The Olympic Trials. What if ______ falls three times?


There is no secret camp after Trials this year to hide the Marta decision making process. Does that mean hitting at Trials is essential to making the Olympic team?

If someone like Jordyn has a bad meet it won’t hurt her chances but what is Rebecca Bross falls 3 times. Does she get the same benefit Jordyn will get?

Rebecca Bross is a very inconsistent gymnast. She won two AA medals with falls. She has only competed in one team finals at Worlds and while she did not fall she had several bobbles on beam (but still scored well) She has a high start value on bars but usually only scores in the 14.8 range when she hits. Does she have enough of a reputation to put her on this team if she falters at Trials?

What about the complete opposite of the spectrum. Chellsie Memmel loves to hit when you least expect it. She could finish top 2 at Trials and throw a huge monkey wrench into deciding the Olympic team. With no secret camp to hide behind would Marta name her to the team if the other AA gymnasts make mistakes?

I guess the real question is, If a gymnast known for being inconsistant like Rebecca Bross falls all over the place at Nationals and Trials will Marta dare name her to the Olympic team?

What about Nastia. She has not competed in 3 years. If she goes to Nationals and hits one of two routines then goes to trials and does the same does she get named to this team anyway?

What if Gabby hits bars on both days and lives up to her ridiculous AA score at a camp meet. Would Marta name Nastia over Gabby and would there be any backlash if she did?

None of this will probably even matter come June. There is no way Marta will be forced into adding a gymnast to this team if she doesn’t want said gymnast on the team. She will make sure the judges keep that gymnast down. Take note Chellsie Memmel. This will probably be you.


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54 Responses to “The Olympic Trials. What if ______ falls three times?”

  1. JAS Says:

    Yeah I have a feeling Marta will be picking the team not the judges camp or no camp she will put who ever she wants on there but hopefully she will have enough sence not to screw the USA out of potentially winning gold!

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Its a good question. It should be top 5 AA period with trials so close to competition. Marta can always fix the scores. Alicia only has 3 months to get skills back that puts us at June 1. If chellsie wants any shot at all get her ass to camp for validation….

  3. annonymous Says:

    This is a good question and I have wondered this myself.

    Although one would expect it to be the top 5 AA…I doubt Martha will allow that. I think if there are any ’08 members in the top 5 she will freak out and make the decision behind closed doors.

    If GD and her disgusting floor routine show up in London I will turn the TV off. I dont care how good her bars are. In fact, her floor is so awful that I cant even be impressed with her bars.

    In the end, the team is going to be who Marta wants…won’t matter about AA placement or scores. I still cant believe she isnt doing a secret camp. Wonder what changed her mind.

  4. missy Says:

    well well well it looks like Douglas is looking good at podium training, and that both Douglas and Raisman have Amanars!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Douglas is peaking way too early. By the time June comes around the nerves will get the better of her. That is my hope. I mean I will take anyone over Nastia but I really don’
      t like Gabby’s gym

  5. missy Says:

    Edited to add:

    Liukin, Bross, Maroney better work harder then 😀

  6. Sandy Says:

    Gabby Douglas sure just impressed the hell out of me watching her podium training for the American Cup. Hrm. This could be very interesting. If she stays strong, I can see her easily replacing Raisman or even Maroney out of the three I see currently as “locks” for London (OK, I admit Raisman is still iffy for me, but she’s a Marta pet and she’s proven herself many times in the past so I had to give her “lock” status for now). If she has an amanar, solid bars, and solid beam – it’s possible. I agree with a previous poster though that if Douglas doesn’t change up her floor routine BIG TIME (can we get Travis Wall to work with HER?) she will be at a major disadvantage to the likes of Raisman/Maroney. It can be said that Marta would have the concern of Gabby falling all over herself at the Olympics but the same concern can be said of Kyla Ross – who hasn’t been on the stage of an international senior meet yet. Maybe we’re not giving GD enough credit? I was just really impressed by that back full (I don’t know what it’s called exactly – but Shawn does it too) on beam and her height on bars. If she can up her D value on bars she might give Nastia a run for her money. Although I have to agree I’m sure Marta will be bribing the judges up BIG TIME prior to trials and somehow, some way we will see Jordyn get the no. 1 spot no matter what anyone else does and Marta will be able to choose the remaining team of (likely) Raisman, Nastia, Maroney, and Ross/Bross.

