“Theoretically, there could be 3 AAers and two very strong uneven bar (workers)”

Read the article here. Marta is naming Nastia to this team if she competes and it will be at the expense of someone that actually deserves to make the team.

Who are the gymnast that are all around gymnasts?

Jordyn Wieber
Kyla ” better not be screwed over” Ross
Gabby ” if that beam routine goes up in team finals NOT” Douglas
Aly “weak uneven bar ” Raisman
Mckayla “really only great at vault” Maroney ?
Rebecca “always falling “Bross
“Shawn ” needs to upgrade ” Johnson

I think this pretty much means Alicia Sacramone should retire now because she does not fit either catagory.

Nastia Liukin

One set of rules for Nastia and one set for everyone else.

Q: For Nastia, do you want to see her focus on two events or add floor?

Karolyi: “No, I don’t think she should do floor. I think if she would be excellent on two events, that would give her a good chance, just because bars, we can use one more nice routine done well technically and with a good start value. And beam she was always beautiful and had correct execution. So I think if she is excellent on two, that would give her a good chance.”

Hey Nastia. Hit beam and bars and you are on this team, Love Marta

Kyla Ross Not even mentioned.


Marta implies that the 33 AA gymnasts will be good enough to compete any of the 4 events in the team final. Possibly being weak on the uneven bars. That fits Aly and Mckayla.

Think about these three AA gymnasts having to compete Vault, beam and floor in team finals to make up for the two uneven bar gymnasts. That means someone like Gabby will be used in team finals on beam. How about floor? If Gabby hit her floor routine at camp but was a mess at the American Cup how much more nervous will she be in a team finals at the Olympics. She only scored in the 13’s at worlds.

Taking two uneven bar workers to go with 3 AA gymnasts is a disaster in the making. I can’t believe I am going to say this but if you take someone like Nastia for bars at least she has a beam routine to back herself up. (If she is in shape) I guess Rebecca Bross could fit this category too. You are going to need some strong beam”ers” if you are using Gabby as your AA gymnast.

Shawn Johnson

Q: Where could Shawn Johnson potentially most help the team?

Karolyi: “Well, it’s just a big question. She just has to become the old Shawn Johnson. And if she will do that, she could. She was an excellent beamer, she was excellent on tumbling, and those two events could be…and she has a bar routine with a decent start value, not sky high but could be like an opener or something if she does that consistently.”

Marta is telling you Shawn that in order to make this team you need floor and bars. Interesting that she is counting on Shawn for floor if she is making this team. It pretty much proves she has a team in mind.

Q: Would you rather have two top athletes challenging each other like Jordyn and Gabrielle rather than one athlete who is the very best?

Karolyi: [Beaming] “Oh, they are challenging each other. Believe it or not, these girls are very very smart and they look left and right and they exactly know [here, for the first time, Karolyi seemed to lose a good deal of her thick Romanian accent. She’s speaking slowly, emphasizing each word] and they know when they have to charge a little stronger to make sure they keep their position. So it’s a very good healthy competition and it always was, and that’s a good element to bring the performance level even higher.”

Continue reading on Examiner.com Q and A: Martha Karolyi’s state of American gymnastics – National Gymnastics | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/gymnastics-in-national/q-and-a-martha-karolyi-s-state-of-american-gymnastics#ixzz1oU91s6ak

I will give Marta credit for pointing out the facts about Gabby’s beam and floor something no one else wants to acknowledge. Not that one single person besides me has pointed out her floor was a mess at the American Cup.

That being said she basically sent Gabby to the American cup to show up Jordyn to motivate her. “Beaming” way to make this a team Marta…….

and perhaps the most interesting part of the article is when Marta says she wants everyone at all 3 meets because they won;t compete internationally enough in the next few months. Does this mean she won’t send any of the names to the big meets coming up?

