Nastia the bitch part negative 1

Since this happened before the recent brush up I am calling it negative one.

Gotta love how these girls don’t even have the brains to take down their catty comments where the whole world can read them.

Read the headline and see Shayla and Nastia be assholes.

(Name removed to protect the innocent) dude where’s shawn???
April 20, 2008 at 9:57pm
(Named removed to protect the ignorant) hahah shawn would never be in this pic
but those are my two girls on the left then blakes on the far right
April 24, 2008 at 8:20pm

Nastia Liukin hahahah Sam, i love you friends even tho ive never met them! cant wait to visit you 🙂
April 24, 2008 at 9:02pm
Shayla Worley bahahaha…. that’s right Kofi
April 24, 2008 at 10:46pm


74 Responses to “Nastia the bitch part negative 1”

  1. JAS Says:

    Wow seriously! Lol you would think they would Delete those or even not reply to the comment about Shawn in the first place lol and to think they always make it seem like Shawn and Nastia are BFFs either they were pretending or Shawn didn’t get the memo about Nastia not liking her lol! But seriously in my opinion if it’s someone you compete with or see often reguardless of if you like them or not you just keep your mouth shut not post crap on FB in such a “classy” (not!!!!) manor lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is the best part. They are not even smart enough to make this private. I am so glad IG are all Nastia stalkers. All this fun is because they stalk her every move.

  2. TCO Says:

    The Shayla tramp was always a nasty piece of work. Still remember the donation scam and the travel to China.

    • Sandy Says:

      What was the donation scam and China travel? Sorry I didn’t follow gymnastics at that point so I’d be very curious!

  3. Ally Says:

    I always wondered what made them not friends…

  4. Sandy Says:

    Whatever, they’re just jealous because Shawn looks like this now:

    Shayla is a nobody anymore and Nastia is just heading down that road. Even if Shawn doesn’t make London she’s still more famous and will be more successful than Nastia will ever be.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Shayla fell twice last night at the big georgia florida meet…. Bars and beam…. Amazing vontributor to that program even with her leprosy…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL, She has become a waste of a scholarship .

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Um…. didnt I predict last year that she’d get worse with her leprosy and all? Really she’s a Jr and like 2/3 of the way through the NCAA season she just falls apart…. All of this has happened before and it will all happen again!!!! The fact that Noel Couch out of Amber Trani, Christa Tanella and Shayla Worley is the highest scoring AA…. sad for Georgia gymnastics…I guess she’s intimidated by Sloan ( who isnt even there yet) Macko and Kytra LOL

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I always get Kytra Hunter and Kayla WIlliams confused, like I do Alania Johnson and Corrie Lothrop…. In the first case one is for FL and one for AL and in the second case, one is for UT and one is for FL….. all these olympic alternates ( like Rhonda Fehn) and World Champs that end up in NCAA’s just confuse me. I do know that Ivana Hong and Sam Shapiro are at Stanford, so I think they didnt have a problem with their SAT scores. I don’t get Chellsie Davis confused with anyone because she’s blonde. I don’t get Mattie Larson confused with anyone because she’s not blonde and not in the SEC and she’s at UCLA. UCLA should just rest there entire A Squad until regionals for the super 6. Really We all know they rock, you don’t need to kill Peszeck and Zamarippa and Larson before regionals. Who cares about PAC 12s? Oh yeah NO ONE!!!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Corrie is Asian so that sets her a part from

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Maybe Utah ( wierd that they are pac 12) Oregon State and Washington care about pac 12s… but its not like its real SEC gymnastics or anything…

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I always thing that Alania Johnson is Asian too so that doesnt help… I dont know why…. I think Im just a moron LOL

    • Birgitte Says:

      Nice tattoo Shawn has got on that photo!
      Can’t believe they’d say that on fb. I see the comments are from 2008 – Must’ve been nice for Shawn on those camps in the run-up to the Olympics! 😦

