The 2012 Olympic team

About a week ago I sat here and thought I came up with the perfect Olympic team. Then the other day I realized that Mckayla Maroney wasn’t on it.

I honestly don’t see a team that doesn’t have that Amanar on it.

So I did some more thinking tonight realizing that my thinking Nastia would fit perfectly with Aly for a spot ( in Marta’s mind) was……

Then I realized last night she actually fits better with Mckayla.

Vault-floor vs beam/bars.

Then I thought again how Alicia Sacramone better just retire right now. A vault and beam specialist has no shot at this team. Someone would have to be good at bars and floor to fit with her. Then the scary words Gabby Douglas came to mind and I screamed really loudly inside. Her floor is not strong enough for that.

No matter what team I come up with I can find no logical reason to take Nastia even if she gets her UB routine in shape.

Jordyn, Kyla, Aly, Rebecca and Nastia leaves Mckayla off the team.

I know a lot of people think Aly has no shot at this team and I know Marta will pick Nastia regardless of how she competes at Trials and Nationals.

Would Marta have the gall to screw Kyla Ross of a spot on this team in favor of Nastia.

All Aly ever does is hit. If she hits at Nationals and Trials will Marta dare leave her at home?

I know this is all just thinking out loud.

What do you think? I need help here. Am I too set in stone having Aly on this team?

Maybe I should start trying to come up with teams leaving Aly at home.


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  1. FaerieGodFag Says:

    Honestly, my team is as follows:

    Jordyn Wieber
    McKayla Maroney
    Kyla Ross
    Aly Raisman
    Anna Li/Gaby Douglas

    With Alicia, Shawn and Nastia as alternates.

  2. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    Regarding McKayla vs. Alicia, I am so completely on the fence. Alicia is a Marta favorite but McKayla is better and the vault world champion. I think it’s possible Marta would pick Alicia over McKayla even if Alicia’s score was lower. I think Aly makes it. She’s a favorite and you can count on her. Her bars needs to be made up by someone else but I think she has a great chance. My prediction with Aly (Jordyn, Aly, Kyla, Nastia/Gabby, ASac/McKayla) And without (Jordyn, Kyla, Nastia/Gabby, ASac/McKayla, Sabrina)

  3. Sandy Says:

    I think at this point, assuming everyone remains healthy the only real “locks” on the Olympic team are actually Jordyn (current world champion, duh) and Mckayla (current world vault champion and I don’t see that changing within the year unless Fei happens to have some major comeback up her sleeve). ASac is all but forgotten in this mess. If the Olympic squad were six I could easily say Aly would be on there, but unfortunately Ross and Bross bring more to this team with their bar routines and difficulty (and Ross has much better artistry overall than Aly and can throw a much cleaner amanar at this time).

    That being said, if Marta “has” to have Nastia on this team then yes, she directly complements Mckayla (Mckayla does floor and vault, Nastia does bars and beam). That would leave room for two solid all arounders besides Mckayla, Jordyn, and Nastia. I can see Ross being one of them given her artistry and the fact she’s been doing well at camp and such. I think the Jesolo meet and of course Olympic trials and Nationals will answer a lot here. However, Bross can also score well at bars (Aly cannot) so in a 3 up 3 count scenario we could easily have Nastia, Bross, and either Weiber or Ross on the third rotation. This all assumes Nastia can come up with a rather difficult bars routine that can be competitive with the Russians. This also assumes Bross is healthy, which we all know probability is low on that one.

    However, I feel the need to say this: if Marta really wants that team gold medal, I think at this point Nastia really shouldn’t even be seriously considered (unless she does A LOT in the next five months). The “best” team at this point would therefore be Mckayla, Wieber, Ross, and two other solid all arounders. With five on a team, you can really only afford one specialist, and that should be Mckayla with her vault and maybe her floor if she’s hitting. This scenario also leaves room for Aly (who could be considered a specialist with her lack of bars yet she “is” an all arounder at the end of the day), and Aly would be good for starting on beam and floor in team finals. She could also be used for vault in finals but more likely Ross might be it considering Ross has a clean amanar. The fifth all arounder would HAVE to be very good at bars (Bross and Johnson come to mind here…Gabby is a very long shot).

    Vault = Weiber, Ross, Mckayla
    Bars = Weiber, Ross, “all arounder”
    Beam = Raisman, Weiber, “all arounder” OR Ross
    Floor = Raisman, Weiber, Mckayla (or all arounder/Ross)

    That’s my two cents; I really think Marta would be shooting herself in the foot by putting Nastia on this team in favor of Ross or a better all arounder type (Bross, Johnson, Raisman…even Gabby!)

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      Several people seem to think Nastia’s backing out of the upcoming WOGA Classic based on putting clues together. As it was, she was only competing beam anyway. I just think it’s crazy that she can’t get something halfway decent on beam and bars together for the public (5 months away from the Olympics) and she still could be a lock. Unbelievable!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I find it hard to believe she will have the UB routine. Even when she was in her best shape she could barely get through that. The whole Nastia is a lock is because Marta is going to take her even if she only competes at just Nationals or Nationals and Trials s and falls.

        Marta gave Alicia a team medal just to take the world record total away from Shannon Miller. Don’t think she won’t do that with hopes Nastia can compete beam and bars and possibly win 3 medals.