Oh Marta.lol


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64 Responses to ““Theoretically, there could be 3 AAers and two very strong uneven bar (workers)””

  1. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    Ok, my initial thought was to panic about Kyla! Then I thought it through!

    I still think Kyla is going to beat Aly every single time! So when it comes to one of the 3 all-around spots, Kyla has a very good chance there! Also, she has a very good bars set! I don’t think it’s over for her, which many seem to be claiming at IG Forum!

    Now while I believe all of what I just wrote, Marta could still screw her over! But I’m just saying it’s not as bad as it seems!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is a VERY small possibility that Marta is hiding Kyla. She almost beat Jordyn at camp which means she has upgrades she is hitting. She beat Jordyn ON bars at camp but I just DO NOT trust Marta.

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        Yeah, it’s possible that she’s trying to surprise everyone! But I agree, Marta is just too unpredictable (but very predictable when it comes to Nastia)!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I do not trust her to Annia Hatch or Mohini this Olympics or Sabrina Vega it. She took both those gymnasts for personal stupid reasons (Sabrina’s coach her ex gymnast. Annia ONE Vault and Mohini for who was sponsering her/publicity)

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        Oh I absolutely think she would put Sabrina on the team! I’m still hoping Nastia makes up an injury and quits!

  2. JAS Says:

    I think given the history of injuries right before major competition Marta would be crazy to put Nastia on the team but she probably will anyways I think if you had Jordyn, Gabby, Kyla, are three fairly solid AA and if you had either Aly or Bross on the team either of them is capable of AA but solid on at least 3 events each and I think like Shawn who might not have the highest d scores but decent enough and fairly solid on all four events that could put up a decent score on any event if there were injuries but I’m sure someone is getting screwed for Nastia from that interview!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Lets hope Marta is lying and trying to play mind games

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I hope so but who knows with Marta and Nastia lol but I think that if Nastia knows she doesn’t have a chance and Marta isn’t going to put her on the she will pull out of the Olympic mix but if she keeps training and if she competes then it probably means she knows Marta is putting her on the team

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It would serve Marta right if she pulled this BS and then the team paid because of it.

      • JAS Says:

        If she does then I have a feeling that is exactly what might happen and then Marta will probably be “retiring” for real lol

  3. nero Says:

    I think people use the term ‘all arounder’ too strictly.
    Mckayla is a vault specialist-all-arounder meaning you don’t want to use her on beam in TF but that you CAN
    Gabby is a bars specialist-all-arounder

    That’s why I think Marta will technically take 5 all arounders to London with 2 of them being bars specialists

    Jordyn, Aly and Kyla with Gabby and Rebecca
    possibly Mckayla if she gets the TTY (please gymnastics Gods!)

    • Sandy Says:

      I was thinking the same thing as nero. Marta might be playing a game where she says 3 AA’ers and 2 bar specialists, but the bar specialists could and likely will be AA’ers with great bars, AND this statement allows the “real” bar specialists (Nastia, Coquatto’s, Li, etc.) to think they have a fighting chance too. This keeps everyone in the game and training their hardest. Marta would be stupid to waste TWO spots on a FIVE-member team to solely bar specialists. They will need to be relied on for the other apparatuses as well. There’s too high of a chance an injury will occur. Just look what happened in ’08, where not one, but TWO girls got injured. If that happened again in ’12 and Marta had to make a bar specialist line up for vault or floor, she’d be screwed and everyone would call her out for losing in an Olympic year where the Americans have a really good chance of winning and are so deep it’s insane.

      I think too that she’s probably not wanting to rely on Aly OR Jordyn for bars in team finals. Yet she’ll have to use them in quals for the AA unless she takes it away from Aly. It’s four up three count in quals, right? So that’s where she’s likely saying 3 AA’ers because only 3 can foresee ably compete for two of those AA spots (stupid per-country rule…seriously). Somebody (Aly or Douglas or Bross or Ross) will have to give up their AA shot, and it’s going to come on bars in quals. Weiber will for sure be given the chance being the reigning world champ, but Marta can always elect not to use her in team finals for bars (which may be smart).