    Although how awesome would it be to have a complete underdog, like Gabby, Chellsie, Bridget, or Shawn win the trials and completely throw a wrench in Marta’s plans???

    @gymtruthteller: I totally see what you mean about Gabby on her floor – but I can’t help but like Gabby’s gymnastics more than Raisman’s, at least on beam (Raisman’s arms are so STIFF) and of course bars (Raisman basically sucks on bars and this is why she will probably never win an AA world medal unless someone else screws up big time). Nevertheless I definitely prefer Raisman’s floor right now, but what “if” someone could work with Gabby on that….see, another what if! 🙂

    P.S. I hope Nastia DOES fall three times. Once on beam (when she’s doing her “signature” move), and TWICE on bars (during a transition and on her dismount).

    • honeychile Says:

      Yea, Gabby’s floor is hideous to me. Not her performance but the choreography and the music. The whole performance package. But her new bars set.. um WOW!! Seems like there’s another obvious reason why people don’t like Gabby, and to be honest with you, it’s really starting to piss me off now!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        What reason is that?

      • honeychile Says:

        you first. whats your reason?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Have you read this blog? Who do I

        Gabby is doing a great job IN PODIUM TRAINING. Good for her but this is a long way from the Olympics Trials.

        I hate her floor. I don’t like her beam and I find her so called amazing bars greatly overrated. She did a good job on the Amanar we have seen.

        I love her coach.

        I hate how everyone is now calling Jordyn done because she was a little wobbly on beam in a podium training MARCH 1ST. These same people have Nastia on the team and we have not seen a thing from her.

        I will have a deep hatred of this team if Kyla Ross gets screwed over. As far as I am concerned she already was screwed over by not being the gymnast to compete as an exhibition on all 4 events at the American Cup.

      • Sandy Says:

        I’m excited. I just watched Gabby’s amanar. It’s pretty DAMN clean. It’s equal at least to Aly’s. We got a competition here, people! Oh, and maybe the Gabby hate from Marta is because Valerie/Marta are threatened by Chow having yet ANOTHER star on his team. If he has two stars in the Olympics in London, he’ll probably be the next big “gym” stud and Valerie doesn’t want that. Chow was the Olympic coach in ’08 and maybe Valerie REALLY wants to be the Olympic coach in ’12 with Bross and Nastia. Just a thought.

        …I mean, look at what Chow did with Gabby in the short time he’s had her. Made her be a bars stud AND got her to do an amanar. Awesome. Give that girl a new floor routine and nobody CANNOT notice her.

        Bring it! (Nastia, that’s to you…)

      • honeychile Says:

        Yes. Great post Sandy. I agree w/ most, if not all of it. I will be the first to admit that I didn’t give her a chance at first, but I cannot deny she has clean knees and toes and huge huge skills that just float over the bars with 2 release moves in combination. Jordyns bar set looks really labored in comparison’ especially her releases. Gabby can work a little bit on hitting the vertical on the handstands and pirouettes, but it’s coming together quickly. She has upgraded most of her events. You cannot count this girl out. That would be a huge mistake. And imo she has far from peaked. She was 15 then, 16 now, but she is really solid. She made a few dumb mistakes at Visa’s like stepping out of bounds for no reason whatsoever. But I’m glad she made that mistake there and not on the world stage, and I’m sure it was embarassing enough that she won’t do that again. The entire first day of Visa’s was a hot mess across the board. She shouldn’t be singled out for those mistakes, when veterans who rarely ever fall had multiple falls. Give the girl a chance, at least.

      • honeychile Says:

        Okay lets not piss me off.. I couldn’t give a shit about a blog. This blog is free and I can speak my truth!! I have a blog, too! I couldn’t give a motherfuck what you like. You don’t like Gabby for other reasons and you know it. Just come to terms with it, sweetie. Don’t do it. Not today, girl.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Are you talking to me? I think you are losing your

        I have no clue what you are talking about and this isn’t just a blog that is free. This is my blog where I speak my mind. No one told you that you couldn’t speak your mind either but whatever you are implying is completely going over my head.