    • Nay Says:

      “The fifth all arounder would HAVE to be very good at bars (Bross and Johnson come to mind here…Gabby is a very long shot). ”

      Long shot for Gabby concerning bars? Have you seen her bars, she has FAR more potential than a Shawn or Bross in my opinion. She has stronger lines than them by far and her release moves are insane. I know she working on upgrades so I think its very unwise to count “the flying monkey” as Marta calls her out.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        No one is counting out Gabby but if it comes down to her vs Nastia we know who Marta will pick

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    I will bet you anything Nastia backs out not just of woga classic but classics / visas / trials too. If she does show up at the WOGA classic that video will be all over youtube embarassing herself. From what I saw at craptacular ( two months ago now) she would need a miracle. She cant go to trials and look like an idiot, Valeri wouldn’t let that happen. She doesnt have 2 solid routines let alone 3 (with her awesome floor choreographer). I think if she had started around the same time as Shawn did this would be a completely different conversation. Look at how in shape Shawn is, and I never a year ago would have thought that possible. I am the last one to like Shawn Johnson…..Yes Shawn had a bad meet at Pan Ams, but we have no idea where she is at. I think its sad Nastia didnt give herself enough time to be serious about her gymnastics, her back won’t hold up and there will be some serious secondary injury as a result. I honestly dont think Bross makes it back which is sad…
    I think Maroney Wieber and Ross are the three locks… Maroney gives Marta the potential to rest Wieber and not use her in Vault team finals. I think Ross wins Visas. I don’t think Alicia will be ready she has what amounts to four months now and shes not even in the gym yet.
    We’ve got Raisman, Vega, Douglas, Caquatto(s), Kupets ( lets see if anyone is actually reading my comments at this point)

    Although Raisman isn’t on my vision board but neither was Sam Peszeck

    • Sandy Says:

      Yeah Kupets! Actually she looked like she was in much better shape than Nastia at the “craptacular” as you say, so…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I read all the comments and I missed the Kupets You did mention she looked better then Nastia at the craptacular but that is all I remember.

      I know everyone loves Courtney but I never did. Her form left a lot to be desired (leg separations) I hated her as an elite. That floor routine was a mess. She was very consistent as a College gymnast but I am not a big fan of College gymnasts coming back to elite and getting a spot based on everything but their gymnastics.
      Mohini being the reason why. All of a sudden after Pam Anderson was giving her money her scores went up and her dance elements and 9.8 beam routine were a big reason the US lost in 04. The fact is she never should have been on that team and her missing her dance in team finals plus the low start value on beam where the reason the US failed. Not her fault (MARTA’S FAULT) but she needed to groom us some floor workers and not bring in Mohini and one event Annia.

      JUST FOR THE RECORD, I called the lack of floor workers before the Olympics and I was right.

  5. annonymous Says:

    Although Nastia looked a mess at the craptacular, I sort of wonder if she didnt severly water things down in order to avoid injury because she is training. This idea came to my head the other day. She also might not want to “give anything away”.

    I want to have faith in Alicia, but the fact that the USA won Worlds Gold without her…well that didn’t do any favors. If they would have taken silver, we could argue that they needed her experience to get them to the top…but they got there without her.

    As far as Maroney, there is no way she can’t be on that team, even if she tanks at all the other meets this season. That vault is too great to leave at home.

    And when it comes to Aly, I think Marta relies on her too much. Plus, she has made the AA final in the past 2 Worlds…even with her disaster bar routine. The fact that she can hit almost everytime is huge in her favor.

    At this point I think it will be Jordan, Aly, McKayla, Bross (maybe?), and a wild card…the wild card being anyone from Ross to Johnson to possibly Nastia. I think the real fight at trials will be for that final spot. I dont see Douglas or any other World team members factoring in there…even if Douglas has a killer bar routine.

  6. newbie Says:

    I understand the need for bar workers w/ higher difficulty in order to compete with Russia. But what I think is overlooked is the necessity for consistent beam workers.

    I think Marta has to send up three people on beam who she can 100% count on. And I don’t think a healthy Bross is one of them. I think she is a bit of a headcase. In my mind, Aly is on this team because with her and Wieber and Kyla team USA has the best chance of hitting beam. And while difficulty in other events is key IF other teams hit every routine, how often does every team hit three beam routines?

    Aly is not artistic, but for me when she gets up on beam I am not nervous about her falling off. Also, I know McKayla can be used on floor, but I think we need Aly here as well. From videos it looks like she is upgrading her difficulty – she is the bronze medalist on floor. And with these upgrades she should have the highest floor start value on Team USA, right?

    Bottom line, I don’t love her gymnastics – but I want Aly Raisman on the team for my mental health while watching the team finals in London.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t care if the US wins and I want them to lose if they bring Nastia. Marta needs to get what is coming to her.

  7. alscaaskjs Says:

    I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I feel that Maroney is actually in real jeopardy of not making the team. With potentially 5 other girls having a 2.5, why would they take her when she can’t contribute any scores to beam or bars, and would only possibly make floor line up as the 3rd person?

    Worlds 2010 proved that a poorly done 2.5 will only score 0.3 ish lower than a good one.

    Ross and Douglass both have 2.5 and can bring in goodish scores on bars (by far the USA’s weakest event). Beam is very strong for USA (like vault). I’d say that McKayla needs to add serious d score on her floor to be a lock.

    Marta has left defending world champions at home. 2004 anyone??? Ask Holly Vise. I think that the team will end up consisting of the 4 strongest all-arounders and 1 specialist. Preferably someone who is strong on both Bars and Floor.

    • Sandy Says:

      I really just hope Shawn Johnson packs a major floor routine and blows it away. πŸ™‚ Sorry, I’m a fan.

      I totally agree about Raisman and it helps that she’s a Marta pet. However, I am not sure Raisman will really score that well in front of those international Olympic judges to the extent that is needed to beat Russia. For example, I was a little shocked at how close Vega’s beam routine score at 2011 Worlds was to Raisman’s, even though Raisman’s was way more difficult (and I thought overall more steady too). We could also argue here that Johnson might be a better fit for the team over Raisman, assuming Johnson has her amanar back (which she said she is planning on) and her floor is back to where it was. No doubt Johnson is solid on beam – and she has a clean bars that would score WAY higher than anything Raisman would be able to put up. It sucks that this Olympic quad has a lack in bars; otherwise Raisman would be a lock for sure.

      I’m not really familiar with Ross’ floor routine and skills, but Wieber and Maroney did well enough at worlds last year to seal the deal if Maroney is able to prove she can be counted on for at least two events. I agree about Bross being a headcase – she overtrains herself and tires herself out to the point where she’s always heading towards another injury. However, Bross will definitely be at least an alternate for 2012…she has a ton of difficulty and if she’s healthy and hits (big “if” I know), she can score higher than Wieber.

