The 2012 Olympic team

So I was in the middle of writing a brilliant blog about how the Olympic team should end up but won’t end up because Marta is a biased idiot that only does what she wants (Think Anna Hatch) when I needed a second to compose my thoughts. I went to the comments section to see if there were any new comments and low and behold there were two new comments.

These weren’t just regular comments but mind reading comments. My two newest regulars KatieElizabeth87 and S. Lien hijacked my blog with their mind reading.

I was about to write a blog about how only 6 gymnasts have a real shot at this Olympic team. I was about to write how Kyla Ross should be a lock but that she might get left off this team due to Marta being an idiot.

I was about to write how the team should be Mckayla, Jordyn, Aly, Kyla and a healthy Rebecca Bross but that Marta would probably end up screwing someone like Kyla over in favor of Nastia.

Yep but Katie and S beat me to it. 🙂


38 Responses to “The 2012 Olympic team”

  1. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    🙂 Thanks for the mention!

  2. honeychile Says:

    i agree w/ aly being on the team but can someone please help her to stop flailing her arms around like a wounded turkey wing? i mean come the hell on! finesse your fingers or something, honeychile! you know these international judges are gonna deduct for artistry every chance they get and that’s the easiest part of all this flipping twisting and landing on your head!. if it wasnt,a prerequisite, and power was the only criteria, russians wouldn’t even be in contention!!! pffhhhh…

    Irritated with the butt-wiggle!

  3. honeychile Says:

    …and another thing… im not just picking on aly.. i think all of the US team looks like pieces of beef stomping up and down the beam! start values aside. To me the most elegant looking in terms of long lean lines are Sabrina Vega, McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas. People give Gaggy deductions because she’s not too black looking and the chalk looks dirty on her legs!. People complained about Dominique Dawes’ bow legs but those are her legs! This is why Rebecca Bross keeps blowing her knees out; because she’s severely knock-kneed! Her feet cannot land together w/out banging the hell out of her knees.. it has nothing to do w/ her technique. It has to do w/ the way her body is designed! LIsten to what I’m saying, people! Please!

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      “I think all of the US team looks like pieces of beef stomping up and down the beam!”

      Yes! This describes Wieber & Raisman perfectly! And I agree about Vega! If she could just up her start values on FX she could easily win medals. So refreshing to see artistry!

      As for Maroney & Douglas, I’m on the fence with both. Sometimes I think they get too much credit and sometimes not nearly enough. Regardless, Douglas’ bars are beautiful as is Maroney’s Amanar!

      • S. Lien Says:

        You know what that’s a good point about the artistry though. If you have Bross AND Raisman on the same team that could hurt US more, since didn’t Shawn even get deducted for lack of artistry in ’08?…at least Ross has artistry. Do you think Marta would screw over Bross or Raisman for Liukin? We all know she’s planning on screwing over Shawn…sigh. But I’m still hoping Shawn can give her a beat down. This whole thing should be interesting because I heard Raisman is favored by Marta. I’m wondering if Marta will have a closed-door meeting with Valeri and he’ll do the whole “tit for tat” thing…”you can leave Bross off the team as long as you take my precious daughter.”

  4. S. Lien Says:

    Wow I got a mention! So cool! This made my work day, for sure…

    I think at this point the only “locks” I can feel safe saying would be Maroney (you can’t leave the vault gold medalist at home) and Wieber (for obvious reasons). So that leaves three “blanks.” I know Maroney is technically an all-arounder, but she’s “really” a specialist for vault and potentially floor if she’s consistent at the camps leading up to the Olympics. There’s also a lot of talk about the likelihood of her getting injured since she’s at AOGC (hey, does anyone have any insight on this? I guess AOGC is known for injuring their athletes – and WOGA, too?) Anyways – so the three “blank” spots left “should” be Raisman based on her consistency and ability to be the “lead off,” Ross because she’s really good and has the artistry element AND difficulty factor, and then (yeah, I’m hoping Johnson) someone else. I am not a fan of Bross because of her ugly gymnastics, and I do feel bad for her because she is so heavily knock-kneed. I feel like she overtrains too – she looked so tired at nationals before she hurt herself, don’t you think? She might just hurt herself again trying to get back in time.

