January camp info via our favorite dictator

Not me silly people. Abomb of course.

Here you go. This is the best news possible. For me at least.


1. Jordyn
2. Kyla (and I hear it was CLOSE to ^^^)
3. Aly

Finnegan has a huge SV on beam and did great on floor too.

Wofford has “never looked better”.

Nastia verified bars, scored low but it’s evidently great for her to be even this far at this point.

First Kyla being close to Jordyn is great. It means Marta isn’t going to screw the new kid to add Nastia to a team.

My favorite part is Nastia scoring low. Maybe Marta will do the right thing and not over score her to keep her in the running.

Explain to me how ” it’s evidently great for her to be even this far at this point” even makes sense? It’s less then 6 months away from qualifying to the team. If she is this far off then maybe Abomb’s opinion is wishful thinking. We all know GGMB is a “Nastia is perfect ” zone or you get banned.

Unless this is Nastia giving out info to make it look like she is super women for coming back with only a few months to go.

What do you think?

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65 Responses to “January camp info via our favorite dictator”

  1. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    That’s wonderful news about Kyla!! 🙂 And Wofford (but there’s still no chance of her making the team which is sad)!!

    They should have subbed Kyla in for Aly at SCAM. Aly is really delusional! Have you read one of her most recent interviews where she states that her serious goal is top 3 AA in London! There’s no way she’s getting that 2nd spot over Kyla! And you know what? Even if hell froze over and she did, top 3 would still be out of the question. She’ll be lucky if she makes the team!!

    As for Nastia, I still think she makes it. As I’ve said before, Valeri’s head is just that far up Marta’s ass! I’m with you! Fingers crossed for 2 broken arms! That’s the only way a SOMEWHAT fair team will be put together!

    • Cookie Says:

      I’m kind of wondering what would happen to Marta if she took Nastia in 2012, Nastia makes a complete fool of herself and costs team USA the gold? I mean it would suck for the other girls on the team but I really don’t see Nastia having success of any kind in London, and if Marta takes her despite bad results in the six months before the meet, how could she defend that decision? If London turns out to be a disaster for the team then maybe we will see Marta retire for good, not just “after next worlds/olympics we’ll see.”

  2. Amy Says:

    Ooo thanks for the info – hope its accurate 😛 I hope Kyla beats both Jordyn (only bc I’m no fan of Geddart) and Aly. And ya, Aly’s attitude regarding making the Team (she just knows she will) while admirable and understandable (she’s gota think she’s the best to be with the best), well rubbed me the wrong way. I hope she realizes that she’s being edged out for the #2 spot and likely even a team spot. I’m no fan of her club-foot gymnastics.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      Yeah, Geddert just gives off bad vibes! Although, I have to admit that I love his enthusiasm sometimes as it can be really funny and he doesn’t seem to be verbally abusive or mean when Jordyn makes mistakes, while other coaches do!

      Since Kyla will probably make the team, I’ll be ok with pretty much any combination as long as Nastia is not in the mix!

  3. suz Says:

    Since Nastia has supposedly been training since Spring according to her “followers” how is a low scoring bars six months from trials great? She’s not overcoming any injury like every single other member of the 2008 team.Honestly Nastia as least admirable story of any of the girls vying for a spot, and at this point I am actively cheering against her and all her annoying fans.

  4. annonymous Says:

    Awesome about Kyla!
    I think Aly will be on the team, and good chance of Nastia, no matter what her level of ‘ready’ is by then. I think once Marta loves you, that’s it.

