Was Anna Li screwed over for a Potential Nastia Liukin comeback

So last night when I was alseep, biatch, attention whore Nastia Liukin announced her comeback in the middle of the 2011 World Championships.

While Nastia was attempting to steal the spot light from the hard working gymnasts that actually plan on earning their spots on the 2012 Olympic team, Anna Li was in the warm up gym trying to show Marta why she should be put in the line up. Allegedly hitting her routine Marta said no and Anna stayed on the sidelines supporting her teammates.

The question everyone is asking is why? If Anna is healthy enough to train why isn’t she on the team instead of a gymnast that is already back in Boston? I’ll tell you why because Marta couldn’t chance it.

What if Anna went out there and nailed her routine? What if she hit for over a 15 and made it to the event finals? What if she won a medal ? How could Marta possibly justify leaving home Anna Li World medalist from next years Olympic team if Nastia ******* Liukin is back in training working for the same spot on the team?

I told you before if Nastia can get a decent UB routine she will be on that Olympic team and the closer we get, the more right I look.

What about Rebecca Bross? The way Valeri was acting last year with Rebecca raised a lot of eye brows. When Valeri pushed her to do the DTY that everyone saw was too hard for her to do at that point everyone wondered if maybe he was distracted. We now know he was. Who needs Rebecca when Valeri now has his precious daughter.


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22 Responses to “Was Anna Li screwed over for a Potential Nastia Liukin comeback”

  1. katie Says:

    I agree with you that if Nastia can get a competitive UB score she will be on the Olympic team, but I don’t see how it will be undeserved. If Nastia can get a decent UB routine she will have earned a spot on that team. IF Nastia’s comeback pans out she will be a one event bars pick than Anna Li, and at least has a chance at being useful on Beam.

    A competition ready Liukin is better than a competition ready Li… if she gets herself there by next spring she will have earned the specialist spot. I also highly doubt she or Valeri want anything less than individual gold out of this comeback.

    The immediately post-qualifications announcement was tacky, however, team Nastia.

  2. exgymgurll Says:

    If youre correct interesting he got rid of wofford 🙂

  3. TCO Says:

    Li is hurt and has not completed a full routine yet. Valeri has broken gymnasts before. You don’t need a conspiracy theory.

    Marta was an idiot not to send out Shawn when Li went down. She could contribute on bars and beam without a doubt in a 3 up format. It is just Marta being stupid, not mean.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Oh look my usual suspects.:)

    Exgymgurl- I don’t have an issue with not using Li. I have an issue with putting her in a leotard, sending her to the practice area, telling her to perform a routine and than not using her in prelims.

    Head games are just wrong. I am not an Anna Li fan because I hate one event gymnasts and they have no place on this team but this is just cruel.

    Katie- I can’t agree with you. Marta hurts gymnasts. Taking a one event gymnast for a 5 member team is suicide plus Nastia is such a pet for Marta that even when she falls she still get the benefit no one else gets. This happened before 2008.

    Shawn didn’t get that same benefit and she might as well retire now because it seems like Marta only named her as the alternate to screw with her head, telling one of those video places she had no intentions of flying in Shawn. I read that I didn’t see it.

  5. katie Says:

    Yeah, I agree w/ you that giving a London spot to a one event gymnast is beyond reckless, but we know Marta is retiring next year and it really seems like she’s going to play fast and loose for TF Gold. Her worlds selection and lineups certainly support that.

    I really think she’s going to go all or nothing next year- I’m thinking Jordyn and Aly, and then a third all-arounder with a strength on bars- Bross (no idea what she looks like though), or Gabby if she hits in TF and then stays healthy. Shawn’s chances look slimmer with every routine Gabby Douglas hits. Then a Bars specialist (ideally with more than one event…clearly Nastia is Marta’s number one pick) and then Maroney (with plans to use her for VT only), or a healthy Alicia Sacramone, (who prior to this week could have been used on FX, VT or BB).

    Beijing TF kind of ended up that way anyway, with Shawn, Nastia and Alicia carrying the team, and one event appearances by Memmel and Sloan. Setting up the team that way from the start is asking for disaster, but if no one gets hurt (ha) they could certainly take gold.