    I really don’t know about Liukin – while that video posted of her (thanks for that katieelizabeth!) literally makes me barf, I had to chuckle that all the photoshop in the world obviously didn’t take hide the fact that she still looks severely out of shape. I mean, compare her now to what she was in ’08. Her face is even different. Shawn Johnson is still on the road to getting more physically fit and she’s been at it for over a year so I don’t know how Liukin is going to do it in a few months. Plus, she’s trying to do floor too?

    I really like Douglas’ bars (I hope she can improve her difficulty and knock Liukin out) and I hear she can do an amanar in the gym. I HATE HATE HATE hef floor routine but that can be fixed. Hopefully. Her beam is scary, but maybe with Chow that can be fixed. So…yeah – that’s my tangent again, sorry guys!

  5. meow Says:

    I agree with the point that Maroney and Douglas get too much credit. They really are just specialists and will need to become threatening all arounders to make a splash next year. While the Amanar may be stunning and the Tkachev be crazy high, the limit to 5 members on the Olympic team is almost requiring all arounders aka 3 event gymnasts (Aly, Sac, and dare I say Nastia).

    As much as everyone hates Nastia (she seemed much more humble before she got her hair colored fake, annoyingly bright, blonde) she is really the only one who can deliver on bars. I don’t think Marta will risk Memmel again, or Sacramone for that matter. The new seniors can’t do bars. All of their scores are in the 14s at Nationals! In front of the Olympic judges, it will be even lower. I think the best bar workers that are also all arounders are Bross, Sloan, and Liukin.

    Here’s my Olympic Team *WARNING: it contains Nastia*
    Wieber – no explanation needed.
    Bross – I truly believe she’s going to come back and take the Gold. (her start values from 2010 trumped Wieber’s in 2011, just saying)
    Aly – I used to favor Sac, but you guys have made me hate her. 🙂
    Sloan – She can actually do bars! (World Champion doesn’t hurt)
    Liukin – Two Olympic Silvers on Bars and Beam. Hello!

    Wieber and Sloan – Gold
    Bross and Liukin – Silver

    There’s my explanation. Tell me yours.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      Well Gabby was in 5th during prelims at Worlds so there’s something there! And Maroney’s Amanar deserves to be shown in London. Plus she’s training a TTY & a Cheng! Again, on the fence with both. I think people are too mean about Gabby’s BB. She had one terrible disaster. It was great until then. She can improve. I much prefer Gabby on beam to Wieber & Raisman, style-wise! Her floor is just…well the tumbling is good (sometimes beautiful actually)but that choreography :/ I don’t really blame her though, it’s the damn current code of points! You can get away with crap like that! Why spend a lot of time working on dance & presentation when it’s not going to help your score! Bross, for example, what the heck? Which is why I like Vega, only her start values are lower so she won’t be getting medals! 😦 Even some of the more “traditionally” artistic gymnasts add in elements that are quite frankly, ugly as sin. The L turn for example. Doesn’t matter if it’s performed well, it’s ugly. Someone on IG forum said something that makes sense – Grandi thinks individual skills or elements = artistry. He doesn’t understand creativity or fluidity of movement. ::sigh::

      I honestly don’t think Sloan has much of a shot! And even with the way Marta is, she would still take Kyla Ross over her! I never got the impression that she just loved Sloan, even the year she won Worlds.

      Someone who could surprise everyone this year, bars-wise, is McKenzie Wofford. She would make a fabulous specialist! But after that whole Marta-Valeri-McKenzie fiasco, there’s no way she would take her over Nastia. 😦 Someone else getting screwed over, yet again!

      *Note* Kyla Ross left off a list again!

      • meow Says:

        I can only dream Sloan making the team. If she doesn’t I have no *major* problems with Ross.

