Why Chellsie Memmel will make the 2012 Olympic team.


I don’t really believe this will happen but I was thinking about gymnasts that think they have a shot at making the Olympic team when they really have no shot and Chellsie Memmel’s name popped into my head.

Besides the fact that Chellsie is due a chance to compete at the Olympic level while healthy I have decided she just might have a shot this year. (Maybe)

Chellsie has alternate written all over her. So why can’t we do things backwards ? Instead of doing an amazing job and then getting hurt at the Olympics why can’t Chellsie back into an Olympic birth and benefit from some other gymnast Marta killed? Kind of like she did in 2003?

So I have decided that Chellsie Memmel will come to Nationals and Trials and kick ass only to be named alternate. Than some gymnast that makes the team based only on her name will break two arms and Chellsie will get her spot. She will then go to the Olympics and come home with a boat load of medals (or one)

and while I was looking for a picture to make a lovely thingAmagig I came across this. It’s destiny. The calender says so



28 Responses to “Why Chellsie Memmel will make the 2012 Olympic team.”

  1. exgymgurl Says:

    It all depends on what they are seeing at camp, Chellsie has to be stay and peak healthy period. There is not a lot of endurance in this run at the quad, so Marta’s what have you done for me lately, what are you doing now will rule the day. Perhaps that favors Chellsie, perhaps not. Time will tell. Shes got great mental toughness. These Nastia videos show less gymnastics than the Georgia Gym Dog promos do… they are making me want to barf. If I’m her I get injured at the last second so I don’t embarass myself.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I agree but I think she is trying to keep close to the vest what she is training. She was not in good enough shape to get through her UB in 2009 that is why she didn’t compete it so this idea that she is a shoe in based on what she can do is laughable.

    Now a shoe in because Marta will take her no matter what yes but I laugh when people act like she looks awesome. She doesn’t when you consider the Olympics is only 8 months away.

    I am hoping that because she wants to do floor and beam that this will be her downfall.

    Chellsie could look awesome and I don’t think Marta would chance her but if she is an alternate maybe that will keep her healthy enough to give her a shot. She deserves that shot.

  3. dd Says:

    I would love Chellsie to get “her shot” but Marta will never let that happen.

  4. doughnut sundae Says:

    Forget the cold or flu, or even herpes. Chellsie Memmel has a disease that is so infectious Marta wants her quarantined ASAP.

    The girl has tested positive for cognizance, and in the elite lemming world if this stuff spreads it could become a pandemic.

    Olympic virgins should be spared that ghastly scene of Chellsie leaving her bar routine unfinished at Nationals, because preventing further injury was more important than getting kudos from Marta.

    Now that level of maturity is frightening.

    (Q) Is Chellsie a legitimate contender for Team USA?

    (A) Yep. Clutch players are always on short lists.

    (Q) Will she become a two-time Olympian?

    (A) Nope. The girl’s got a brain.

  5. S. Lien Says:

    If Chellsie can get her bars back (and NOT be injured for once) and her beam/floor…she should have just as good a shot as Bross, Johnson, or even Raisman considering all of those gymnasts have similar styles (the meat clompers or however that one post put it, haha – although I want to say Johnson has a bit more finesse except her split leaps!)…

    I mean..put it this way…if she hadn’t injured herself at Nationals on bars, she’d definitely be on the podium – likely second place even (which doesn’t speak all that well for Team USA given she’s only in the first year of her comeback).

    I still don’t see Rasman as a definite lock yet only because of her bars. Two Worlds in a row she messed that up, big time – and she won’t get overscored for it at the Olympics (I’m sorry but Worlds this year she should NOT have been fourth place with that…). If Raisman does go to London she shouldn’t be in the AA. That should be Wieber and Ross/Bross/Johnson/Douglas/Vega…whoever is in the running at that time. I really like Raisman as a person but it seems like her coaches don’t really do much for her when it comes to bars. She is an ASac four years ago…except ASac at least has better artistry/movement on the floor and beam. That’s where I really don’t see this team having BOTH ASac and Raisman…and I can even see this team potentially leaving both of them off altogether.

    I can be wrong…

    I wonder if Aly ever wishes secretly ASac had never come back. She might just block her shot at an Olympics because they are very much the same athlete. I also wonder if ASac realizes this…she has to.

    • meow Says:

      I used to feel the same way about Sacramone, but then I had a realization. Raisman’s start values are higher than Sac’s. She’s also been a consistent gymnast for almost three years. Those two things are the only things Marta care about.

      Sac has low SVs and doesn’t upgrade. It’s quite annoying actually. and yeah, consistency? Not Sac’s strongest field. We saw her shakiness again on her mount on beam this Visas.