    So you have Jordyn, Aly and Gabby(or Bross) basically competing AA, but you sub Maroney in for Gabby as Vault anchor and then Nastia in for Raisman to anchor UB.

    And either everyone stays healthy and we win or one of the AA’ers gets hurt and we don’t medal. Suicide indeed.

    Honestly, I think Shawn’s best bet to make the team is to hope Gabby Douglas has a repeat of her Nationals performance during TF. Like an epic epic meltdown. Or for injuries to the other AA’ers. Otherwise she should get nice and comfortable as an alternate, because if Marta is going to gamble on anyone it will be Nastia and Valeri Liukin.

  6. allie Says:

    Well, clearly Marta was wrong to give Nastia the benefit of the doubt before 2008. Look what a disaster that turned out to be.
    I know you don’t like Nastia. I get that. But you can’t deny that the U.S. needs international-caliber bars workers. And Nastia was indisputably one of the best (if not the very best) in the world. Can she be in that kind of shape again? I don’t know. She has a lot of work ahead of her. But if she wants to try and she can help our team, then good.
    As for Li, I would agree with you IF she wasn’t injured. Anna wrote on her blog that her abs were injured, and she wasn’t at 100%. She was resting for a couple of days and they felt “better,” which leads me to believe that she wasn’t feeling her best.
    And in the end, as cruel as it may be, Martha is there to pick a team that is going to WIN, not one that is going to be fair. I don’t like it, either, but losing is worse. And clearly everyone bitching about the team she chose was wrong. (And I was a doubter, I’ll admit it.)
    The girls did fantastic, and I expect more of the same in finals after the prelims confidence boost.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      My case for Nastia being given special treatment is why she was able to stay together for the Olympics.

      Remember how much she messed up all over the place at Nationals and Trials? well she knew even if she fell she would still be on that team and that special benefit was not given to Chellsie, Alicia, Sam or Bridget. In the end it helped her big time.

      If Chellsie and Alicia had been given the spots we all know they deserved after Nationals we would have had 4 gymnasts with healthy happy minds and possibly a team gold medal to go with it.

      You kind of proved the point I was trying to make.

      Lets say next year Nastia goes to Nationals and Trials and messes up UB 3 out of 4 times she competes does she still make the team?
      Not if Marta is being fair.


      Anna Li was hurt but according to what has been said since worlds Anna was ready to go in prelims, she even hit a routine in the training gym before prelims and was still left on the sidelines.
      Why did Marta allow her to think she was going to have a chance to compete only to not give it too her? There were mind games going on here and they were unfair.

      The girls did a very good job in prelims, I will give them that but the real test comes during team finals when we will rely on Sabrina Vega to hit an UB routine and by the scores Gabby Douglas to hit a beam routine. I don’t remember who the 3rd best score on floor was. I think it was Sabrina.

      No offense to Sabrina but her scores at Worlds have not been that great. She did her job better than Mckayla and deserves credit but Shawn could have done a better job on beam. It just made sense to have her here if they weren’t going to use Anna.

      I hope Marta uses Sabrina on beam instead of Gabby even though Gabby scored slightly better. If Sabrina clears up her dismount she will score higher then Gabby,

  7. allie Says:

    and also, I don’t know this to be true even a little, but my guess is that if Wofford stayed at WOGA, she’d be on the world team instead of Sabrina. Just a guess.

  8. exgymgurll Says:

    You mean like how Marta justified leaving Hollie Vise off the team in 2004?? All of this has happened before and it will all happen again…..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      What she did to Hollie was just mean. She made the girl think she was in the running for a spot that never existed. Than she took useless Annia Hatch and the rest is history.

  9. Ella Says:

    I honestly believe that Valeri would rather have a another AA medalist in Bross than Nastia medalling again. However, since the injury rate among American top gymnasts seems to be around 50% before big competitions, chances are that at least one of Bross and Nastia will be too injured to seriously compete for a spot on the Olympic team. Therefore it doesn’t really make sense for Valeri to favour one over the other.

    I don’t think both of them will make the team due to Becca not having an amanar. Of course unless Marta breaks all the other good bar workers in the country. That’s possible, too.

