Test Event

Oh Canada.That’s what you get for taking away my Brad Marchand. Karma’s a bitch. (Sarah would call this, stuff GTT posts that she doesn’t understand)

If the old rules were in effect Canada would have qualified a full mens team to the Olympics at last years worlds. The new rules say top 4 teams from the test event decide the last 4 qualifiers and Canada finished 5th. Great Britain won so they get to compete in front of the home crowd at this years Olympics.

Here are the team event results for the men.

The women are tomorrow where Canada hopes the curse of Marchand doesn’t kick them in the ass like it did the men.

Olympics team qualified:
1.GBR 358.227
2.FRA 350.659
3.ESP 347.292
4.ITA 346.334

5.CAN 345.892
6.BRA 345.152
7.PUR 340.092
8.BLR 335.824


Women Podium training videos. Thanks to between the Olympics


4 Responses to “Test Event”

  1. Dagny Says:

    Canada giveth Brad Marchand and they taketh away.

    Naw seriously, that was a dirty hit by Marchand and everyone knows it.

    Speaking of Can gym, I totally miss Kyle Shewfelt 😦

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    It wasn’t as dirty as this hit.

    and I like to pretend Brad isn’t Canadian. If I really hated Canadians I would have a hard time rooting for the Bruins.lol

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    By the way we want Lucic back too but I guess that ship has sailed. I still can figure how Brad’s hit deserved as many games as the one that leveled Horty but this is the NHL.

  4. Dagny Says:

    Looking back on this, I’m really bummed the Canadian men didn’t make it. We have a lot of talent.

    Oh well, go ladies!

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