Gang IG is baaaaack

IG has been kind of calm since Nastia went away but now that she is back the original members of gang IG are alive and well and looking to defend everything about her. She is perfect you know.

BEWARE Gym fans but IG is about to become a war zone.

Back in the day if you pointed out the form issues of Nastia or talked about how she only won the AA due to a high difficulty score on bars you were chastised , belittled and harassed by the resident fucktards.

I have been asked several times why I hate that board and this is why.
Free speech only exists for the friends of Nastia.

Nastiafan101 can say what he likes at that board but because he , medstudent, inbarstalderfull and Kitty are friends of Martina off the board.

It’s a fact they no doubt won’t be able to handle me pointing out but a fact none the less.

Check out the, If you could take only ONE 2008 US Olympian… thread. Last two pages. Classic fun from 08.


11 Responses to “Gang IG is baaaaack”

  1. dd Says:

    I meant to tell you about something I read in a blog comment section. Nastiafan/Marcus yelled at someone for saying Shawn was better on floor then Nastia. He flipped out. It was pretty funny.

    Nastia nearly ruined the sport for me four years go. Now she wants to steal another 4 years of memories.

    I heard a rumor from a friend that works for Woga. He said the endorsements have dried up and that is why she wants to come back. What a publicity whore.

  2. Megan MacStabby Jourdan Says:

    Damn. Shit gets crazy and personal up in there. Not even enjoyable to read, except that it’s like being part of the seedy underbelly of gymnastics-fandom.

    p.s. Your site is fun.

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks Megan. I am all about

  4. exgymgurll Says:

    Endorsments have dried up….this does not surprise me AT ALL!!! Question though…how is there room for Jordyn Wieber if Nastia Shawn and Alicia (Under Armour) are all caring big $$ aka non GK leotard endorsements…I don’t even see Wieber over at GK…yet…How many elite gymnasts are endorsable at the same time??? And where is Jana Bieger? And why isnt she competing for Germany? And if I was a solid college gymnast I would Whore myself to some other country in a heartbeat to get a shot at the olympics…just saying

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am surprised some gymnasts don’t do that. Anna Pavlova needs to do that.

      I think a lot of Countries have real rules where as the US seems to take everyone.

      Every Russian/Ukraine/Belarus rhythmic gymnast wants to come here and compete because we suck. I hate that Canadian bitch that did it last Olympics.

  5. TCO Says:

    I like Shawn Johnson.

  6. Sandy Says:

    Question if I may…for a newbie…what is this IG post thing? I can’t go on there and rant on Nastia? 😉

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You cannot say anything bad about Nastia or the “gang” members come and tell you off. Baiting you until they get you banned.

      You don’t know as much as they do because one is a Gym judge for College meets and the other thinks he knows more than anyone else on the planet.

      These “gang members” are friends outside of the board so while Nastiafan101 can call everyone names you are not allowed to have an opinion.

      Don’t bother complaining to Amanda who runs the board because she is as big of a fucking idiot as Kitty and Nastiafan are.

      Oh and that biggest fucktard of the group Martina has become administrator which means they put the Jack Nicholson of the loony bin in charge.

      FUN,fun, fun:)

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