fact, I’m not sure what the record is, but the US has the potential to win Team Gold, AA gold, Floor Gold (Aly), Beam gold (Jordyn, if she hits her connections), Bar gold (Gabby, if she gets up to a 6.9) and Vault gold (McKayla). I don’t think Martha’s ego will be able to pass that kind of potential up.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Stealing commercial quotes. Shame on you:)

        I was not comforted with how sane Marta sounded. I was scared. Marta sounding sane? That is like NBC not being a-holes during gymnastics broadcasts. It just never happens. If it was to happen I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

        Mckayla has the gold on vault if she makes this team. If she stands up. I don’t think the powers that be would let the US sweep the gold medals.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah, but can you imagine the explosion on IGF if they did. *cackles*

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kitty would have a

  6. sandy8003 Says:

    if Gabby is faking the limp I don’t blame her. If it were me and I screwed up after Amx Cup built up I would be fake crying and practically crawling around on the floor so people would think I’m really hurt to cover my mess up. How embarressing (sp?) this has got to be for her. I’m so glad I can just judge them and now have to be up there!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This is a blog and if Gabby wants to be a gymnast and get a twitter and tweet to her adoring fans etc… she will have to deal with the backlash.

  7. sandy8003 Says:

    yikes, sorry gymtruthteller – didn’t mean to get your dander up. I get it, I get it – I’m on your side but does that mean I have to a nasty nellie to post? I’m a look for the silver lining kind of gal that’s all – please don’t hate me for not hatin’:)

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      lol I think you people read too much into my comments. I am not mad. THIS IS GYMNASTICS. A sport I watch and in the end honestly don’t fret over. Now if you would like get in a heated argument about baseball where I get really mad and spit fire come back in October!!!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t get the NBC coverage where I live (north jersey) which is so annoying! I got the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade instead 😦 However, very happy Kyla did well even though I agree with gymtruthteller that Marta was making her hide some of her upgrades. I love Gabbys bars but that would be the only event I would trust her on in a team final… which proves even more why me and lots of other people insist we need Aly- she is too reliable and too good on three events to leave home. In my mind, Jordyn, Kyla and Aly should be the locks…. and everyone else fights for the other two spots. I think Gabby should probably fill the 4th spot just for her bars (assuming Nastia is left home which we all pray she is), and then I like Shawn or Bross for the last spot assuming one of them is healthy and upgraded (on bars & floor at the very least).

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree with you. I agree with everyone. I don’t know what I think anymore:)

      • JAS4 Says:

        I’m watching it now about to watch Gabby’s bars I see her ankle is taped there but not in the team photos afterwards Marta seems so excited about Gabby’s bars when she was getting off the podium that she could pee herself! I really think its possible Kyla has the potential to do the TTY maybe even more so than Maroney if Kyla does pull off the TTY and can learn a second simple vault she could definitely have a vault medal which makes Maroney a little less needed and she will really have to upgrade everything else if she wants to make the team! And I don’t see how in the world they credited Gabby with an Amanar but then again Marta probably told them to so they did lol Jordyn had done really well from what I’ve seen so far but if Marta does take Gabby on the team I would only use her for bars unless there was injury and she would still have to prove herself all the way up until the Olympics the junior girls did really well also too bad Amelia didn’t get the bronze because of the stupid two per country rule

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        My complaint is that they did not show her best event, floor. One more tenth and she ties Ohashi for first in the juniors and they don’t show it? Boo

      • JAS4 Says:

        I don’t want to jump on any bandwagon too soon but I could see Amelia being a Jordyn type gymnast in a few years and on another note does anyone else notice in the interview how Marta basically blames Chow for Gabbys mistakes and blamed him for all the pressure on her because of the upgrades but made herself out to be a saint like she put no pressure on Gabby what so ever I think Marta and NBC put more pressure on Gabby than Chow did but Marta can not look like she made a mistake that would be atrocious!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree. Marta did blame Chow. I agree Gabby has too much difficulty for the head case she is but going all out to win is not necessarily a bad thing but a gymnast that can handle it. Gabby is not that girl.MARTA is the reason Gabby is putting all this difficulty in her routines.

        I like Amelia’s floor and I felt her bars were clean enough to merit a batter score but Marta will break her way before she has a chance.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Yeah it does worry me that the junior girls are peaking to soon and risk injury before 2016!
        Marta needs to stop blaming Chow even though I agree she just needs to be solid on beam,floor,vault and save the difficulty for bars and she needs to stop focusing so much attention on Gabby and let Chow handle it I know Marta seems to be all “team Gabby” but I kind of wonder if it’s not an act and she wanted Gabby to crack under pressure to make way for bar specialist Nastia

  9. Shawn Fan! Says:

    Okay, just saw dvr of the competition.

    First, thank god I was able to forward past all the NBC shiz.

    Best part of the competition – those cute little new zealand girls with their kiwi accents….I almost died…..

