Paul Hamm thinks a lot of himself.

Every time this man makes a comment I want to smack him. He is like 5 feet high and weighs like 100 pounds. It shouldn’t be too hard to pick him up and throw him like a frisbee right ?

Article 1

Article 2Article 2 Same but from ESPN

Lets discuss.

1- Not Hamm’s fault per say but the writer of the article tries to make it seem like Hamm acting like a jackass is “against his character” even using the way he acted during the Yang Tae Young situation as a reason to why this is against his character. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh yes the press conference he had nit picking every one of Yang’s routines as a reason to why he should have won anyway is just so classy. NOT

2- He talks about himself in the third party. Yep this is taking being an ego maniac to the extreme. This is like Manny Rameriz ego territory here.

“But I think you’re going to see Paul Hamm in four events this weekend.”

3- I’m not thinking about winning the all-around or winning an individual event.” LIAR


Paul Hamm wants to be remembered as a great Olympic champion

This comment makes me laugh. If the gymnastics is the “last word” in this sport then Hamm is NOT the Olympic Champion. He’s a fraud. He might “want to be remembered” as the Olympic Champion but he is anything but in every aspect except unfortunately for Yang Tae Young is the one that counts. The record books.



10 Responses to “Paul Hamm thinks a lot of himself.”

  1. MeMe Says:

    What a dick, lol! I’m all in for the midget tossing!

  2. TCO Says:

    Yeah, but his videos looked real. Lot better than Nastia butt.

    Really shoulder is the only thing limiting him. He looks way more smoothe and in control than Sender, Horton, Brooks, etc.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      He apparently looked like shit at the winter cup. I didn’t say he sucked as a gymnast. He was once pretty good but he did not deserve that gold medal and he should man up instead of acting like a jackass.

  3. honeychile Says:

    So, with all his shit talking and behind the scenes dickery, he FLOPPED today! I doubt if he’ll even qualify to compete for Saturday. Maybe someone should have given him a sobriety test before he stumbled his drunk ass into this meet.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      As much fun as I have watching him suck it’s still early and this was his first competition back. Now if he sucks again I will have some fun:)

      • honeychile Says:

        LOL Ok. I’ll behave! I’m just not that big of a fan of his arrogance, above anything else 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        NO WAY will you behave. I want your opinion. We can agree to disagree any time.

        Please, just give your honest opinion.

        I am with you. He looked like shit (I saw pommels and vault on youtube) I just plan on giving him enough rope to hang himself:)

  4. TCO Says:

    He is in the fray. That’s more than Nastia butt has shown. And he blew his labrum out and tore his biceps. He’s doing his best not like your little princess.

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