        I think it would be really sad if she did not have the chance to show her vaults on an Olympic stage, but like I said before, she desperately needs to improve on the other events. Gabby would’ve gotten a bronze, but c’mon, her other events are uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  6. S. Lien Says:

    I don’t know about Sloan at all. Where has she been? She went to Pan Ams, right? She didn’t really do well there I don’t think. She’s been injured a lot and she’s just not that exciting – even though she was clutch in previous competitions for team USA. Sadly, it’s easy to forget about her. Plus she was the ’09 world champion only because Bross basically handed it to her on a platter. I think Marta will go with a younger all-arounder (Douglas, Ross, or even Vega if she can work on those start values…Bross will definitely be there if she’s not injured and shows more consistency, but that’s also to-be-determined) over Sloan.

    Meow – what was the whole McKenzie-Valerie-Marta fiasco?

    • meow Says:

      I think that she left WOGA? That’s all I know. Katie brought it up, not me, lol.
      It is sad that she hasn’t competed in soooo long, but I guess that she will be replaced with Vega/Ross.

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    I broke the news of the Mackenzie woga info. Yep I blazed a trail. Okay so people kept searching ,my blog for Wofford leaves woga and I asked and the info came out.

    You will have to read the comments in the blog for all the fun.

    Let me go find the blog for you

  8. gymtruthteller Says:

    Read the comments in this blog first. This is the original blog about Wofford leaving Woga

    Than read this one


  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    I don’t get the Gabby love. Never got it. Don’t find her beautiful to watch on any event. Her bars did not score that well at Worlds. A 14.700 was good enough to make finals but it is not stand out enough to ignore her other 3 events.

    Vega was on the world team and Gabby was the alternate which means Marta does not value her as much as some people think.

    Lets see what else, I can totally see Marta screwing over Kyla for Nastia or one of her pets.

    If we are taking a gymnast just for bars after Nastia admits she was only in this to steal money from stupid and unsuspecting companies I can see Marta taking Bridget Sloan. She didn’t score any better than Gabby but she did what was un expected. She was all over the place at camp in 2010 but Marta took her as an last resort and she hit when it mattered even though she was technically replaced Davis who had no business on any world team.

    This is why I don’t trust Marta. If she was willing to take Chelsea Davis as an alternate just because she was trained by Kim Zmeskal than she has no integrity.

    IMO Aly is a lock because Marta knows she can count on her. I also think her floor score will be huge for the US.

    I hate to agree with whoever said it but IMO Marta is already penciled in Nastia for one event. Fall or not she will be on that team. If that happens I hope everyone breaks a leg and they have to use a Nastias’ yurchenko full in team finals and lose out on a medal altogether. She needs karma to get her if she pulls the whole Annia Hatch bull shit again.

    • katieelizabeth87 Says:

      The only positive I see to Liukin making the team is that there’s a chance she could humiliate herself! That would be fun to watch!

      I’m starting to agree that Aly’s a lock. She’s very consistent and Marta seems to like her a lot.

      Can’t wait for the WOGA Classic. Bross and Liukin are supposed to compete. It should be telling.

  10. gymtruthteller Says:

    Nastia just needs to go away. I don’t care where she ends up but hopefully somewhere like Carly ended up. Off the radar.

  11. honeychile Says:

    Let me start here; this is the best blog EVER!!! LOL!!! Ok, so..

    Now, I think the Gabby love comes from training camp where she does great. she’s very young still, so youth in women’s gym plays a major role. Her floor choreo is the worst in the history of floor choreo. and certainly not the cutest kitten in the litter, She looks like Flavor Flav w/ a leotard on & a bad weave! But as far as tumbling, her biggest problem is too MUCH power, over rotation, not spotting the floor, particularly for front tumbling. In competition she is always over rotating or going out of bounds and dumb mistakes! And whoever selected her music etc should be taken behind the woodshed and shot in the face!! Moving on…

    Vega.. I just love her.. She has this classic elegance about her, but start value definitely needs a working on.. having said that, they were all in the top 10 qualifying! And as superficial as it is, it doesn’t get much more gorgeous than Sabrina (the camera loves her)

    Aly.. She is so awesome but her choreo is like a beef carcass rotting in the smoldering sun!, Its like her wrists and her arms are two separate entities.. and she has no elbows what-so-ever! im sorry! Consistent, sure, but they all had a meltdown at VISA’s and her bars meltdown at world AA Jesus!! I had to watch it through my fingers like the original Jaws movie Good lord lets not let that happen again, sweetie!

