Olympic Photo shoot

Nice to see Kyla Ross was included.

Nastia looks in better shape but she is still not in gymnastics shape.

8 Responses to “Olympic Photo shoot”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    I could be catty…. Mckayla maroney is the prettiest, and shawn johnson is only allowed to wear nike. Anna li has gained weight since worlds, certain other gymnasts havent the proper extension. Jordyn weiber actually has a cute smile. I cant speak of bross

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I never thought mckayla was pretty until those pictures. The rest look blah. Nastia’s hair is ugly.

  3. Cookie Says:

    I think Alicia’s hair is the worst. It looks greasy and the colour doesn’t suit her. Bross has weird feet & knees when she’s standing, she seems to be rolling her feet outwards. McKayla is very pretty, and I think Kyla Ross is too.

  4. Megan MacStabby Jourdan Says:

    ASac= boo. Jordyn and MacKayla are adorbs. I think Bross should control that hair, but I LOVE the photo of her looking awkward with the hat; very adorable.

  5. TCO Says:

    I don’t approve of all this photo and dolling up stuff.

    They should concentrate on sports. Maybe I need to call Marta.

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    Alicia’s hair is way too dark for her coloring. I agree but I guess she has given up looking good now that she has nabbed the man.

    Poor Rebecca. That hair is horrible. I feel for her.

    TCO, They should have consulted you.lol

    Rebecca needs to understand her hair should not be short if she has that many curls. Her hair has no thickness. It’s just blah. I totally feel for her. My hair is naturally curly and I have to spend lots of money to straighten it. Then again I obviously care about my hair and Rebecca doesn’t.

  7. K Says:

    Alicia looks older than me and I’m 32!

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