  5. Sandy Says:

    After reading this I’m wondering if there were any mistakes made between the two (if both hit four routines then this is GREAT for Kyla) and who else was there…and where is Shawn? I read she was doing something for her gymnastics and she got it approved so she didn’t have to go to camp.
    The wording here is totally setting Nastia up to be selected, although wouldn’t it be funny if she fell at nationals and at trials and still made the team? Then it would just blatantly show Marta to be extremely biased.
    Aly is a nice girl, but she should get her head out of her ass before she talks like she’s on the team already. I can easily see her not making it based on the talent pool. International judges hate her type of gymnastics, and if Rebecca Bross is healthy she would serve as a better substitute since she can swing bars much better than Aly and is comparable on beam and floor. Yeah, Aly can be relied on to hit in most cases, but so can Jordyn/Kyla/Johnson/Ross…her floor is the best thing going for her and really it’s not that much better than Jordyn’s floor. She barely medaled at this year’s Worlds and I doubt the Olympic judges would give her a medal if they didn’t have to in London.
    I have to disagree on the sentiment about Geddert. It’s refreshing to see someone so energetic and excited about his athlete, and he at least called a spade a spade about Marta’s training regimen leading up to Worlds. He also has a great relationship with Jordyn, and in any case, you shouldn’t favor/unfavor a gymnast based on who their coach is. Nevertheless, Geddert at least shows he cares for his athlete and it speaks volumes that a talented gymnast like Jordyn has been with him throughout her whole career.

    • butterfliesrfree Says:

      I was told by someone in the know both JW and KR went 4 for 4 with neither making any big errors/falls. Which speaks volumes for Ross.

  6. Amy Says:

    I’ll stick by my dislike for Geddert, sure he “stuck up” for his athlete but that’s only b/c he puts everything “out there”. He acts like he was a savior. I wouldn’t doubt Mihai or Chow tell Marta when their athletes need a break. His whole “Jordyn’s not made for NCAA gymnstics” comment a while back though probably 100% true was said with poor execution given that his gym is a top NCAA recruiting gym. Why step on toe$? But that’s besides the point… Jordyn is ridiculously talented and only an injury will keep her off the Oly team.

    Marta loves Nastia but come one, Marta’s gota love the idea of an Olympic team gold more, no? Would she really take a mediocre Nastia over say a better executing Li? (or whoever has the highest SV?) Sometimes I think Marta’s loyalties extend only to herself and the reputation of USAG.

    Nastia’s morning tweet annoyed me today, something about wanting to finally have an UB match with Khorkina …oh and the fact that she called herself a diva. Kinda like calling yourself a lady or a leader, if you have to tell people you are one, then you’re not. Besides she didn’t win UB Gold in Beijing and for London she has to get passed Beth Twiddle(sp?), Komova, and a couple others. She needs to be looking forward not backwards. IDK. That girl is seriously waaaay into herself.

    • Sandy Says:

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing when I saw Nastia’s tweet! How annoying was that. Like she already sees herself as the best UB worker in the world and can even COMPARE herself to Khorkina. Right. Khorkina was the true diva, but she deserved it because she really brought a lot of creativity to the sport and is an icon in many ways – even though I can’t lie, I wasn’t a big fan in general at the time (but I was largely biased back then).

      Beth Twiddle/Tweddle will REALLY be vying for that medal in London. And that girl can swing. Plus, the Chinese will have a solid field of contenders (I’m sure they’ll have some surprise superstars like He Kexin come London) and then you’ve got at least three solid bar workers from Russia. Tell Liukin to keep dreaming. And maybe to keep them to herself before she really ends up shooting herself in the foot.

      I never had heard of Geddert’s quote about NCAA gymnastics (was he basically criticizing it?), but I do put him in the same field as Chow and even Brestyan based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard. Basically, that field would be “coaches I wouldn’t mind my daughter going to if she were a gymnast.” Valerie Liukin is NOT on that list and so is Parkettes!

      • Cookie Says:

        Um yeah, how many world/Olympic UB (and AA for that matter) titles as Nastia won? And how many has Khorkina won? I don’t know how Nastia thinks she even comes close! And yeah Khorkina had an attitude, which I definitely didn’t like at times, but at least she had the results to back it up!

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    I do not follow Nastia on twitter so I miss her stupidity. Then if anyone retweets Nastia I delete them so I don’t follow a lot of gymnasts anymore.

    I’ll have more to say later but I am loving all the recent comments

  8. exgymgurl Says:

    Khorkina With an unprecedented nine gold, eight silver, and three bronze World Championships medals,also she won at least one gold medal at every World Championships and Olympic Games between 1995 and 2003.Nastia will NEVER be Khorkina. Nastia is not half the gymnast Khorkina was. Nastia has not won a gold at every worlds she went to ( think 2006) and Nastia has not been to a world championship since the olympics..A THREE time olympian… Dominique Dawes ( can’t believe I’m saying this) or Svetlana Boginskya would be much closer to Khorkina…..look her up NASTIA because YOU are .not even in the same league…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Dawes was lucky so I don’t even give her credit.

