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Bridgette Caquatto does the news

November 9, 2011

She is pretty personable in this interview and even makes a joke. It made me laugh but I forget what it was.

Tonight Aly will be on NECN (Not to be confused with NESN) she will also be on tomorrow morning. I’ll be working buy might put up the interview.


Gang IG is baaaaack

November 7, 2011

IG has been kind of calm since Nastia went away but now that she is back the original members of gang IG are alive and well and looking to defend everything about her. She is perfect you know.

BEWARE Gym fans but IG is about to become a war zone.

Back in the day if you pointed out the form issues of Nastia or talked about how she only won the AA due to a high difficulty score on bars you were chastised , belittled and harassed by the resident fucktards.

I have been asked several times why I hate that board and this is why.
Free speech only exists for the friends of Nastia.

Nastiafan101 can say what he likes at that board but because he , medstudent, inbarstalderfull and Kitty are friends of Martina off the board.

It’s a fact they no doubt won’t be able to handle me pointing out but a fact none the less.

Check out the, If you could take only ONE 2008 US Olympian… thread. Last two pages. Classic fun from 08.

Parents that live through their kids

November 5, 2011

When it comes to internet gym mom’s Vanessa Atler’s crazy ass mom takes the cake but it looks like we have another gym mom that wants to steal the thrown from her.

I give you, Gabrielle, Gabby, Brie Douglas’s mother. She calls herself momma b but never specifies what the B stands for. I say bitch but you can fill in your own word.

If the title of the blog doesn’t make you roll your eyes than read the blog.

Okay so Gabby won me over at worlds when she actually hit every event. I am giving her a break on messing up a skill in the event final but what is with parents these days?

Our journey to the 2012 Olympics? Your journey first of all is not a fact. It is an attempt. You seem to be missing a word in your title.

Second, why does she have a picture of her daughter up on the blog with her shirt half open. That girl doesn’t look very old.

I understand people are proud of their kids. Gabby seems like a nice enough kid but does she really need the added pressure of a parent like this?

I can see it now. The comment section will be filled with other bloggers telling Gabby’s mom how wonderful she is and how she is the next great hope for a beam gold medal in 2012.

Good luck to Gabby’s mom. Right now she and Mattie Larson’s mom are neck and neck for front runner of the century.

P.S.- Momma B gets MAD props for using Shanice’s I love your smile on her blog.