Women’s test event

Look at Youna Dufournet with her legs together for the most part impressing me. Hey, that is not easy to do.

Here are the results for all the competitors in All Around form and these teams qualified for the Olympics.

1 ITA – Italy 56.699 (4) 54.966 (3) 57.124 (1) 55.832 (1) 224.621
2 CAN – Canada 57.066 (2) 55.599 (2) 54.766 (2) 54.482 (4) 221.913
3 FRA – France 56.457 (5) 56.365 (1) 53.790 (4) 54.132 (5) 220.744
4 BRA – Brazil 57.431 (1) 52.466 (5) 53.331 (6) 54.757 (2) 217.985


5 BEL – Belgium 55.800 (7) 52.398 (6) 54.033 (3) 54.632 (3) 216.863
6 KOR – Korea 56.299 (6) 52.900 (4) 53.599 (5) 52.132 (8) 214.930
7 ESP – Spain 57.057 (3) 50.366 (8) 52.299 (7) 53.332 (6) 213.054
8 NED – Netherlands 55.374 (8) 51.931 (7) 51.891 (8) 52.865 (7) 212.061


13 Responses to “Women’s test event”

  1. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    Poor Grishina! I guess the pressure’s getting to her!

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      My guess: both Nastias–Grishina and Sidorova–are making the transition from off season to preseason training, so precision and polish are not there yet. Nor are they encouraged.
      For them this is not a competition, it is a dress rehearsal.

      Going to London should have been a requirement for all newly minted seniors, I think. After all, there is a valuable life lesson to be learned here,

      TABLE MANNERS 301: Hurling not while scouring the British menu for something remotely edible, never mind nutritious.


      (btw, Julie Croket’s FX looks awesome! Team USA needs her choreographer like, NOW.)

  2. honeychile Says:

    Do you have the all around results? These are the full teams to qualify, but do you have the AAs? Because specialist girls can still come to the games as individuals, as long as they qualified as individuals, right?

  3. honeychile Says:

    I’m sorry, I meant so say individual event finals. But that bars was great and there is this one girl (her name escapes me) but her bars set was and new skills were nothing short of INSANE!! I’ll dig it up, but I’m having a tough time remembering her name right now.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    I can’t find the blog but gym examiner had who qualified to the Olympics but her blog is a pain in the ass to find.

    I am not sure how true this is but ggmb posted this. These are event finals.

    The REAL Event Finalists for WAG – After 4th Session

    Vault (In order of qualifying score)
    Barbosa BRA
    Steingruber SUI
    Maksiuta ISR
    Fasana ITA
    Hypolito BRA
    Masele NED
    Garcia MEX
    Grishina RUS

    Reserves: Pena, Lim, Rae

    Uneven Bars
    Dufournet FRA
    Grishina RUS
    Yao CHN
    Tunney GBR
    Kononenko UKR
    Lee CAN
    Vaculik CAN
    Ferrari ITA

    Reserves: Pihan-Kulesza, Sung, Garcia ( Sad )

    Balance Beam
    Sui CHN
    Ferlito ITA
    Millousi GRE
    De Agostini ITA
    Yao CHN
    Maksiuta ISR
    Brevet FRA
    Gardiner CAN

    Reserves: Croket , Steingruber, Vargas

    Moors CAN ( Smiley )
    Brevet FRA
    Ferrari ITA
    Ferlito ITA
    Sui CHN
    Dos Santos BRA
    Croket BEL ( Smiley )
    Hypolito BRA

    Reserves: Lago, Hunt, Top

    • honeychile Says:

      oh okay thanks hun! you are THE best! I am gonna stop being a lazy moceanu and look up her name.. and for the sake of the sport, she better be on a team, individual event or something because her skills were beyond G if you asked me to judge them.. form was a sloppy mess, but imo Amanar had a very sloppy Amanar! LOL

  5. honeychile Says:

    Okay it was Elizabeth Seitz of Germany. I don’t think she made anything for this olympics, unless Germany qualified at worlds. (?) But this is the video. Help me out, Is she going to be in London.


    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      Germany qualified so I’m assuming she’ll make the team.

      • honeychile Says:

        oh did they?? cool! i get confused with the mens/womens q teams! well great! hope to see that routine in finals then. her and that wierd looking beth tweedle i expect to have a high star value (and i like beth, too btw)

    • Koruton Says:

      I think Seitz is definitely going unless she is severely injured. She is their second allrounder who is about as good as Nadine Jarosch (1st allrounder) She was also the only German to compete all four events in team finals so they are heavily relying on her. She is capable of posting the team’s highest scores on vault and balance beam…
      It will be amazing to see her in London and I hope that in the new code they will change the rules so that her move can get the difficulty rating it clearly deserves!

  6. honeychile Says:

    start value*

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