      Douglas will also have to upgrade her bars to be more of a lock, and also compete an amanar. She also NEEDS to change that floor routine but that’s another issue entirely. Her bars scored lower than Wieber’s at worlds (I think Wieber placed higher than she did in the event finals as well, and this is Wieber’s worst event we’re talking about here) – so if she’s to be counted on as a bars specialist, she really needs to add some difficulty.

      • newbie Says:

        I feel the same way about Shawn. If she can get her knee better I would have complete faith in her in the beam lineup.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree she might leave Mckayla at home I just hope she doesn’t. Not in favor of Nastia anyway.

  8. Chris Says:

    First time commenting here, but finally wanted to add to it.. I personally hope Aly is part of the team. I see her being used on floor and beam; vault will depend on how good her amanar really is. Aly has proven herself and I believe she has earned a spot, based off how she has performed for the U.S. I also put Jordyn and Kyla on this team. They can be used on all four events. That leaves room for someone who is strong on bars and floor. Rebecca Bross comes to mind immediately, but I keep her as far away from vault as possible, she worries me though, because she does have a tendency to slip up at some big meets, regardless she is a strong gymnast when healthy. I also see one veteran joining the team, while A-Sac is my favorite, just doing vault and beam isn’t going to cut it and If Shawn Johnson has her amanar and a strong floor, she should be sent. So this is my line up:

    Vault-Aly, Kyla, Jordyn
    Beam- Aly,Kyla/Shawn, Jordyn
    Floor-Kyla/Bross, Jordyn, Aly
    Bars- Kyla, Jordyn, Bross

    McKayla and the Caquatto’s could also be used. I’d love to see a Caquatto make it. If Bross isn’t healthy, I’d take Mackenzie Caquatto, just for bars.

    • Anonymous Says:

      My first time commenting as well and you picked my exact team of course assuming that Bross is healthy and Shawn is up to par… Jordyn, Kyla, Aly, Bross, Shawn is my team. Of course we don’t pick.. Marta does and as others suggest she may take Nastia regardless of her ability to raise the team score.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Welcome and thanks for making comments.

        I would be fine with your team but I don’t see Marta leaving Mckayla and Nastia at home.

      • TCO Says:

        McKayla is going to the show. Nastia will be manning a microphone and acting like the little Paris Hilton wannabe. Gaak.

  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks for making comments Christopher. That is always appreciated. I would probably go with your team if I thought Marta would leave Nastia at home but she won’t do that.

    The whole situation changes if Nastia is not gifted a spot.

    Rebecca being healthy and ready on bars and floor means she has to be on this team. I don’t think her beam is anything special but she usually hits during team finals. I HATE her floor but when she hits she gets overscored it just will pay off to have her on the team.

    I am usually anti Macko but I wouldn’t mind using her just for bars. If Bridget Sloan is healthy I make take her for that spot. Neither actually is good enough to be a bar specialist but I don’t think Anna Li would be worth it. She isn’t consistent and she has no second event in case of injury. I would take Sloan and Macko over her just for what they could bring as a back up on floor and if last resort beam and floor.

    The US will own vault to offset any 3 up hit routines by Russia. 3 girls in the 15 range vs 3 US vaulters almost at 16 (3 Amanars Kyla , Jordyn and Mckayla all can get 15.800 or higher.

  10. meow Says:

    You all know I’m pro Nastia, but if she cannot pull something together for WOGA Classis, I don’t have any more faith.

    It sucks that Aly probably will not make it. She’s been a consistent player for Team USA & was shown to be a leader. Sad face.


    Too many other gymnasts are capable of Amanars & are better than Maroney at the other events. Like I always said, Maroney needs to upgrade & be great at all the other events. If I were her coach, I would put aside the upgrades on vault & just make sure she has the start values to get on the team.


    • exgymgurl Says:

      Nastia trying to avoid injury: I would almost buy this were it not for the fact that I have seen Shannon Miller and others tumble to avoid injury. A lot of what Kupets / McCool did was not challenging but involved tumbling similar to a skater subbing a double or a single to make their life easier in exhibition, or only throwing their best jump… Watch it she throws nothing above level 5 gymnastics


      I honestly don’t think anyone is a lock, I think we have girls that think they are that really and truly arent. Aly Raisman is a workhorse but has no real bar routine instead of upgrading floor she should have gone in 2010 to train bars with the Li’s gym. for a month for new skills better fundamentals and form then it wouldnt be a conversation, it would be Wieber, Ross Raisman, Bross, and Maroney ( someone else if Bross cant make it back)….Think of what a kick ass team that would be if Aly only had a bar routine. This is why I wish we still had compulsories to compare everyone on the same skills and routines. I wish we still had 7 gymnasts on each team which would distribute the load and help avoid injury. I also wish it was 6 up 5 count because I think that takes a lot of the pressure off. Lets go back to the day when you needed to be an all arounder.

      . With only 5 the event specialist role almost goes away and you need solid AA gymnasts that can fill any hole, or two people that compliment eachother ( 3AA and 2 event specialists). Interesting though that Sloan really was the Anya Hatch of 2008 only there for one event vault in team finals, and Chellsie was only used for bars in team finals. Peszeck was not used at all because she was hurt.

      Its a math game and a chess puzzle. Honestly if Im Marta I send Ross and Maroney and Bross / Vega or Johnson to Pacific Rims to see who scores what in front of international judges. I dont send Aly or Wieber… we know what they do. I use PacRims as one more puzzle piece to pick my third and possibly fourth all arounder.

      • meow Says:

        You’d be surprised that I’m actually very pro-Nastia πŸ™‚

        I know what you mean about Raisman, but I can’t help but feel sorry for her. If she were to be left home, it would suck! She’s put in 3 years & to not be chosen where it really counts, blows.