      Nastia is just name dropping. She thinks highly of herself and always has.

  9. missy Says:

    How exciting, finally news from camp!! I am a longtime lurker here and I am now finally posting because I couldn’t resist- If it was a choice between Wieber and Ross I think I prefer Ross more-

    LOL about Nastia’s Khorkina tweet, is this like Aly saying she can be top 3 (or was it top 2??) AAer ?? Hahaha I guess that means we’ll see her in the 2016 Olympics as well 😀

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Welcome. Thanks for posting and please post more)

      Aly finished fourth twice so thinking top 3 isn’t necessarily too bad. She will need others to make mistakes and I don’t think she actually understand that.

      Nastia comparing herself to Khorkina is funny.

  10. TCO Says:

    Can you post more info please?

  11. Cookie Says:

    I think this might have been said here before but I am really thinking more and more that Nastia’s comeback is just a last-ditch effort on her part to get some endorsements before there is a new USA gymnastics “darling” replacing her. Seeing her “performance” at the Skating/Gymnastics Spectacular pretty much convinced me… she basically couldn’t do anything on beam, and in the awkward Subway infomercial there’s a clip of her doing a back handspring on BB in training, and they cut it off about half a second after she lands the BH and looks like she is going to come off.

    Nastia was pretty lucky with how long she was able to get endorsements for after the Olympics, but she knows that once London comes the gravy train is gone whether she is on the team or not.

    • annonymous Says:

      Totally agree. Once the new gymnastics queen is crowned in London, Nastia will old news like the rest of them. I can’t believe that nearly 4 years after Beijing she is still having the media successes that she is…I thought for sure it would die down after a year or two, per past Olympics.

      Getting on twitter now to see this infamous “Khorkina” comment.

      It just irkes me that some of the ’08 team basically never left the gym after Beijing, and she comes out this year at worlds and is like…oh yea, btw, I’m totally coming back.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Sam peszeck and bridget sloan are the only two that didnt take significant time off asac chellsie shawn and nastia all took a year or more off. I dont think nastia is seriously doing anything besides keeping her endorsements. If she can only verify weak bars whos to say that chellsie, wofford, or any other number of people arent verifying way ahead of her. The craptacular was sad… Very sad…. I really dont think valeri has any intention of letting her compete like this 🙂

      • Sandy Says:

        I’m hoping next gymnast queen will be Mustafina. 🙂

        Peace out, Nastia! Nice knowing you.


  12. suz Says:

    If she doesn’t compete at the WOGA classic in two weeks I’ll be right there with you cookie.

  13. Gyminy Says:

    I actually want Khorkina to reply to her on twitter and be like, “when and where?” how epic would that be? Could you imagine what Nastia’s response would be? “Oh, um, like, I was just,like, kidding, you know?”

  14. alex Says:

    OK, so I like Nastia’s gymnastics, but I agree that her post-gym appearances have been goofy and a little weird.
    HOWEVER, I’d like to ask you- if you had trained for something your ENTIRE life and sacrificed your education and many other things, and you had the opportunity to eek out a little more money before the well runs dry, what would you do?
    She has got to know that her money-making opportunities are severely limited in the very near future. She’s got no education or skills outside of gymnastics (that I am aware of), and this is kind of it. Is it annoying? Yeah. Would I be doing anything different were I in her position? Possibly not. (Except for the hideous outfits and bump-its- retch.)
    I just think we can’t fault her for taking full advantage of the gravy train….because we all know it’s about to run dry. She’s going to have to either go back to school and start a new career from scratch, or she can be a coach/”celebrity” choreographer….and I am sure that doesn’t pay too well. Just saying I can’t blame her for stockpiling while the getting is good.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      While I understand she wants money I would like to think she had some integrity.