      As for Nastia, “if” she comes to Nationals and Trials and hits a 7.0 D level bar set, I might see it. But that’s a big if. I really don’t know about that, and I’m hoping Marta’s statement will result in both Douglas and Johnson showing up to Nationals with a 6.9/7.0 D level bar set as well. I’d even prefer Bross at this point over Nastia.

      If Kyla shows up to Nationals and Trials and beats Weiber or comes fairly close to beating her there’s no way Marta can elect to leave her off the team without some explaining. There’s no secret stupid camp this time. I’m wondering why the heck Marta doesn’t want to take her? Is it because she’s too young or something? Or is this a political feeling?

      And I also have to add that while Douglas impressed the heck out of me on her bars and vault (I haven’t seen her beam yet), I was dumbfounded by how she stepped out of bounds on that second (or third?) pass where she just kept taking steps back…it’s like what she did at Nationals last year. Geez. She needs like a “shock” collar or something.

      And Marta basically is telling Shawn she needs her floor back full throttle or she’s not going to have a snowball’s chance in hell of being on that team. Which is unfair given how Nastia can just focus on two events after announcing a “comeback” eight months prior to the Olympics. Whatever though. I’m still hoping Shawn shows up and creams everyone at Trials and Marta will “have” to take her. Just to spite Nastia. And because Shawn’s a good kid.

      I’m still a bit afraid though Marta is counting on Nastia for bars/beam so she can complement her with Maroney’s vault/floor. Leaving the three AA’ers: Aly, Jordyn, and Douglas/Ross/Bross…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If Maroney and Nastia are a collection then that means Aly is not part of this team. She and Mckayla would be cutting it close as far as the UB go with Jordyn as the lock IF IT IS Bross/Ross/Aly.

        This idea Marta can kill Jordyn by using her on every event in team finals is ludicrous. It isn’t fair to Jordyn.

        I hate to join the bandwagon that Mckayla has no spot now but if Marta overscored Gabby on floor and beam to make her the AA, Mckayla has little use.

        I feel really bad for gymnasts like Aly and Mckayla who might be left at home in favor of this new love fest for Gabby. She is not getting a 14.700 with that floor routine at the Olympics if the judges are doing the job they are paid to do. Same with beam.

        I think Rebecca Bross is another one that might get screwed out of a spot.

        Marta seems to be ignoring floor again with the new found, UB/Amanar craze.

      • Sandy Says:

        You can have Maroney/Nastia as a collection AND Aly, as follows:

        Vault: Maroney, Aly, Jordyn
        UB: Nastia, Jordyn, Douglas/Ross/Bross/Johnson
        Beam: Aly, Jordyn, Douglas/Ross/Bross/Johnson, even Nastia
        Floor: Aly, Jordyn, Maroney, or Douglas/Ross/Bross

        In this scenario the Douglas/Ross/Bross is a solid AA’er with high potential on UB. It can happen. AND Maroney and Aly would have a spot on the team as well.

        Thinking Marta is pitting all of the AA’ers against each other to compete for one spot is unfair though as she’s giving way more credence to that UB specialist (i.e., Nastia). Taking Maroney gives a guaranteed gold medal (almost) on vault EF. I think she really wants to take Aly as a table setter.

        All of this new-found hype for Gabby does not bode well for Bross, Ross, Johnson, or Vega. And if Marta takes Nastia she BETTER prove herself worthy. I doubt that will happen though. She’s taking Nastia so Nastia can have another freebie handed to her. Almost guaranteed Bross will be screwed either way.

        We know SOMEONE will get screwed.

  4. meow Says:

    I usually don’t agree with you, but on this occasion I do! It was unfair, even to me, that Marta seemed to have her team in mind already!

