While I was sleeping



When you are wrong you have to admit it and I was wrong. The 2011 World Champs are from the United States.

When this team was named everyone thought it was a bit off and technically that is still 100% true. That was before we found out Sabrina Vega was on the team and Gabby was the alternate. In the end it would have made no difference.

The girls did a great job. Aly was the team leader and they went 12 for 12 in finals.

The 5 girls above won and can now be called world champs even if seven girls will get medals make no mistake about it, these are the girls that won it.

Congrats to Aly, Jordyn, Gabby, Sabrina and Mckayla. You other two enjoy your gifts.


Mckayla did a great job in teams final hitting her floor and vault. She did a much better job in team finals than she did in prelims and this is huge for her chance for next years Olympic team.

The one name every gym fan keeps trying to eliminate for next years Olympic team is Aly Raisman. Sorry haters but if Aly stays healthy this worlds so far has moved her into the lock position for next years Olympic team.

Sabrina Vega did a good job at this worlds. She stayed on which is huge for her. She was the biggest surprise of this meet.

Gabby Douglas, congrats for your one team final routine. The fact the US had to use Sabrina for an event in team finals does not bode well for you next year. One event gymnasts need to score better than 14.7 even if they made the event final on this event)
(Oh come on. You didn’t expect me to be nice to everyone did you:)

Jordyn, What else can you say? This team medal is yours. 3 of the 4 routines you did in team finals were the highest scores the US received. If anyone deserves this medal it’s you.


I won’t be here tomorrow. After work I am going out. Good luck to the US men except the fairy:)


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5 Responses to “While I was sleeping”

  1. TCO Says:

    We don’t have a fairy.

    But if I see that damnedDeon Sanders flying around my living room, the swatter is coming out.

    Oh…and have the Bellicheatriots handle the cowpukes please. hate them.

  2. dd Says:

    This was a pretty boring worlds. The US won by 4 points because everyone else fell. Add Musty and Grishina and a healthy Vika and Russia is back in it.

    It was weird watching China mess up bars. The team will look different next year for sure.

  3. Tessa Says:

    This team is so ugly. Alexandra is the only one that is pretty. Gabby looks like a donkey.

  4. David Hobartt Says:

    Who/what’s the fairy??

  5. exgymgurll Says:

    I think this is the most diverse team ever, raisman (jewish american) , douglas (african american), maroney (white protestant), li (asian american), vega (latina american), wieber (windows based american robot)…. a great cross section of america and technology

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