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        I must say, I’ve never loved Gabby before but I’ve competely changed my mind. She looks way better! And just overall improved. I hope she makes the Olympic team. And I like her as a person too! That matters to me, it’s one of the reasons I like Sabrina. They seem genuine.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        So you don’t want to wait to see how she competes in June?

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        Well I think the same could be said about everyone. Maybe Aly & Jordyn are peaking too early. People have Sabrina Vega counted out, she could surprise. A million things can happen between now and then. I just mean I really didn’t expect Gabby or Aly to get the Amanar & it look good. If they keep it up, they deserve to go (even though I’m NOT an Aly fan)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Fair enough I just have to sigh at how everyone acts when someone hits. The negative Jordyn comments have already started. The Gabby is a lock based on practice videos has already started. I feel it is wayyyyy to early to start calling everyone a lock off of every competition. You don’t have to feel that way. I’m just sayin.

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        I think besides her being injured the ONLY LOCK is Jordyn!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Agreed by me. I just have this feeling that poor Kyla is going to get screwed

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        Yeah, Kyla worries me bless her heart! However, I think she can beat Aly consistently and then Marta won’t have much of a choice.

        Meaning, I don’t think she can reasonably put Aly on the team and not Kyla.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That is an interesting point I did not think of. (Aly without Kyla)

      • JAS Says:

        I agree but the only problem with Marta not reasonably being able to put Aly on the team and not Kyla is that Marta doesn’t seem to be reasonable she will most likely put who ever she wants on the team like Kyla, Shawn, Gabby, or Bross getting screwed for Nastia!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hope Gabby’s new found staying on events nips that in the bud. Nastia will not be needed.

    • meow Says:

      I am completely baffled. It must suck to be Marta right now….Raisman and Douglas’ Amanars are BEAUTIFUL! Wieber’s is really lacking in comparison to those two. Honestly, they don’t look much different from Maroney’s to me. :p Though it wasn’t the highest quality video, they look really amazing!

      I’m not a D Score Guide person but it looks like Douglas added another pirouette into her bars. Anybody sensing some Emily Kmetko (make it or break it main character) in her? She’s the underdog who made the World Team and now she is getting super clean!

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah from the videos I saw Gabby has improved a lot and Aly has stepped up too! And Jordyn has improved some as well. I watched a video of Aly’s bars and while they aren’t great they looked much cleaner than at Worlds! I think if there are enough solid AA girls with decent bars then there really isn’t a need for specialist on the team. But I am just waiting on Nastia to announce that she is doing the AA again so it will look “legit” if Marta picks her. I hope Shawn gets back into the AA but if she can really up her game on the other 3 events she might not need an Amanar with all the people that have them now although it wouldn’t hurt if she had one. I’m guessing she will have more of an artistic style floor than in 08 which if she does it well it may score well with international judges. I hope we get to see some of the other girls in the Olympic mix compete this year too like Gabby, Shawn, Kyla, and Maybe Bross. Although I could see Marta putting Nastia on the team even if she has a basic floor routine, decent bars, and ok beam, and even if she only has a yurechenko full or 1.5 vault lol

    • Sandy Says:

      I am not saying Gabby is a lock…but I am saying that she’s definitely a factor whereas before I pretty much wrote her out just because Marta only used her on one event during World’s TF ’11. And Gabby’s bar score wasn’t that great, in fact Jordyn out-scored her on the EF for UB. So, that being said, now that Gabby has a pretty amazing amanar and she’s expressing more confidence in general, AND given that she has more difficulty on her events combined than Jordyn and Aly do, she’s a total factor in this game. If she can even up her D on bars a little more (say bye-bye, Nastia) and get a different floor routine (at least some different dance moves, please!), I would say she’s a closer lock than even Maroney now. I am almost to the point where I would say that Raisman would be a lock if you can get a good bar routine (scoring in the high 14’s, low 15’s) from Gabby, Jordyn, Bross, Ross, Johnson,…at that point, you wouldn’t need a bars specialist and you’d have five solid all arounders, one that you wouldn’t need for bars. Just sayin’. It’s back to where the team would be basically the ’11 World team minus Vega and potentially minus Maroney, where in their place it would be one of the above I just mentioned that didn’t go to Worlds last year (Bross, Ross, Johnson…) – it’s going to be a big fight.