      • S. Lien Says:

        Did you see that recent article (it was about ASac’s injury and her comeback from that) where Marta said that ASac doesn’t even NEED to upgrade – she can be where she was in ’08 and be fine. I was wondering if she was trying to play a headgame of some sort, because the only way ASac can definitely make this London team is if A) she upgrades her rudi (add a twist or something) – otherwise Maroney will beat her and there really won’t be a need for her on the vault w/Maroney and Wieber and possibly Douglas or Johnson also being able to do an amanar; and B) her beam becomes more consistent and has a higher SV. She also needs to become more consistent on floor (call that a “C)” and she’s obviously really having issues with that. After seeing her fall on floor AGAIN at Nationals on the same tumbling pass she screwed up on at Beijing, I couldn’t help but think Marta was probably having a deja vu moment – and it wasn’t in ASac’s favor. Now that she has an injury to come back from, I just don’t think it’s likely unless Maroney or Raisman is injured before London.

    • meow Says:

      Also, I totally agree about Memmel being second! She trumped Maroney after training a few months and having a FTY. It just shows that we don’t really need her. I mean it sucks to be the Vault Gold Medalist and be not selected for the Olympics, but 2012 seems like the year for Team Gold. She can also do Bars, Beam, and Floor.

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Chellsie will do enough to make the Olympic team. She’s Chellsie freaking Memmel. That is what she does but Marta picking her is a whole different ball game. I don’t think she will chance her getting injured.

    That is why Chellsie backing into an Olympic spot and ending her senior career like she started it makes the perfect fairytale ending.

    Keep chatting people. I love reading your comemnts

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    Alicia needs to upgrade. Marta is on crack.lol

  8. S. Lien Says:

    This is the article I was talking about:


    I was like WHAT?! Why would she say that? Of the entire veterans making a comeback, she would need new skills MOST since what she had in ’08 is not going to hold up for ’12…no way will she be a vault gold medal contender and she really does not have the difficulty on beam to make her a factor considering what the Russians are bringing to the table.

    Marta also insinuates she doesn’t even need her floor routine. A five-member Olympic team cannot have two Annia Hatches (i.e., Nastia AND Sacramone), so I don’t know where Marta is going with this one.

    I have to agree though…it would make the perfect ending for Chellsie’s career to take over for an injured teammate (oooh, let’s hope it’s Nastia!) and clinch a gold medal team victory for USA. Maroney, Wieber, Johnson, Ross/Raisman, and Memmel…hey I like that story!

    I don’t want to see Nastia on a Wheaties box.

  9. meow Says:

    If Chellsie makes the team and is injury free, she could be a great story for many years to follow, especially if they win Team Gold. ^^

    Sac NEEDS to upgrade. Her old ways on floor and beam are coming back, Maroney is getting better than her day by day and she’s been overtaken in the leader department by Aly!

    I hope she sits idly by so she doesn’t get picked.

    • Sandy Says:

      I am changing my post name to “Sandy” since “S.Lien” was weird-looking, even for me. Anyhoo, I have to say something about this whole “team leader” thing ASac thinks she’s got going on that will give her a free pass to an Olympic team. I call Horseshit. All we need to do is look at the Olympic games in ’08 (and even Worlds Floor EF in ’07). Shawn and Nastia stepped it up way more than she did, and after she fell on the beam you could just see her deflate rather than “shirk it off” and be aggressive on the FX. She failed. Yeah, she had a moment at the ’07 Team Finals where she gathered the troops and gave a pep talk going into the FX, but that’s largely because SHE wasn’t one of the girls that had messed up (Shawn fell and Nastia crapped out her dismount). So that being said, you can’t count on ASac if she messes up – she just deflates, literally. You could see it all over her face even before she got up for her floor routine. I almost knew she was going to suck it up before the music started.

      Now she says she gives the girls “pep talks” and they “call her” with their problems and she talks them through it. Yeah, right. I can just picture Wieber or Maroney calling ASac about what type of acrylic nails best withstands the vault block.

      And was it just me, or did anyone else notice the “are you kidding me?” glance between Maroney and Wieber while Raisman was giving them their “pep talk” before FX in team finals? The whole thing seemed really contrived, like “hey Aly, give these girls a pep/leader talk so we can show it on NBC and mention AGAIN the missing presence of ASac (gaaaag!)”…

      • honeychile Says:

        Yea i know right? When they huddled up and said “Lets do this for Alicia..” um NO, you are on Team USA not TEAM ALICIA!! Let’s not inflate that lady’s ego even further than it already is.

