Injured University: Class of 2016

Injured University: Class of 2016….


Many US gymnasts always injured during their elite careers are joining the College ranks this year. Almost Makes me want to follow it.

Ivana Hong will be competing for Stanford.

So will Sam Shapiro.

Cassie Whitcomb is a freshman at UCLA.

Chelsea Davis is at Georgia

The odds that any of these gymnasts actually makes it through 4 years of College without tripping over a mat and being out 6 month is like 1 in a zillion.

The one hit wonder

Kayla Williams is at Alabama

Other names you might remember

Georgia Dabritz is at Utah

Morgan Steigerwalt is at ASU

Kaitlyn Clark
is with the one hit wonder at Alabama

Rebecca Clark


Roster Links

Stanford University

University of Georgia
You can praise God for that link (:)



ASU Team with the best hair except if your name is Stephanie


where Natasha is injured again



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16 Responses to “Injured University: Class of 2016”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    holy crap, sami shapiro looks SO different… way more muscular (college athlete style), older and PRETTIER.. wow.. not to be rude but finally trimmed those brows!

  2. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    Chelsea looked pretty good in her debut! But yeah, she’ll be injured before the end of the season!

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    I couldn’t find individual scores for the Georgia meet. What events did she do?

    I want to see how Cassie does at UCLA. I hope they let her compete sometime soon.

  4. honeychile Says:

    Wow, how ironic! I was just watching Mattie Larson for UCLA. Her floor was pretty much a mess, but I still like her for some reason, and LMAO at some chick walking past rolling her eyes at her during her post-meet interview

    • Yo Momma Says:

      That’s not “some chick” it’s her friend/team mate Vanessa Zamarippa lol. It was a joke, she, Mattie and the interviewer were all laughing at it.

      • honeychile Says:

        um okay, didn’t to see my LMAO!?? It’s obviously her teammate. They have on the same damn jacket!! I knew it was a joke! Lighten the FUCK UP!!

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      Well I saw today that Mattie confirmed she wasn’t trying for London. Not that there was much hope of a comeback anyway but she left it on the table. 😦

      • Sandy Says:

        Unless Marta got ran over by a raindeer or something there was no way she could make it on that Olympic team….Marta would find a way to leave her off after that Worlds ’10 disaster. But hey – I’m disappointed too. Wish that could have been ASac’s floor routine, not Mattie’s…

  5. honeychile Says:

    Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see your lol too. So I take it back, but believe me, I know exactly who Vanessa is LMAO!

  6. exgymgurl Says:

    Mattie was beautiful on beam, and bars. She performed on floor and missed one part of a tumbling pass but did not set it down. If anyone can straighten her out and make her earn it and work it, it’s miss val

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    I think Mattie will have a great career in College. Though I am not sure how well she will do with the pressure of Nationals. We will see.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Wouldnt it be funny if mattie larson pulled a mohini bhardwaj in 2016? Im just saying….

      • Sandy Says:

        I liked Mattie’s style and form (OK – she had nice form, NOT Nastia!) – she was one of my favorites of this quad and I had high hopes she would be one of the contenders at the Olympics. True, she cost her team the gold medal at worlds ’10, but Marta really shouldn’t have put her on the floor in the first place because she wasn’t hitting in podium training. Let’s hope for a Pam Anderson sponsorship in 2016! Ha. ha. ha….

    • honeychile Says:

      Yes! I just LOVE Mattie! and BOOO HISSS @ Marta for the guilt trip she gave her for that worlds flub. No matter what i’ll always have a place in my heart for Ms. Larson (and I have my reasons).

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