and you think gymnastics is f***ed up

If you think gymnastics is f***ed up try being a fan of the NBA. Not that I think anyone should support this league full of rich owners that give a crap about nothing but their pockets.

The NBA currently is in control of the New Orleans Hornets. They have a player that will not re-sign with his team so the team is going to trade him. They put together a deal that actually benefitted their team and the NBA has blocked the trade from happening.

The owners of 29 of the NBA teams were all in NY so they could sign the new bargaining agreement so the NBA season could start and when news of the deal was told to the NBA owners they all pitched a fit like the bunch of two-year olds they are so David Stern blocked the trade.

Now the team trading for Chris Paul was the Los Angeles Lakers but unlike other trades (think Ray Allen to Boston for a hill of beans no one can remember) this trade was actually fair and balanced. It not only benefitted the Lakers but it benefitted the Hornets who were getting some pretty good players back in the deal (Lamar Odem anyone)

If you want to put this in gymnastics terms it would be like the coach of the Russian team telling the US Jordyn Wieber is not allowed to compete for the US because it was an unfair advantage.
Then telling Jordyn she is now competing for Russia instead.

The NBA AKA as David Stern has decided the Lakers are too good of a destination and they can’t have Chris Paul but they were all ready to approve a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks. It is hypocrisy at its best.


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  1. allen Says:

    new pic on nastia’s twitter. she looks in shape

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