I knew something was missing from this American cup

Where is the intimidation 300 feet American Flag usually right behind beam?

Here is Larisa’s balance beam routine from 2012.

Aliya Mustfina in 2011

Rebecca Bross had a smaller version in 2010

It was missing in 2009

Shayla Worley in 2006

and I added this one because it just made me laugh and laugh.

I am going to make a tiny url of that.LMAO


8 Responses to “I knew something was missing from this American cup”

  1. JAS Says:

    I guess they figured everyone knows its the scam cup so no need for intimidation lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      So true.lol So true.

      • JAS Says:

        It doesn’t matter if someone throws a TTY and
        Has 7.0 start values or higher on every apparatus and does them well if they ain’t American they can forget it lol

  2. Jen Says:

    You’ll notice that it wasn’t present in 2008, the last time it was in the Garden. MSG isn’t going to block usable seating just to hang up a huge American flag.

  3. JAS Says:

    Saw on twitter that apparently Jordyn was battling asthma at the American Cup and was seen with an inhaler in hand after floor that would explain why everyone was saying her floor didn’t have it’s usual energy

    • nero Says:

      I heard that too, I think that plus the extreme pressure she must have been feeling plus all the upgrades was why she didn’t look herself. Is she going to Pac Rims? Hopefully she’ll look better there

  4. annonymous Says:

    Yikes, poor Jordyn if that’s true. I guess it makes sense now why she looked so different.

    I agree, there is no way they were not going to sell all the seats on the other side of the arena just for a flag. It’s obnoxious anyway…do any other countries put up a show like that? I’ve never seen anything like it at any other event, I dont think.

  5. Mojo Says:

    Who do you think Marta is going to send to Pacific Rim?

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