        I completely agree with you on the AA round. What I do like about this new system is that it requires more AAers. The 3 Routine rule makes the program shorter & actually needs gymnasts who are more skilled.
        For example, He Kexin does great bars (im pro nastia, but her first release combo was krazy.) but that’s pretty much it. Nastia will always be better than Kexin because she does great bars & is a great AA.

  11. TCO Says:

    I doubt Nastia will be able to get back into shape to even be stuck on the team, corruptly. Not that I think that would happen. But even if it would. Marta needs Nastia to at least look like she is in contention. Remember the team is being named at trials (which are public). At this point, Nastia is not even lean.

    We may have an injury (or two), so all the girls in the mix should do their best and hang in there. you never know. but assuming no new injuries:

    Jordyn is a lock. Kyla is a lock.

    Mackayla is not a lock but has a decent chance as a VT specialist (who can at least fill in on other events)

    Raisman is top 3 on FX and BB (and can at least fill in on the other two). I do not put much promise in her Amanar.

    Gabby has good bars, but I worry about much else. I don’t put faith in the Amanar (she has never even shown it…remember Sloan was supposed to get one als).

    Bross at full capacity would be a lock. The question is how close to full capacity she can get. 2009-2010 Bross would be a lock. 2011 Bross (even pre injury), no. She needs to heal. Right now, my money is she is not healed up enough (Valeri does not rest her enough) and she is too burned out…gives it a valiant effort but flames out.

    Alicia is debatable (although in the mix) if fully healthy. With the injury…things are going to be very tough for her, time-wise. 2013 Worlds might be a better shot, really.

    I really don’t think Li is in the mix unless something really changes with her. Did not think she deserved the Worlds slot over Johnson. Think she falls by the wayside.

    Johnson has a shot, but probably less than 50%. I don’t think we can count on an Amanar…or a floor routine from her. beam, bars, and a DTY is it. If she were really smart, she would try to goose bars up.

    Macko has another chance of sliding in on bars. Her sister less so.

    Vega just doesn’t have any compelling events. Ulimate alternate. 3rd on FX maybe.

    I’m assuming Chellsie’s shoulder is wrecked.

    Kyla, Jordy, Ali, Mackayla, 3rd best bars.

    I think Gabby will end up being the bars girl although SJ or Macko have a shot. I don’t have faith in Li. Liukin is not even in shape. I’m concerned frowzy-haired Brossie is just too beaten down. (but it could be one of them also, if thye have the scores)

    event usage (showing all five, best first)

    VT: Mackayla, Jordy, Kyla, Ali, UB
    UB: Jordy, Kyla, UB,
    BB: Jordy/Ali, Kyla, UB (all better), Mackayla
    FX: Ali, Jordy, Kyla, Mackayla/UB (depends who)

  12. TCO Says:

    I doubt Sloan is really in the mix either. Just have not seen much from her for a while. And she is lazy Gator.

  13. Amy Says:

    Marta’s #1 goal for 2012 Olympics will be – win a TEAM gold medal. IMO, not too far behind this goal is the goal of USAG – promote USAG in front of the world, and more importantly in front of the good old U.S. of A. K, so how is this accomplished? Several things come to mind in terms of picking a team – they have to pick athletes that will win gold & at the same time help people remember gymnastics (to enroll their kids, boost revenue, boost interest, attend their tour after the games). I think this means Marta may have some pressure from USAG to pick at least one ’08 veteran and odds are it’ll come down to Shawn or Nastia. Shawn obviously has way more media appeal than Nastia but it seems that Nastia is a favorite of Marta. The other 3-4 spots will probably go to AA gymnast. Marta made it clear after 2011 Worlds that a team could win gold without totally relying on specialist. So I think the specialist will likely be Nastia. If Shawn gets her amanar & floor I wouldn’t be shocked if she too was picked because she’s both steady, has appeal, can bring in good E-scores.

    The other three AAs…

    1) Jordyn
    2) Ross
    3) Aly (?) Bross (?) Douglas (3)

    Whoever from #3 isn’t picked will likely join Vega as one of the three traveling alternates.

    Alicia has a 7 second “progress” video where she does one backhand spring… um, I’m going to call it: she’ll pull out come May/June when she reads the tea leaves.

    I agree with the poster above: Maroney has the best Amanar but is in danger of being left home. Why? Because the E-panel does NOT differentiate much between routines. Maroney’s E-scores though always the highest are not higher by much compared to say Jordyns and I’m going to guess they won’t be much higher than Ross (whose coach taught them both the vault). Maroney only have 1 other good event FX and mediocre beam & bars. I’m sorry, I love her sassyness and fierce vault but unless she pulls out a TTY by Trials, I don’t see her on the team. K, she may replace Vega as one of the traveling alternates but not on the team.

    Sloan – nope. I follow her twitter and I know she has to think like a champion and all but her appearances the last several times (2010 pac rims, 2010 nationals, 2011 pan ams) were all lackluster. One would think that even with the injuries she’s be me in shape given that unlike most of her teammates she doesn’t have to worry about school.

    Sorry for the rant πŸ˜›

    In “short” my guess on the team:

    V: SJ (w/ amanar), Ross, Jordyn
    UB: Jordyn, Ross, Nastia
    BB: Ross/SJ, Jordyn, Aly
    FX: Ross/SJ, Jordyn, Aly

    Three traveling alternates: Bross, Douglas, & Vega/Maroney.

  14. Bad Boy Says:

    I do not understand why you all think that Maroney is a lock. I know she has the best vault but other than that she is not even the top three on any other events. It is all about the Team Gold and Marta does not care about individual/event medals. I think is all hinges on if someone other than Wieber or Ross has a consistent amanar. If someone else has a consistent amanar, especially Aly, and can contribute to another event then there is no need for Maroney. Look at the math, Maroneys vault in team competition is only giving you about a couple of tentths over some of the others amanar. That is all she can contribute to a team scenario. Her floor is not that good at this point to compete with Wieber, Bross, or Aly. So in my opinion, that vault will not guarantee her a spot. She needs to find somewhere else to contribute.

