Parents that live through their kids

When it comes to internet gym mom’s Vanessa Atler’s crazy ass mom takes the cake but it looks like we have another gym mom that wants to steal the thrown from her.

I give you, Gabrielle, Gabby, Brie Douglas’s mother. She calls herself momma b but never specifies what the B stands for. I say bitch but you can fill in your own word.

If the title of the blog doesn’t make you roll your eyes than read the blog.

Okay so Gabby won me over at worlds when she actually hit every event. I am giving her a break on messing up a skill in the event final but what is with parents these days?

Our journey to the 2012 Olympics? Your journey first of all is not a fact. It is an attempt. You seem to be missing a word in your title.

Second, why does she have a picture of her daughter up on the blog with her shirt half open. That girl doesn’t look very old.

I understand people are proud of their kids. Gabby seems like a nice enough kid but does she really need the added pressure of a parent like this?

I can see it now. The comment section will be filled with other bloggers telling Gabby’s mom how wonderful she is and how she is the next great hope for a beam gold medal in 2012.

Good luck to Gabby’s mom. Right now she and Mattie Larson’s mom are neck and neck for front runner of the century.

P.S.- Momma B gets MAD props for using Shanice’s I love your smile on her blog.


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16 Responses to “Parents that live through their kids”

  1. formal team member Says:

    All I ca say is….G. A. M. F. L!!! Unreal.

  2. exgymgurll Says:

    The best thing about the blog are the telephone booths, reminds me of Dr Who…. and so much like the Wendy Williams show…wow..she wants a reality show (cast of characters)…just wait…BET here we come

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    I used to watch the old DR who but I don’t remember a thing about

    BET is a perfect channel for team Gabbrie

  4. Marina Says:

    Where is Sarah go? She not on her new site for last two weeks or so.

  5. add Says:

    In all fairness the title of the blog says ‘as she strives to make the 2012 Olympic team’. They know it is an attempt, not a given.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It never said strive before. Now it does. She changed it. It used to say (I quoted it above) Our journey to the 2012 Olympics?

  6. James Says:

    I will NEVER forget the crap that was spewed from Vanessa’s mom. Its been so many years ago and I certainly don’t remember it all, I just know I was embarrassed for Vanessa. There were “bulletin boards” in the late 90s instead of forums. Newsgroups as well. I remember me and some other people posting our honest opinions on Vanessa’s downfall as it was happening in real time(this was 1999) and her mom just went on a rampage. Acted like we were sent from Satan himself when in reality we were just fans that were genuinely concerned for Vanessa as it was obvious something was wrong with her life and no one knew what it was.

    I predicted what was going to happen from that point(early-mid 99) up until the Olympics. My predictions were 100% spot on and of course instead of her mom apologizing for all the shit she said, she fled the gymnastics communities and never came back.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nanette was a tool and Vanessa is a liar. On her blog she says she never went on the internet boards and that is a lie and she said something like my mom stayed up late but I don’t know if she went on those boards or not. She sounded guilty.

      Back then Nanette tried to ruin the reputation of anyone that hung as those boards and didn’t like her daughter. I A lot of people would talk about how Vanessa’s mother would lie that people said something private negatively about Vanessa so the internet crazies would attack that person.

      Nanette is probably in a mental ward. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she still posts under another name. The entire Atler family is whacked.

  7. James Says:

    Nanette was definitely trolling the gymnastics boards back then. Their revisionist history crap isn’t going to fly. There were people who were skeptical it was her and she said some personal things to prove it was her. I don’t remember what it was, I just know she went out of her way to let us all know the real Nanette was gracing us with her presence.

    I remember the attacks. Most of the attacks were highly inappropriate since a lot of their venom was being directed at teen girls. She was bat shit crazy for ever posting in the first place. All Nanette and her little troll brigade accomplished was turning fans against Vanessa which was the LAST thing Vanessa needed at the time. Vanessa was already a couple bologna sandwiches and a quart of tater salad short of a picnic at that point.

    Another thing showing Nanette’s instability was how she would hold her hands over her eyes when Vanessa was up on bars. Unreal. Imagine your own MOTHER doing that in front of thousands of people and a tv audience. Yet she’d log into the internet that same night bitching at people complaining about her bars routine when she couldn’t even bring herself to watch it in the first place.

    I also never liked how her brother was included in some fluff pieces. From what we knew then, found out on Starting Over and other interviews, her relationship with her brother seemed very dysfunctional.

    In 97-98 Vanessa had the fans on her side. In 99-00, people were just impatiently waiting for the inevitable crash and burn. She had a lot of problems obviously but her mom becoming an internet bully and lashing out at fans played a role in the downfall.

    Even though we saw the train wreck fast approaching, seeing the sad, bloated, dejected mess that was Vanessa showing up at Olympic trials was shocking. I couldn’t believe that her parents would have even allowed her to be there in that mental/physical condition.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I was at trials that year and Vanessa was yelling and rolling her eyes at Liukin on the sidelines. Not screaming really loudly just giving him attitude for everything he told her to do on the floor.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The brother always creeped me out. The rumors back then is he would post under his mothers name sometimes. Lacey/Nanette.

      Vanessa had no chance of turning out normal with that mother.

  8. James Says:

    You’re lucky you got to witness that bizarre night in person. I’ll always regret not going. I wanted to but at the time couldn’t really justify flying to Boston, hotel, food,etc. Once I saw it happening on TV I wished I had went. I could tell by watching the TV broadcast that it was heavily edited. It always is to an extent but they were leaving things out. I know that previous incident at nationals when Rybacki jumped all over Vanessa was edited as people who witnessed it said it was worse than what was shown on TV.

