Zmeskal vs Moceanu: Frenemies

Dominque and Kim used to be BFF until Kim Zmeskal sided with the Korolyi’s on not allowing Dominique a free pass to Nationals but now the relationship is strained.

Why am I writing this blog now? because I don’t like to be told what I can and cannot say even if it is only on GGMB so while the dictators apprentice can tell everyone what they believe she cannot tell me the same thing. There must be something big we don’t know about concerning Kim and Dominique if the resident facebook stalker is defending them like she is their long lost sister. Whatever the secret is it needs to come out.

Dominique obviously wants to keep this quiet so I say we don’t 🙂

via GGMB:
“Dominique has moved on and I don’t think the issue that took place between Dominique and Kim needs to be discussed.”

SO LEAVE THE KIM SHIT ALONE! Seriously it’s over with. Move on.

P.S.- Anyone find it kind of funny that Bela still uses the once beens name to promote his camp???

Article 1: Where Kim calls Moceanu out and says she is from another planet Dawes also has something to say in that article.

I also want to note that Dominique was not a 14 year old kid in 2000 when she decided to come back.

Article 2 : Moceanu gives a interview where she bashes some more.

In this article she throws her MAG 7 teammates under the bus which is complete bull shit. Why she feels the need to blame everyone else but ehrself for the that she is under is f****** hilarious to me.


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6 Responses to “Zmeskal vs Moceanu: Frenemies”

  1. dd Says:

    Kim isn’t stupid. She is not going to jepordize her coaching career and future by supporting lost causes.

    Domi is and has always been about herself. That is why she loves the gymnastics message board. They feed her ego.

    Manuelle (sp) is seriously a psychopath. She stalked Morgan White into being her roomate.

  2. honeychile Says:

    I love how they asked about her kid, and she said two or three sentences, but went on this epic, long-winded rant about the Karolyi’s.

    I’m sure they are tough, but at a point you are an athelete. Football coaches can’t cuddle and caress it’s athelete’s day in and out. Gymnastics is one of THE toughest sports out there mentally as well as physically. Just because it’s beautiful to watch doesn’t make it less tough to make it look easy. Everything isn’t done the way you would do them Dominique, but dragging this into the public like that is really tacky.

    And she’s complaining about her teammates throwing her under the bus? How many people where thrown under that bus at the hands of Dominique? From the coaches, to teammates to her parents? She may have a legitimate beef or whatever the case, but what business is it of THE WORLDS!? Some of this could have been handled behind closed doors instead of constantly running to the press with her morbid and macabre little details.

    So sorry, but her constant attention starvation tactics are just poor form. Okay, so they called you FAT in front of the other girls, but you’ve called them everything in the book in front of the WORLD! You win! Happy now?

  3. ughhh Says:

    I seriously cant stand who much of a complainer Dominique is. She needs to go cuddle her gold medal and quiz being an attention whore…..ughhhh

  4. Sandy Says:

    I only have to agree with Dominique (I think many others have said something about this too, even Jordyn’s coach Geddert) in terms of the way that the selection camps operate. It’s all very “hush hush” and behind closed doors – which we all know that means it’s VERY political – and the athletes themselves are given very little rest in general, which I think has definitely led to a lot of unnecessary injuries. That being said, what Marta has going for her is the depth of team USA. She can afford those injuries, so she can afford to operate her bootcamp just so, so it’s literally the last 8 gymnasts or so left standing that can make it. I don’t think that’s the best way either but it has given her good results. There’s definitely a better way to go about it though. There’s been far too many injuries taking place at those camps (and before/during the competitions themselves) for anyone to disagree with that statement.

    However, because of those results, the Karolyi’s have been able to maintain their hold on USA gymnastics. When Team USA leaves an Olympics with very few medals under the Karolyi “empire,” then maybe there will be more talk about switching up the current system.

    In terms of the way the Karolyi’s coached, well…Dominique could have gone to other coaches then if they were so bad. The whole complaining about it after the fact thing is just stupid and obviously is being done just to keep her name in the media. She even says there are so many other great individual coaches the Karolyi’s aren’t necessary…well, she could have gone to another coach then! Even when she was at her prime in the mid-90’s there were other great coaches around as well. She could have gone to Parkette’s hahahaha….

  5. Sandy Says:

    …oh and can someone give me the DL on the FB stalker? I have no idea what all that’s about…

  6. Dark Vader Says:

    With Kim’s position as a top level coach, who is coaching gymnasts with serious world and Olympic aspirations it would be foolish of Moceanu to just expect Kim to go along with what she is saying. While Marta and friends are still in charge of USA gymnastics. Her gymnasts would be blacklisted from getting anywhere in the sport ever again. Even being allowed to make Nationals probably. Even if Kim agreed with all she said, which she might well not.

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