Training is so tough

I guess there is no reason to really train when Marta will give you a free pass to the Olympics.

Nastia has been training soo hard since she announced her comeback. Here she is partying in LA after that rough work out AKA as a photo shoot.

Notice she didn’t have any of her so called friends with her. No Alicia, No Sam. All that stalking of the C list actors has paid off.

Picture 2

Let me tell you a story of a photo shoot I went to in the 90’s for a teen magazine. I had a friend who was in the business and I went with her to one of them.

These so called Charity/movie events are just one big picture taking opportunity. They pick and chose who they want in which pictures and actually tell people to get out of or in certain pictures.

It was very interesting to see happen. Go check out teen magazines and when you see pictures like the one Nastia is in have a good laugh because she isn’t in most of them.

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12 Responses to “Training is so tough”

  1. exgymgurl Says:

    The one where Nastia’s head is almost up that other girls shoulder to get in the picture. She’s always on the outside that’s so they can keep cutting her. I don’t even know why she’s there, she doesn’t do anything for ABC and this was obviously disney / dancing with the stars type people and well unless she’s doing DWTS instead of the olympics after some mysterious injury since her *cough* “boyfriend” *cough* evan lysaceck actually won it and so did Shawn…..

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I have seen Nastia play the phony best friend several times. She does it a lot to Aly Raisman. I have seen her do it to other people at different gymnastics competitions.

    She has a huge mental issue with everyone loving her. It’s crazy.

  3. Hoyt Says:

    Why is she wearing clothes from 2002?

  4. Megan MacStabby Jourdan Says:

    Her face looks thinner here than in the photo shoot. I think she looks kinda pretty, but not loving her clothes. Also, GO AND TRAIN! Dayum.

  5. doughnut sundae Says:

    Who in her right mind would drag an ego to London, knowing she will leave Komova’s House of Horrors with no self-esteem?

    Nastia isn’t crazy. There is still plenty of time to grab some more publicity (and run!) before the Olympic Trials begin.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta will. That is who. Unless she pulls out ala worlds in 09 because her father made her pull out Marta will take her. It will happen and if I am wrong hallelujah.

      • doughnut sundae Says:

        Wait a minute. Isn’t Nastia on the selection committee? When TV cameras zoom in on her during competitions, she and Marta are always comparing notes. And in an NBC interview (last year maybe?) she mentioned that, as a gymnast trying to make the team, she did not understand how members were selected. But now that she is working on the other side, and sees all of the elements being fitted together, it makes sense.

        How can someone with insider knowledge be allowed back onto the trading floor?

  6. katieelizabeth87 Says:

    ^^ Yes she is (was)! She’ll have to be replaced during Olympic selection as the athlete rep. Very good points! It’s not right!

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    Am I the only person that see’s the damn free pass this girl gets?

    When her form sucks the judges ignore it. When she does something wrong like calling Chellsie fat and saying she stole her gold medal people make excuses for her. When she half ass trains they plan on naming her to the world team anyway.

    I wanna know who she is screwing for this free pass.

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