The Nastia Liukin way.

Everyone else was at camp. Not because it is their favorite thing to do but because they were told. It’s time to put up or shut up but not Nastia Liukin. She is “hurt” she can’t come to camp. She can’t show what she has 4 months before the Olympics. Oh no she is in LA filming the price to right?

Are you ******* kidding me?

She is there to “promote” the Olympic Trials. A place she wouldn’t sniff if the world was fair. Hell, I am not sure the world is even round anymore.

Any boss worth their shit would be banning this little twit from any camps in the future after pulling this little ditty but Marta probably sent her there to do it.

If I am Aly Raisman or Mckayla Maroney this pisses me off. They are one of the two likely left off the Olympic team so little miss perfect can be named to the team.

What about Shawn, Alicia or Bridget ? ALL were given no assignments at all after the most recent camp (even though they probably weren’t ready to compete anyway) They were practically threatened to be at camp but Nastia gets to stay home and rest her ” hurt shoulder”

Please tell me I am not the only person who finds this complete bullshit?

Someone tell Rebecca Bross to stop competing because it is obvious the only way on the Olympic team is to kiss Marta’s big fat ass. Just ask Nastia.



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33 Responses to “The Nastia Liukin way.”

  1. Ali Says:

    Just stumbled across your site. Am I the only one who thinks the international judges are going to HATE Gabby’s floor routine?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No you are not. She looked like crap on that event at the American cup and she is going to get hammered. I thought her vault was a little short but pretty damn good for an Amanar. I thought her bars were great except one missed handstand but her beam and floor were a mess. I would hope the real judges would deduct the short jumps on beam and the overall crappyness of her floor but I have lost all hope when it comes to the judges.

    • clindsey Says:

      She’ll change her floor for sure..

  2. JAS Says:

    Wow! But why am I not surprised lol I still wouldn’t be surprised if she is saving that tenth spot for Nastia on the Jeselo team even though girls who actually went to camp didn’t get to go!

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    Maybe they needed another big old fat lady with ginormous knockers to come on down…. as Sarah! would say….Ive told you though comeback=over…. She’s not at camp because she doesnt have anything to show, and she’s peaced out…. didn’t she say she was riding the bus or something? That explains the Sam Peszeck twittering and nonsense.

  4. Aerial Says:

    I would really appreciate hearing someone speak to this. It seems Marta (and many coaches) are more than happy to respond about their athletes, their progress and their plans. It’s time for Marta to share WTF happened this past weekend with Nastia – why she’s guessing the cost of Klondike bars, why it’s OK in her mind/USAG’s mind (if it is), and if she’s still a legitimate contender. I also very much respect Shawn and Bridget’s efforts whether they make it or not, and would love some communication on why they weren’t assigned. I hate when USAG speaks freely and when they don’t – it’s so inconsistent and irrational.

    I have never been gunning for Nastia to make the team, though admittedly when I first started reading here, I thought people were getting their grannies into a knot about her and the conspiracy talk. Now I’m fully on board and ready to chair the committee. I think it’s only appropriate for USAG to talk… about her position on the committee, about her attendance at camps, etc. I know the girls vying for the Olympics all need to accept the final outcome of who’s selected and live with it, but the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to sign legal documents saying they won’t sue Marta and USAG’s ass when they pick a barely-prepared, never-competed-yet Nastia and, let’s say, Brandie Jay (was her mullet even there?) last minute despite others “following the formula” for months, years in advance, and always placing within, let’s say top 7 AA, each month.

    Would also like to know why they couldn’t even send (an apparently healthy) Wofford to ANYTHING. Like what’s up with Brown, Dowell, etc. taking spots and a great opportunity in a pre-Olympic competition when they will be 100% watching the competition on their couch like me. Come out and let us know who is still recovering, who could potentially make the team working their butts off back in the gym instead of travelling, and the rationale between who was sent.

    Would love to have some pressure put on the powers that be to respond to this. They’re so worried about saving face and publicity… seems to me as though if Nastia begins to be questioned as an athlete, representative, deceptor (haha – made that term up obviously) in the public eye, they would HAVE to respond as the last thing they need is Nastia becoming world-wide unpatriotic and villainess #2 (behind Courtney of the Bachelor) (not that she was unpatriotic but whatevs.)

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am going to write a Wofford blog eventually. I don’t know if she wanted to compete or not at this most recent camp but it is obvious that both she and Anna Li have been blacklisted.

