Belu and Bitang should be ashamed

Ana Porgras was beloved by all, most after the 2009 Worlds.

They called her the most elegant gymnast in a long time. The world acted like she was the second coming of a gymnast from the 80 or the 90’s. When in fact she was just much better than the crap we have called gymnastics this last decade.

Than came 2011 where Ana looked like… everyone else. She seemed to have lost all that made her special. (best best routine is below)

Now we have 2012 and Ana has retired. She refuses to name names or give us a real reason pretending to use injuries as an excuse.

Many are speculating that Ana must have been sick of Belu and Bitang and has retired for that reason. I hate to agree with the masses on something, anything but they are probably right.

You know what if Ana has given up because of the way she was treated then I give this girl all the props in the world.

To give up her dream for her own well being takes a lot of moxy and I’m sure spiting Belu and Bitang was just an added bonus.

It’s just a huge shame that Ana will miss the Olympics.

Good luck Ana. If you decide to un-retire make sure you get everything in writing.

Romania is screwed big time with this retirement. Even an un-motivated Ana at the 2011 Worlds managed to score over a 15 in team finals on beam and she was easily their best uneven bar worker.

You can read about the details at the couch gymnast


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8 Responses to “Belu and Bitang should be ashamed”

  1. Sandy Says:

    What a travesty. I am shocked. And sad. And mad…Ana was by far one of my favorite gymnasts this quad…she has something nobody else has. I was really hoping to see her perform well in London and now…wow. Who does Romania have now – Catalina Ponor (who I love, but is by no means even close to being artistic) and Sandra Isbaza (who also lacks artistry…)…wow. What a bad time for Romanian gymnastics.

    I kind of had a bad feeling after Worlds this year though in regards to Ana. Belu was interviewed saying that pretty much everyone on the Romanian team (besides Ponor) disappointed him during competition – that they didn’t want it “badly enough.” And that based on current trends, he would only focus on Ponor and Isbaza and Lordache for Olympic development. I wondered why Ana was left off that list. Sure, she messed up in beam quals but so what…she’s the best all around gymnast Romania has, and she was injured during worlds!

    So sad. She (and her “true” style of gymnastics) will be missed.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    If she truly was fedup like everyone thinks she was I don’t blame her for not giving it her all.

    Belu and Bitang need to go.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    So sad… only good news is for Pitic… who now despite her mess up at worlds moves up in terms of olympic selection. On vault and bars that makes her one of their top 3 people…

  4. annonymous Says:

    What a mess for Romania. I was so surprised and shocked to see this. I kept checking all the websites/blogs in hopes that it was not true.

    Romania is screwed. I love Ponor and Izbaza, but the two of them will not cut it alone. I wondered when I saw Ana at Worlds and then heard the interview with Belu after about how angry he was if she was not ready then to leave. I believe what she said about injuries being a big reason…she always seemed hurt. And worn out.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      They have Iordache too! More important than Ponor and Izbasa put together IMO. They’re still not getting more than a bronze in team finals!

      • annonymous Says:

        I forgot about Iordache. What a load to put on her shoulders. It will be a fight for bronze, really, if you consider Russia, USA and China the top three. But…all of those teams have been known to tank under pressure soooo maybe it won’t be so bad for Romania after all. If they have a good day.

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        Well I think those 3 can handle the pressure very well, it’s the unknown other 2 I’m worried about! Probably will make all the difference. This is why as much as I love Pitic, she probably doesn’t need to be on the team!

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