      If this whole comeback is a lie and I don’t necessarily think it is she has a lot of nerve. (Why would she go to camp if she isn’t really training)

      She obviously worked on getting in shape so I don’t think she would do that just for money. Fame yes but money no.

      Alex, If you have read this blog in the past you know it is not pro Nastia. One thing I will do is call her out.

      If abomb was right and she did a bad routine because she isn’t really training like she should be then she deserves what she will get.

  15. Sandy Says:

    I think you guys are on to something. Who wants to bet that Nastia tweets all about her bar routines for the next few months (“oh it’s coming along great! London Tower here I come!”) and then right before nationals or trials she announces a major “injury” that will take her out of being able to try for a spot on the team. Then she’ll “magically” be hired by NBC or some affiliate so she can be a commentator.

  16. Alex Says:

    haha, I know it’s not pro-Nastia. And I’m okay with that. 🙂
    I’m a gymnastics fan….I don’t really have favorites or not….I just like to look at whose work I appreciate most in competition. I really thought that Nastia was a stunning bars worker. I was sad when she didn’t win in Beijing. HOWEVER, I totally get where you guys are coming from. Post-Beijing has been a cheesefest.
    I am hoping that she does have a great comeback and helps Team USA this summer. We sure could use Nastia circa-2008 bars this year. I don’t believe that she would say she was training and close to competition-ready if she wasn’t. I think that she and Valeri have serious egos, and they wouldn’t chance looking unprepared or out of shape. No way. So I do believe that this comeback is serious.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t have favorites either. My dislike of Nastia has more to do with her attitude and her overrated gymnastics.

      Do me a favor go back and watch Nastia’s bars from 08 again especially her event finals. Watch the legs come apart every time she swings the bars. I would give you more details but then I would have to watch her again to remember.

      • meow Says:

        Her gymnastics is not overrated at all. This may be a cliche point, but the sport is called ‘Artistic Gymnastics’ and during her time in ’08, there is no question that she was the best gymnast. She matched artistry with difficulty. Your perception of Nastia is well yours. If she comes back completely horrible, bash on her all you want, but a few leg separations and an ugly dismount on one event does not mean she is overrated.
        (Assuming you favor Kexin, how about them dead hangs? They were just glorious weren’t they.)

  17. HollyAnn Says:

    Sorry for the dumb question……but who is Abomb?

    Love your blog and the news from camp…..keep it coming!! Is anyone else going to watch the trials in San Jose? I got my tickets a month or so ago……so excited!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Abomb runs ggmb, a gymnastics message board where no one is allowed to disagree with him or he bans you.

      He is a hot head that likes to scream at people and threaten them if you don’t kiss his ass. Fun times there on GGMB.lol

      This is his news, not mine.

      Have fun at trials. I was going to go but I changed my mind.It would cost me too much and I need to save my money.

  18. TCO Says:

    Shawn is ripped:


  19. gymtruthteller Says:

    Spare me that Nastia isn’t overrated. Her vault from 1996, her form issues, her cheap whored beam routine are all crap. If you call standing there waving your arms artistry you don’t know artistry. Fluidity is not artistry.

    If she competed in any other generation she would have been mediocre.

    Face the facts, if it wasn’t for her difficulty score on bars she would have been no where near any AA podium.

    Why won’t her fanatical fans see the truth and I personally thought Yang Yilin deserved that gold medal. Beth’s one mistake was nothing compared to the shit mistakes Nastia made in that UB routine.

    Shawn screwed up the Amanar but if Nastia had been deducted fairly on bars for that mess of a dismount the results would have been different or a hell of a lot closer.

    Speedy loved that Nastia was Russian and he killed two birds with one stone overscoring her shit routines so he could condone this shit code he put in place. His comments after the Olympics about her being what the sport should be about says everything.

    • meow Says:

      Are you saying you would prefer a butchered Amanar over a beautifully landed easier vault?

      Would you say anyone had artistry in the 2005-2008 quadrennium then? Since when did people start dancing on the beam? Did people not wave their arms back in the old days? Part of being artistic on the beam is being fluid on the beam. Neither Yang or Shawn was fluid on beam. Yang landed every skill like a statue. Sure she didn’t get deducted for that, but it did not flow.