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Nastia hated playing second fiddle to Shawn at the 2007 World Championships…. Nastia didnt even do AA. Shayla? Just a go along with Nastia except prettier… remember this Ali Raisman, there is always someone coming up younger, better, and prettier ( Kyla Ross) I predict Ali Raisman will get hurt at or before SCAM ( or that she already has a broken shin) need rest and will not even be a factor for the 2012 olympic team. I predict she will be replaced by Kyla Ross, just to motivate team Geddert, much as Bross was replaced last minute by Wieber last year as soon as they knew Mustafina was on the plane….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby is the alternate which scares me because it means Marta is already finding ways to screw over Kyla which BETTER NOT HAPPEN

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Was Jordyn the SCAM alternate last year? I don’t remember her being the alternate? Marta can put in whomever she wants whenever she feels like it. It would be the perfect test for Kyla honestly esp if Jordyn is slacking

  5. JAS Says:

    So this is off topic but did anyone else see on twitter that Douglas recently scored 62 AA score they were saying something about her having a Amanar but no other details even with the amanar she has to have seriously upgraded everything or something to get that high of a score

    • missy Says:

      yeah I was just gonna post about that, wonder if she did her Amanar ?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t follow her so no but it sounds like some house meet where the numbers were suspect. Good for her if it is true but being how she usually scores even with an Amanar, um no.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I was thinking something had to be wrong there cause unless something seriously changed that sounds like some over scoring going on

      • Marie Says:

        I always thought she had the chance to be a serious all around threat. All the skills are there, she just needs to clean them up. If she added an amanar her aa d score is only .2 behind jordyn. Obviously assuming jordyn hasn’t upgraded at all and she hasn’t upgraded any other events.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Jordyn has some upgrades planned. Her coach said it before.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kyla Ross says, “don’t forget me”

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Marta would love Gabby on the team, think of how many Wendy Williams fans she could get to start worshipping her!!!

      • honeychile Says:

        “exgymgurl Says:
        February 26, 2012 at 2:52 am

        Marta would love Gabby on the team, think of how many Wendy Williams fans she could get to start worshipping her!!”

        hangs head in shame…. *sigh*

  6. Says:

    Gabby had a 6.7 beam SV at Jesolo and has some of the prettiest leaps and highest difficulty of the entire team, I’ve just been waiting for it all to get put together. She also would’ve made the AA at Worlds if it wasn’t for that awesome 2/country rule. I can see that she isn’t part on the ‘IN crowd’. Here’s to hoping Nastia’s Mean Girls Part Deux act doesn’t have McKayla helping her give Gabby the SJ treatment… if you know what I mean.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She lost those leaps at worlds. Her beam was very sloppy

    • JAS Says:

      I think if Marta would get over favoritism to
      Nastia and her possie and ditch the drama she could have a really great team for the Olympics. I would love to see Shawn, Gabby, Kyla on the team even though they are part of the Nastia possie

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        As long as Nastia isn’t on the team I can deal but this free pass she will get sucks.

      • JAS Says:

        I think Jordyn,Aly,Mckayla but I’m afraid that Shawn,Kyla, or Gabby at least one of them will get screwed over for Nastia. I wonder if that’s the reason Nastia waited so late for her comeback was because she knew she would have a guaranteed spot if she can basically get on one apparatus and do some kind of routine. I might be wrong but I would be surprised if she can get together a routine as good as Gabby or any of the others that might be competing for
        A bars specialist spot on the team unless she just really pulls out something

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Knowing Marta she will take her even if she falls. Gabby only scored a 14.700 with her routine at worlds. That score is not very impressive.

        Kyla almost beat Jordyn at camp and she out scored her on bars according to abomb so if Marta leaves her home for Nastia I will write some nice blogs about her. I’ll tell you that.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I’m afraid that most likely the two in danger of being screwed for Nastia are Kyla and SJ. If Jordyn and Kyla were on the team and if SJ does lots of Bar upgrades and were on the team I don’t think they would really need a bars specialist granted that they pull good numbers on the other events

  7. exgymgurl Says:

    I also think that whomever made the comments about Nike / Shawn Johnson were spot on. In fact I wish I had said that. I don’t think Shawn Johnson gets left off the team, mostly because she’s the Nike girl and somehow ( although I haven’t seen her since Pan Ams but she’s a lot fitter) I think for Nike’s sake she makes it. It adds an interesting dynamic if that endorsement and her marketability actually leapfrog her on to the team.