      I still cannot figure out what the hell Marta did last year to Anna. Why bring her and just let her hang? I believe 110 % she gave that medal to Alicia to screw over Shannon and I am starting to believe the made up blog I wrote about her not using Anna last year because she could not let her hit with Nastia back in the mix. If Anna had hit and scored really well then she would have no choice but to use her if she hit in 2011

      • JAS Says:

        Looks to me like the conspiracy therories are right looks like there is some manipulation, deceit, favoritism, and obvious craziness and
        Corruption going on in the gymnastics world and even people who only pay attention to gymnastics every four years should even notice this!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The only thing I can come up with is that Nastia has already told Marta she is out and this is all because she has already quit.

        If not Nastia is getting special treatment. It’s painfully obvious she get to act like a prima donna.

      • JAS Says:

        I saw on twitter after the American cup that she was sore after her work out because she had taken a few days off but who knows if that’s for real or not lol but if she isn’t serious she needs to just admit it and if she is the favoritism is ridiculous!

    • Birgitte Says:

      I have a feeling Nastia will be named to the team (even though she is not ready to compete) just so USAG etc can get all the publicity that would come with that. Then she’ll “get injured” during training in London so she’ll have to pull out. They’ll put the alternate in in her place, but, since she’s already in London she gets to do the whole “pep-talk”, and if the 5 girls do end up taking home the gold, Nastia will get ALL the credit anyway for being such a good sport, great leader and courageous pep-talker.

      • JAS Says:

        I could totally see that happening!

      • Sandy Says:

        USAG would get more publicity and more “prime” media exposure by naming Shawn Johnson, NOT Nastia Liukin, to the team. If anything, only Nastia and Marta are in on this conspiracy. If Nastia didn’t score so well on bars internationally her comeback would fall along the lines of Chellsie Memmel’s…as far as I’m concerned if Shawn gets a solid floor routine underneath her it should be her going, and not Nastia.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I agree if Shawn can be solid on all four events she should go instead of Nastia because she can at least be used for any event in case of injury

  5. TCO Says:

    Liukin is in no danger of making the team. Stop worrying about it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She doesn’t even need to hit to be named to this team. You understand that right? She could fall 3 times on bars and Marta could still name her.

      I am annoyed at this whole thing but believe me I am not worrying about it. I survived the BS known as the 2008 AA that was fixed from the start. I’ll survive the BS Marta is pulling with her pet Nastia

      • JAS Says:

        Unless Nastia quits on her own for what ever reason whether it be injury, tv, not ready, etc…. I think there is a good chance she will be named to the team reguardless of how she does or if she is ready or not which is really unfair to who ever gets left home for her and like I said in an earlier post I still won’t be surprised if Nastia ends up at Jeselo as the tenth person even though she didn’t come to camp

    • Sandy Says:

      Nastia I think is smart enough not to tarnish her “gold medal” reputation by coming back to the sport, making an arse of herself, and not leaving on top of her game. This is the thing with sports like figure skating and gymnastics…if you come back, you better come back GOOD and you better WIN. Especially after winning something like a gold medal at the last Olympics. Or else you will be remembered mostly as a fluke and not as a champion. I personally will not be surprised if she’s just holding on to this comeback thing as a means to get attention for her club and her sport (and continue the endorsement run) and then have some sort of injury or personal strife thing and back out at the end, to be cast as an NBC reporter at the Olympics on gymnastics. If she is not ready she is not ready – Marta can not magically “make” her ready, and if she is on that team everyone will be looking to her to deliver on bars and be a contender for the gold medal on UB event finals.

      Also, Marta cannot afford to gamble this year as it is almost EXPECTED that the US bring home that team gold medal given the talent depth in this quad. If she gambles and loses (which is almost a sure thing with Nastia…I think the AA was the only time she hit four solid routines at once), then she will lose her post as coordinator, or else everyone will see her for a joke/fluke. She’s already gotten a lot of criticism and that will be super hyped up if she passes a Ross/Bross/Raisman type for Nastia. I think she would almost be more forgiven taking Johnson over Nastia since Johnson has been at her comeback for awhile, is a media darling/Nike girl, and is more well-known in general by the mass public than Nastia. Sorry, but she still remains the “face” of women’s gymnastics – even today. Even my mom (does not watch DWTS nor does she keep up with gymnastics, AT ALL) knows who Shawn Johnson is. I ask her has she heard of Nastia Liukin and she says “nope, who’s that?” I’m not kidding.

