Live: Pan Am games



Red leo’s with squiggly things on the sleeve. I liked them.

The US girls got some gifts on vault. Jessie piked her DTY down but stuck the dismount getting the highest score. Shawn took a big step on her landing and Brandie Jay’s form is just atrocious. Caquatto must have fallen because she scored 13.925. Grace was first with a 1.5. Brandie’s second vault was a mess but still scored a 14. 4 something.

Poor Elsa Garcia fell twice off beam, so far. She’s in tears.

Uneven Bars:

They only showed Brandie Jay, Bridgey C and Bridget Sloan on bars. Brandie hit her routine, missed a beginning hand stand and was killed on her Execution score. Caquatto stayed on and Sloan must have missed a connection or something because they took forever for her score and it was only late 13.’s. Shawn must have nailed her routine because she got a 14.400

and now I have lost the connection.

5.900 start value for Shawn. 8.500 execution. I just watched her routine in slow/fast motion. It was a slow motion feed but speed up. It was

Was that Wieler kip on the high bar?

I have no sound.

and now I have soccer.hmm

and partial routine from Brandie J. back to men standing around…


Shawn fell twice. She was nailing it until the the falls. How crapola.
12.875 is not a bad score for two falls. The rest of the girls so far score in the 13’s. She could have had a score over 15 if she had hit. it’s too bad she gets no other chance to prove what she can do on this routine.
I am pretty sure this is team finals not prelims.


and now I have running. Honestly this feed sucks. Jessie just did a bouncy floor routine but she stayed on her feet. Saw some of Brandie Jay’s routine where she was again killed on the execution score. Saw some of Caquatto’s floor that she literally walks through instead of dances through.

The US won.
Canada second and the kicker,

The US won by over a point.


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13 Responses to “Live: Pan Am games”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    Not Shawns biggest fan… not helpful she falls twice on beam, and that Sloan obviously missed something on bars… wierd how long it took…. Id much rather see ms tacopop than ms robot ms knocknee ms clubfoot, ms donkeyface, ms supergirl, and ms broken and boring 1 2 and 3. My fave part after bars, was Sharp explaining to Bridget how she should act as captain and what her role was on beam….

  2. TCO Says:

    I like Shawn.

  3. Gyminy Says:

    it was nice to hear Shawn yelling out for her teammates on vault and leading the troops 🙂 her voice is like the four-year-old at the mall, it stands out over everything…

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    Sloan came across as undisciplined and inconsistent and like her brain was thinking about the magazine moceanu was reading at the 1997 rocknroll gymnastics championship or on her snuggie and like she could care less

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She hurt herself on beam and had 11 stitches in her foot so I think it really effected her.

      • dd Says:


      • exgymgurll Says:

        Wow… that explains a lot, I watched it unit they switched to field hockey, Shawn Johnson’s beam just isnt ready yet but it will be and Chow is smart to save reps on floor and peak for 2012, maybe he learned he peaked her too soon in 2008, as for Bridgey winning AA and bars…. weak field… weak overall score…international judges clearly don’t like a number of these gymnasts I think this group clearly earned B Team status with these performances. I was really hoping something or someone would jump out but it was like watching Christa Tanella at Georgia and kind of a snore…dont get me wrong Tokyo was too… but they were just better code whores

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    I agree. It was boring. The US girls did their jobs but anyone that honestly thought Brandie Jay had an elite career in her future needs their head examined. Her Execution scores are scary. I did think they were a little hard on her regarding bars but not by much.

    Bridget was smart enough to leave something out on bars which is why she hit 3 bar routines in a row. I thought Shawn should have won the UB gold.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Brandie Jay reminds me of Natasha Kelley… More than CHrista Tanella. This whole meet was sort of like watching SECs which yurchenko fulls etc but with less team spirit. They looked like mediocre collegiate level 10s but with watering down and more polish good npt great NCAA potential

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