      You face the facts. Ever since they stopped the 10.0, you had to compensate your worst even with your best event. Nastia did that with vault & bars. Shawn did that with Bars & Beam. Yang was solid on all four events, but she was just solid.

      Yang beat Nastia on Vault, but only by about a tenth with a Vault that started with 0.3 tenths more.
      I give Yang bars, but she wobbled on beam. Nastia did not.
      On floor, Yang had a major error on her third pass. She bent her legs significantly, but unlike Bross, she did not fall. Nastia’s only error during her entire floor routine was a clunky turn.
      Nastia was by far the best gymnast in that quadrennium. While it may have not been artistic enough for you, (hello, it’s about the balance) she was the artistic gymnast who matched enough difficulty to win her the gold medal.

      (Her dismount on bars during the All-Around was not horrible. [2008 National’s was] Her landing wasn’t low enough to be deductible. No question about the 0.3 deduction for step however.)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not going to change your mind and you are certainly never going to change my mind. This is getting redundant.

        Nastia is overrated and not nearly as artistic as she is given credit. Move on. Honestly it is obvious you are a Nastia fan. This blog just is never going to be for you. You are more then welcome to stay and post but the Nastia issue being repeated over and over and over again is just getting boring. We will agree to disagree.

  20. Alex Says:

    So word on the street is that Nastia is competing only beam at the WOGA Classic.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thanks Alex. I think her super 7 bar routine will never happen because when she was in amazing shape she couldn’t land that dismount well.

      I would think it would be harder to go from that skinny to a 21 year old women and keep the stamina to finish it.

      She might go say 6.6. We will see oh and I hope she adds some real skills because her pirouette whoring was boring.

  21. gymtruthteller Says:

    It will never happen. Marta won’t take Shawn over Nastia her pet.

  22. Sandy Says:

    I hope it happens! Shawn over Nasty-face any day! Two questions: who is Speedy and what does GGMB stand for?

  23. Alex Says:

    So I am apparently banned for life from the International Gymnast forum. No reason given. I’ve never even posted on the site…I just read posts from time to time to keep up with things. Has this happened to anyone else?

  24. exgymgurl Says:


    How is this gymnastics news? And why is Carly suddenly channeling Cassidy McComb in the wacky wild koolaid style hair and clothing department…

  25. butterfliesrfree Says:

    Good news about Kyla. I really am rooting for her. I love her gymnastics–clean and consistent–more so than Aly’s. Am I wrong or does the average gymnastic fan discount her b/c she doesn’t get media hype? I love that she doesn’t tweet or is full of herself. She seems to be a get down to business kind of gal–doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, isn’t a basket case but you gotta know she is motivated and hungry.

  26. butterfliesrfree Says:

    Hey Gymtruthteller,
    I’m done with IG Forum! Maybe you can answer this: is it true there is only one spot open for PacRim and that Jordyn and Aly were given automatic berths???? Tell me it isn’t so! What are Kyla’s chances of making that team? Wow, I’m worried Marta is going to screw Kyla over.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I have no clue if only 3 people are on the team. I think that might be true. 3 seniors and 3 juniors.

      I am also worried that Marta might screw over Kyla. I have been worried about that for awhile. If she screws Kyla out of an Olympic birth I hope the team wins no medal.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Isnt marta required to name the top 2aa with combined trial / visa score to the team? Like courtney mccool was in 04? If so kyla’s earning her way in behind jordyn….no way with her fugly 12.0 bars aly beats kyla

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        And if im geddert, wieber passes on pacific rims….. To stay olympic healthy and avoid scrutiny when shes not peaked

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not sure if they will have to name top 2. I doubt it because team will be named at trials.

        I am with you on Wieber. She needs to stay home and train not compete at every event.

        Marta won’t be above fixing the results.

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        According the the official guide to this year’s Olympic selection process (not sure where to find it at the moment), only first place winner at trials is guaranteed a spot. Nationals doesn’t factor in to that person’s score.

  27. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks. I like how the guys do it. You have to be top 3 on four events and top something or other in AA to be automatic. It usually ends up only being Jonathon Horton.

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