I love facebook stalkers

Okay so I woke up this morning to a lovely note in my inbox here at wordpress. I have a rumor to spread that came from an anonymous source from a face book page. All anon information should be believed at your own risk. I claim no truth to this and take none of the blame for something someone else claims is true. This goes for ALL information posted on this site from an anonymous source. Got it??????

Here is the message and while I am dreaming of two broken arms I have the feeling it’s only a colds or the flu or something.

Apparently a gymnast that trains at woga put an update on her facebook about some game she and another gymnast were playing.
Then a comment was made and then deleted so the person who sent me this info does not have proof who or what was said by the gymnast but one of the gymnasts playing the game wrote feel better Nast.

The other comment was as followed,

“I’m sorry hope you feel better! and I’m sure you would have been better than us! ”

Yep BREAKING NEWS, Nast (no last name was given) MIGHT HAVE A COLD or a disease or mourning sickness (just kidding) and she obviously thinks she is better at the game they were playing and had no problem telling her fellow co-workers how much better she is then them.lol

Now I know that every time Nastia takes a step one of her lunatic fanatics feels the need to talk about it on some message board so I felt the need to spread the fanatic-ism around too.

Anyone else find it funny that Nastia deleted the post after she made it. I think she wants info spread around the world about her due to her issue with needing attention all the time.

She must have wanted me to spread this news of her “sickness” around so I felt the need to oblige.

I am still hoping for the two broken arms…..


4 Responses to “I love facebook stalkers”

  1. doughnut sundae Says:

    Here’s a possible scenario. (lol)

    Katelyn Ohashi’s Facebook page hosts another Bitch Fest (because senior elites are too afraid to keep it real on their own FB pages)…

    R. Bross: Well let me put it this way–Nast wasn’t exactly a star in the Winter Break Games at the Ranch last week.

    N. Liukin: If Jordyn doesn’t let me win the AAs, she’s gonna have a H. Vise experience! Now who’s your daddy–err, selection committee member?!

    J. Wieber: I’m sorry! I hope you feel better [about me]. You are SO much better than we are!

    [N. Liukin message deleted]

  2. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    @ Doughnut Sundae: Just so I understand, these were real comments from the real people?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The comments I wrote by the gymnasts are real. Either doughnut has ESP or she saw the facebook post because while I left the gymnasts nameless she wrote their names out if bold print.

      Doughnuts comments are not real.

      Is that you Nastia? damn I don’t have a twitter for this blog. No tweets for me.

  3. doughnut sundae Says:

    The scene is hypothetical, as are the actors’ lines and names. But the context makes the rumor seem plausible. It is plausible because N. Liukin’s behavior is consistent with the real Liukin. She is not above using her power and prestige to get what she wants.

    I doubt the rumor has anything to do with her being physically ill, but ill-mannered. Think about it. What would Nastia have to do that was SO bad that she would be willing to forgo tabloid publicity to mitigate a social blunder, post-haste? The most damning evidence is the truth. She probably realized the folly of penning her own scandalous threats/behavior in a public forum.

    Nastia may be spoiled and self-centered, but she’s not stupid.

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