        Okay she won world vault, well yeeehaw for a good 10 seconds of performing! I’m sure Asac is bitter that Maroney won her ‘reigning’ vault title in her first worlds, and I don’t even think she wanted the team to win the gold, she would have rathered a shaky team so they could say “well if Alicia was here we would have won” if I’m being honest. She wants to be the center of attention, and when they DECISIVELY won and didn’t need her after all, that was reality pimp-smacking her in the face! It’s bad enough she has more world medals than the incomparable Shannon Miller now. She’s just being a greedy pig now. Sit down, count your blessings and go get more tattoos!

      • katieelizabeth87 Says:

        ^^@honeychile: You are so right! And Alicia will never be 1/3 the gymnast Shannon was! It’s really a disgrace!

      • Sandy Says:

        Ok that’s another conversation in and of itself. Why Marta chose to leave ASac on the team while making poor Anna Li suit up, be the team cheerleader on the sidelines, get on the podium, and wave at the cameras with ASac’s medal around her neck baffles me beyond anything else. If I were Anna Li I would have just faked an ankle injury and flew home, too. ASac shouldn’t have received that medal…and anyways, she may have one up on Ms. Shannon in the World medals department but she hasn’t even come CLOSE to Shannon’s Olympic medals, so no matter what Shannon still is the MOIST decorated US gymnast of all time (hear that, Nastia?). Period. Even to say that ASac is a record holder is a disgrace.

        And I’m wondering if the group may have said “let’s do this for Alicia” outwardly for the cameras/media but inwardly were all snickering, “let’s do this IN SPITE of Alicia!”…I mean c’mon, ASac is only in their way of becoming a member of an Olympic team. I can only imagine Aly really saying that outwardly…even though like I’ve said before, Aly would be a total lock on that team if it weren’t for ASac’s presence. However I think her injury really somewhat removed her from serious consideration for the Olympic team in Marta’s mind. I really believe Marta wants the London team to be primarily the youngsters, especially now that she knows they can compete under pressure. She will only make room for Nastia (double barf) and maybe Shawn/Chellsie only if one of the youngsters gets injured…even though I love Shawn and would DIE to see her get the AA gold medal with ASac and Nastia watching on the sidelines…

        Finally – I totally agree/believe ASac was at home secretly PRAYING Maroney fell on her Amanar during event finals and that everyone fell off the beam due to nerves. Then she would have more of a secure “place” on the team as a leader/captain…which again – I don’t know why anyone believes that lame BS that she’s a real leader. More like an attention whore. And be on the lookout for ASac pulling a Harding on Maroney because that’s the ONLY way she’ll make Team USA…

      • meow Says:

        Omg, exactly!!!
        She can’t do anything after SHE messes up.

        I remember reading something where Nastia will do well because she has her timing right. Sac made a comeback in 2009-2010 and then won a Gold Medal. Liukin will make a comeback in 2011-2012 then win a ____ medal.

        She’s gonna burn out; she’s old, making mistakes again, hasn’t upgraded vault in QUADS, etc.

  10. Sandy Says:

    I meant Most not Moist. Sigh. I have a band-aid on one finger and can’t type for shit!

    • honeychile Says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one that picked up on that. Asac is so over-ego-stroked. In every conceivable way! Every time they said something pertaining to Alicia i took my eyes out of my head and rolled them across the floor!

      Say, hypothetically, it was Alicia up on that beam in Atlanta for team finals. Shannon did her flight series and landed w/ literally 3 toes on the beam and stayed on gripping on like a hawk swooping down to catch her prey! She didn’t even waiver!! It happened so fast, I only seen the mishap in super-slow motion playback and she didn’t miss a beat! Asac, on the other hand would have fallen off, broken those toes, and wobbled the rest of the set and the rest of the meet, yet SHE has more world medals than SHANNON?? The unmitigated INJUSTICE!! And never mind 96, in 92, Gutsu, Zmeskal, Okino and everyone else in that gym would have wiped the floor with ASac’s smug face! No comparing the two in style, grace, technique, leadership or elegance! Ugh. Now I’m getting angry all over again!

      I’m sorry for hijacking Chellsie’s post like this because I like her a lot, but certain things need to be said!

  11. gymtruthteller Says:

    Everyone knows Alicia’s medal count has a hella lot of ********* next to it. Except her.

    Anna Li is another one that is proud of her medal.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      “Anna Li is another one that is proud of her medal.”

      True! However, she deserves a medal for having so much class after what Marta did to her! Just completely uncalled for! All she had to do was let her do bars…Vega in TF…blah blah blah… It’s all been said but it just pisses me off!

      • Sandy Says:

        I didn’t know Anna got to keep her medal? Do they give alternates medals too then? Because ASac was given one, right? I thought Anna had to give hers to ASac (which made me sick)…

  12. gymtruthteller Says:

    No one is sure if she got a real medal or a new one but she has a medal with her parents medal’s on her facebook acting like she earned it.