      I know nothing can really be proclaimed until June, but I guess right now the only “locks” I can foresee is Jordyn and Aly, whereas before I was saying Jordyn and Maroney.

      Anyways…sorry for the rants guys.

  7. missy Says:

    yep its confrimed by Blythe, Raisman and Douglas have solid Amanars! Wow US will have at least 3 Amanars for TF!!

  8. annonymous Says:

    Gabby was a mess at nationals, but she was decently solid at worlds. I dont quite think that she is as solid as Raisman, though. I sort of thing Douglas and Vega were Marta’s experiments at worlds and she just wanted to see what would happen if she took them…I’m not 100% that she is going to remember their names come June…amanars, good beam routines, consistentcy or not…I just dont see it. But we all might be surprised, who knows!

    Honest to God I’d rather see Nastia than Douglas. I must really have fallen off the deep end. I just really cant stand GD’s gymnastics. *scurries off to find scam cup podium videos*

    • missy Says:

      yeah there have been videos of beam and bars posted already and I think they’re doing another podium training now for all events-

    • honeychile Says:

      I definitely agree! I think Marta wanted to see whether or not Douglas or Vega would crack under pressure or rise to the occasion. It’s obvious at this point they both did the latter. TF wasn’t even close.

  9. alex Says:

    I agree with Sandy- Gabby’s podium videos from bars and beam are awesome. I don’t mind her style. I find her to be very clean.
    IF everyone were to look as they do now come August (but Becca Bross continues to heal and train), here are my picks:

    (In no particular order)
    VT- Weiber, Douglas, Maroney
    BR- Ross/Weiber, Douglas, Bross
    BM- Ross/Douglas, Bross, Weiber
    FL- Ross, Bross, Weiber

    After seeing Gabby’s bars I’m feeling like we might not even need Nastia’s unless she comes through with that 7.0 difficulty. Thoughts?

  10. Yo Momma Says:

    I just can’t get over GD’s bars. She has never let me down there and is even more impressive now than she was at worlds. But that’s not enough to put her on the team. If her beam remains consistent through Pac Rims, Cover Girl, Visas and trials and she nails that amanar like I’m seeing from her podium training vids, I will allow myself to look past her fugly floor ex. and be glad if she makes the Olympic squad. I just don’t understand how Martha can put Nastia up with no competition experience over Gabby who has similar strengths PLUS all around podium potential. With only 5 girls going, you can’t really take a girl who, if someone gets injured, can only fill in on one apparatus. I just can’t see it.

    As for Memmel, I admire her spirit so much but… she shan’t be on this team this year. There is just too much going on in USA gym right now for her to be a factor at all. I’ll also need Bross to prove me wrong this season as her inconsistency and lack of prettiness in her routines makes me want to leave her home despite having great scoring potential. I’ll admit it’s superficial but I’ve never even taken a sip of the Bross Kool-Aid.

    • Marie Says:

      I know I’m alone in this but I don’t think gabby’s floor is that bad. I wouldn’t use it in tf but its not awful. Also her floor wouldn’t be used in tf in pretty much any team I’ve come up with so I don’t know why it would matter. Jordyn, Rebecca, mckayla, aly and kyla all have better floor routines and could be used over her in tf. Though I would want it used in qualifiers to see if she could get an aa spot.

    • JAS Says:

      I think Gabby is definitely in the mix but Marta will be watching her closely to see how she does under pressure to make sure the same thing that happened with ASac in 08 doesn’t happen again.