    • TCO Says:

      Maroney gives them almost a full point over the 4th best vaulter. I do not have confidence that SJ will get her Amanar back (and it was sketchy at the time anyhow) or that Gabby or Raisman will have a good Amanar. the one concern for Maroney is really Asac, who can pull a close score to MM and is more suitable on beam (if we end up with a hole there).

      Other than that…I really think MM is set as a VT specialist. Book it…she is going.

      As for the poster who said, MM was not that differentiated from Jordyn, well Jordyn has a good Amanar. So does Priessman. That’s about it though in the world. For GOOD Amanars.

      • bad boy Says:


        Ally or Gabby does not have to a great one to make MM a non-factor. A decent amanar will score in the 15.5 + range which if you look at MM score at worlds that is a only maximum .5 advantage she has over them.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She cares about the individual events or Annia Hatch never would have stepped foot near an Olympics as an American.

  15. exgymgurl Says:

    Maroney was second AA at Visas last year. Check the scoring people, she BEAT Ali…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Aly proved at worlds that she was a better AA gymnast. No offense to Mckayla but she was given a second chance on floor at worlds that not many gymnasts are given. She improved her score but the last time Marta gave someone a second chance she screwed it up big time on floor.

      Mckayla got 3 scores in the 13 range and one score in the 15 range on vault.

      All I know is there is no way that Marta is taking two one event gymnasts and 3 AAers to the Olympics and if she does she deserves what she will get when she breaks one of them.

      Mckayla needs to impress on floor or she could be left at home.

      This sport was so much easier when scores mattered.:)

  16. Caitlin Says:

    Ross, Jordyn, and McKayla SHOULD be locks, and I think everything else depends on the preparedness and stuff of Shawn, Nastia, and Rebecca. we need at least one of them for bars IMO.
    Aly would be a lock if it weren’t for her disastrous bars and replaceable beam.

  17. Zoe Says:

    I say, start trying to name a team without nastia. As much as we all love to believe Martha wouldn’t dare name a team without her, she’s gotta go. Rebecca, Jordyn, and whoever else scores best on bars at nationals will be on the team and i highly doubt that is going to be Nastia. Although Martha has a huge say, there are other people on the selection committee and people seem to forget that. I’m not making any predictions on the fifth spot until I see who scores best on bars at nationals

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Speak for I would love for Marta not to name a team that includes Nastia.

      FyI, Nastia’s camp is already making excuses to why she might not compete at the Woga meet. She has been feeling under the weather according to AJ via IG.

      I am calling bull shit.

      Why not be honest. If she isn’t ready she isn’t ready.

  18. Zoe Says:

    also, I think people are forgetting that if Shawn focussed on bars, she can have one of the higher start values in the country. plus whenever Shawn does bars she has better execution than many of the U.S. girls. Also, we have NO idea how she will come out on floor. I know she is scared to twist with her knee, but we could be seeing a double pike, a double layout, a full twisting double layout, and much more. we have no idea. Also, although aly’s amanar has gone very badly in the past, she promises that it is better than it seems. She is such a hard worker and she KNOWS that she needs the amanar and I think she’ll end up doing it well. not the best, but well enough to make the team. they need her on floor

  19. TCO Says:

    I think the team will be the World’s team except that Kyla replaces Vega.

    Chelsie, Shawn, Asac are too broken. Sloan never had much anyway. Nastia is way too far from being in shape.

    Brossie is the only one who might make it interesting. But I would still bet against her at this stage.

    Marta was trying out the Oly’s team at Worlds. book it!

    P.s. The Patriots are cheaters.

  20. doughnut sundae Says:

    When a dozen or so insanely competitive girls vie for a spot on the teeniest, tiniest team imaginable, the animosity must be suffocating. Fortunately, America’s national team coach has a foster-daughter.

    One of the great things about having Nastia on the senior national team is that her presence can deter a lot of negativism. With USA Gymnastics’ Athlete Rep eating, sleeping and training with hopefuls, no one can afford to be too catty.

    p.s. Nastia has no intention of competing in the Olympic Games – she is the FIG Athletes’ Commission WAG Rep for crying out loud!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That brings up an interesting point. When is she going to give that up? She has no integrity as it is and her keeping that position when training is wrong.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nastia is running for President of the junior society. All she does is stalk those girls on

  21. TCO Says:

    Based on progress video versus Nastia craptacular, I think Sac may actually have more chance to make it back than Nast. Definitely seems more serious.

  22. meow Says:

    Don’t let her go on bars, Marta. We don’t need a repeat of Shawn at the 2008 Olympics with her score of a mid 14. If she wants to win, she better upgrade everything. By A LOT.

    Heal, heal, and heal! When you’re done, get rid of the Patterson & go for a combination double pike or a twisting dismount. The Patterson is NOT working. Also, get a double-double on bars. πŸ™‚ Get a different vault please. RO half with Straight Full would be nice. Add one more tumbling pass & your SV will be even higher. YOU CANNOT LOSE. I WILL NOT LET YOU. (I like Bross)

    Everyone is underestimating Aly. She has almost made it to the podium TWICE (2010 & 2011 Worlds) despite botching her bar routines. Her floor is crazy. She’s going for a 1.5 to Double Arabian to front layout & a Double Piked Arabian to punch front. Hello!

    Kyla Ross….in my mind she’s the Mattie Larson this quad. She could make it, but I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be different during the 2012 Nationals. For now, I don’t have much faith in her. I saw her bars & it was lackluster. Worse than Jordyn’s.

    The fact that Shawn does not have a crazy bar routine makes me so mad. She has a CHINESE coach. She should’ve been trained to be flexible in the arms or fly like crazy. A great bar routine for Shawn is definitely going to add to her chances to be on the team and possibly even fighting for the AA.

    She is good enough to have gone to 3 Olympics (competing or as the alternate). She probably would’ve gotten Bronze at the 2011 Nationals if she had hit her bar routine. Maybe even Silver, but I don’t want to bother to look at the points right now.