    Sorry, but I’m still waiting to see Kyla. I think that she’s just Meh. I actually prefer Aly’s….at least she has a dynamic floor. Kyla is so boring. Her only standout is beam, but you really can’t “stand-out” on beam the way you would on the other events.

    Why are we still mentioning Alicia? Her name shall be forgotten…starting now! She was barely an asset back in 2010.

    Jordyn – I never thought she was all that. Even less now.
    Aly – She better make it. She’s worked too hard.
    Gabby – WOOPWOOP.
    Kyla – Snooze. I want to see her perform as a senior already. (this is all just first impressions)

    Jordyn – VT, BB, FX
    Aly – VT, BB, FX
    Gabby – VT, UB, BB, FX
    Kyla – VT, BB
    Nastia – UB, BB
    Shawn – BB, FX

    Whoever Marta decides to choose, I just want Jordyn to NOT do bars for the Team Final. Just no. no. no.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree Kyla needs to prove herself as a senor but I don’t find her boring. She is one the few gymnasts I can watch and there isn’t something about her that makes me want to claw my eyes out.

      She nearly beat Jordyn at the January camp and since Jordyn is the it girl I am sure Kyla was close to beating her or would have beat her with real judges.

  5. missy Says:

    Martha is *beaming* now that she put Gabby Douglas to compete exhibition routines that actually beat Wieber, In the interview on Gymexaminer, Gabby acknowledged that she and Wieber are rivals now, obviously Martha did this with the intention of pushing Wieber (and Douglas and Ross and basically anyone who wants a shot at AA gold), but what if this backfires on her and any one of them or a handful of them gets injured??

  6. annonymous Says:

    That interview proved to me that Gabby is just a toy of Marta’s to keep Wieber motivated. It had to be someone.

    The fact that Gaggy has a shot at this team still baffles me, was I the only one that saw her step out of bounds BEFORE a tumbling run? I laughed horribly when I saw that. If that isnt the type of mistake to make Marta shake her head, then I dont know what is.

    I was a little scared to see what she said about Nastia…she so obviously is bending and creating rules just so that she can place her on this team.

    The fact that she didnt mention Maroney or Aly either says that they are already on her hypothetical team in her mind…or she forgot about them. I am now in the camp that is not so sure that Maroney will be on the team. Back in Tokyo I agreed that there was no way to leave her at home…but now I could see it happening.

    As for Shawn…she’s not forcing Nastia to be the “same old Nastia” so why is she implying that Shawn wont be on the team unless she is the “same old Shawn”?!

    • JAS Says:

      Yeah I don’t think Shawn should have to be the same old Shawn as long as she ups he d scores and can hit solid routines I would much rather see her than Nastia

    • Sandy Says:

      Not sure why Marta would feel the need to keep Jordyn motivated (seems like she puts enough pressure on herself as it is)…maybe she just wants everyone to really know that the two AA spots aren’t going to necessarily be given to the “obvious.” John Geddert probably needed the wake up call more than Jordyn did.

      Marta also might be hoping that the new-found Gabby hype will get to Gabby’s head and cause for her to make mistakes at nationals/trails so she can have an excuse to leave Gabby at home for Nastia.

      Who knows what’s going on in her head, but for sure Marta has a team plan laid out. She’s trying to manipulate the gymnasts to fall into her plan.

      All I have to say is that if Team USA does not bring home gold in 2012, Marta should be forced to retire given the talent pool she has to pick from.

      • annonymous Says:

        I thought maybe Marta would want to pressure/motivate Jordyn as to say “Just because you are winning doesnt mean you dont have to work harder”…but you have a point that it could have been geared more towards Geddert. Who truly knows what goes on behind the scenes, you know?

        Truth…if Marta could say, well Gabby didn’t do well at trials so now I HAVE to take Nastia, that could at least make an ‘excuse’ for putting Nastia on the team. After the AmCup it was just a tad apparent to me, in my opinion, that Gabby is being used as a motivator to push the others…I doubt that this “hype” lasts.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Imagine this: you are an overnight celebrity who can skip school whenever you want. Huge companies are smothering you with everything monetary, and it seems all but Justin Bieber are fighting for the privilege of being graced by your presence.