      • Sandy Says:

        Then Marta should be looking that way at Ross too. I really wish that it would be the top five AA gymnasts in Trials to make the team; the sixth and seventh spots would be the alternates. It would be “fair” that way and it was the way it was done in ’96 when team USA WON the Olympics…

  11. Shawn Fan! Says:

    Came across this blog a few days ago, and I’m SO happy I found it. I was a casual gymnastics fan back in ’08, and was so disgusted by nastia and valerie’s nastiness during the olympics.

    I watched the international live internet feed, was spared the NBC propaganda, and I was able to see everything between rotations during the AA and EF’s. Nastia and Valerie’s nasty intimidation antics was so blatantly gross: they would hover right near the platform during another gymnasts’ routine; nastia would stretch right in another gymnasts face, etc. It was gross, and I’m so glad there are others who felt the same way.

    I’m so happy for Shawn’s successes in the court of public opinion after the olympics, and would be getting my Nike on because of shawn! Go shawn 2012!! Booo subway – will avoiding that shiz from this point on!

    • JAS Says:

      I would love to see a team with girls that have good sportsmanship that support their teammates and are respectful to other teams as well. No nasty rude behavior or attempts to intimidate competitors. I would personally rather see someone win because they are the best not because they can intimidate someone else!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        These girls have not really gone head to head where anyone would be able to get bent out of shape over losing to someone else.

        Nastia was a bitch to the two gymnasts that beat her in the AA. She had no problem with Alicia because she wasn’t in competition with her for her best events.

        Jordyn has been that much better then every other US AAer. Bross got injured the one time they could have gotten chippy for a competition.

        Reminds me of the picture of Jordyn at the January camp where it is labeled something like, getting words of wisdom from Marta and Rebecca is sitting their with her arms

        I do agree it is nice to see these girls get along but even the 2004 Olympic team whined about Carly getting all the attention after she won the AA. We still have a long way to go

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I think there could be some potential drama if Jordyn gets some serious competition for the top AA spot or if Nastia is on the team then there will most likely be drama lol

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    I am Marta and this is my statement to the gymnastics world.

    1. I have 3 amanars without the world vault champion
    2. I have 3 awesome beam routines without you Rebecca Bross
    3. My floor and bars scores with Gabby Douglas will be good enough that I don’t need anyone that I don’t really want to take.
    4. Alicia, Nastia, Chellsie, Bridget, and Shawn you are useless to me. I have new girls with fewer injuries, less interested in their boyfriends with better skills
    5. I have yet to unveil Kyla Ross the senior

    World Take Note: Unless China pulls some 10 year olds out of Mongolia, and unless Russia gets all of their crying passionate diva’s out of the way. If we hit we win, no matter whom I pick for the team. Romania does not have one Amanar. China has one or two solid girls, but not another HeXeXin or however you spell it.

    Word to the wise. Be an ALL AROUNDER

    Word to REBECCA BROSS / Kyla / Shawn / Nastia : Game on, GD just blew you out of the water in warm ups… and yes we are all in the same month…

    Word to Nastia: You want to swing bars? Be long and lean like GD

    Now I know why ShawneyJ has been “rehabbing” in TX, I wouldnt want to look at GD’s amazing gymnastics every day and be depressed either

    On a side note, GD and JW have the same leap combination it looked like. Romanian gymnastics easy skill code whoring. Nice….

    • Sandy Says:

      Yeah I’m almost on Team Douglas now…this is cool. I’d really like to not have to see Rebecca Bross’ gymnastics at an Olympics if I didn’t have to….(sorry Bross fans)!

    • meow Says:

      You are hilarious.
      All of a sudden, the majority of people here are into Gabby! I thought she had absolutely no chance, but now…I’m not sure!!!
      We really cannot lose 2012 with all these amazing competitors.

    • honeychile Says:

      OKAY! how’s that for depth? Having too many gymnast that can truly compete in this quad is a good problem to have!

  13. TCO Says:

    Our B squad could probably be 4th in the world.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      TCO that is an amazing point. We could field 2 teams and likely that our b squad would medal. Easily. I am going to instead dole the rest of the wannabes out to other teams to make the olympics more interesting, like it would have been in 08 had Jana Beiger been on the German team, and Ivana Hong and Corrie Lothrop to Japan. Honestly, it should be like in Football ( or soccer or american football works for both) where if you are good you find a country or a team and play there. Period

      My advice for this quad of US gymnasts:

      If your last name is Caquatto or Vega move to Romania and train in Deva and go to the Olympics on that team.

