USA-Gymnastics up to their old tricks again

Someone at IG captured this before USA-Gymnastics deleted it. This is so freaking

If you need any proof USA-Gymnastics is up Nastia’s ass here you go.

I don’t a single thing this person said should have been deleted. What isn’t true?

If someone wrote this about Shawn I bet it would still be up.

Thanks for the laugh IG. You rock.

Dear USAG,

For the sake of the sport, I honestly hope this whole Pro-Nastia mentality is a phase, and nothing else. The deletion of my comment is one thing, personally, it’s no skin off my back, I don’t really care, I have other forums at which to express my, ‘biased’, opinion. What really bothers me is that I can’t point out certain truths because they’re ‘anti’-Nastia.

I’m sorry, but in what …world must I worship the ground she walks on? She’s the one who constantly yearns for attention. Honestly, what kind of person, much less athlete and Olympic Champion, announces their ‘come-back’ during the World Championship a few hours after a team member injures their Achilles? Not to mention that she took credit for giving the team their ‘pep-talk’ right before they competed, when it’s common knowledge their team captain did so.

Also, I’m not going to pretend as if I believe Marta knows what’s best for the team, evident in the US not having won since 1996. She isn’t doing anyone any favors by not sending Sabrina Vega, Shawn Johnson, Anna Li, etc and giving them an international stage in the Olympic year to showcase upgrades, get their feet wet, and what not. It’s ludicrous, but hey… I’m not the one who chooses the teams… Oh, wait… Nastia is on that committee as well, isn’t she? It’s ridiculous.

I digress, why not send Nastia? Does she really expect to wow at Nationals and automatically make the team? Is she really that delusional? I’m not kidding, when I say that I will be insanely upset if she even makes alternate to the Olympics. There are many, MANY, girls who deserve to be on that team; she does not. It being a 5 member team isn’t doing anyone any favors. The only way she will make the team is if someone who actually deserves to make that team is cut in order to make room for her subpar bars. She’s no where near Olympic shape, and we all know this, hell, neither is He Kexin.

Conclusively, the deletion of my comment isn’t the issue here, the issue is the lack of respect for others opinions if they aren’t pro-Nastia or Marta, and that isn’t something I support, especially, from an organization whose purpose is to represent United States Gymnastics, not the biased views of those who work there, or to glorify athletes who are has-beens.



14 Responses to “USA-Gymnastics up to their old tricks again”

  1. K Says:

    The Nastia lovers over there are, of course, crying about how mean it is.

  2. JAS Says:

    It’s not much point in taking down post because they will just post else where and if Nastia or anyone else googles themselves they wil find it anyways lol

  3. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    Wofford didn’t make Jesolo! That makes me so mad! I know Valeri had something to do with it!

  4. annonymous Says:

    Where was this posted? Facebook?

    Honestly, I’ve been unsure about the whole Nastia thing for a while. I think she was secretly training for the better part of a year, and when she finally had something to show, then she announced her comeback where she knew she would get the most attention – Worlds. However, it’s total bull that she hasn’t been at the last 2 training camps and still thinks that this is possible at this point.

  5. Alex Says:

    If I were a betting (wo)man, I would say that Nastia withdraws her eligibility for the 2012 team….possibly even as soon as the next 6 weeks. I don’t believe that she will be ready.

    • JAS Says:

      Jordyn said on twitter that the Pacific Rims team is heading out today for Seattle and Sloan,Raisman,and ASac have been tweeting about goin home but so far Shawn has been pretty silent on twitter except for some retweets I still haven’t heard anything else about what happened a camp lol

  6. Rebecca H. Says:

    Great post. Please excuse my ignorance but is Nastia still on the selection committee??? It made me sick that she was involved for worlds but I was under the impression that she would have to withdraw after finally announcing her comeback. Her usual special treatment aside, in what universe is it not a huge conflict of interest for her to have any say at this point?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      exgymgurl says she is off the selection committee and it is now just Terin as the athletes rep

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I did? No I think that was someone else, but I think it’s true… she still has Nastias rule no camps = no selection or whatever it was she wrote voted on and dictated to Steve Penny and Lou Peszeck

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I thought it was you. I am so tired I do not know which end is up

  7. anon Says:

    THAT WAS THE BEST THING I READ EVER!!! I agree with everyword. I dont have the gymnastics pull to get on IG or other private sites but just knowing that was up there made my day! Thank you!

    Signed- a person with a “bias” opinion 🙂

  8. JAS Says: Romanian team
    Named early
    I’m not surprised by any of those on the team

  9. What ever Says:

    What do gymnastics and beauty pageants have in common? They r both rigged. I just witnessed a beautiful beam routine by a sr with few wobbles but for some reason another one where a gymnast with touches the beam and wobbles several times gets almost half a point more in execution. Oh wait someone just told me if your initials are NL you can touch the beam once with no deduction and u get 4 mulligan wobbles. At least I understand the rational now. What a joke.

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