      The scene is undoubtedly more overwhelming than it sounds, particularly for a 16-year-old World Champion, whose non-gymnastics ambition was probably to get a driver’s permit but now is having to fight with all of her strength not to be featured on MTV Cribs before the Olympics begin.

      Unlike Aly and Becca, Jordyn did not grow up with a big sis who was a successful professional athlete so, yeah, everything is new and exciting… and distracting.

      Marta’s message to the girl whose coach thinks she’s too good for watered-down gymnastics: “If you can get your ass beat at home by a longshot, guess what a Russian has planned for ya? She has been eating, sleeping, pining, and living for that day – and Anna Dementyeva doesn’t even have a vendetta against you, you fool! God help you with the girl who does.”

      • JAS Says:

        If Jordyn is going to pacific rims I would kind of like to see Gabby on the team too and see how they do when they are actually competing against each other!

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        If I were Marta, Jordyn would not be going to the Pacific Rim Championships – nor would Aly or Gabby for that matter. They need to rest. Instead, Rebecca Bross and the California girls would be on their way to Seattle. While two Olympic shoo-ins are resting, two more are competing.

      • Sandy Says:

        Of course, any sensible person would rest their top athletes in preparation for the Olympics. However, I think Marta must get a kick out of all the injuries her training regimen delivers, otherwise I have not a clue why she’s baiting the likes of Jordyn and Aly to multiple competitions throughout the Olympic year. Maybe she’s sick in the head, or maybe she just doesn’t want to make the ultimate decision and hopes that injuries will make it for her.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I think with only a 5 member team she needs to take 5 AA gymnast even if they are most likely going to be used for one or two events they need to be able to put up a decent score on any event in case of injury because if two people get injures like at the last Olympics if you have one or two event specialist it could really screw the team

  7. JBon Says:

    what do you guys make of this:

    http://twitter.com/#!/NastiaLiukin (the ‘so excited for the next 20 weeks’ tweet)

  8. nero Says:

    Didn’t Marta say she has her team picked out now but that it changes week to week? I think that is smart, Gabby is on that ‘team’ now but it might change

    Shawn needs to be ‘old Shawn’ on beam and floor because she wont be used on vault and bars. She might be cleaner in the air than Aly but her amanar has about a 50% chance of being downgraded, not something you want to risk at the Olympics. And as Nabieva and Mustafina have shown us an ugly amanar will still score pretty well, and Aly’s doesn’t look nearly as bad as theirs.

    • annonymous Says:

      I see your point about the “old shawn”…but the examiner article still made it seem like the rules were being bent for Nastia and the expectations were raised for Shawn. I think with all of our vault talent right now, beam and floor is being overlooked because bars is always a concern and now vault is where we pull in the scores.

    • JAS Says:

      I think at Pan Ams Shawn’s d score on bars was around 5.8 if she could upgrade that to atleast 6.2 or higher and has really good e scores then I think she has the potential to be used as a table setter on bars and even if her vault isn’t great she could still be used in case of injury. But she does need to get her beam consistency back I think she had two falls at Pan Ams and still scored above a 13 which means if she can hit then her beam is capable of scoring 15 or higher and if she could get a decent score on floor I would much rather see her than Nastia

      • nero Says:

        LOL Jas I wouldn’t because that means Shawn is replacing either Aly, Kyla or even Bross. No way man NO WAY

        I know Bross doesn’t have the prettiest gymnastics but I can’t help but love her saying ‘F you knock knees’

        I’ve said it before I’ll say it a million times again no ’08ers these new girls are so much better

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Don’t let Marta fool you with talk of nail-biting indecision. The 2012 Olympic question was probably settled before the 2011 Worlds team landed in Tokyo. I’m sure the only thing they are arguing about now are substitution schematics, the pecking order of who will fill in for whom if something should happen before the Games begin.