    • JAS Says:

      I would love to see Shawn make the team and of Gabby could improve on everything and upgrade her bars she would have a better chance of making the team but who
      Knows what will happen between now and trials but I hope no one that deserves to go gets screwed over for politics!

  8. nero Says:

    so people moan that Nastia might make the team because of favoritism but are perfectly ok with Shawn making the team over girls like Aly and Kyla who have been training 15+ years for 2012 because she’s sponsored by Nike??

    My team
    Wieber, Maroney, Ross, Bross and Raisman

    no 08’ers people need to get over them, time to embrace the new and better

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t think Shawn will make the team unless she does better then expected but Marta took Mohini only after Pam Anderson started being her sponser. Until then he scores were very low and a lot of people think Sabrina was picked last year because of who her coach is.

      Marta is not always about best gymnast she is about publicity.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is the team I think that will be picked too.

    • Sandy Says:

      I like that team except let’s change out Bross for Johnson. 🙂 SJ’s bars, beam, and vault are all cleaner/more consistent. I think Shawn, Nike sponsor or not, will have just as much a shot at that team if she can have a clean floor routine by trials as Bross – even more so, the way that Bross is consistently injured, overtrains, and isn’t very consistent in general. SJ can up her bars still and it will be her, Wieber, and Ross for the UB apparatus.

      • JAS Says:

        I agree with Sandy. I like Bross ok and all but she needs to rest and not over work herself to give herself an even better chance at making the team but if it comes to Bross or Nastia I would rather see Bross on the team

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would love a Woga free Olympic team but Marta will never go for it.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah if for some reason Nastia isn’t on the team then it will probably be Bross which at least she could contribute to the team more but who knows lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I won’t be upset if Rebecca makes the team but I won’t miss her if she doesn’t.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah I think she is good but I never saw what all the hype was about. I think as long as they stay healthy Wieber, Raisman, and Maroney will most likely be on the team it’s the last two spots that are up for grabs

  9. TCO Says:

    Nastia is not going unless she can somehow show herself in the mix. She’s currently far, far from that. She is very low likelihood.

    Shawn will go if her scores justify it. Not because of Nike. Right now, she is not getting it done score-wise. Knee is holding her back as her condition is good and she seems to have the basic skills of 2008 Shawn (who would still be an asset to this team). If she can recover enough to get a decent floor routine and maybe a flaky Amanar, she could put herself into contention. Oh…and stop falling of beam and bars. But, really, peeps. She had Classics, Nats, and Pan Ams. She did not show readiness under the big lights. And I am a Shawn fan.

    I think you saw the Oly team at Worlds except replace Vega with Ross. Assuming no one gets hurt, that just seems the easy pick. Memmel, Sloan, Liukin, Johnson, and Sacramone all need to prove they are ready and displace someone. Not an easy task given several have serious injuries.

    Sorry, I would love a 2008 repeat team for the storylines, but it will be out with the old, in with the new. Marta is realistic.

    And then in 2013-2015, there are some killer juniors like Ohashi and Preissman coming up. And then in 2016, some of the babies will be too old and fall by the wayside for kids we have not even heard of now. It’s like the Lion King. You get a little slow and stop running with the rest of the herd and you get killed and eaten. Have some babies early, so at least your DNA passes on…

    • JAS Says:

      SJ ha been kind of quiet about her training lately I haven’t really heard or seen anything lately so I hope its a good thing. But I do agree she needs to get more consistent on beam and bars. I hope she can put together a decent floor routine to at least be like the 3rd person on floor and I think she needs to get her Amanar vault back unless she seriously upgrades her bars then she could possibly get by with the DTY if Wieber, Maroney are on the team and if Ross or Raisman have an Amanar.