    Maroney. She is THE 2012 Olympic vault gold medalist, and that’s all there is to it, and not to mention she is so cute! And I was so sold when she did her double back on floor w/ inches to spare from going out of bounds and stood it up like it was absolutely nothing to her! The crowd gasped, laughed and cheered and so did I!

    Jordyn… She is solid but again.. too much beef not enough stroganoff! She wins from her high start value, but all it takes is another Tonya Harding and a crowbar, and there goes the US chances. And those Russian bitches have an axe to grind! She better step it up even further come London.. I hope she doesn’t peak too soon, though!

    hmmm. who else…

    Bross.. Please leave the Patterson beam dismount alone! Do a triple twist or invent your own dismount off the side of the beam ala Khorkina before you break every bone left in your kneecaps, chile! (which is probably Valerie’s plan all along.. just sayin’)

    Liukin. Can you wear your high heel stilletos during your bar routine? That’s the only way you can keep them hoofs pointed these days! Komova is somewhere hoping and praying you do pretty good at Olympic trials, supergirl!

    ASac: Girl give it up.. ASac of what? that’s all I wanna know! Nevermind, I already know… A steaming sac! (even thought I love her floor.. but when she falls, her body goes limp and she gets that classic bitchy attitude on full display) but I wouldn’t let her come within 10 yards of an Olympic beam! You have been the teams Achilles heel when it counted from the very beginning! I think the team did better w/out your glare of doom stressing everybody the hell out!! But get well soon, thought 🙂

    Shawn Johnson! You are sorta solid already but you can use a little more finesse, too. Just take some ballet classes! Is that so hard? I think all the girls should take a few classes once a week w/ the Rhythmic gymnastics coaches…

    If I forgot anyone I’m sorry.. but hopefully soon you will be back on my radar!

    Oh yea Kyla Ross. I haven’t seen much of her this season, so I have to go to youtube to get a refresher on you, but I’ll take you ladies word on it. If she’s artistic, then i’m there for God’s sake!

    This rant was admittedly waaay too long, and it will never happen again! (okay I can’t promise that, either) lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You feel free to write long posts anytime you like. The only person not allowed to type more than 8 words is meow and her Nastia love:)

      • honeychile Says:

        hahhahaaa I love it! I just can’t with Nastia aka Nastier! especially her facial expressions and rolling her eyes when she was on the selection committee at nationals. She always looks like someone farted in her face! Maybe it was Marta’s breath? Who know?

        And whoever selected her to be on a selection committee needs to be committed themselves! Maybe I’m wrong and she’s a sweetheart, but I highly doubt that! I hate when people wait till the last minute to get back in the gym when everyone else has been working their butt-wiggles off in the “off” season! She showed her true colors announcing her “comeback” during worlds. A selfish act if I’d ever seen one!.

  12. meow Says:

    I sort of love Nastia, unlike yall… so here:

  13. gymtruthteller Says:

    Meow, I am going to go find a dog and chase your ass somewhereif I hear anymore Nastia

  14. exgymgurl Says:

    Ross Bross Wieber Maroney and a Bar specialist that isn’t Raisman….If Bross is healthy that’s the best team. Raisman only if her vault is better than someone else on bars. If Sloan gets her act together she has a shot if Marta has another hole on floor or beam. Unless someone adds outrageous difficulty combined with outrageous execution and consistency or someone is completely unhealthy. I’m not convinced of Nastia’s comeback. I’m not convinced Shawn Johnson will ever have enough difficulty again to be taken seriously. I love Chellsie Memmel but I’m not convinced she’ll ever be healthy. ASac and Raisman are weak in that they can’t do what is needed most very well. This is where the darkhorse like Wofford, Douglas or a Caquatto would have a shot but they need to be an all arounder too. Marta can’t take a one event gymnast.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      What if Marta decides to take 2 AAers plus Raisman and Nastia as a tandem? Then the Olympic team is

      Wieber,Bross,Ross and Aly and Nastia.