  9. JAS Says:

    According to ASac on twitter she is headed to her first training camp since injury tomorrow. I’m kinda surprised she is back so soon.

    • Sandy Says:

      I think I saw an article saying she was planning on going back to training on all of her events at the end of February…but yeah I doubt she can do much at this camp; she probably wants to just make a showing and exercise her “team leadership” skills in front of Marta to show Marta that London needs a “mama duck” to control all of the “baby ducks”…which I am like “yeah right how stupid” but how can ASac quit now when she made such an effort in her comeback. I don’t see a spot for her on the London team unless injury occurs to someone else – namely Aly or Maroney.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah with all the Amanars now ASac isn’t as much of a factor although with Marta you never know lol but in order to legitimately make the team she woul have to have some crazy upgrades or something which would be difficult since she has to get her normal skills back first. I think with the number of girls in the Olympic mix who have plenty of major competition experience like Aly and Jordyn to be “team leaders” if one is needed

    • Sandy Says:

      I totally agree. But then there was this article where Marta told some news outlet just after worlds that all ASac needed was her ’08 skills (a rudi and her beam/floor) and she’d be OK. I was thinking “Marta are you nuts” because ASac should at least upgrade her beam and figure out how not to run out of bounds on floor…and on top of that add another half twist to her rudi. THEN maybe she’d have a shot. MAYBE. Also add to that equation Jordyn, Aly, or Maroney being injured. I’d be too afraid ASac would fall off the beam again on her mount if I were Marta.

  10. JAS Says:

    Saw this on twitter
    …..more Nastia fluff lol

    • Sandy Says:

      Man I hope she’s just shooting herself in the foot with that…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I watched it without sound because listening to her makes me want to hurl. What did she say?

      I think that video is old. At least the gymnastics part is. She looks out of shape and does no real skills but the pak and her father had to hold her for that.

      • Sandy Says:

        She said she was 22 in the video…so yeah it’s probably old. I’m guessing now that maybe those clips were from when she had been training after the Olympics in 2009. Wasn’t she 20 in Beijing?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        A few months ago NBC had some video. It might have been Visa. I forget but it wasn’t that old and those clips look like that video.

        It’s Nastia so I usually try to forget what she does:)

      • JAS Says:

        I’m sure before long there will be even more Nastia fluff everywhere to ignore lol I’m sure she is going to be all over everything the next few months lol

      • JAS Says:

        I think she was 18 in 08 cause I saw this thing online awhile back about Marta saying she would have had Nastia on the team in 04 (big surprise….NOT) but she didn’t turn 16 in the Olympic year so 22 is about right

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Kyla fans keep in mind, martha was answering questions on specific gymnasts. Blythe didnt ask about asac memmell bross ross and thus they were not mentioned. Sloan could also set up bars… Again not mentioned. Interezting to see who goes to pac rims.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I heard her say something about 08 was her destiny and 2012 is a dream and then I just pretty much tuned the rest out lol but I saw it on one of the gymnastic something or other twitter post then a little while later Nastia herself had posted it lol

      • annonymous Says:

        I thought this video looked a tad old. I think they might have filmed it the same time they made that commercial that came out a while ago…the one for the new sports network? I might be crazy but she looks the same in both so I think this is a tad old.

    • meow Says:

      I’m the Nastia fan here so I’ll say one of her possible new combinations I got from watching the video.
      (No videos or pictures with Nastia allowe muahaha edited by me:)
      (the link didn’t work for me, sorry)

      Switch Split 1/2 (D) + BHS (B?) + Side Aerial (D) + Onodi (D)

      Hehe, don’t get mad guys. ^_______^

      • TCO Says:

        Nastia loverz are not allowed at this blog. go to IG and hang with the mean girls.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The mean girls implies they would be popular. In the real world Kitty and NastiafanaticsnowaBrossfanatical have no real friends.