  10. nero Says:

    I just can’t deal with Shawn being on this team because I know everyone else will be swept under the rug. Shawn could only do beam in team finals, posting the lowest score while Maroney could whip out a TTY and Raisman could tumble her way through the hardest floor routine known to mankind to bring home team gold and the headline the next day would read….
    “Shawn Johnson leads the USA to GOLD!!!!”
    I want the team in London to be a TEAM not one person

    • JAS Says:

      I don’t think Shawn being on the team would be as bad as ASac or Nastia though lol seeing as how as though their “fabulous pep talks” are what “made” the USA win at Worlds and neither of them were even competing lol I think the no matter who goes the Media will probably pick a star to out shine the other members of the team if the team does well lol its a shame though because the whole team deserves the attention not just one person

      • gymster Says:

        It’d be better to have “Shawn Johnson leads the USA to GOLD!” than “ASac lets gold slip off the beam…again!”…

      • JAS Says:
        Did anyone else see this on twitter read the last part about Marta saying how it should be about the team not one person. Anyone buying this?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL, No. It’s always been about Marta getting credit

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah and since the USA won gold at Worlds she isn’t talking about retiring after the Olympics anymore. I think her job is the only reason she might possibly not screw over some of the others for Nastia and her favorites because she knows that if she does put them on the team and they get bronze or less she will be “retiring” whether she wants to or not

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That article explains why Nastia runs around acting like she is best friends with the younger generation. ANYTHING to get on this team.

      • Marie Says:

        I think it should be all about the team. However, saying Jordyn Wieber leads team to gold is a lot better than Shawn Johnson leads team to gold. Atleast Wieber would prolly compete all events in tf while Shawn would maybe do one but get all the credit. It annoys me how clueless the media is. Have you guys ever read the descriptions of meets on tv? I think it was visas last year where the description said something like ” top gymnasts compete for national all around title will it be alicia sacramone, Shawn Johnson or Jordyn Wieber”. Well considering only one of them was doing the all around I’m gonna say Jordyn has the best shot lol.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah it’s like the media can’t focus on the whole team they can only seem to focus on one or two people. But I think if the team does well they may give Wieber the attention this time especially if she wins or places in the AA

      • Sandy Says:

        The media is ALWAYS all about singling out certain people, especially athletes during the Olympic games, to be the “darlings” of that year. Remember in ’04 it was all about Amanda Beard and Marion Jones. In ’08 it was all about Michael Phelps, Carrie Walsh and Misty May and even Shawn/Nastia and the whole rivalry..then they made it out to be like they were sisters. They like to single out individuals because a team doesn’t “sell” as much as individuals do – even great teams that do well they single out the stars. Look at football, look at baseball, even look at the women’s soccer team back when they won and it was all about Mia Hamm and that girl that took her shirt off. Which was smart of her by the way because otherwise I wouldn’t (and likely most other people) not even know who she is).
        The media is big on “star power” too – Shawn Johnson is more of a media darling than Nastia; even though Nastia is pretty, she scowls and looks evil whereas Shawn’s always smiling and always bubbly. The media is also big on ASac because she’s pretty and kind of diva-esque. I’m not sure how Jordyn Wieber will fare – media-wise she reminds me of a Carly Patterson so even if she does well, I can see where she won’t be remembered even two years after the Olympics. Whereas Shawn Johnson, who didn’t even win the all around medal, is always being talked about as the “Olympic gold medalist” so even to this day people assume she was the all around gold medalist, even though us gymnastics fans know it was just on beam. It makes me think, can you imagine if she hadn’t won that gold medal? The media doesn’t like “Olympic silver medalist” – that gold Olympic medal made more money for Shawn than all of her other medals ever won in gymnastics combined.