    Gabby’s vault was scary, and I feel it did more to diminish her olympics AA potential than I initially thought from twitter updates last night. That was a BAD miss…..Gab’ster was off to one side and barely had one hand to block that vault – could have been very VERY bad (re – Julissa Gomez).
    I think USA gymnastics from time to time gets flack for this sport being quasi-abusive to little girls, and I feel in recent years they tried hard to promote a healthier image for the sport and the last thing they want is to put Gabby on an apparatus during the olympics that she could potentially land on her head….i think that’s infinitely more detrimental to USA gymnastics than going home with a team silver (nudges AScaramone).

    Very VERY impressed with Ross, and I’m so pissed that NBC ignored her during that interview at the end! Guuurrrlll made her senior depute just behind the reining world champion….brainiac and menza card carrying member, Andrea Joyce, asks Wieber how surprising it was for USA to win with an injury against the B teams sent by other nations…..a quarter of whom did not qualify for the olympics…..well done Andreas Joyce….well done….I tip my hat to you….

    Very impressed with Katelyn as well…tho am I alone in that the handsy exhanges with nastia’s “on the mouth kissing” daddy was disturbing? Keep those hands in the neutral zones buddy.

    Closing thought – Wieber pats back and says to self…..back off, bitches! I guess it’s good for USA gymnastics to have a strong favorite to present to the media.

  10. Kelly Says:

    Weird that Amelia doesn’t get a medal because of the 2-country thing.

    Glad they showed a fluff of some sort- it’s nice to see a behind-the-scenes look at a gymnast’s life, not that they went to Virginia or Iowa for Gabby, but it was a fluff nonetheless.

    Kyla deserves more attention and praise- she was gipped by NBC.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Agreed! They keep Kyla on the back burner but then again it might be best if she kind of flys under the radar right now and then makes a big splash at Classics,Visa,Trials!

  11. Becky Says:

    Someone should tell Gabby that next time she wants people to believe her ankle is so weak she couldn’t do a decent beam routine, that stopping your limping walk to JUMP down from the podium with no sign at all of pain, kinda blows your ankle injury excuse.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I love when people are more observant then me. She jumped down from the podium? Classic

      • JAS4 Says:

        I didn’t notice that I will have to go back and re watch lol although I did notice that it was wrapped f

      • JAS4 Says:

        I didn’t notice that I will have to go back and re watch lol although I did notice that it was wrapped for bars the not for beam and the commentator said she probably couldn’t feel the beam like normal with it wrapped but then why didn’t she wrap it again after beam because it still wasn’t wrapped in team photos at all

      • Jen Says:

        *head desk repeat*

  12. dd Says:

    Why were the terrible duo so unkind to Kyla? For her first Senior meet she did a very good job.

    • Sandy Says:

      The media probably wants to focus on the whole Gabby vs. Wieber thing for now because that makes for a better story…Kyla just gets in their way of all of this.

  13. kurt Says:

    katelyn by far the best…



    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Bow down to what? Beating no one? No offense to Katelyn who did her job but she beat no one. Even the US gymnasts competing against her are not top tear. Lexie has a great Amanar and is not impressive on a single other event. Amelia almost out scored her on floor until the judges realized what they did and nit picked her to death like they usually do.

      Sorry but Katelyn beat no one. Heck there is no one of merit in any junior ranks yet.

  14. Lauren Says:

    a TRIPLE!? Kyla can BARELY hit the 2.5. She normally underrotates it so badly, she has to take a step out to get it all the way around. I thought she was going to blow a knee out on all of her podium training vaults on Weds and Thurs, and then again in warm-ups before competition on Friday. She went in with WAY too much power to overcompensate for her typical lack of power, which is why she had such a horrifying Amanar in Team/AA competition. I love Kyla, but she should 100% not be competing a 2.5. Alas, whatever Martha wants, Martha gets. Martha said, to the press regarding Kyla, that she’d rather see a clean double, but then of course at the same time she’s saying they need an Amanar or crazy high bars d-scores to be on that team, so Kyla is stuck. The way these girls were training Amanars all week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them injured by Nationals…Jordyn aside. She only throws DTYs over and over in warm-ups, saving her final warm-up for the Amanar, which she always hits. Smart. These other girls aren’t training them properly and are going to break so fast.

    PS, not even Maroney’s going for a triple. She apparently lost some of her Amanar epicness and Martha said if she can’t figure out how to stick the Amanar, she has no business training a triple. One of these girls will get it eventually but definitely not in time for the Olympics, and we all know what happens to athletes in the post-Olympic year…I’d say it’ll be awhile before we see anything close to a triple.

  15. bad boy Says:

    What are you talking about? Underrotated. If you look at all her videos she is taking an extra step in the direction of her spin. And her lack of power, her block is one of the highest I have seen next to Maroney. She clearly get so much height and distance, which is the key to vaulting if to knew any thing about it.

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