      She is taking Nastia. I ca n feel the disgust in my bones.

      If she takes Nastia I hope someone big breaks two arms and she has to use Nastia on beam and floor and she sucks and she ruins the team and they win no medal 🙂

      I just want a Nastia free Olympics. Is it too much too much to ask? huh huh?

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Ill take a clean maroney (triple yurchenko) over nastias bars any day of the week

      • S. Lien Says:

        If Nastia HAS to make the team because she’s a Marta pet (gymtruthteller I say you just pull a Harding on her a$$ and hire someone to break her bad ankle), then I can see her being used “in tandem” with Maroney more than with Raisman. Nastia can do bars/beam and Maroney can do floor/vault. Given Wieber is the only other lock I can see at this point, there’s two more all-arounders that would be needed for this team. It’s going to come down to who’s the BEST all arounder (OK, maybe the best AA with the best bars set), and that answer will likely come after Olympic Trials (no wonder Marta is allowing for the team to be selected after Olypmic Trials as opposed to after those camps where most likely someone will be injured anyways…that’s where if she DOES take Memmel and Memmel is injured – which is a high probability – then she has a valid excuse for leaving Memmel off the team). Anyways, at this point who knows who those all arounders will be – could be Douglas, Shawn, Memmel, Sloan, Vega…but if Nasty HAS to be on that team going to London, that’s the framework I see at this point. I’m still not 100% certain she’ll be in shape though to do the kind of bars she was doing at the ’08 Olympics.

      • meow Says:

        I’m starting to think instead of Ross, why not Johnson?

        Bars – She’s going to get it in the 6.0-6.5 range with a the double-double dismount and a Shaposh-style move.

        Beam – HELLO!

        Floor – Rumo(u)r has it [haha] she’s going to include a full twisting double layout, double layout, whip + triple, double arabian of some sorts. sounds difficult enough to me.

        Vault – going to get her ugly, but not as ugly as Nabieva’s Amanar back

        I think she trumps Kyla Ross on all events.

    • Sandy Says:

      Meow I totally hope you’re right about Johnson’s floor…and I totally hope both Johnson AND Ross make the team.

  15. doughnut sundae Says:

    My fantasy Olympic Team:

    – Alexandra Raisman (team captain)
    – Rebecca Bross
    – Shawn Johnson (spokesperson)
    – Jordyn Wieber
    – McKayla Maroney
    – Grace McLaughlin (alternate)

    I would also take an additional four or five members of the senior national team for insurance purposes, to cover any last minute emergencies before the competition gets underway. To be honest, I don’t know which girls it would be, but I do know who it will not be!

    GABRIEL DOUGLAS. Behind closed doors, I hear Gabby is extremely talented. But in front of an audience stage fright seems to petrify her. With the world watching, I envision nothing short of a Shakespearean tragedy: A harmless mistake sends athlete spiraling into depression, taking the team’s synergy with her. The Disastrous Five loses (i.e., finishes in last place). And six careers are buried.

    NASTIA LIUKIN. Becoming a member of the senior national team is like winning a raffle. Becoming a member of the Olympic team is like winning the lottery. Being on track to accomplish both within a couple of semesters is not a coincidence. There is too much lobbying and politics surrounding this girl to take her seriously. We know: Nastia has not trained for the Olympics in four years (elite gymnastics is a lifestyle, not a workout); She will be flushing dreams down the toilet this summer; Her foster mom views her through rose-colored glasses; She has America’s winningest coach so wrapped around her little finger that he cannot see straight. And in London we know she’ll be a reporter/analyst before an athlete.

    • honeychile Says:

      Yes! I agree with what you said about everything, too! Nasty just go somewhere and sell those foam beams on gymnastike and sit your tail down somewhere. Take the money and run, girl! And I’m TOTALLY offended that she was featured in that 24 hour sports channel commercial. She has NO business being featured like she’s some lock or something when these other girls work so hard in the non-olympic years and not just when the quad is dwindling down like that. Classic case of attention-addicted narcissism! Blahhh!!