    UGRADE JESUS OMG. Amazing vault, horrible everything else.

    No chance. Sorry. Comeback kids next quad?

    I like you, but it seems like you have given up.

    “Make it work.” -Tim Gunn

    Wow a really long post. Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      I wouldn’t compare Kyla to Mattie! Kyla is far and away a better overall gymnast than Mattie. I also think she’s a good enough gymnast to definitely not be in the situation Mattie was in!

      As for Sabrina, sadly, don’t count her out! I think she’ll be the 1st alternate at least!

      I don’t like Bross at all but I hope she heals & makes the team! She deserves it after all she’s been through and I honestly believe she’s the hardest working gymnast America has ever seen!

      • meow Says:

        I hope for the same for Ross too! She’s very strong on beam & she would really help.

        Vega….eh. Sorry.

        Totally agree with Bross!

    • Sandy Says:

      Wieber got the highest score on bars in the US for event finals in 2011. I know there were no “bar specialists” on that team (I wouldn’t consider Douglas a bar specialist yet), but Wieber can at least be counted on to hit when needed and has enough difficulty to post a solid (albeit lower than 15) score.

      You gave Bross way too many instructions for her to even at this point seemingly have a chance πŸ˜‰ …no way will she get rid of her Patterson and even she said that’s the vault she trains. I doubt she’ll get a new one. I like Bross’ hard work attitude and determination more than I like her gymnastics, unfortunately.

      Aly might have “almost” made it to the podium lacking a solid bar routine at the last two Worlds but the Olympics is a different ballgame. With Komova, Mustafina, and Yao in the mix in 2012, she will ONLY have a shot at the podium if someone else messes up big time (which was another reason she “almost” made it in ’10 and ’11). I doubt Aly will even make the AA at the Olympics given Ross, Bross, and potentially even Johnson.

      I’m not sure what you mean about Kyla being a Mattie Larson. Kyla is an overall awesome AA gymnast – Mattie I remember for having amazing artistry on floor. Her beam and bars were also decent, but I believe Ross has the artistry PLUS the difficulty for her to have a solid shot at being on podium at the Olympics.

      I had to laugh at what you said about Shawn – I’m hoping she puts more upgrades in her bars…her form though is impeccable. She has that at least.

      I wouldn’t count Sabrina out either at this point. Remember she almost posted the same score as Aly on beam @ team finals and with some upgrades on floor she could come close there as well. Sabrina was also used quite a lot at 2011 Worlds and hit when she was relied on, which is big with Marta. She has better bars than Aly too and wouldn’t need a better vault since team USA is really strong there already. Aly is really great at tumbling but is horrible at dance, and the international judges will downgrade her badly on that. If she makes floor event finals and isn’t one of the last three to compete, she will totally be left off that podium.

      I also saw in Aly’s training video that her ankle/tendon (the same place where ASac was injured) were heavily taped up. She could be on the verge of a major injury, and knowing Marta, SOMEONE will be injured right before the Olympics to take them out of the competition entirely. Last quad Marta got to at least three at the top of my head (Chellsie, Sam, Shayla) and this quad I doubt will be any different.

      • meow Says:

        I agree with you on Wieber, but what I’m hoping for is someone who doesn’t just score average.

        Haha, I really like Bross!

        Good point on Aly. I totally forgot about the other competitors! >.<

        Doesn't it annoy you?! Chow is too laid back!

        I guess you're right about Aly. I'm still not convinced for Vega though. Her floor is beautiful, but she is underwhelming.

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        With Vega it’s not about her, it’s about her coach! πŸ™‚

    • alscaaskjs Says:

      As for Shawn’s bars at the olympics, she has a 15.325 in team qualifying (10th best and she was 2nd alternate for event finals). 10th best on that day, in the world, on her weakest event. I’d take it. She also scored at 15.350 in team finals and 15.275 in the all around. Consistant as hell.

      • meow Says:

        Yes, I won’t deny that she is consistent. That’s a fact. However, the competition, Russia & China, OWN on bars. Unless we go super crazy on Vault, Beam, and Floor, we’re going to need bar routines who can hid the low fifteens. Those Russians almost always get low to mid 15s!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I wouldn’t count out Sloan just yet. She has a knack for doing well when least expected.

      Don;t even call Kyla Ross a Mattie Larson. Forget your Nastia apologist self I might just ban you for calling Ross a Mattie (I am just kidding)

      Ross is so much more then anyone gives her credit because she has not competed as a senior yet. She will not be a Mattie.

      • meow Says:

        I want Sloan too! 😦 Her Vaults were always beautiful.

        Sorry! Haha, don’t ban me! My thoughts easily change; I’ll jump ship for Ross right after Nationals ^^. Let’s hope she doesn’t crack under pressure.

  23. alscaaskjs Says:

    I wouldn’t count out Gabby Douglass. Chow took her from a low 5 d score to a mid 6 d score in less than a year. She is a natural swinger. I’m predicting that she will debut a 6.7+ d score this year.
    With that, and an Anamar, I’d lock her in for at least an alternate position.

    I’d also love to see Shawn on the team, because she did the work, resumed training 2 years before the Olympics, not a few months like some other people.

    But the person I’d most like to see (and probably won’t) is Chelsie Freaking Memmel. If anyone deserves it, she does.

    • meow Says:

      If she gets a super high SV on bars, she can keep her ugly floor & shaky beam and still make the alternate position.

      Chellsie making the team would be magical. Her documentary would trump every other American’s.