      • JAS Says:

        When I watched the Olympics in 08 I didn’t know much about Shawn or Nastia and wasn’t biast towards either and I’m no gymnastics expert by any means but I was surprised that Nastia won the AA. It was almost as if the judges were looking to give her the gold. Shawn had some errors but was over all good and had good form on most events but the judges kept finding more deductions for her than Nastia even though in my opinion Nastia’s routines weren’t quite as clean and her form wasn’t up to par either. When two gymnast are that close in points there is always someone saying who should have won but I really don’t see how Nastia won the Gold. But I think instant replay could help out a lot in gymnastics then maybe deductions wouldn’t be missed for some gymnast while others are deducted for everything.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The greatest myth in gymnastics is that Nastia is artistic and has great form. She has shitty form. She was thin and lean so her lines looked pretty but fact is her twists and leg separations and cowboying were not pretty.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah just because a gymnast is thin and tall doesn’t mean they are artistic which is something the judges at the 08 Olympics didn’t realize lol

  11. JAS Says:

    Yeah I think she is trying to lure them into joining her possie so if does make the team then she will probably get elected “team captain”

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    Martas comments = Diminishing Nastia / ASac as team leader (between the lines I don’t think they are on the 2012 squad)… there is no team leader… think about it was Nadia giving everyone a pep talk? No they all worked together and were like sisters. Hmmm…. interesting and very positive things to say about Jordyn. I don’t remember the last time Marta was so positive about someone. I’m more interested in what is going on with Romania right now to be honest and if Belu / Bitang can pull this out. I’m more interested if Izbasa is healed, if Ponor will be able to hang on, and I still think Raluca is in the mix because the Romanians are strongest on beam and floor and shes strongest on vault and bars. They need to stop training Pitic on beam. Seriously they have enough depth there…..I just wish that the Romanians were more twitter minded… oh wait no theyre focused on gymnastics LOL

    • JAS Says:

      I think the Romanians need to get some people really good on bars and vault to really have a better shot at a medal at the Olympics. I heard Izbasa knee injury wasn’t serious and shouldn’t be a factor hopefully thats true.

  13. JAS Says:
    Shawn says her “new floor routine isn’t going to be what everyone expects”
    Is that supposed to be good or bad? What do y’all think?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Where does it say that about the floor routine? I skimmed the article but could not find it.

      • JAS Says:

        “I’m still not sure when my first competition of the year will be, but a meet in Italy at the end of March is on our radar. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the floor and eventually showing off my new floor routine, which may not be what everyone expects! ” I copied the paragraph

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Thanks. I read that several times and missed it every

      • JAS Says:
        Just saw this on twitter on “why you should be excited about Nastia’s floor routine”. What happened to her focusing on beam and bars lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Marta told her bars and beam, she is doing floor anyway. Anna Li should have done that last year. She has a floor routine now.

      • JAS Says:

        I’m surprised she isn’t trying to do the all around again but since she only had a yurechenko 1.5 in 08 and She knows that most all around competitors at least compete a DTY if not an Amanar so she knows without one of those she wouldn’t compete on vault anyways lol but I still wouldn’t be surprised if she attempts to do
        AA anyways lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I was thinking the same thing (she will do AA) The good news is no matter how high her d score is on bars she is not code whoring herself to an AA title at this Olympics.

      • JAS Says:

        Yeah my biggest concern about her doing the AA is that if she is on the team Marta would use her for every event (if she somehow got at least a sloppy DTY) even if she wasn’t the best person for that event lol

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      “My approach to gymnastics in Beijing was heavily based on the amount of difficulty I could do. Although Chow and I are definitely planning on upgrading many of the skills I performed last year, I’m aiming more for clean, consistent routines rather than quite as much spectacular difficulty as I had in the past.”

      The preceding paragraph pretty much sums it up, I think. Shawn won’t be point-whoring in London. That’s a n00b move!

      When she talks about a new and unexpected FX, I think she means ‘out of character’ – a routine that is more balletic than acrobatic, with music and choreography that electrifies audiences, a la Yekaterina Lobaznyuk.

    • Sandy Says:

      I’m really not impressed with Nastia’s floor routine AT ALL if that’s the choreography. I’m a big fan of Travis Wall’s, too. It just was a lot of flailing arms. I thought the music was too similar to her former one in Beijing too. At least get some good floor music. I have to hand it to ASac here – she has my favorite floor music. Jordyn Weiber’s is a close second.

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