Pac Rim and Jeselo thoughts

Pac Rims

About the only thing I cared about concerning who made these teams was seeing Kyla Ross not get screwed over. So for that reason alone I am a happy camper.

I really expected Kyla to get the shaft when it came to Marta but she went to camp and has finished top 2 during both camps and is finally being rewarded for it with a trip to the Pac Rims.

The real fun comes when you see which gymnast is not on the list for either competition. Bridget Sloan and Shawn Johnson you have been issued a warning by Marta. It’s time to work harder or you might as well retire now.

Another name missing from any of these competitions is Bridget Caquatto. Also missing (not at camp) was Sabrina Vega but Marta’s pet will still be in the running come June thanks to her coach being an ex Marta student.

Okay so according to GGMB these are your camp AA placements.


Bross (only competing two events)
Alternate: Jetter

Alternate: Dennis

Pacific Rim


Alternate: Desch


Looks like Marta wants to try and take Kyla out having her on both teams. I guess sending Kyla to the American Cup ahead of Gabby for her consistent camp rankings would have been too much to ask. Not when she could send the one hit wonder.

Another name missing from this list is Anna Li. She verified all 4 events at camp and is sitting home.

I doubt Alicia was trying for any team but she is not on one either.

Someone pointed out that the Jeselo team is missing a competitor. There should be 10 but there are only 9. I guess this is the competition that will have two teams.

So what do YOU think?


:My thoughts. Can’t wait to see Kyla’s upgrades. Hoping for a 6.5 Uneven bar routine.

:Gabby should have been sent to Jeselo so we can see what the real judges think of her routines. In the US means the scores will given the good old extra tenths because the competitions are being held in the US.

: Aly not being sent to the Pac Rims is interesting. Mckayla beating her in the AA is interesting too since at last years worlds Mckayla only beat Aly on one event, vault. I don’t think the international judges liked mckayla save vault.


28 Responses to “Pac Rim and Jeselo thoughts”

  1. JAS Says:

    She may be sending only four people on one team instead but it also wouldn’t surprise me if she is saving that spot for Queen Nastia at the last minute if her “sore shoulder” is better lol but her not taking Shawn or any of the other 08 girls tells me one of four possibilities:
    1. She basically is blowing them all off and only wants her precious Nastia
    2. She only wants Newbies
    3. They bombed at camp
    4. They did really well at camp and she is hiding them

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      #3 makes sense. #1 makes me sick

      • JAS Says:

        Lol it really wouldn’t surprise me though if she is saving a spot for her favorite Nastia so she can at least do her “fabulous” bars lol

  2. Julia Says:

    Wait, so Maroney beat Raisman? Damn, her upgrades must be legit, or GGMB is full of it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is the rumor. No offense to Maroney she does not score as well outside the US as she does in a secret Marta camp.

      I am glad she did well because it was looking like she would be the odd girl out in this set up.

  3. Jen Says:

    What I got out of this is that Marta is giving her top four AAers two international assignments each before Classics/Visas/Trials

    Jordyn: SCAM & Pac Rim
    Kayla: Pac Rim and Jesolo
    Gabby: SCAM & Pac Rim
    Aly: SCAM & Jesolo

    I don’t want to comment on what happened at camp because obviously we weren’t there.

    As far as the 08 girls go, I think all of them weren’t ready to go out and compete right now for a variety of reasons, injury, pacing, fake comebacks, whatever.

    As for everyone else, these assignments are an early chance to put themselves ahead of the pack so to speak, before that final crazy push to London.

    Can’t wait to see what Kyla brings to the table this weekend!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I read on IG which is not always right that Kyla was first on the uneven bars at the most recent camp. That means she has to have upgraded to at least a 6.5 if she beat Bross and Gabby in Marta’s secret camp.

      Unless Marta is low balling Rebecca in case Nastia steps up. I am not even close to being a Bross fan but if she gets screwed by Marta in favor or Nastia it will suck. Same with Aly.

      Aly needs to go to Jeselo and finish second AA with a hit bars or she might just be the odd women out.

      Mckayla beats Aly inside the US but outside at worlds she did not. Mckayla’s bars and beam were a mess and her floor was deducted big time in prelims. She did better during team finals but it was still less then Aly.

      • JAS Says:
        Nastia and Peszek tweeting…. Barf!!!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        How 2000 and 8 of

        Notice Nastia only tweets the kids when she is going to a camp or about to promote something. sigh

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah, I saw that too. I hadn’t really thought about what it meant in regards to Kyla’s bars d-score though. I’m not sure if YAY! will convey my joy enough.

        My team right now is Wieber, Douglas, Ross, Raisman, Maroney.

        So if Ross has a EF worthy bar routine, that’s Wieber, Ross, Douglas in TF on bars and I’m good with that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree with your team except I think if Bross stays consistent on bars and beam they will take her over Mckayla.

        Gabby seems to be the pet right now. Who knows what Marta will feel if she doesn’t hit at Nationals and Trials.

      • Jen Says:

        Bross and consistent never belong in the same sentence. Marta’s giving her a shot right now. I think of ALL the girls she has to hit at Jesolo the most.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think she will be fine if she stays on bars but maybe Marta wants Rebecca and Mckayla to compliment each other. VT/FL un/bb which means maybe she already knows Nastia is out.

