FU Nationals. I won in spite of you hyping up ……. …..

I forgot to post this during Nationals so I decided I should not waste it. Kids in China aren’t allowed to read blogs. It would be like throwing a way a whole loaf of bread because the first piece was hard while living in Africa.


Last year I was at Nationals and it was pretty disgusting watching the judges try and fix Junior Nationals for Katelyn Ohashi. She kept falling and making mistakes and Kyla kept hitting every routine only to be nit picked til the final routine. Where I think the judges woke up, realized Katelyn couldn’t win and finally gave Kyla the score she deserved.

Need any proof this was an attempted fix watch Katelyn’s vault score and compare it to Kyla’s. Blatant cheating that will probably continue this year. Much like Classics where Kaitlyn fell 2.5 times and still would have won minus one fall.


4 Responses to “FU Nationals. I won in spite of you hyping up ……. …..”

  1. brainy Says:

    Agree and it’s been going on for 2 years. Do you think that it’s because Ohashi’s age puts her in the next 4-year cycle and US powers-that-be are trying to set her up for success in that period? Conversely Kyla becomes senior next year — her 1st year at that level and it’s also an Olympic year.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      If she trained anywhere but Woga I don’t think she would be given this free pass.

      It’s hard to find fault with her gymnastics. She is very talented but when she falls all over the place and makes mistakes and does vaults like she did at last years Nationals and the judges don’t care it’s cheating.

      They can’t shove Nastia down our throats and tout the next Olympic champion being from Woga if she isn’t from Woga.

      That is why I hope that Kyla, Jordyn, Viktoria or Aliya or anyone from China wins the AA next year. The woga curse will be broken.

      All I know is that when they both compete outside the US they score pretty much the same scores on bars even with Ohashi having a 2 point higher start value. Inside the US Kyla wasn’t even close.

  2. dd Says:

    It is only going to get worse when she becomes a senior.

    Kyla is going to have to go the Miller route and succeed outside the US before she gets any respect from her own federation. Not like Miller ever received much respect inside the Country.

  3. Bad Boy Says:


    That is a shame it has to be that way. Kyla Ross is like the Rodney Dangerfield of gymnastics. She get very little respect. She has to be perfect in order to get the good scores unlike the WOGAettes. I know it only makes her better because she has a realistic picture of her gymnastics and is better suited when she competes internationally. It is so funny how overscored Katelyn was in both 2010 and 2011. She is a great little gymnast with some exceptional skills but all those hunched over landings on her dismounts are pretty ugly but I guess not in the judges eyes. I am just glad I am not the only one that sees this bias.

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