      • JAS Says:

        Too bad Nastia won’t go compete for Russia maybe with Komova having surgery and sidrova (sp?) needing surgery she can go beg someone to give her a spot on their team then Marta will see her as a traitor and then no one in the US gets screwed for her lol I personally wouldnt be surprised if she were to jump ship to Russia if Marta didn’t put her on the team although they may send her back lol

      • JAS Says:

        Apparently according to twitter the Pacific Rims team will be announced by 3/13 and pretty much everyone including Shawn, Nastia, and ASac will be there but no Memmel the team will be 3 seniors/3 juniors

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I do not allow Nastia pictures on my blog so your video is about to be deleted missy. Feel free to post but Nastia fanatical lunatics will never be tolerated muahaha:)

      • TCO Says:

        I like how NF does code breakdowns.

        I think I hurt his tender feelings with some N bashing though.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        He doesn’t like it when anyone says anything anti Woga. If I was Nastia I would get a security guard to watch the stalkers.

  11. alex Says:

    I think you guys are a little bit hysterical. IF Nastia goes it will be because she has a kick-ass bar routine and will help team USA. If she is not in a position to perform perfectly, she will take herself out of the mix. There is no way that “Team Valeri” would allow themselves to be embarrassed. No way.
    And frankly, if Nastia is going to help the USA win gold, she should go. If she’s not, she shouldn’t. Seems pretty cut-and-dry to me. I’m pretty neutral about the Nastia comeback, but I say if she’s an asset she should be on the team. And I don’t believe that she will be on the team if she’s not.

    • Sandy Says:

      Yeah but too bad Marta’s the type that likes to play political games and that gymnastics is such a subjective sport. We’ve all seen many times more proficient, talented, better athletes get left at home during major competitions in favor of a pet or more “politically-involved” athlete.

      Although you can’t really do that with a five-member squad quite as easily…if we were back in the “Magnificent Seven” days Nastia would just have it gifted to her, no matter what she’s working on in the gym.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I wish they would go back to 7 on the team it allows for more gymnast that deserve to go the chance and to use event specialist if nessesary. I don’t know why they keep making the teams smaller there’s really not much of a point to it

  12. Ness Says:

    All this talk on Nastia’s comeback is making me cringe. If she takes a spot from one of the girls who actually deserve a spot, I am not sure I am going to be able to even stomach watching the olympics this summer. I was a Nastia fan in ’08 but its 2012 now. Her days are gone.
    I would love to see the 2012 team to be Jordyn, Aly, Gabby, Rebecca, and Kyla, but if Nastia gets on that team, I have an AWFUL feeling that either Rebecca or Kyla are going to get screwed over.
    The USA has a great chance of winning the gold medal this year, and I dont want to see Martha screw it up.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      If Rebecca gets passed over for Nastia I wonder how well that will go. I hear Rebecca’s daddy is a nut case stage dad. I can’t see him taking this lightly.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I’m sure that’d go over real well I think it would be a big scandal and Bross would
        Be switching gyms lol

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Not happening…. Nastia’staken her peace out, they just arent publicizing it because she doesnt want to lose endorsements….she doesnt have bars or beam back…. Let alone floor Woga is open for public viewing most days someone go watch ohashi and bross oh wait theyre actually training….

        Nastia not in….
        Nastia on tour after yes…..

      • JAS Says:

        They would probably say she is training after hours or in private so she wouldn’t be bothered and could focus lol which is code for she is nowhere near ready and doesn’t want anyone to see or she is too busy out living it up on tv or rolling in her money to train lol

  13. Wha? Says:

    It’s truly sad when publicity trumps talent…only in America!

  14. TCO Says:

    Whoda thunk that Shawn would be more serious than Nastia a couple years ago? Too bad about her knee…

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