  16. gymtruthteller Says:

    doughnut, Your last comments on Nastia were brilliant. Well said. The only thing I don’t agree with you on is that she won’t be an athlete. She is very much selfish enough to take a spot she didn’t earn just so she can get more “fame”

    I hope Shawn proves me wrong but I don’t see her on this team either. Unless she takes Aly’s place or Rebecca’s place. If Rebecca can’t do all events I don’t see her on this team as a bars specialist. Yes she has two medals but neither of her scores were anything special.


    Ross is better than Shawn on vault, bars and beam. Floor is a toss up.

  17. doughnut sundae Says:

    What we talk about when we are talking about Nastia is a girl who cries wolf. Sure she is making plans to go to London–with a camera crew and a microphone, not a leo!

    But if by some stroke of ignorance she winds up on the team, what can a delusional Olympian expect having sashayed into an arena where prodigies have given their lives for this moment, and we know she has not done the same? Viktoria Komova will strip the celebrity of the girl who is dumb enough to get between her and Jordyn Wieber.

    (Thank you for the wonderful complement! I would have said this first, but it dilutes pessimism. Sorry.)


    Looking at the scoreboard, Shawn Johnson does seem totally unnecessary. But from a business perspective, not having the most marketable gymnast on the planet there would be criminal.

    As we choose Olympic hopefuls from the national team menu, most of us are looking at prices, difficulty and/or execution scores, and are ordering the most expensive items. But the priciest cuisine isn’t necessarily the most palatable. In a perfect world, business and political agendas do not make the choices for you (or narrow them considerably); and in a utopian society all-stars get along.

    I have tried to pour my wishful thinking into reality’s mold.

    • Sandy Says:

      Doughnut Sundae you are very introspective with your words, and in general. I wonder too if Nastia’s “promotions” are just setting the stage for her future as a television host…she obviously has close ties to NBC or whatever channel that was…and it can’t hurt, if she makes her comeback and doesn’t make the team, she’ll obviously go to London and be a commentator because that’s what she’s aiming for at the end of the day career-wise I’m sure.

      I think Shawn is being paced very considerately/deliberately by Chow. Sure, her start values are low now, but I think he just wanted her to go out and compete and get the jitters out and over with. Now that she’s had a year of recovery on her knee, she can really start upping her difficulty (she already threw her full twisting back on beam in Pan Ams – even though she fell on that skill, at least she’s bringing it back to competition so next time she won’t fall when she gets her numbers up practicing that). Her bars difficulty can go to 6.5 – as someone already pointed out. Plus, she was doing the DTY vault up until the Olympics in ’08, where she added the half twist for the amanar. She could be doing the same here. So, at the end of the day…I’m hoping by nationals/Olympic trials we’ll be seeing a true contender for that team in Shawn. Because she’s awesome. 🙂

  18. doughnut sundae Says:

    Like most girls Nastia is a hopeless fashionista. But unlike most girls, she has Olympic jewelry and business savvy. (I am sure the latter has only fueled her obsession with the former.) Her childhood dream is pretty much universal: to become an icon in the fashion industry, worshiped and adored by all. While the Supergirl clothing line is hardly boutique, it’s a start. This is a risk and opportunity most girls will never have or take.

    That she can mingle with Hollywood celebrities and still be enamored with reporting gigs at NBC and AT&T seems puzzling to me. Nastia is more enterprising and ambitious than her dad. She does have a film producer’s temperament, so maybe this is the direction she is headed? I am convinced. Nastia would be a better national team coordinator than the current one and a more successful gym owner/operator than her dad… if she wanted to be.


    I think the American audience will be curious to see how the Dancing with the Stars champion has been getting along since her injury. Whether Shawn does good or bad at the Games really doesn’t matter. They are more apt to admire her courage. (This is why she has been surrounded by clutch players, though her contributions are always welcome.) I’m guessing Aliya Mustafina will be member of the Russian team for the same reason: she too is marketable. That the once dominate stars are now underdogs on the mend is enough to have sponsors and broadcasters salivating. Consumers have soft spots for attractive underdogs.

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