Hey wait, I thought Nastia gave the team the pep talk that helped them win?

Here is an article on Alicia Sacramone. According to this article Alicia Sacramone gave the 2011 World team the pep talk that turned their sorry ass souls into winners?

But I thought Nastia gave them the pep talk. That is what she told us in that interview at Worlds.

(get over yourself Nastia. )

I am so confused (evil smile)

P.S.- If anyone has a link to that interview so I can add it here I would appreciate it if you left the link in the comments section. I can’t bring myself to search for Nastia anything:)

This perhaps was the funniest part of the article

“She’s nice with her teammates, incredibly supportive,’’ said Karolyi. “Behind the scenes, doing her little-girl talk so they feel good about themselves.’’

I wonder if Shawn Johnson feels that way?


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25 Responses to “Hey wait, I thought Nastia gave the team the pep talk that helped them win?”

  1. dd Says:

    Did “little girl talk” sound condescending to anyone else?

    I think Nastia and Alicia give themselves way too much credit for a lot of things.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      What is funny is both think they deserve credit. Nastia apparently brought it up in an interview ON HER OWN. Talk about get over yourself.

  2. Ada Says:

    Wow, poor choice of headline. “Sacramone able to keep her balance”. Subtext: “unlike in 2008”

  3. TCO Says:

    Shawn sat with ASac after she fell on beam. And Asac did fire them up in 2007. No one is 100% good or evil, GTT. Except me. And the meanies at IG.

  4. doughnut sundae Says:

    I’m confused (well, curious actually). Why does Alicia hate Shawn?

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    She doesn’t hate Shawn but they are not friends like they like to pretend they are.

    Back in 07 Shawn beat Alicia in the EF on floor and Alicia acted like a two year old. Then a few months ago they had a few words on twitter. Shawn said something about her comeback and I guess privately Alicia took exception and then she tweeted something to Shawn about being too old and not caring about the drama.

    Teenage stuff. People say things, they get over it. They fight about it again.

    My source says Alicia is the queen bitch that started all the shit back in 07/08 and her lackeys followed her around but that is a whole other discussion.

    • doughnut sundae Says:

      Medal envy, seriously? So this is why Marta did not send Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan to Worlds! (jk)

      Alicia seems so sincere and charismatic while Shawn, friendly and diplomatic. Their personalities couldn’t be more amicable. Maybe miscommunication (i.e., a few misspelled words) has gotten in the way of good intentions? Being insulted out of the blue by someone you thought was your friend would get a lot of people all catty on Twitter.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shawn talked about her own comeback and Alicia took offense to what Shawn said. Shawn never even mentioned Alicia. She said something about her comeback attempt being the first of it’s kind if successful and this was after Alicia’s comeback. So I guess Alicia got pissy in private and Shawn then tweeted Alicia telling her what an inspiration her comeback was to Shawn and then Alicia said something about being to old for the drama.

        Shawn trying to get back to an AA gold medal is a big difference then Alicia and her two event but Shawn never mentioned Alicia.

        This is so junior high.lol

  6. TCO Says:

    My source says Shayla is bad news (overhearing her make remarks). And then her mother stole all that donation money for China. Bad seed probably.

  7. Amy Says:

    I have no source other than too much time on facebook. But up until a month or 2 Shayla had some of her pictures public on facebook and there’s a 2008 pic of her, sam, and Nastia (since taken down). Someone asked why shawn wasn’t in the picture and one of the 3, I think Shayla, said something like “she’d never be in our picture” or “she wouldn’t be in our pic”. Seems to me that all the girls were jealous of Shawn because frankly she was good and consistent. Nice to see that Maroney, Aly, Gabby, and Sabrina aren’t that way towards Jordyn.

    But ya, Nastia and Alicia give themselves waaaaay too much credit.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thanks Amy. I really wish I had the time to facebook stalk. I love your story and it does not surprise me. It kind of fits in with exactly what I have heard.

  8. gymtruthteller Says:

    Here is what I know. Shayla used to annoy Alicia. Loud mouth show off’s tend to annoy everyone. I don’t know what happened but they became friendly and rumor has it that happened because Shayla started being Alicia’s little lackey. The queen bee loves to watch her minions do their dirty work for them.

    Shawn was the quiet one. She was the girl into her sport and not so much worried about kissing the queen bee’s fat ass then she started winning and the rest is the secret life of teenagers.

    I hope Alicia has grown the **** up the last few years but who really knows.

    Nastia, Shayla and Sam peszek are followers. Nastia might be a biatch but she is not and has never been the Queen.

    • Cookie Says:

      I don’t think we’ll know whether or not Alicia has actually grown up as much as she claims until she loses another gold medal that she thinks she deserves.

      I was hoping that Alicia would lose the Worlds vault title to McKayla Maroney, because that situation would be pretty much identical to 2007 floor EF. But we may never know now, who knows if her ankle injury will heal and if she’ll be in London 2012.

  9. TCO Says:

    Maroney is the real deal. Skillz wise.

  10. doughnut sundae Says:

    Mattie Larson and Samantha Shapiro hobbled away from All Olympia with PhDs in physical therapy. Let’s hope these coaches don’t enroll poor McKayla into their School of Hard Knocks too.

    I’m pretty sure the decision to name the team after Trials has more to do with timing than the well-being of athletes. America has already informed the IOC that they will be sending their WAG team roster late; and if they waited until after Camp, that tardiness would have been unreasonable.

  11. Ak Says:

    Interesting tweet:

    Aly_Raisman Alexandra Raisman
    by McKaylaMaroney
    @NastiaLiukin where were you tonight we wanted our inspirational speeches. I guess we can forgive you… try and wear #hotpink ?
    7 Oct

  12. gymtruthteller Says:

    AK, No offense but Aly thinks Nastia helps her make the Olympic team. She is the weakness to Aly being an Olympian.(fill in UB)

    Why wouldn’t she like her.

  13. Ak Says:

    Great point! I was thinking more along the lines that Nastia didn’t show up to give her pep talk.

  14. kimber p Says:

    I sure am sorry to run into this site…so many of you sound like a bunch of jealous under-acheivers or drama/reality-show junkies who would rather bad mouth others than live and let live. Nastia has never appeared to be any kind of sweetheart. She was a dedicated perfectionist who deserved the gold medals she earned. Everyone wants a comeback, and yes, of course she’d be good for the ratings. who cares??? let her try. be the best you can be, and quit spending all your time gossiping and talking smack. Get a life of your own. P.S. No one ever said that life is fair. Get used to it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      We are all are jealous. I know I want that hair line.

      Give me a break. No one is jealous of her and her medals were hardly all deserved especially the U8B silver, she should have been out of the medals and same with her floor.

      I can only speak for myself why I can’t stand her. She is a phony bitch half assing a comeback and getting a spot she does not deserve or has she earned based solely on being Marta’s pet.

      ALL these girls have been working their butts off for 3 plus year. They have to go to camp and play the game but Nastia gets to show up at one camp, suck and not show up back again.

      You should leave now because fanatics such as yourself have no place here especially making stupid comments like those. I have no patience for people like you. So long

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