Oh Gabby Douglas, Cheeeeeese


I had heard about this tank job but I didn’t care enough look for it on youtube. I guess making fun of Gabby isn’t as much fun as it used to be. I personally find love of this gymnast to be more about her skin color then her actual talent. Fans of Gabby are like Brian Scalabrine fans from the NBA.(Look it up Sarah. Where ever you are)
You need a token in sports to keep all the fans interested (and I don’t care if that offends you. Just wait until my why I now hate Glee blog gets written. That will surely offend many)

I do not get the love of this gymnast.



12 Responses to “Oh Gabby Douglas, Cheeeeeese”

  1. Megan MacStabby Jourdan Says:

    Her leaps make me want to barf.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    They were horrible. People pick on Shawn’s leaps and they looked perfect compared to Gabby’s

  3. Yo Momma Says:

    I love Gabby because she swings bars like she’s been practicing them for a decade (oh wait… she has been. Along with the rest of the bar-incompetent US gymnasts). Should she ever be allowed on a beam or floor in a team final? Probably not. Even though she’s proven herself to be able to score decently on these events internationally, she’s just not pretty on either. I’m Black (and not that I should have to explain myself at all on this issue)… but I don’t like her BECAUSE she is also, I like her DESPITE the fact that she has fugly form on two events. If she upgrades her vault and can perform it consistently, that along with her GORGEOUS and EFFORTLESS bar set (something that not one of our other girls has – the effortless part I mean) is why I’ll be rooting for her in 2012. The US powerhouse gyms all need to hire an awesome bar coach because we lack on this event each and every quadrennium.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You never have to defend yourself and I will never defend myself.

      IMO Gabby is loved by SOME people and they don’t even have to be black people because she is black. They see something in her and I can’t figure out why.

      I never mentioned above that black people loved Gabby just because she was black but it is interesting that this is how you took it. I never even thought for a second that just black people like her because she is black. I find a whole lot of white people think she is wonderful and it makes no sense.

      Between the blind love Gabby gets and the love Vega gets and the blind love Anna Li gets I find myself wondering if the sport has fallen so low that people are making up reasons to like the sport again.

  4. doughnut sundae Says:

    If I were a fan just dying to see an African American gymnast, I doubt skin color could blind me to the fact that this girl ain’t the next Mattie Larson, or Kytra Hunter for that matter. Sure Gabby is talented, talented enough to become elite, but she lacks the confidence that brings consistency and notoriety, so audiences and the media are hard pressed to say anything more positive than, “Meh”.

    Marta’s introverted little squirrel is barely noticeable on a team with pungent public personas.

    That said. Chow and his wife aren’t so starved for talent that they would have to endorse a gym-hopper over a homegrown athlete. Apparently, they see something we don’t see.

  5. shergymrag Says:

    “I personally find love of this gymnast to be more about her skin color then her actual talent. ”


    Gym fans do go crazy for certain things but I’ve never thought of skin color as one of them. A lot of fans do like a slender body type and Gabby has that. She also has a bar routine that was good enough for finals.

    If someone doesn’t care so much about body type or prefers gymnasts who are solid on all events, I can see why they wouldn’t like her. I don’t like watching her because her underwear is always showing and her weave is really obvious.

    As far as what the Chows see in her, she was already a junior national team member when she got to Chow’s. It’s obvious just from that that she had potential.

  6. sanie san san Says:

    don’t blame here because of her bad weave – a good weave for a sista costs lots of money and talented “weave artist”. I’m not too sure she has access to either of those in Iowa:)

    and I don’t think it’s her “unmentionables” showing but some kind of tape job on her hip that I mistaked for tape until I saw some comments about it and took a second look.

    Either way, if she can clean up her form I will like her – especially because of her color (joking).

  7. disgusted Says:

    wow so not only are you an asshole, but you’re racist too. How American of you.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You’re an idiot. Pointing out the facts does not make me a racist.

      If you can’t handle frank discussions about race then this is not the place for you. Not to mention you have no clue what color or ethnicity I might be.

      The only comment here that was ignorant was your comment and considering you are in Florida using the US for every thing we have while insulting the Country as a whole that makes you a fucking waste of space on this planet.

      I don’t think you want to hear my opinion on illegal immigrants either so…………..

  8. disgusted Says:

    lol i really thought you of all people would have not taken a comment like that seriously. I was totally expecting you to a completely sarcastic remark about it.

    anyhow I am pretty sure i have similar views as you do on illegal immigration, and i was born and raised in NY fyi.

  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    You shouldn’t say things like “all Americans” if you are American. That is insulting yourself.

    Oh and if I am really pissed you would know it.

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