  10. Amy Says:

    Your argument sounds a bit like a stretch…

    Anna Li was injured going and in INITIALLY not even training her bars and then when she did, did not hit in training (in Tokyo). Per FIG rules Marta & Co. had to submit their line-up 24 hours before qualificiations. At this point it seems that Marta decided to play it safe and not use someone that wasn’t hitting. Anna Li’s blog says that the DAY OF qualifications she did hit her bars, one after another however as previously mentioned Marta wouldn’t have been able to sub her in. The fact that Marta is still having Anna train tells me that within the next 12 hours, before the 24 hour Team Final line-up deadline, we’ll see Marta put 1) Jordyn 2) Gabby and 3) Anna Li. Marta’s not dumb, she’s been resting her a bit to use in team finals where her score will be needed now that Team USA can’t count on ASac’s rudi.

    That being said, Anna Li’s beam sucks which means that she’s likely already having to play catch-up to Nastia whose training both bars and beam. I have no doubt that Nastia is way further along than anyone knows. Given Nastia’s name and her potentially higher SV than Anna Li I’m guessing that this will be Anna Li’s last international assignment.

    Nastia announcing her comeback now was tacky. I doubt anything prompted her now so much so that she felt she had to answer the question; she could have avoided it another 2 weeks.

  11. allie Says:

    The difference between Li and Vise is that Martha TOLD Vise over and over again to be a bars/beam specialist b/c that is what the U.S. needed. So Hollie did exactly what was asked of her, and then was passed over b/c Martha decided we needed vaulters. Yes, Hollie was screwed over royally and I hate that for her. 😦
    Li just started out on her quest for 2012, and as far as I know was not asked to become an event specialist by Martha in return for a spot on the Olympic team. Totally different. Li just happens to be a bar specialist, our weakest event, but no one promised her anything. I know there are lots of Nastia bashers out there, but let’s face it. She wouldn’t have announced a come back unless she and Valeri were certain she can pull off a gold medal worthy routine in London, and based on history, we know she is capable. Li is super talented and I adore her, but it is unlikely she can put up the same kind of numbers as a competition-ready Liukin. Plus, and I hate to admit it, but Liukin being on the team is newsworthy, and the sport can use all the coverage we can get. I personally think that 2012 just got a lot more exciting.

  12. dd Says:

    I will quote Nancy Kerrigan,

    I hoped she was gone for good.

  13. Exgymgurl Says:

    Video up on aunt joyce… One step further for martas bitchitude

  14. gymtruthteller Says:

    That was one of the only routines she hit from what has been said so far. She looked decent in the video and fixed the mistake she made on the other 2 or 3 videos I saw.

  15. allie Says:

    Look what’s been tweeted by USAG: Let’s not forget that @ASac3 wins a gold medal too! She breaks the world record for gold medals! She’s most decorated now! Congrats again!
    So they put Anna Li up on the podium in a leotard, gave her flowers and a gold medal, took her picture, and then are making her give the medal back? Surely not, right? Does anyone know what’s going to happen?

  16. Laura Says:

    Li was hurt, and her difficulty is not high enough on 3 other events. Nastia is capable of bigger numbers either way, and Rebecca broad had the option to not compete that vault so it wasn’t entirely Valeris fault. You’re just trying to start a crazy conspiracy because you don’t like nastia. She’s even said herself, she’s not expecting anything yet and if her hard work pays of she deserves a spot on that team like anyone else. You also don’t know what exactly went on between Anna Li and Marta, and you’re taking a complete one sided opinion. Get over the fact that nastia probably gets priority. She’s ready established herself. Everyone else is getting their chance, she’s just got more of the whole package.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Yes Li was injured but she was also hitting her routine in the practice before the competition. Marta brought her in a room and told her to do her UB routine and she hit. Marta than said no and didn’t let her compete.

      She played mind games with her and Anna handled it like a pro. Anna will make a great politician someday.

      If you don’t think there was anything wrong with what Marta did to Anna then that is nuts

      Nastia has not competed a full UB routine in almost 4 years. She does not deserve special treatment. There is no way you can condone her getting it at this point in time either.

      Thanks for the comments

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