Kerri Strug has memory loss

Here is an article about Kerri. There is an interview too but I would have to buy 600 boxes of Q-Tips to clean my ears out if I listened to it. There is a quote on the page that makes me think she is losing her mind. Or at least her memory.

Here is the article

What people don’t realize, in the gymnastics community, I was always known as the one with lots of talent, but couldn’t put it all together when it counted most.”

I don’t remember Kerri almost putting it all together then messing up to rob her of her rightful place among the worlds greatest gymnasts.

What I remember is Kerri hitting and being beat out by better gymnasts.

In 1991 she was forth for the US gymnasts at worlds. Zmeskal, Miller and Okino beat her.

In 92 it was the same 3 gymnasts.

In 1993 it was Miller and Dawes.

In 94 I think Kerri was hurt

In 95 she made the AA with Dawes being injured.

1996 Kerri got her chance but had to withdraw due to injury.

So when exactly was she

but couldn’t put it all together when it counted most.”

Other gymnasts were better then her. That is why she was left out. Not because she couldn’t put it together.

Silly Kerri Strug.

Did I mention she is knocked up?



14 Responses to “Kerri Strug has memory loss”

  1. honeychile Says:

    Yea, until her one-legged vault in Atlanta, Kerri was pretty much always the brides-maid, never the bride. Not because she couldn’t put it together, but like you said, it was a more obvious truth; it was just because she didn’t have much IT to put together to begin with, and was overshadowed by the likes of Zmeskal, Okino, Miller, Dawes, even Moceanu lol!

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Bela probably told her that in front of zmeskal and moceanu in order to motivate them to do better… And she believed it

  3. honeychile Says:

    That’s true exgymgurl. She actually ended up being the one the general public remembers most, so in the end, she was the biggest celebrity of the bunch. Who could forget Kippy Strug on SNL LOL!!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Kerri was always overshadowed by others…like you say. She was never the “it” girl until she landed that second vault. If she hadn’t had it end like that, she would have faded into obscurity. That ankle injury was the best thing she could have had happen to her during her gymnastics career (sad but true).

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    Kerri strugg wants to completely control her own child… Thats a loopy interview

  6. annonymous Says:

    Good lord.
    She really was overshadowed all the time. I think it was because she didn’t have the same ball-busting confidence that the other girls had. The others walked into the arena and you could see on their face that they knew they were awesome. Kerri sort of looked like she wanted to hide under the mats.

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    Overshadowed implies she was better then them and just didn’t get the credit. She was never over shadowed because she wasn’t as good as them. She was what she was. A consistent gymnast with bad form that did not stand out for anything. Even her vault power was exaggerated.

  8. honeychile Says:

    LOL When I said “IT”, I meant aside from a lacking a certain sparkle, she couldn’t even do back handsprings without bent legs. She wasn’t clean and her gymnastics never WOW’ed me. She performed last in some events in Atlanta in a strategic, score-building maneuver, by putting weaker athletes last they build on momentum. so she scores higher than what she would have had she gone first. So although overshadowed may be a misleading term, she was routinely out-performed by her peers.

  9. musicianfishie Says:

    Kippy was way better than Kerri

  10. terri3975 Says:

    Gymtruthteller, as you know I’m new to reading your blog and am chiming in pretty late on some of you entries, but I think your interpretation of what Kerri was trying to say is a little harsh. I don’t think she was trying to say she would have been better than those other great gymnasts if only she had “put it all together.” Rather, I think she was trying to say she had always been known as an underachiever who never took full advantage of the talent she did have. In my view, she was just trying to say it is ironic that the general public views her as this incredibly courageous and “clutch” performe all based on that one iconic moment. I think Kerri was being quite modest actually in pointing out to the radio viewers that this one-sided heroic image of her is not really the complete picture.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Yes but you are a generally half full attitude on everything while I am totally half empty. I will never agree Kerri doesn’t think highly of herself. She pulled this I am a better practice gymnast then Kim BS in 91 when if being honest she was half the gymnast Kim was and I have never been a Zmeskal fan.

      We can agree to disagree.:)

      • terri3975 Says:

        I agree she was nowhere near the gymnast Kim was, that’s for sure. Love your blog even if we do disagree at times!

  11. Dark Vader Says:

    Kerri Strug is a fool. She even says she was the leader of the 94 world team after Miller withdrew. What a joke. Dawes who had beat Miller to win all 5 golds at Nationals really and was in her best shape ever was obviously the clear leader of the team after Miller withdrew, and put together perhaps the finest meet of her career (her only true no headcase performance in a big meet), and was by far the main and only real reason the U.S team won silver. Topped off by sticking her nightmare 1.5 yurchenko for a 9.887 which the team needed to edge Russia Borden was even ranked over Strug at the time, as the team put her 2nd last after Strug on every event but vault.

    She was actually overrated and overscored over the years. I don’t know why she was generally considered above gymnasts like Borden and Phelps who were much cleaner gymnasts with better form, and who had comparable difficulty. Yet she cries she was in the shadows as if she were underrated. She was never good enough to be a top 3 U.S gymnast, and the only year she was is probably 1993 in a soft post Olympic year, behind Miller and Dawes. She never won a single individual Olympic or world medal since she was never that good.

    I read some of her book at a local chapters (more browsed as I couldn’t stand to read the whole thing) and parts of it made me puke. She is equally as full of herself as her 2 blowhard teammates- Dawes and Moceanu, and even more delusional, and with even less reason for her overinflated ego. The worst thing about the Mag 7 was the monster it created with Kerri Strug.

    She even says she would win the floor gold in Atlanta had she competed? So she was going to beat Lilia’s 9.887, lol! She could be a good comedian.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She is delusional to thin k she would have won floor. Not with the way Lilia was overscored that meet. The gold was hers or Mo’s

      and the judges were not going to let anyone else win it.

      I usually don’t approve new people ( I like the mix we have) but your effort with all the posts won me over. Welcome

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