  24. Zoe Says:

    my bets for sabrina vega:
    she will make the perfect alternate, then be a major player when half the team goes down with injury calling this one right now

  25. Alex Says:

    do you guys REALLY think Martha would take Nastia if she isn’t competition ready and jeopardize the chances of the U.S. medaling? I don’t. But I don’t think Martha would even be in that position. If Nastia isn’t in gold medal shape, I put money on her pulling out. She might say she’s going as an athlete rep, or to host for NBC, or whatever. That she can help the team equally in another way. (What she’d say.) If she doesn’t have a routine that can win (or medal at minimum), I bet she doesn’t go. Calling it now…..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think she will take her regardless of how she looks. Now if she falls 3 times each night maybe not but Marta will take her pet and if I am wrong I will so be able to admit it. God I hope Marta proves me wrong:)

  26. Gymbee Says:

    Loving all the comments! (Thanks for writing this blog gymtruthteller.)I’m thinking about this team almost every day! I have a soft spot for ASac, but don’t think she’ll make it at this point. I don’t know, but she doesn’t even seem THAT serious about it?
    As for the team I am banking on Wieber, Raisman, Ross, Johnson and Bross. Feel iffy about not having Maroney on there though…. also if Bross isn’t ready, I’d get a healthy Memmel in.

    • meow Says:

      She is definitely very nonchalant about it….

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thanks a lot but you guys make the blog. These comments and this discussion trumps anything I have seen on any message board by a mile. Keep it up.

  27. annonymous Says:

    I really think it is a safe bet that there will be no 2008 Olympians on this team. It wouldn’t make sense.

    • Sandy Says:

      I think it would make sense for the sake of promoting USAG – the media loves Shawn Johnson and even ASac. Shawn Johnson though is the only former Olympian I see having a real shot at it. Nastia would be a sorry joke, Sloan disappeared and Memmel would make for a good alternate if she doesn’t get injured again. I am not sure about ASac because USA is strong in vault already and ASac has that injury…

      • annonymous Says:

        It would gain USAG some attention to put, say, Shawn on the team, but Jordyn is starting to gain more and more attention, so by the Olympics Nastia, Shawn and ASac might be old news. There is so much hype the Olympic year that I can see new gymnasts taking the spotlight. That’s just my theory, though. You might be right about Shawn.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I personally think that if Shawn had a snow balls chance in hell of making the Olympic team Marta would have named her as the original alternate on the world team.

        Marta went out of her way to not name Shawn after she hit at camp.

        Maybe I read too much in to Marta’s psyche but I don’t think she is as high on Shawn and her comeback.

        It’s too bad. Shawn worked her ass off for this comeback. She deserves a fair shot at making this team

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        When a proven athlete auditions for a principal role on the World’s stage and is, instead, assigned a two-bit part Off Broadway, something’s wrong. Seriously wrong. Marta isn’t the problem. I think Shawn and Nastia are – they don’t get along.

        Even if it meant losing, I think Nastia was determined to keep that skank off the team she had hand-picked to spite her. I think she intentionally made room for one of Chow’s athletes… and then grabbed Gabby. WTF?!

        But that control freak forgot who’s boss. Comcast/NBC did not pay billions for some bull %@$# like that, so USAG’s athlete rep was quietly retired. Shawn has beaten her in gymnastics and is now doing the same in business – and Nastia must hate her for it.

        As she paces the Olympic floor with her Press Pass, I doubt Valeri’s daughter will even glance at America’s darling in her leo.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Not that I don’t hope you are right and not that I don’t love the way you put everything because I do but what makes you so sure Nastia will quit?

        I have this ominous feeling she will be at Nationals and Trials, fall all over the place and still make the team because Marta is a fucking idiot.

        By the way. I do love how you put

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        To clarify: I am not calling a person reprehensible, but an act – the act of putting America’s WAG team in a position where it could fail. Jesolo was one thing, but panning for gold in Tokyo seemed, even to experts, a much longer shot for the Americans than it should have been.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        “What makes you so sure Nastia will quit?”

        Nastia isn’t anywhere near Olympic caliber, having spent years away from a sport where skills can evaporate in days. So for her to remain brazenly Type A among future Olympians (like her rival) would mean having Komova moments LIVE on national TV. And Supergirl has way too much pride for that.

      • Sandy Says:

        Shawn Johnson has also been doing a TON of athlete representation for Nike lately…wouldn’t be surprised if Nike was going to “sponsor” USAG (via back door) or something like that to make sure their girl isn’t left off that team. Remember, money talks, and politics plays a key role (sadly) in this sport. Marta will have to REALLY have some good excuse to leave Shawn off of this team, ESPECIALLY if Shawn comes back to near where she used to be. Also ESPECIALLY if she comes back with an even better bars routine. If Chow is smart, and I think he is, he and Shawn are working hard on her bars.
        I think there would be a ton of backlash (from media and from fans) if Shawn wasn’t given a solid chance to be on this team. She’s way bigger in this sport and a media darling in general than Nastia ever will be, which probably pisses Nastia off (wasn’t she on the selection team at Worlds – conflict of interest but I digress), but oh well.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      “Tune in tonight at 7 and watch Jordyn Wieber lead Team USA to gold!”

      Outside of gymnastics, mainstream audiences haven’t got a clue who Jordyn Weiber is. But if broadcasters toss Shawn Johnson into their marketing stew, they will undoubtedly lure more beady eyes to advertisements. Although Shawn is unlikely to be as pivotal to the team’s success as Jordyn, she IS one of the world’s most recognizable athletes – and the Olympics, of course, are all about cashing in on celebrity. If it were about competiton there would be more competitors…

      At the end of the day the IOC, FIG and USAG will yield to sponsors; and an array seems to be gathering around that girl from ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

  28. doughnut sundae Says:

    (Sorry! There was too much text for me to reply to a reply without it becoming a huge three or four word column.)


    After all Nastia has done for USA Gymnastics, its board has kicked the current Olympic all-around champion to the curb for… Terin Humphrey?! Seriously?

    Somebody should tell Steve Penny that, if he does not bring this organization back to his senses, we’re going tell the FIG athlete rep about this – Nastia has rights! πŸ™‚


    There is nothing inherently wrong with a level 7 or 8, like Nastia, training with future Olympians. But everything goes wrong in competition. When an athlete rep competes with the very gymnasts she was elected to represent, those girls have lost an advocate and gained a formidable foe. And she realizes this:

    “Liukin also was named an athlete representative for USA Gymnastics and will help select its teams. If she returns to competitions, she will step away from that role, she said.” – USA Today

    Technically speaking, Nastia has not competed. And I doubt she will. To do so would put her FIG gig in jeopardy.