      If your last name is Memmel, Johnson, or Sloan move to Germany. They even let Chusovitna compete.

      Alicia Sacramone and Ali Raisman to Italy.

      Nastia can go compete for Russia and we’ll see how long it takes the Mustafini ( plural) and the Komova and the Zamologicova, and the Khorkina to eat her work ethic alive…

      On a lighter note Hollie Vise will go and compete for Australia and become a PHENOM in that country and marry Steve Legendre and they will have a whole team of beautiful gymnast children to feed the next generation of Australian gymnastics.

      Alright my work is done.

  14. Ying Says:

    Rest assured, truthteller. Nastia is by no means going to the Olympics. Her socalled comeback is too late. She announced bars and beam were her focus, but until now I’ve never heard anything about her new routine. Her bars should have been at least presentable by now and ready for the coming international competitions. Even if she does peak in June, does Martha dare take such a risk to put a 1 event specialist who hasn’t compete at all during the last 4 years in a 5 person team? Furthermore, even if nastia does compete consistently, the international judges will devastate her E score. The COP is so different from 2008. It demands more precise handstands and pirouettes. Nastia’s bars are built on difficult pirouettes, very similar to Chinese style. But look at how Chinese were scored during 2011 worlds, znd Chinese were very clean. So unsurprisingly, Nastia will get .1 or .3 deduction for every single pirouette, and big deduction for dismount (probably.1 cowboy, .3 to .5 deep landing, .1 flexed toes, .3 step). She’s no use even for her best apparatus. I’ve long ruled her out of my team selection.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    The high level of inter team tension will come as soon as Nastia gets put in the equation. She does a great job of hiding behind girls like Shayla, but you better believe Nastia is the leader of the mean girls group. BTW, she is spending the week promoting and doing talk shows, isn’t there somewhere else she needs to be? I swear if she throws up some overscored routine at Trials and is placed the on team she’s gonna’ go overseas and get ripped to pieces by the judges taking the whole team with her. P.S. Has anyone else seen the pics of her with Mary Lou and Carly? I think she’s the biggest of the three…are they training for London too?

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Nastia is NOTICIBLY way bigger than Carly…. and Mary Lou also and Mary Lou has had 5 CHILDREN….

  16. TCO Says:

    Marta has 5 definite Amanars plus Asac’s Rudi. (and that vault by her scores about like an Amanar.) This is not even taking into account the possibility of Shawn getting the vault back (which bumps us to 6 Amanars). Or Asac getting the “Sacramone” (HS-double) or Maroney getting the Maroney (triple). I have to think we will have 3+ girsl on the 5 competing squad that have Amanar (or equiv) vaults.

    • Sandy Says:

      I don’t think ASac really has much of a fighting chance anymore, unless someone else (Raisman, Nastia) gets injured. There are too many great amanars (amanars D value is what, 6.5 and the rudi is 6.2 I think, right?) and ASac isn’t strong enough in beam – Jordyn, Aly, Ross, Bross, and Johnson can outscore her and probably will outscore her on this event come June. She’s not consistent enough in floor, and she’s coming back from a big injury. If US needed vaulters she would definitely be a consideration but this quad the US is crazy good in vault. Marta doesn’t really need to take a specialist at all unless it’s for bars, and even then there are enough solid AA’s that can post good bar scores (and are probably working hard on this knowing that this is what will secure a spot)…to where it would make more sense to take five strong AA’s over three to four AA’s and one to two specialists. The second option is just too risky in my opinion.

      • TCO Says:

        Agreed that Asac does not have much shot. I’m just saying that Marta has huge numbers of vaulters if she needs them. and it is 6.3 versus 6.5 (Rudi to Amanar) and Asac probably makes up some of that in form and reliability. Really, I think it is easy to call her equivalent to an Amanar.

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