    One thing that really stood out to me at trials was how none of the other girls were hanging around or talking to Vanessa. In previous years she was like a rock star on the floor and getting hugs/kudos from everyone. At trials its like she had the bubonic plague.and no one wanted to be near her.

    .There was genuine dislike for Atler at that point. She was ignored by other gymnasts at previous events that year as well. In that backroom while they waited for Bela to make the selections,, only person that acknowledges Vanessa’s existence was Antolin.

    You’re right about Vanessa having no chance. Starting Over was really sad. She wasn’t even in touch with reality at that point.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I always regret not going to gym meets. Olympic trials 4 years ago was one of them I also should have gone to Nationals a few years ago when they were in Connecticut for the second time. I am having that same feeling for the American cup in NJ next year but there is like no way to get there

  9. James Says:

    You might think I’m crazy but I stopped watching gymnastics after the Sydney Olympics. I didn’t get back into gymnastics until the lead up to the 2008 olympics. New rules, scoring,etc. was difficult to get used to. Stopped watching a few years after that but am now watching it again. I would love to go to an event next year. Haven’t been to an event since the 90s.

    While I understand the intense media coverage of Atler’s rise and fall, I despised their approach to it. Atler was certainly an enigma of late 90s sports but their had to be a better way to handle it. The spotlight was on her 97-99 and when they saw the writing on the wall, instead of focusing their spotlight on other girls they kept it on Atler.

    The vacuum created by Atler’s implosion caused 5 of the mag 7 to attempt comebacks(two successfully), saw the rise of Elise Ray taking that number one spot, Maloney the little engine that could, Jamie rising from the ashes of the Atler-Rybacki soap opera to be a serious contender, Bela’s sudden and strange fascination with Tasha, and of course girls like White, Beckerman,etc. duking it out for the remaining slots. Hell, in 98 even Zmeskal tried to comeback.

    The media virtually ignored all this and let Atler who was clearly emotionally troubled(and god knows what else) outshine all these other athletes who weren’t basket cases. Technically they were all outshining HER but the media refused to acknowledge this until it was too late. The team that made it to Sydney had no identity and zero personality. The average gymnastics fan had no idea what to make of it. Atler’s downfall cast a dark cloud over this olympic team

    For the record, I’m not saying she belonged on the team. She clearly didn’t and would have embarrassed/injured herself had she been picked. Bela got this decision right although I don’t agree with how he did it(telling Atler night 1 of trials she wasn’t making it).

    There was so much hope and promise for this first post Mag 7 quad. Their mediocre performance at Sydney was a massive anticlimax.

    The Atler soap opera should have been handled entirely differently, from Atler’s side of the fence and the media’s. First let’s look at Atler’s side….

    In 1999 it was obvious that something was wrong. It wasn’t just her struggle with bars. That’s a cop out. She ALWAYS struggled on bars. Her demeanor is entirely different, the “lean machine” is quickly morphing into the sad, aloof, bloated machine, her online interaction with fans on her website changes; her mom, brother, and maybe even Vanessa herself start attacking fans on bulletin boards and newsgroups, and last but certainly not least is how something happened between her and Jamie, causing a rift between the two and then the eventual split with the Rybackis.

    Watch any event from 97-98 and then watch any event from 99-00. Its like two different Vanessas. In 99-00 she was practically waving red flags saying “I need help!!” but it was ignored. This is why people like myself were predicting the imminent crash and burn that we saw coming.

    What was wrong with her we’ll never know. Its hard to even speculate because it could be one or a combination of reasons. Boy problems, drug/alcohol problems, family problems,etc. We just don’t know. I do know one thing though…..her family didn’t seem to give much of a shit because they let her continue her career in that condition.

    Her parents should have told her in 99 that she has to pull out of gymnastics, at least temporarily. I always thought she should have retired after 99 nationals and made a comeback in 2001.

    Her mom trying to cook up that scheme where Bela coaches her is asinine in hindsight. They should have known he wouldn’t do it just for the conflict of interest alone. Ditching the Rybackis at that point was basically admitting defeat. You don’t change coaches that late in the game, and if you do, better already have a plan in place before doing so. Vanessa was without a coach at key events in 99. Absurd.

    Leaving the Rybackis at that time also intensified the already played out Vanessa soap opera. This is when most fans really started to get sick of it. Liukin deserves no blame in what happened afterwards. She was “damaged goods” for lack of a better term at that point.

    Now for the media’s side…..

    In 99 when they saw what was happening to Vanessa, instead of making her the main focus, they should have ignored her and phased her out completely. It wasn’t fair to the other athletes to keep harping on her. The upcoming Sydney team needed a “face” to help market it, and they needed to ditch Atler and focus on one of the other girls. Atler had deals in place where IF she made the Olympics, there was going to be a huge promotional blitz focusing on her. We all knew in 99 she wasn’t going to make it so why wasn’t there a plan b in place?

    Atler-Rybacki-Jamie feud: This was inappropriate. USAG and the media in general should be ashamed of themselves for not nipping this in the bud. Jamie/Rybackis using Vanessa’s floor music/routine was a childish ploy at revenge. It worked.

    I also didn’t like how the Karolyis were handed the keys and allowed to dominate the sport from then until present day. There was little resistance to this. Having said that, what was USAG supposed to do? The Atler soap opera and what happened at 99 worlds created a mess and someone had to fix it.

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