Beth Tweddle 2012

Beth Tweddle was screwed out of a medal on the Uneven bars at the last Olympics. It’s that simple.

I don’t know how much Vodka, Valeri Liukin gave the judges to make sure Nastia made the podium but it doesn’t change anything. Beth Tweddle was robbed of a medal (Yang Yilin was robbed of Gold but that is a whole other discussion)

That is why this article almost brought tears to my eyes. You can hate Beth for her non existent dance ability but the one thing you can’t hate her for is her amazing UB routine. It’s exactly what an UB routine should be about.

Read the article here


‘It was all a horrible experience. I hated myself, I hated the Olympics and I hated gymnastics. There was no way I was going to carry on in the sport.’

and how sweet is this,

A package had arrived in the post in my absence,’ she explained.

‘Inside I found a [medal winner’s] pink Olympic baggage tag and a message from Tim Brabants, the gold medal canoeist, who told me I deserved a medal, or at least this tag.

‘It was a lovely touch and I knew I couldn’t walk away.’

Here is for home town bias. Beth Tweddle should be the Olympic Gold medalist on the UB.



13 Responses to “Beth Tweddle 2012”

  1. JAS Says:

    I would really like to see her medal at the Olympics! I would love to see her get gold on bars! But I hope she at least medals!

  2. annonymous Says:

    I hope she at least medals. I will be a mess watching this final if she is in it.

    I read the article and thought it was a great way to show the other perspective of the Olympics – not medaling at all.

  3. Sandy Says:

    I went back and re-watched Beth, Nastia, He Kexin, and Yilin’s ’08 UB finals in the Olympics (I was curious after reading this). I was biased in 2008 and was totally rooting for Nastia, not even knowing who Beth was at the time since I had just started following gymnastics again. That being said, I noticed the following:

    *Beth had one minor leg separation that I could see and a step on her dismount. However, I had NO CLUE that she had the highest difficulty level. I had assumed at the time it was He Kexin.

    *Nastia had leg separations all over the place, missed a handstand or two, and had bent knees and pretty bad form going in to her release moves. I was actually pretty shocked by this because she’s so “renowned” for her form!

    *He Kexin had very labored kips and almost lost control on one of her pirouettes – she also had some leg separations and bent knees, and also a step (like Beth’s) on her dismount.

    *Yilin also had some labored kips and some “out of control” seconds on her pirouettes, but other than that an overall clean performance, and stuck dismount.

    Given that this sport is all about the difficulty level nowadays, I am actually surprised Beth didn’t get the gold medal – and even a medal at all! She was robbed. She had just as much (maybe even fewer) deductions on her overall routine as He and Nastia. I also would definitely not have put Kexin in first. Actually I think my “non-biased” opinion would be Beth for gold, Yilin for silver and Nastia for bronze. I was that unimpressed re-watching Kexin’s routine, especially noting that Beth had the most difficulty. I thought Kexin had won in ’08 just because of her start value!

    I know also (and its unfortunate) that the order in which you do your routine has a big effect on your overall placement. I forgot the order that they went, but it’s even more of a travesty that Beth went AFTER Nastia and He and Yilin and still didn’t medal. You would think her order would go in her favor, but the judges very obviously wanted Nastia/He to be tied for first. Maybe a media thing, who knows. They didn’t want Beth to go in and screw that up I guess. I’m assuming Yilin went before Nastia and He, and that’s why she got screwed. I say all this about placement thinking of what happened in ’11 worlds on floor and even in ’08 Olympics on floor, where I personally feel Shawn Johnson got screwed out of a gold medal. Sorry Sandra Isbaza….

  4. nero Says:

    Eh….everyone had something right with their routine and everyone had something wrong, it could have gone either way between those four depending on who the judges were and their mood that day. One thing that wouldn’t have changed though is people complaining, it’s been 4 years the athletes have moved on and everyone needs to get over it.

    I’m sure it was a good thing for Beth to not win a medal in Beijing because she probably would have retired, now she’s in a great spot to win in her home country.

    I disagree Sandy about Shawn, she got roughly the same score in AA on floor that she got in EF and that whip triple was terrible

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Beth isn’t over it or she would not have mentioned it in the article.

      • annonymous Says:

        Agreed…The feeling I got from the article is that the dissapointment and pain felt in Beijing is still there to some extent…how could you ever fully forget or move on from something like that? She gave so much of her life for that one chance and then something screwy happened.

        I do agree that she probably wouldnt’ have stayed around for 2012 if she would have medaled in Beijing…so that’s good in some aspects. It would be a crying shame if she waited 4 more years and the same thing happens again…but I feel like there is a gymnast at every Olympics with a similar storyline.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Understandable, gymnasts dedicate their entire lives to the sport, so it must be really hard to just “get over” something like that. I so hope she medals!

      • nero Says:

        She was talking about how she felt immediately after the Olympics which is understandable
        I never got a sense of ‘woe is me’ or ‘WUZ ROBBED!!!1’ from her in this article which is great
        She is using her disappointment as motivation. Good for her.

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    Didnt I say last year it was my foregone conclusion that she takes gold on bars? Now lets see if Nastia shows up in Maxim….. LOL!!!

  6. honeychile Says:

    Chile, please. Nastia can really just go somewhere and polish her toenails Supergirl pink. She is such a bloated sack of the former remnants of what used to be glimpses of a gymnast. Sure, Beth looks like something out of central casting for a British cartoon series, but the bitch can swing some bars!

  7. Ying Says:

    Hi! I’ve been stalking your interesting blog for a while, and I can’t keep silent this time. I have not the least doubt that Beth will win gold in london, as long as she does not fall. She has the highest difficulty and impeccable form, she has the host country advantage, she will be the judges favorite (sorry Komova). And she will be overscored, and rightfully so. It’s finally her time to shine. I’m afraid that after the bars event final, Russians and their fans will be disappointed or angry AGAIN. But the truth is Beth has everything working in her favor, just as Chinese in 2008.
    And Beth’s bar routine might be the most packed and brilliantly put of all. Her routine has fewer elements, which solves endurance issue. She does have problems with kip to handstand, but fortunately her routine only has 3 kips, so .3 deduction at most. Another deduction is her Ono, often passed handstand position, another .1 or .3. Her sole circle full might also incur another .1. Then the rest of her routine is nearly perfect.

  8. lostalex Says:

    ummm, didn’t Beth fall on her ASS in qualifying at Beijing 2008? so how can you complain? she’s lucky she even got into the finals.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nastia is the one that fell on her ass . He fell (I think) and Beth made a mistake, she did not fall and I’ll complain if I want too. if she was a fucking Russian they would have given her the medal she should have had.

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