    Yes she stayed classy but she had no choice. If she complained she would have no shot next year and it might effect the Caquatto’s chances.

    I don’t agree she deserved medal. She did not compete once and IMO that means no medal.

  13. Sandy Says:

    Stay classy she did. Personally I was shocked she made the team in the first place. Yeah, USA needed bars but she never really hit her routine at Classics or Nationals. I think she may have hit ONCE in Nationals but it wasn’t at her full difficulty. That’s why it’s too bad Chellsie got injured doing bars; I bet if she wasn’t injured she would have had a place on that World team.

  14. meow Says:

    Chellsie Memmel was the third best all arounder in 2008 and she still owned those little kids at the Classic last year. We don’t need her for vault and she could still place in the Top Three with her bar routine. Her beam was crazy good at Nationals last year and she can do floor.

    I think the biggest question is to whether to completely dominate on Vault with Maroney, Sac, and Wieber or to have 1 or 2 Amanars with great bar and beam sets. This would be so much easier if Maroney wasn’t a specialist and an actual all arounder!

  15. exgymgurl Says:

    I still think Chellsie is place holding and keeping the Memmels on the map for Skyler 2016…. I would love more than anything to see Chellsie on this team over a lot of people. My heart says Jana Bieger should have signed up to compete for Germany 10 years ago. My heart also says that Chellsie has a lot more up her sleeves than what most people realize. Keep in mind with Nastia there are Wieber, Sloan, Liukin, Johnson, Memmel 5 AA world champs, Bross who has come close through injury and medaled all around every year she’s been at worlds this quad. ASac who reminds me of Katarina Witt at the end of her career. Go compete for the Italian national team, make the olympics do your thing.
    McKayla Maroney is just too damn pretty if she isn’t injured to be left off, the same way Marta would have taken a well Shayla ( I have leprosy and get weak kneed easily) Worley over Memmel in 08. Ali Raisman is just stuck in the middle as a consistent elite that doesnt have enough on bars to lock a spot. I don’t think Shawn Johnson makes it to the olympics without getting injured again. I think Nastia is in this to audition and have the “inside track” to getting the on the floor announcers job for NBC. I don’t think ASac makes the team but I think she bows out before she gets rejected.

    I think Anna Li got Hollie Vised at worlds, and the Caquatti are getting Hollie Vised (told there is a space for a bar specialist when there really isn’t). Nastia’s presence at camp is really more of an appearance for publicity. I don’t think Shawn Johnson is on any team other than the endorsement team to be more marketable for another 4 years. Sloan is kind of well known to be lazy and its really a matter of whether or not she focuses on gymnastics and not #teamiphone vs #teamandroid and her snuggie.

    I think unless WIeber is a parapalegic come time to get on the plane, she’s a lock. I think the other 4 spots are up for grabs. No one in this quad is related to Lou Peszeck or anyone else at USA Gymnastics so that entry ticket to an olympic team doesnt work in 2012, but watch for it in 2016.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      “No one in this quad is related to Lou Peszeck or anyone else at USA Gymnastics so that entry ticket to an olympic team doesnt work in 2012, but watch for it in 2016.”

      What’s happening in 2016? Is there someone I don’t know about?

    • Sandy Says:

      It really is all going to come down to who’s healthy and who’s consistent in 2012 as to who will make that Olympic team. Assuming all are healthy, I would say Wieber is a lock and so is Maroney (not because she’s “pretty,” but because you can’t leave the ’11 world vault champion at home and she can deliver on floor when she needs to). I don’t even need to go into why Wieber is a lock.

      I don’t know if ASac is going to bow out gracefully like she almost should at this point (I have to hand it to her for even coming back in the first place, even though her ego is atrocious), but I would bet if she gets rejected we’ll all see her on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Or a future issue of Playboy (God forbid!)…

      I really wish the sport would do a four up three count or even better – five up four count – at the Olympics like they did back in the day. Imagine if that were the case in ’08. Marta would have HAD to fly Hong/Bieger in…maybe not with Sam since she didn’t get injured until the last minute and no offense to Chellsie or any of them, it’s just not as great for the sport when two to three girls can carry the team in a final. That’s not really a “team” to me…but that’s another discussion in and of itself.

      I think Chellsie just might shock us this year…she shocked everyone last year by how good she was at nationals. Heck, she shocked people in ’07 too when she just came back strong and grabbed an Olympic spot. Like I said, if she hadn’t injured herself on bars she would have been second behind Wieber and probably would have made that World team. She’s one of those who doesn’t see the need to “announce” her sh*t and just does it and shows up. I love that. Plus the team doesn’t need her vault, so she’d fit in nicely if it came down to that. I would prefer her on the team over Nastia, ASac, and even Bross.

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