What’s wrong with USA-gymnastics? (GUEST BLOG)

exgymgurl wanted to write a guest blog and of course I said yes so here it is.
(P.S. Write the blog about Mustafina’s sister and I will post that a later date:)


What’s Wrong with USA- Gymnastics

I wanted to do a guest blog on Mustafina’s younger sister, and Russian Gymnastics BUT when I saw this YouTube clip, this is where I had to go:

Pursuing the Perfect 10 – Parkettes Documentary

I’m going to apologize in advance for being somewhat disjointed on this. So many random thoughts came to mind while I was watching this and thinking what does this experience really does to these girls.

So here we have Parkettes kids competing TOPS with broken ankles. Other ones bribed by their parents. We have Donna Strauss assuming someone does gymnastics and makes mistakes for attention.

Nicole Harris: Became a basketcase and Left ASU in February only to return the next year when she felt like she could handle it.

Gym blog, Nicole Harris back at Arizona State

Why are all of these gymnast’s parents so Freaking overweight…..???

What is really funny is that none of these people made the olympic team which of course doesn’t surprise me. Most of their elites have had nice college careers which is great, but kids can get college scholarships for a lot of things, that don’t involve Strauss induced torture.

My son plays football in Texas. He’s 12. There was a kid on his team that wrecked both of his knees, and also at one point was on crutches. Getting cortisone shots. He could barely walk and his parents were not taking him to the doctor very often. He would sit out practices and then his dad would brag that he was on pain medication every game for what? Odds are he will never make the NFL or even get a college scholarship.

The Parkette parent’s attitudes remind me of that.
Who would send their kid to this Donna Strauss psycho?

I have to commend Mackenzie Wofford’s parents. My 12 year old is taking a year off football to focus on scouts. I told him I thought that was wise. He is in 6th grade and I discussed with him that football only gets more competitive from here on in. You can take a year off in middle school and go back in football, because puberty and growth actually helps you.

So none of the Parkettes from the 2002 elite class made the Olympics in 2004. I’m shocked. But what really shocks me is that people are in an uproar over the secret of Deva and the Russian documentaries that show the same thing, when apparently it’s going on in the US as well. This is Donna Strauss in front of the camera…. imagine what she’s really like.
The follow up to where all of these girls ended up:

I’m glad the Strauss family allowed CNN in their gym. I’m not surprised their wasn’t more uproar. We have the same thing in football that these gym parents have. It’s ridiculous the way these parents live their lives through their children, or usually their one star athlete child. There has to be a better way of training these athletes then continually breaking them.


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10 Responses to “What’s wrong with USA-gymnastics? (GUEST BLOG)”

  1. honeychile Says:

    WOW! What an awesome inaugural blog, congrats!

    That Donna Strauss character needs to be admitted into an insane asylum. If I was one of those girls today, I would wait for her in the parking lot and give her a few gymnastics injuries. What a raging psycho bitch!

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I started a blog that I never finished about this type of situation. Maybe I should finish it.

    I love how the parents get a free pass in these situation.

    Moceanu is a great example. While she loves to whine about Bela and Marta she never blamed her mother for any of this. She acts like her poor mother had no say.

    It’s such bull shit.

  3. honeychile Says:

    ^^ Oh yea, and those fat greasy parents deserve a 10.0 start value kick in the ass, too!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Honeychile you’re hilarious!

    I agree – the (mostly obese) parents here are 100% responsible for their children. I don’t understand why they take such a backseat to someone they are PAYING to coach their children in gymnastics. I also personally don’t understand the reason of uprooting your entire life (Nicole Harris’ family) for the sake of your kid’s “dream.” It just seems so stupid, and at that point you really have to question who’s dream it really is. I also felt sorry for Nicole’s sister who was forced to leave her friends/home so that she can see everything dedicated to Nicole. She’s going to grow up feeling VERY resentful…already could tell by the way she was saying her parents give Nicole anything she asks for. I also wonder how they feel now that all she got out of it was a college scholarship (if that)…I mean think of the dollars invested in her at this point!

    You can’t really do gymnastics (or force your kid to do gymnastics) with the hope of it paying off in the long run…the window of opportunity is too small and even if you did make it, it’s not a guaranteed “money” sport that would necessarily make a solid return on your investment. You’d have to hope your kid has a mediawhore personality. Speaking of mediawhore, even Nastia said something like that – you do gymnastics because you love it, not for the money because for most, there really is no money…if you want your kid to make money by competing, put them in golf or tennis and hope they’re good at THAT. But even then there’s no guarantee.

  5. Geralen Stack-Eaton – 10 Vault — Gymnastics Coaching.com Says:

    […] on gymtruthteller linked to a follow-up video. […]

    • Julie Booker Says:

      Apparently you do not know the Harris family. They are a very close, loving family. You cannot base an opinion on a short news story. All of their daughters are involved in a sport, in which their parents have provided support for all of them. Two of the girls have received a scholarship for their sport. I think it is awesome that these parents are willing to support their kids and help them achieve their dreams. Nicole Harris is a wonderful person and a great coach. Her parents never forced her to do gymnastics – it was always her choice and desire. You need to learn the facts before judging.

  6. Exgymgurl Says:

    Theres a blog that linked about geralyn stack eaton at alabama . I commented that amber trani was a parkette so broken shell never compete ncaa for georgia…. Wonder if it posts…

  7. Unathletic is not a crime Says:

    Donna Strauss was my gym teacher at Trexler Junior High in the 1970’s. She made gym class a nightmare. There was absolutely no encouragement for the poor unathletic kid. watching her on TV in Olympic tryouts makes me feel physically ill. Bottom line- before people paid to have her torture their kids, she did it in the public school system.

  8. Julie Booker Says:

    Nicole Harris was my daughter’s coach for 2 years. She inspired my daughter to do her best everyday. Our level 6 then Level 7 team were the most disciplined and motivated of all the team girls. We eventually left this gym when the owner decided to let Nicole go because she did not adhere to her stupid rules. The gym she trained at must of done something right because she was awesome. When Nicole left and another unqualified coach took her place – the team broke up (2 quite completely, 2 left to go to another gym). If Nicole didn’t injure herself, i have no doubt she would have made it to the Olympics. Sometimes it takes a tough coach, dedicated and willing parents to support a child dream.

  9. Tyak Says:

    Julie Booker, You sound absolutely ridiculous. You are the type of disillusioned parent would probably love to send your kids to a Donna Strauss-type coach. Very sad that anyone would stand by her or similar coaches. If an adult in any other position were to treat kids that way, no one would stand by it.

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