        Let me see here Jordyn/Kyla/Mckyala/Rebecca/Gabby-Aly

        I don’t know. Maybe Marta has no plans for Aly at all.

        This whole situation makes no sesne.

      • Jen Says:

        You’re right, the entire puzzle really doesn’t make sense right now. I just want everyone to go to Jesolo and hit so we can see a real picture of what they’d score at the Games. Then it’s just math and math is easy.

  4. TCO Says:

    I feel sad for Shawn because she was really trying. Her knee is just holding her back.

  5. exgymgurl Says:

    Nobody from 08 is truly doing AA right now, we know ASac doesnt, Nastia isn’t, Shawn isn’t Chellsie isnt and Sloan probably depends on what day it is and whether or not her snuggie / iphone or dog catches her eye. Jetter ( one of your favorites GTT ) as an alternate is the most interesting thing here. Shawn may yet make it back. Natasha Kelley was competing in NCAA with NO ACL at all….

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I’ll admit it. I like Jetter on floor. I always find her nit picked to death on that event.

      If Shawn hits at Nationals and trials she might throw a monkey wrench in the Marta plan.

      I just hope everyone hits their bar routine which makes Nastia a non issue.

  6. Amy Says:

    Shawn hitting at Nationals/Trials won’t throw a monkey wrench in Marta’s plans, it’ll play into her plan. USAG wants SJ on their team (well the 2008 SJ). They need the extra attention she will bring that no one – not even precious Nastia – will put on the team. Sorry but the focus will be magnified 10x with SJ versus anyone else save Mary Lou Retton herself making a comeback.

    Sorry Nastia, but most people don’t recognize you. SJ on the other hand, a few more people do recognize her. This is why you keep hearing Marta say “SJ-2008”. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left her off the team so she (1) gets more individual time with Chow since he’ll only be in Washington for a bit with Gabby especially since she took 6 weeks off to train @the MJ place in TX and/or (2) to send a clear message to her that she needs to get her act together.

    Bridget Sloan…sigh..girlfriend needs to give it up me thinks and move on to UF. She’s been injured for like 3 years now. She’s rumored to be less enthusiastic about training then all the elite girls and only really shined when Samantha Pzesek was her training buddy.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Who knows, Maybe Shawn is saving herself for Nationals and Trials because she knows that if she hits there she will have a chance at the team.

      Have I mentioned how much I don’t trust Marta????? πŸ™‚

    • JAS Says:

      I think Marta perhaps was trying to send a message to Shawn for her to get her old tumbling skills back if she wants to be on the team because I saw on here that Bross had a few falls on floor and all but she was still on the Jeselo team so unless Shawn just wasn’t ready or had a really bad camp I think Marta was sending her a message that she wants the 08 Shawn back

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shawn needs to wake up and get over this knee issue. If she messes up the knee then so be it but this half ass training is pissing me off. Sorry my Nastia hate is talking here.

        The ultimate FU to Nastia is if Shawn makes this team and does AA and does well.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I think she needs to get over the fear of re injuring her knee and all if it she tries and gets injured then she will know she gave it her best shot as opposed to not going all out and being left with regrets even if she is ready to compete full force she needs to be ready to have full tumbling back by at least classics and trials I think Marta is probably wants her to get her old floor back cause that’s where she could probably help the most if she gets her tumbling skills back and it would help if she has a good beam and bars having her Amanar back would be good but if she is good on all the other events with the number of Amanars if she had a really good solid DTY I think it would be good because even if there were injuries and she had to compete on vault if she could had a high scoring DTY it would still help the team

  7. suz Says:

    Or, most likely, Shawn wasn’t competing full routines.

  8. TCO Says:

    I’ve been an athlete with similar injuries. If she feels she can’t push off or use the knee full force…it is almost certainly a real problem.

    I got the same BS from a doctor about my labrum. I said…OK…how about I do some pullups here in your office…if I dislocate, you can stick it in again. He just looked at me and said, don’t do it. You can feel your body.

    Shawn is not 100% in the knee. Bottom line.

    What I wish she would do is something like what Brooks does for his ankle. Redo all the elements to favor the joint. Maybe that could work?

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      “Johnson tore the ACL, MCL and meniscus in her left knee, as well as her hamstring, during a January 2010 ski trip to celebrate her 18th birthday.” – Associated Press

      I always thought that most of the pieces were left out of this puzzle. I mean, how often do skiers tumble down a mountain and have that kind of trauma to one area of their body without seeing varying degrees of it elsewhere? It is probably more than her knee…

      But my curiosity is getting the better of me. What were the doctors telling her?

      “Now, now Shawn – there’s no reason to get all phobic about it…”

  9. annonymous Says:

    Bottom line that I got from this is…2008ers need to retire.It seems as though Marta is going out of her way to send the message that she does not need them and is not taking them anywhere, save for Nastia whom I think she is hiding…I mean, almost all of them are out with injuries and she is taking Bross over all of them even though Bross just recently came back.

    It is sad for them but I am sort of seeing my original theory of the London team only being All Arounders…but who knows. We wont know until we know, really! (Although the suspense is killing me).

  10. Holly-LA Says:

    what does “GGMB” mean?

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