    (Q) What happens when an athlete rep competes in the storied WOGA Classic, a meet that just happens to be hosted by the gym she practically owns?

    (A) Girls like this one don’t go.

    And you thought the American Cup was a scam!

  29. alscaaskjs Says:

    Do we know for sure that the olympic team is being announced after trials? Or is it the 8 member “training” team and the 3 alternates will be announced later like worlds?

  30. missy Says:

    So is Nastia at camp?? Someone at IG posted the lineup for WOGA classic and she wasn’t on the list — Oh well looking forward to Ohashi and Bross and the girls from Ukraine

  31. exgymgurl Says:

    Nastia is not in any of the camp pictures…. I think the fat lady is warming up…..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I hope so:) I read somewhere this was a camp that decided funding. Not sure if that is true or not but it makes sense for her to be there. Unless the free pass was told to stay home.

  32. Exgymgurl Says:

    Nastia not at woga classic bross is in cant wait for that video πŸ™‚

  33. brossiefan Says:

    Are these people overworking Rebecca Bross? One week at camp and then directly to compete? Man, she never rests. Gotta respect that girl but I wonder if Valeri would overwork her as much if this was his precious Nastia. Seems like they are using Becca for ‘promotion’ of this Woga Classic since princess Nastia isn’t ready. If someone deserves one more month to rest, that’s Rebecca, IMO.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Having created a monster, Valeri can’t just say to his wounded champion, “Stop doing gymnastics until you heal!” and expect her to listen. She has learned to live with pain and soldier on, pursuing the objective even though it may kill her.

      капитуляция is no longer in her vocabulary.

      I think the best he can do is to play into that addiction and let her compete… often. Prior to a meet, workouts are unlikely to be as long or strenuous as they would be otherwise; at the meet her marching orders would be watered-down gymnastics; while travel to and from the competitive venue can mean anywhere from a few hours to several days reprieve. So a hopeless workaholic like Rebecca may actually get more rest by competing more often – just a thought.

      USAG’s athlete rep has been replaced by a cop, so any more Mckenzie Wofford incidents and Nastia may be bailing her dad and foster-mom out of jail. (If you are a parent sending a child to Karolyi’s Neverland Ranch, THIS is comforting.) Hopefully, Terin will do what Valeri did not have to balls to do – stop a runaway train from hurtling towards disaster.

      Becca’s poor knees have an advocate, an armed one.

      • TCO Says:

        Cops are not known for moral courage and challenging authority.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Seriously TCO – seriously?

        Officers have sworn to uphold the law, to protect and serve, whether in uniform or not. If adults are abusive, they go to jail. (Ask Paul Hamm!) No athlete, no coach, no national team coordinator is above the law.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Marta seems to be. So far. I guess emotional abuse is a lot different then physical. At least when it comes to the law.

  34. meow Says:

    Hey guys, here’s Bross at the 2012 WOGA Classic.

    • meow Says:

      Don’t you guys think that a combination Double Pike dismount be much better for her? Any double tuck type thing where you’re pulling the legs apart automatically incurs a 0.2 deduction. Basically that G skill automatically goes down to an E. However, a beautiful combination double pike will have 0.2 connection bonus, making it worth a G. Even with a step on landing, it’d be worth more than the Patterson.

  35. TCO Says:

    Bross seems to be back in the mix. Revising my Olys team to be as before but with Brossie replacing Gabbie:

    Jordyn, Bross, Maroney, Raisman, Kyla

    Alts: Johnson, M. Caquetto, Douglas

    (in competition order)

    VT: Bross, Raisman, Ross, Weiber, Maroney
    UB: Maroney, Raisman, Ross, Bross, Weiber
    BB: Maroney, Ross, Raisman, Weiber, Bross
    FX: Maroney, Ross, Bross, Weiber, Raisman

    (I could be wrong on the Ross placings, don’t know much about her other than having an iffy Amanar.)

    P.s. Nastia is not in the mix…

  36. Marie Says:

    I think only 9 girls have any shot whatsoever:

    I know I’m leaving out Chellsie, Sabrina and the Caquattos but I don’t see them having a chance. I also think Shawn and Alicia’s chances are slim to none but Marta is picking the team so I couldn’t completely count them out. Nastia is also going to have a very hard time making it but I could see it happening since she compliments Mckayla so nicely.
    I like to think Mckayla is a lock but with so many amanars I could see her being left off. There is a shot she’s doing a triple this year though and that would secure her spot. If she’s not then it matters how everyone else’s amanars look.

    • TCO Says:

      Agreed. And I really don’t think Raisman’s Amanar is going to suddenly get consistent after a year working it. Or Gabbie suddenly have a good one. We would have seen them more if they were ready. Look at Lexi and Jordyn and other young ones. They seem to get them very early. Shawn is a possibility, I guess, but still a long shot considering her knee and how that thing looked in 2008 regardless. you could put Asac and her Rudi (very nicely done) or even the double as possibilities that could hurt Maroney. And Sac does do beam better.

      All that said, I really think Maroney is a lock too. she has that Amanar way consistent and good form. Even Ross’s is kind of iffy. Jordyn has a decent one, just not to Maroney incredibleness.

      • Marie Says:

        I think you can find any combination of these six would make a good team. It just matters who is hitting at nationals and trials. And of course who has upgraded.


        Here’s each event and order of who I would use
        Vt: Mckayla, Jordyn, Kyla, Aly, Gabi, Rebecca. Possibly switch aly and kyla
        Ub: Gabi, Rebecca, Jordyn, Kyla, Aly, Mckayla. I know kyla is low but so is her d score
        Bb: Aly, Jordyn, Rebecca, Gabi, Kyla, Mckayla. Rebecca seriously needs to fix her dismount though.
        Fx: Aly, Rebecca, Jordyn, Mckayla, Kyla, Gabi. Floor is tough cuz everyone is so close.

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