      She might be saving that last spot on Jesolo for one of the ’08 girls as a means to give them time to get their A games on and as motivation to make a full comeback – none of this “only one/two events watered down” type crap. She wants them to really prove their worth and to really show themselves, and to take risks. Probably she really wants them to overdo it and injure themselves so she doesn’t have to deal with the pack of comebacks from the ’08 squad, but that’s just my internal feeling about the whole thing.

      Nastia may be a conceited self-centered brat, but she’s not stupid. If you’re the former all-around Olympic champion, you don’t let that reputation be tarnished with a half-a$$ comeback. There’s a reason the public hasn’t seen her (with the exception of those self-promotion videos)…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She wanted to compete at the 2009 World Championships but I was told her father put his foot down and told her if she wasn’t going to train full time then she wasn’t going to compete. She is an adult and can do what she likes but she listened to her father. I think he was a little bit worried about his status as a coach not just her celebrity but I wasn’t told that. Just an opinion.

        He knew that if she competed and tanked it would be the end of her marketability. He was worried about the main stream celebrity. They knew the gym celebrity would stay in tact even if she tanked.

        She had plans to try for the team even though she was hardly at home and even though she couldn’t get through a full bar routine consistently . She wanted to pass Shannon’s record total and openly mentioned it to anyone that listened so yes, her ego is bigger then her brain. Marta would have taken her too.

  6. TCO Says:

    She will not be on the team, unless having her gives you a better team score. There is no danger of that happening. She is toast…

  7. annonymous Says:

    This is such crap. The girl needs to be at camp, just like everyone else.

    Perhaps she quit and is just embarassed to admit it, since she made such a big, public announcement during Worlds.

  8. Aerial Says:

    I feel like she has not quit. The girl has everything – or so she thinks – medals, money, appearances and deals still pouring in – I believe that what she wants is to make another team (like all the other former Olympians who ALL almost always stage comebacks, no matter how great the rest of their life appears to be). I don’t think it’s a gimmick and I think she really does care.

    She probably thinks she can pull this off last-minute (as some do… ahem, Dawes, Chow, etc. whereas others take years to get back any semblance of their former athletic self. Sac and Memmel seem to do a good job of the same go, though they’re clearly both toast this time around.)

    I think the spoiled brat is playing the best of both worlds and being protected unfairly by USAG – training seriously when and how she can with her results and status being kept secret – while still doing the publicity stuff and advertising for all the meets and Olympic team. This role makes me feel icky and I haven’t even done anything wrong. I’m glad the ick factor is spreading to even former Nastia fans. I bet this goes on for quite some while and protects her all the way, last minute, to not making the team. Or making it. Whatever happens. With the least possible hit to her status. It’s not fair, and it makes Shawn look like a martyr to all the people who wanted to fry her in her prime.

  9. doughnut sundae Says:

    An Olympian… again? Really? Do you honestly think Nastia is still clinging to her teenage dream? I don’t.

    Though we may mock the cobwebs in her gymnastics, in the political arena Supergirl moves with frightening agility.

    Given her background Nastia Liukin would make a better USA Gymnastics president than the current one.

    I only hope that, by the end of Trials, this charade of hers will have made cents.

  10. JAS Says:

    I think they should have training camps be open to some press at least every 3 or 6 months to let the public know what’s going on and how the gymnast are progressing since they are representing the US then the US public should be able to know what’s going on

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree. We have the right to know. WE ARE AMERICANS!!!! 🙂

      • JAS4 Says:

        Exactly! Not that Marta or Nastia or anyone in their group would ever let that happen lol if any press tried to get within 10 miles of the ranch they would probably be me with armed
        Guards and escorted away or they would just disappear lol
        And I saw this on twitter and found it funny especially the first part
        And I had to change my user name from JAS to JAS4 and to my other email because it kept telling me I need to login lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        wordpress can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Sorry.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Wanna laugh. I attempted to do a Nastia leotard like spanny did to write a blog about what the US would probably wear at the next Olympics and I couldn’t get it good enough so I I need to get something better then paint.

  11. dd Says:

    I used to love Aly but her rabid Nastia re-tweeting has just gotten her deleted from my twitter account.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She doesn’t even grasp the concept that if she doesn’t make this team it will be because Nastia is on it.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Unless she is keeping her friends close and enimies closer and she is secretly plotting to pull a Tonya Harding on her lol

  12. Heidi Says:

    I noticed this as well. All the other Olympic hopefuls are working their cabooses off and I’ve not seen anything from Nastia except those ads about her comeback. I’d rather not see her on the Olympic team, tbh.

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